Christina Milian | Hollywood yohana

Christina Milian 
 he singer-slash-actress and mom to 2-year-old daughter Violet with record producer The-Dream gave us the dish on her style at Kari Feinstein's MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge in the W Hollywood. She walked away with fun goodies, including Essie's Bikini So Teeny collection, Wings Hawaii jewelry, Party Bullet and marzsprays. DESIGNER IDS: BCBG dress and Louis Vuitton shoes.
EVENING EDGE: I love the Rudsak leather jacket that I got today. It looked so good on! I like that it's lightweight. It's perfect at night in L.A. when it gets a little cold out.
DRESSING VIOLET: I dress my daughter first. That takes longer. When I get dressed, I usually have 30 minutes. She takes about an hour! I have to do her hair and everything. I like to put her in colorful clothing. She's got such a beautiful complexion, so I put her in purples and reds and pinks. I also put her in funky clothes that I probably would like to wear like neon and things that are really cute and that express her style and personality.
MOMMY STYLE: I put stuff like this on because it's quick and easy. Since I have a limited amount of time, I pay attention to hair and makeup instead. I throw on nice sundresses or even hot tank tops with jeans with some hot ass shoes—I still wear heels! Even though I'm running around chasing her, I still got on my Christian Louboutins.

STYLISH LIVING: My decór is a bit classic with good old school, lavish couches mixed with modern day art and lamps. I like neutral and darker tones. I love candles. I have so many! I really like suble and musky scents.
HOSTESSING SKILLS: I don't entertain often, but when I do, I'm really good at making sangria and fish tacos.
MAKING A BIG SPLASH: I'm working with the swimwear line called Nikoleta. Her and I are branching together to do the collection called Havana Nights With Nikoleta. She's Cuban, so am I. We're having a nice modern-day fusion of Cuban style. It's sexy, but I also thought about women with curves and women with body. The collection has a combination of great one-pieces, bikinis and coverups. I love coverups that can go from day to night; ones that I can actually wear out. We'll have great see-through harem pants and great dresses that are just really comfortable—the material is very soft that I can just sleep in it! Next year, I'm going to present my own collection called The Red C.


Jamie Chung | Hollywood yohana

Jamie Chung 
 From shopping for her wardrobe to her home, the Sucker Punch star gave us the dish on how she lives stylishly as she received a SensatioNail gel mani during the Colgate Optic White Beauty Bar at 901 Salon in West Hollywood.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': This is actually from Forever 21. I love that it's asymmetrical. I love the collar. I shop at random places. I just walk around and if I find something cute, I'll wear it, regardless of where it's from. I'll wear the couture and designer bags, but I'm not afraid to wear the cheap stuff. Growing up as a tomboy, I love the menswear look. I'm still into sweet things. It depends on my mood.
DECORATING PERSONALITY: I have a very modern, contemporary look in my home, but I love adding in old vintage picture frames and things like that. My favorite place to shop for vintage pieces are at yard sales.
FAVORITE VINTAGE FURNITURE: I bought this old trunk—it's huge! I use it as my TV stand. I got in Long Beach at a thrift store. It's so cool! It's from the 1920s and it still has the address of the woman who lived in Malibu!
DINNER PARTY STYLE: I'm always trying new recipes, so I'm doing more dinner parties now. I usually barbecue and make sure there's a fun board game afterward. 

Layla Kayleigh Dishes on Dressing Her Daughter, Hosting Dinner Parties & Spending Summer in Style | Hollywood yohana

Layla Kayleigh 
 From dressing her 2-year-old daughter Melody to spending summer in style, we caught up with the Empire Girl at Trueheart Events' America's Best Dance Crew Backstage Gifting Experience to get the scoop on how she lives life as fashionably as possible! (She checked out the lounge immediately after shooting ABDC's pre-finale show. Hence, the ultra-glam ensemble!)The beautiful working mom walked away with from RAC n ROLL, iiJin, Valentine Viannay, Claudine Cabaron Jewelry and Design By Sig.

