Never Take a Bad Picture Again

Twist your hips, toss your hair, flash a sexy smile, and don't forget the concealer. Yes, that's fabulous! Here, 11 tips to help you shine like a star when the flash bulbs go off.

Master a Signature Smile
A wide grin radiates warmth—but if it's not your sexiest look, take a lesson from Kate Bosworth and go for something smaller and more mysterious. Once you've found your most alluring option, practice getting it just right. Take a deep breath and smile as you exhale, keeping your jaw open and unclenched so your face is relaxed.

Ruffled | yohana

Selena Gomez and Rachel Bilson in rufflesTry a little sugar without the spice this season. Double-up on the femininity like Selena Gomez and Rachel Bilson with a frothy confection in a girly hue. These styles are a party all their own, so neutral pumps are all you need to complete your look.

Dress | yohana

Michelle Monaghan and Pippa Middleton in jewel tonesWhether sapphire, garnet or a Christmas-ready ruby or emerald, it doesn't get much more festive than these rich hues. Take a tip from Michelle Monaghan and Pippa Middleton: you don't need much accessorizing when your dress teams bold colors with detailed embellishments.

White Dress | yohana

Kim Kardashian and Freida Pinto in white dressesNo white after labor day? Not anymore! A crisp LWD is a sophisticated and unexpected choice for the holidays. Kim Kardashian and Freida Pinto amped up their sheaths with statement necklaces, but a mini with beadwork on the neckline does all the work for you!

Your Party Dress | yohana

Zoe Saldana and Penelope Cruz in velvetNothing says festive—and fashion forward—like lush velvet. Making the party rounds? Top a rich design like Zoe Saldana or Penelope Cruz's with a black blazer and shed your layers as the evening heats up.

Sparkle | yohana

Beyonce and Taylor Swift in sequin dressesYou don't need a Grammy to shine like Beyonce and Taylor Swift—unleash your inner diva in these sexy, shimmering styles! Dare to bare in an eye-catching tunic or pick a design with sleeves for more coverage while still looking festive.

Your Perfect Party Dress | yohana

Beyonce Knowles  and Gwyneth Paltrow  and Kim Kardashian Whether you're hosting or RSVPing to a holiday party, finding the right dress can be all-consuming. Stress not, we've got you covered! Whether you have curves like Kim Kardashian or favor Rachel Bilson's demure style, these party dresses will make a lasting impression long after the last gift's unwrapped.

Platinum Pixie | yohana

Ashlee SimpsonAt the launch of Google Music, Ashlee Simpson’s platinum pixie mixed just the right cocktail of edge and sophistication. Before you take the plunge on a super short crop, consider your face shape, hair texture and personality: A pixie works best for someone with hair that’s both straight and fine. If your hair is more unruly, you might want to go a bit longer with a sexy shag or a bob. When your locks are short, work the rest of your features like Simpson does, show off your shoulders and décolleté and finish off your look with sultry eye makeup and dangly earrings.

Sexy Gloss | yohana

Gwyneth PaltrowAt the Iron Man 2 premiere in Los Angeles, Gwyneth Paltrow may not have had her character, Pepper Potts' signature red mane—but she did have a touch of her sex appeal. The key? A sultry dab of gloss in the center of her bottom lip. For a similar effect, rim your mouth with liner in a shade that matches your natural lip color, then distribute the pigment by smoothing on gloss. The result is realistically flush lips with an ineffable, alluring glow.

Best Allover Glow | yohana

Gwyneth PaltrowFrom the dewiness of her skin to the rosy flush on her cheeks, Gwyneth Paltrow got her look just right at a Chopard celebration in New York City this April. The actress paired her flawless complexion with a touch of shimmery bronze shadow around her eyes—and plenty of jet black maskara.

Tawny Skin | yohana

Gwyneth PaltrowNow that spring has officially sprung, it's time to banish your dull winter skin. (And Gwyneth Paltrow's warm glow at Good Housekeeping's Shine On Awards in New York City is excellent inspiration.) A gradual sunless tanner formulated for face could be just what you need. Apply thoroughly—streaks happen when you don't use enough lotion—and be sure to rinse your palms. Don't be alarmed if you don't notice any change after the first use—the gentle blends are meant to build over a few days.

Believable Faux Glow | yohana

Gwyneth PaltrowAt the Bent on Learning benefit in New York City, Gwyneth Paltrow showed up with tawny, summery tan. But we know this beauty goddess didn't earn it from spending hours in the sun. To get your sunless tan just right, keep the following things in mind: The skin on your hands, elbows and feet is particularly thin, which means it readily soaks up lotion and can end up overdone. To prevent patchiness in those zones, pre-apply a thin coat of moisturizer before you hit the sunless tanner. It works as a buffer and will even your overall glow.

Flawless Canvas | yohana

Gwyneth PaltrowBefore you choose that pop of color for your lips or a stroke of graphic liner for your eyes, first things first: Creating a flawless canvas. At the Venice Film Festival premiere of Contagion, Gwyneth Paltrow 's makeup artist, Emma Lovell did just that. Paltrow's brows were bleached blond from a summer in the sun so Lovell penciled them in a neutral shade of taupe using feathering strokes. To get a perfectly even complexion like Paltrow's, mix a lightweight foundation with a hint of tinted moisturizer and smooth on with a makeup sponge. We also love Lovell's hoice of blush for the actress's Prada gown—all of the subtle neutrals make a stand-out statement on the red carpet.

Gray Nails | yohana

Jessica AlbaThis season is about taking your nail color to another dimension. Think smoky gray, navy or holographic green. Jessica Alba got it right at a Swarovski Elements private holiday dinner in West Hollywood with a chic shade of slate and perfectly rounded edges. When thinking outside the box, try an unconventional finish like a matte top coat. But let your experimentation end there—keep rings and bracelets to a minimum, and don’t forget to hydrate hands and cuticles nightly.

Beauty skin tip | yohana

Ali LarterDoes your skin become drier as the temperature drops? It might be time to switch up your beauty routine. We were inspired by Ali Larter's supple complexion at GQ's 2011 Man of the Year event. Get the look by exfoliating regularly: Moisturizers and serums will penetrate better once dead layers of skin have been sloughed away. Switch to a richer formula for hydration if you feel yourself drying out by midday. And if you were using an oil-free foundation during the summer it might be time to try a new formulation for a more satiny, wintery glow.

Nude Lips | yohana

Charlize TheronFor the premiere of Charlize Theron's new movie Young Adult, makeup artist Shane Paish used Dior products to create what he called, "a vintage French couture look." Her matte nude lips impressed us with their even texture and moist finish. For an easy version of the look, blot on a thin layer of liquid foundation before topping with a pinky shade of beige. Press your lips against a tissue to further the matte effect. The unfussy consistency is longer lasting than a gloss.

Beauty tip | yohana

Zooey DeschanelZooey Deschanel was positively glowing at GQ's Man of the Year Party. To add a subtle shimmer to your look, try an illuminating highlighter. Start by prepping your skin with a hydrating primer, which gives the ethereal makeup something stronger to adhere to. Smooth on your foundation and concealer and then glide the highlighter over parts of your face that need a little lightening up: think cheekbones, browbones and the inner corners of your eyes. It will catch the light and brighten up your whole moment.