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Justin Bieber, V Magazine, do not post till midnight 1/10

We already know that Justin Bieber is one fashion forward dude. After all, most guys stick to black tuxedos for fancy events or their fave t-shirts and jeans for milling around town, but the "Baby" singer will rock anything from bowties and velvet to silver jumpsuits and embellished denim jackets.

Yet that knowledge didn't stop us from doing a double take when we saw the cover of V magazine's February 2012 music issue. Seemingly influenced by Rihanna, the Biebs gave us his best pout while wearing a mesh Dolce & Gabbana sweater. It's the type of top we expect to see at a Brazilian beach or European disco (they still have those, right?), not on the torso of a still-not-even-legal pop star. But despite it being a bit Jersey Shore circa 1983, we applaud the risk from one of the few who could pull it off.

Mila Kunis Knocks Vanessa Hudgens Off Her Purple Reign | Hollywood yohana

Vanessa Hudgens
Mila Kunis

When Mila Kunis appeared at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 50th Anniversary Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday in a purple Prabal Gurung dress, we couldn't help but swoon. The plunging lace up bodice paired with a knee-length skirt was the perfect combo of sweet and sassy, and the deep hues looked gorgeous against the actress' olive skin.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we dug that belted lace-and-chiffon look once before—and those long, wavy locks, too! Then it his us: boho queen Vanessa Hudgens rocked a similar Christian Dior mini to the Teen Choice Awards back in August 2009.
Despite their very different styles, the ethereal look works for both lovely ladies. While we love both dresses, we'll let you call us perfectionists, because we wish we could have pieces from both outfits to make our own super frock! Let's mix and match, shall we? We'll take V's sheer overlay bodice and tassel belt and combine them with Mila's royal purple skirt and black t-pumps. Mystery truly solved!


Fashion Flashback: Memorable Golden Globes Gowns | Hollywood yohana

Sienna Miller

Guess what time it is? Yes, award show time. And we all know what that means: A bevy of beauties will be strolling down the red carpet looking their best in lust-worthy gowns. So in honor of the Golden Globes, which will be airing this weekend, we've decided to take a stroll down memory lane and show you the most memorable looks (whether for good reasons or bad) from previous years.

Take Sienna Miller, for instance. In 2007, the British beauty was one of the first gals to sport casual milkmaid braids to a red carpet function—talk about someone who was way ahead of the trend. By teaming her updo with a white-and-gold dress by Marchesa, she totally brought to mind a Grecian goddess. While her look wasn't loved by all, the fact that it was interesting made the look iconic.

Which Former Sitcom Moppet Is Sporting a Pair of Disco Roller Derby Pants? | Hollywood yohana


A few days ago, a group of New Yorkers held their 11th Annual No Pants Subway Ride. The group claimed that 4,000 people participated. The rest of the subway riders watched and were not impressed. At first we thought this former TV sitcom moppet must have been a participant, except she was nowhere near a subway, and those red disco briefs she's wearing do, technically, count as pants. Our point: We have no idea what the hell is going on.

Keira Knightley Walks the Plank | Hollywood yohana

Keira Knightley, Tamera Mowry-Housley

LBDs with a dramatic twist seem to be everywhere this award season, and Tamera Mowry-Housley and Keira Knightley were the first stars to alight the red carpet in the same fashion-forward black frock by Nina Ricci. Both must have keen style since it's the perfect combo of edgy and feminine with a daring lace front and a ruched skirt.
Keira Knightley wore the dress Tuesday to the National Board of Review Awards. She paired the taffeta frock with velvet Roger Vivier sandals, a black quilted Chanel bag and black tights. (Goth much?) Coral lips and teased tresses completed her look.
Tamera Mowry sported the frock last night at the People's Choice Awards. She opted to team it with strappy black pumps, stud earrings and a slicked back ponytail. A smoldering smoky eye, nude lips and deep blush finished her ensemble with a nice glow.
Our vote goes to Tamera. Not to get grade school but if you're going to wear a dress with a front like that, you need boobs, sorry! Tamera's curves just fill out the frock better. We weren't fans of Keira's clunky shoes, her loose hair clashed with a dress that already had a lot of detail and don't get us started on the tights!


He's Still Got It! Brad Pitt Suits Up for Critics' Choice Awards | Hollywood yohana

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been getting some flack lately for no longer bringing it as hard as he used to in the looks department. Not that anyone could blame him for not trying as hard, he already has Angelina Jolie, one of the most gorgeous women in the world.