Who are you wearing? Why do you love your outfit?
It's Bebe! They give me a bunch of stuff, so my loyalty is with them and I rock whatever they give me. Any girl can look good when she's wearing Versace and Chanel, but show me a girl in Forever 21 and a nice pair of heels and, to me, that's the girl who's really stylin'! My shoes are from XTC on Melrose. My jewlery is Stella & Dot. I love their pieces! They're reasonably priced. I'm a mom, so when it comes to spending money, I feel bad when I splurge on myself. I'd rather splurge on my daughter Melody. I like things that look expensive, but are really affordable.
How do you dress your daughter? What's her style?
My daughter likes to dress herself! She refuses to let me dress her. Sometimes it's embarrassing because she wears polkadot pants with a floral shirt and she'll put on her Disney princess jewelry, but I think it's really important to let kids find their own style and their own voice. People will look at me crazy and say, "You let your daughter dress like that?!" But she chooses what she wears and I let her. As long as it's weather appropriate, I'm cool with it.
Do you two ever wear matchy-matchy outfits?
Actually, she likes to be my mini-me! She says, "Oh, you're wearing sneakers? I'm going to wear sneakers!" She sees me in high heels, so she brings out her Cinderella light-up heels. She wants to dress like me! Sometimes, I'll be wearing an outfit that's a little hoochie mama-ish and I say, No, no! You can't wear a dress like mommy!
How do you stay looking stylish in the heat?
When I'm not working, I don't like wearing foundation, powder or stuff like that on my skin because, in the summer when you're sweating, that's going to clog your skin. This summer, I'll stick to mascara, a nice lip balm and maybe some blush to give some color to my cheeks. Also, I wear flats! No heels for me! I have a very beachy style living in California. When I go to the East Coast, Adrienne's like, "What are you wearing?!" Her and Julissa are so fashionable. I'm like comfort-fashion. It's changed since I've become a mom. I used to never be like that. I used to be the girl hiking in five-inch heels. Now I'm like, Give me a pair of sneakers! I want to take these bad boys off!
Speaking of Adrienne, she's made headlines for over-the-top outfits. What do you think of her risqué style?
I really admire her. I think she takes risks. That takes a lot of guts. Adrienne will wear something and she's like, "Oh, I look crazy in that!" and she acknowledges it, but at least she goes out there and does it. So many of us want to wear a really cool, risqué piece, but we are too afraid. Adrienne is freakin' fearless and I really love that about her.
Layla Kayleigh
How do you describe your decorating personality?
I have a Spanish-style house. My husband is half Mexican, so he takes over. I don't even get to have a say. He has an Aztec calendar made out of marble for Christ's sake! My personal taste is like that of a gaudy, Persian gay man. It's actually good that my husband designs our house. It's a Spanish style and comfortable. I like cozy homes. I don't like homes where it looks amazing, but then you sit down and you lookuncomfortable. I'm good at dressing myself, but when it comes to shopping for home, I am awful! I will buy a piece that's Asian-inspired and, then, I'll buy a piece that's Spanish-inspired. If it were in my hands, my house would look like a schizophrenic person's house.
Do you like to host or entertain in your home?
Yes! I actually threw Julissa's surprise birthday party at my house last year and I loved it. We invited a whole bunch of people to the house—some of her friends we knew, some of her friends we didn't know. I love hosting! I love to cook and I love to have people over. I just think it's such a fun time. My husband is a little bit neurotic. He follows people around, making sure they have coasters and not spilling anything. I'm like, Whatever! Let them have fun!
What are your ingredients to a good dinner party?
Good food, good company and good music! I love candles! When we have friends over, they'll say, "What are you doing? Are you romancing us?" I love dimming the lights and lighting candles and getting everyone to relax.
What's something people would be surprised to know about you?
I'm such a geek! I'm more of a comic geek. I'm obsessed with The Punisher. I used to collect comic books when I was younger. Even last night, I went to the MTV Movie Awards and everyone was screaming for R-Patz, but when Christopher Nolan [director of the Batman troiology] came on stage, I screamed! Everyone looked at me and said, "What is wrong with you?!" But I really get excited over geeky stuff, not R-Patz or Bieber or Selena Gomez. 

Lauren Vélez | Hollywood yohana

Lauren Velez 
 From rummaging through vintage shops to throwing the perfect dinner party, the Dexter star told us how she lives stylishly during GBK's Celebrity Luxury Gift Lounge in honor of the MTV Movie Awards. The actress also walked away with fun goodies, including HalfBreed clothing, a Cubify 3D printer, imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails and RevitaLash ADVANCED products.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm just wearing stuff I put together. It's comfortable. These are Madewell jeans that I've had forever. This is a belt that I've been wanting to rock for a while. I am mostly happy about my hair.
HAIR COLOR POP: A month ago, my stepdaughter and I got this overwhelming urge to change our hair color—but just a tiny bit. It's like a secret underneath. I wanted it to be blue, but it came out as a greenish-y peacock feather. Everybody thought I was nuts. They were like, "Just buy something." I said, No! I want my hair green! Because I'm under a rock, I didn't know colored hair was a trend, so it worked out. It's really cool, and it's MTV. Although, I have to hide it for the show. I braid the piece and put it away.

FASHION PHILOSOPHY: It's eclectic, classic, funky with a little bit of glitter. I love vintage pieces! I shop vintage mostly in New York. I grew up in Rockaway Beach, which has a thrift store that sells vintage pieces that are insane for really cheap. There's also a place in Toronto called Divine Decadence, which is sick! They have couture vintage.
UNIQUE GLAM: I love to wear vintage on the red carpet because it's original. There are so many incredible designers out there, but you'll see that this person is wearing this and obviously it's a trend. I try to wear something that's very unique and expresses me. Sometimes, people don't think it works, but it doesn't matter. It's your own.
DECORATING PERSONALITY: It depends which home because I'm bicoastal. My husband, Jim Manos—he created Dexter—and I live in L.A. and in New York. We have a really industrial space—lots of iron, lots of warm colors. I'm Caribbean, so I like to have loud, bold colors everywhere. So, the mix comes out really nice.
PLANNING THE PERFECT DINNER PARTY: My stepdaughter and I do a lot of cooking. We love it! We just made some crazy lima beans—lots of beans, lots of chicken. We like to cook exotic dishes for friends who come over. We play music. We like to make it feel like anything can happen that night. We set the mood by putting peonies on the table because they're like a rose that's going crazy. They're kind of like something that's classic that can explode.

Montreal fashion week backstage beauty: Denis Gagnon, Barilà, Annie 50, and Anomal Couture | Hollywood yohana

The anticipation for Denis Gagnon was palpable and sneaking early into the show’s venue, the Birks store in downtown Montreal, was my breaking point. High Versaille-esque ceilings and rows of glass-encased jewels persisted knowledge that Monsieur Gagnon’s show was the one to see. The Birks staff kitchen upstairs doubled as the show’s hair and makeup studio but, moments after I stepped off the freight elevator, stylist Denis Binet said to me, “Hair is natural, it’s nothing”. His idea of nothing really meant perfectly placed hair-ties and carefree fly-aways that looked more careful to me. Final touches of rich merlot-red lips were applied to a dozen or so youthful models, who all wore clean dewy faces and a nonappearance of mascara and blush. By blending an orange-red and a blue-red together, Amelie Ducharme improvised deeply seductive lips against otherwise virginal features and rivalled the aristocracy of the adornments downstairs.