But when he rode out solo to the Critcs' Choice Awards in Hollywood where he was nominated for Best Actor in Moneyball, he reminded everyone once again just who he was. The 48-year-old suited up in a sharp Gucci number that he paired with a flashy silver tie. He even managed to make the walking stick he had to use because of a recent skiing accident look good!
He then spent the night sharing bromance moments with his close friend and Ocean's Eleven co-star George Clooney, making for a great dapper duo. It's a relief to know we can still turn to Brad to get our heart throb fix. A couple gray hairs and four five six kids hasn't slowed him down. But then again, we should know Angelina "ain't no fool" after all and knew what she was doing when she partnered with the actor!

Which Musical Icon is Revisiting Her Most Memorable Look From the 1980s? | Hollywood yohana

Guess Who, Recognize the Revealer, DUI

Things were going so well. The pop icon donned a perfectly form-fitting cocktail gown in deep navy. A black racing stripe went right down the middle, ending just under the knee, the perfect age-appropriate length for a 53-year-old fashion fox. Sure, her babylons were peeking out of her top, there, but she was a lot more naked in the early ‘90s, so we forgave her for that. But then came...the Chanel fingerless gloves. Why, Pop Goddess, why? Then again, maybe we should've seen this coming; one of her first big videos featured gloves similarly cut—in virgin white.


Would You Wear It? Crop Tops and Black Skirts | Hollywood yohana

Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara, Shenae Grimes

Remember when you thought crop tops would be a passing fad? Sorry, but those itty bitty pieces aren't going away anywhere. (You could try to prove us wrong, but we're putting good money on this one since we just walked out of a Forever 21.)
There is a way to dare to bare conservatively, as Scarlett Johansson did with just a peep of skin in a black Dolce & Gabanna bustier-inspired top and high-waisted skirt for the We Bought a Zoo premiere. But if you're going to rock the '90s vibe, you might as well go all out like Rooney Mara. The New York native went from being a slave to cut-outs to finally just wearing two separate pieces with Miu Miu's gray v-neck and flared skirt combo in for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's photo call in Berlin.

We love both of those high fashion looks, but we're not digging Shenae Grimes' take on the trend. She's no stranger to the crop and definitely has an alternative style, but the red front-tie button down she wore to a photo exhibit in Miami is a bit too down home for our tastes, especially when paired with an ankle-length skirt and chunky booties.
Maybe it's just us, but we prefer our short tees layered with tanks because that's the only way we're pulling off the cropped look. However, we do love that all three girls paired their tops with black skirts. The netural tone helps ground the semi risqué look and make it more werable.


Bird-Inspired Designs Flock to the Red Carpet | Hollywood yohana

Dianna Agron, Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood

TREND: Bird-inspired dresses
WHO'S WEARING IT: Dianna Agron (Giles Deacon), Emma Stone (Lanvin) and Evan Rachel Wood (Gucci)
HOW TO WEAR IT: Black Swan may have have been the talk of Tinseltown last awards season, but its influence on red carpet fashions is still flying high. The bird was the word at last night's Golden Globes, thanks to Dianna's swan laser-cut gown, Evan's peacock-esque, feathered stunner and Emma's eagle-buckled colorblock Lanvin design. As you can see, the frocks were rather subtle in their representation of the winged species. Follow suit in your everyday life with a swallow appliqué-embellished purse or a small-print dress.