Spotted backstage at Barilà, a crimper was Binet‘s pièce de résistance in turning hair into shapes like puffed-up balloons. Keeping the roots flat, smooth, and side-parted with Sebastian Professional Craft Clay, Binet’s two-texture crowns looked turn-of-the-century-come-disco-party, and totally cool. For the same show, makeup artist Amelie Ducharme thought of Northern Italy when she created wheat- and barley-coloured faces with blocked-out eyebrows and earthy brown lips. At Annie 50, Binet was inspired not by the ’70s but by a friend’s Swiss/Norwegian daughter to create long, naturally wavy hair that was ornamented with white embroidered head bands. Candy-pink lips and shimmery golden eyes were added to give girls the appearance of a recent vacation in Capri. Anomal Couture went New Age geisha with tennis ball–sized styrofoam spheres embedded into the centre of super-high ponytails and secured into place as figurative updos. Graphic eyeliner and creamy bright-pink cheeks added to the structural formation of the week’s most unexampled looks thus far.

Victoria Beckham plans on bringing 8-week-old Harper Seven to fashion week | Hollywood yohana

Fashion week power-mom Victoria Beckham has been seen on the streets of New York City with a new, enviable accessory: her eight-week-old daughter Harper Seven.  Beckham, whose own show debuts on Sunday, dressed little Harper in a gingham onesie, a chic and baby-approps choice for the chilly fall weather. Just kidding. No we’re not.
Vicky B. tweeted a few days ago, “Mummy and baby Harper are very excited for fashion week!!!” which we hope doesn’t mean that she will bring Harper to the actual shows, but just show off her cuteness to the cameras. We love babies, but nothing can ruin ambiance more than a crying munchkin.
Harper seems destined to be stylish, and this makes us want to see some of the other world’s most fashionable babies. Now we’re officially kidding.

Hollybaby: “We hope Victoria takes Harper to her show! We’d love to see this mini fashionista-in-the-making on the runway!”
@victoriabackham: “Casting in NY! Today I’m wearing #victoriabeckham and Baby Harper wearing Makie, excited for FW! x VB”
US Weekly: “While Victoria showed off her slim, post-baby figure in a red dress and camel boots, Harper donned a black and white gingham onesie and tiny gray socks — but no shoes!”

Lesa Hannah, beauty director: “That poor kid. She’s basically interchangeable with a Birkin.”

Adrian Grenier’s hair was just like it is on TV at last night’s Teenage Paparazzo bash | Hollywood yohana

In what must be the most meta event of the festival (and, yes, we are aware that TIFF’s only just begun), Adrian Grenier braved the paparazzi last night as he hit Toronto with his documentary, Teenage Paparazzo. Part of the lofty-sounding “Teenage Paparazzo Experience’s North American Tour,” Grenier hosted a screening of the film and Q&A session before emerging with his entourage (sorry!) at King West hotspot Brant House for a bash befitting Vince Chase. Clad in a nubby gray wool cardi against the chill and a pair of slate-blue jeans (plus what we assumed were a pair of leather kicks from event sponsor Converse, natch), his movie-star-level hair was as perfect as it appears on HBO. Coifed, slightly poofed—we notice these things. “The paparazzi’s out tonight!” he crowed, as the flashbulbs lit up those famous baby blues. “Didn’t you get it right the first time?” Grenier joked when one shooter missed his shot. Don’t blame it on our timid photogs, however—as comedian-of-the-moment Russell Peters joked on the red carpet, “These are Canadian paparazzi—they don’t count.” (Their more aggressive American counterparts run targets down in their cars, he says.) It was all apropos for a doc that details Grenier’s relationship with a pint-sized pap he met in L.A., as well as the greater implications of fame and our celeb-hungry culture.

Inside the dimly lit bar, MTV’s Alia Jasmine and R&B crooner Jarvis Church pushed their way through the packed house, as L.A. chanteuse Wendy Starland danced up a storm in her gold-sequined mini-dress to rap tunes blaring next to the VIP booth. She was one of the lucky few granted access to Grenier, who was guarded by no fewer than four beefy men in suits from the many eager ladies clawing at him from behind the wooden fence. Even if only a lucky few got to run their hands through those luscious locks, everyone benefited from his adorably goofy dance moves on display. Here’s hoping that in this photo-hungry culture, someone documented that for posterity.

Glitz, opera, and plenty of bubbly: Rufus Wainwright hypes us for this year’s Operanation fundraising bash | Hollywood yohana

For opera fans and party lovers alike, the Canadian Opera Company’s annual fundraising gala, Operanation, is one of the hottest tickets of the year. Taking place in the crystalline Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, the event is an innovative mix of opera, rock, dance, and, of course, plenty of bubbly that not only delights the crowd but also raises a pretty penny for the company (last year’s gala raised more than $100,000). This year, the COC has sweetened the pot by adding Rufus Wainwright and Montreal-based dance-pop band Austra to the lineup of Operanation 8: A Muse Ball.

Affectionately (and correctly!) referred to by Elton John as “the greatest songwriter on the planet,” Wainwright is opera’s latest protégée (and by protégée, we mean living composer) after creating the wildly successful opera Prima Donna, which made its North American premiere at last summer’s Luminato. We’re pretty obsessed with Wainwright over here at FASHION, and when we heard he was involved, we jumped at the chance to chat with him about his involvement with this year’s gala. “I’m very good friends with [COC General Director] Alexander Neef, and we’re thinking of doing a big [show] in the future,” he said. “I really think that’s he’s one of the powerhouses of opera for young people in the world. I really want to help him out and it is such a great company and a beautiful theatre, so I know who to court as a young budding composer. [laughs]” The singer phoned us while awaiting Hurricane Irene by the ocean in the Hamptons (naturally), and he regaled us with a doom-and-gloom version of “Bye Bye Birdie,” before tipping us off to what his performance might be. “It won’t be a formal concert, but it is, nonetheless. It’s the right direction the opera company has to go in, to make it interesting for a new audience.” Consider us won over.
Tickets to this year’s Operanation 8: A Muse Ball are $150 each and are on sale now at  or by calling COC Ticket Services at 416.363.8231. If you’re feeling swank, you can purchase tickets to the VIP dinner for $500. Get moving, though—tickets are already 90 per cent sold out since their release last week. 

Dream collaborations | Hollywood yohana

Dream Collaborations

 From the upcoming Versace for H&M collaboration to Danier’s ongoing Canadian-on-Canadian capsule collections with the likes of Mark Fast, Greta Constantine and FASHION contributor George Antonopoulos, high-low team ups are continuing to bring luxury designs to the masses. We haven’t had enough. In fact, we vote for more! Here are four mega-designers and Canadian stores that we think should get together and jump on the bandwagon post-haste.

5 minutes with Rachel Fortin | Hollywood yohana

Rachel Fortin

Rachel Fortin is the creator of earth-friendly accessories line Rachel.F. (514-544-6518,). This Montrealer (who cut her design teeth at Mackage) is fast becoming the eco–It girl for one-of-a-kind purses, statement hats and eclectic jewellery—all crafted from recycled furs.
How would you describe your line?
“Timeless. Comfortable. Ethical.”

Mathieu Mudie, your partner and boyfriend, does some interesting silkscreening on leather. How is it working together?
“He’s my partner in life before work. But he takes care more of the business side, and I take care more of the design and creation.”
What is your favourite piece this season?
“I love the long mittens that [reach] just below your elbow. I’ve always made mittens, but these are so soft and the design is intelligent. They’re good for the city. You can even drive with them.”
What was your inspiration for fall?
“The Roaring Twenties—that’s where the Cloche hat idea came from. Also, the personality of Coco Chanel. She liked comfortable things but still had great style. There is a Coco-esque hat made of textured wool with beige mink, gold chains, leather and pearls.”
Do you have a muse in mind when you’re designing?
“I design for my friends and family and the people around me. I’m also inspired by what I see on the street—that’s where my collection ends up.”