Jo Frost, Supernanny play! Supernanny Take our fun quizzes, and tune in for every tear and every tantrum! Top steal save! Top Steal of the Day We're scouring the Web to find the hottest deals, every day! Niecy Nash play! Clean House Just how filthy are you? Measure your mess with the Clean House Clutter Meter! On the Golden Globes Red Carpet with Jeannie Mai Fri., Jan. 20, 2012 5:00 PM PST by Jeannie Mai Jeannie Mai I hope all of you mystyle sweeties were able to watch me dishing the smashin' fashions on the NBC's Golden Globes pre-show red carpet arrival special, and I can't wait to hear what you all thought about it! First let me say, I am beyond blessed that I was chosen to co-host alongside the chillaxin' Carson Daly and the fab Natalie Morales. I am grateful to them and the whole NBC team for welcoming "the new girl"—and I ain't talking about Zooey Deschanel, either! Finding my dress was nothing short of a miracle. There are so many amazing dresses out there, but finding the one was a whole different story—like going on a lot of first dates without putting out. It's like a man—nothing but the perfect fit will do! Read on to find out more about the fab gown. Read More Print Share Link Comments (5) Categories: style network stars , 2012 golden globes , how do i look , jeannie mai Photo by: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Product Review: Nicki Minaj by OPI Nail Polish Collection Fri., Jan. 20, 2012 4:00 PM PST by Staff Nicki Minaj MIRACLE PRODUCT: Nicki Minaj by OPI lacquers ($8.50 each) WHAT THEY SAY: Inspired by the hip-hop Barbie's outrageous style, the six colors in the limited-edition collection include a plum "Super Bass Shatter," lime "Did It On 'Em," sparkly black "Metallic 4 Life" and bubblegum "Pink Friday." The bold lacquers are an excellent way to channel the rap superstar—not in a wannabe Jessie J way, but in a more subtle Sophia Grace I-just-put-on-a-curly-blond-wig-and-therefore-I'm-the-second-Nicki Minaj way! WE SAY: Keep reading for reviews from the editorial team! Test Drive, Mystyle Blog Inset graphics Pros: I'm a huge Nicki Minaj fan, but her style is a way too daring for me. I love that the nail polishes allowed me to rep her in a small way. I painted each of my nails a different color, just like Nicki would. I love blues and greens, so the aqua and lime were right up my alley. The black with silver chunks was so cool! It gives you an edgy mani without much effort, and the silver reminds me of studs. The galactic silver-rainbow glitter was beautiful and light. To my surprise, I loved the purple crackle. It's easy to use and looks great with a contrasting color. I layered it over gold and it looked rather elegant! Cons: I would normally never wear the light pink shade. Too pastel and "young" for me. Plus, it was the hardest for me to apply. It takes a few coats and I kept messing up. I also wouldn't wear the crackle over a color that's too close to the purple. That will make your nail look like a hot mess. You want the jagged design to look intentional! —Danielle Read More Print Share Link Comments (3) Categories: style test drive , nails , shopping , Beauty Photo by: OPI.com, Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Which Reality Star Should Have Left This Shredded Mess in Texas? | Hollywood yohana


Sure, her hubby moved to Dallas for his new job, but did this reality star really need to wear her love for the Lone Star state smack dab in the middle of her chest? Was she so love sick that in a fit of frustration, she also started ripping her shirt apart, or is the fringe just to get more of that good ol' Western vibe? Either way, we're providing a
dose of reality here: even though they're in the same city, her main man plays for the NBA's Mavericks—not the NFL's Cowboys, not that we don't appreciate the cutesy effort. Good thing Valentine's Day is around the corner, or we'd be love sick ourselves—in a very different way.


Single Katy Perry Hits Sin City with a Man-Snagging Strategy | Hollywood yohana

Katy Perry

This weekend, Katy Perry dove back into the single scene for the first time since her big split from ex-husband, Russell Brand. Girl has got to move on some time, and what better place to do it than Sin City? After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! The pop star was in town to help kick off 1 Oak nightclub's grand opening weekend celebration and co-host its GiveLove Charity event.

As for what the singing sensation wore? A strategic man-catching ensemble, of course! The divorcée donned a skin-tight black mini adorned in an array of safety pins and metallic discs—all the better for catching that special someone's eye. Don't think we didn't notice, Katy! The "Waking Up in Vegas" singer kept the flashy metallic theme going right down to her toes. Her trendy heel-less shoes featured multiple ankle straps and a large piece of shiny chrome molded to the back. Although we think the gravity-defying footwear would make it difficult to navigate a club, some might think they're all the better for falling into a man's arms. A woman's wiles never cease!

Eva Longoria Keeps the Leather-and-Lace Trend Alive! | Hollywood yohana

Eva Longoria
Faith Hill, Jennifer Garner

Much like Badgley and Mischka or Carolina Herrera and Renée Zellweger, leather and lace is one of the fashion world's most celebrated duos. The latest starlet to try her hand at the trend is Eva Longoria, who arrived at the Nevada Ballet Theatre's 28th annual Woman of the Year Awards in L.A. wearing a black Monique Lhuillier gown. The full-length number was infused with a refreshing dose of modernity via lace cutout panels trimmed with leather.


Rooney Mara Shows the Angelic Side of Cate Blanchett's Look | Hollywood yohana

Rooney Mara
Cate Blanchett
While everyone was flaunting their fashion best at the SAG Awards, Rooney Mara, our current style crush, was mysteriously absent. We were beginning to wonder where she could have been that night, but then, as usual, she burst out on the scene in some eye-catching, fashion-forward outfit, showing everyone the real way to make an entrance. All the way from Japan.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress missed the SAGs since she had cooler things to attend to in Tokyo, like the latest premiere of her movie. She was ethereally breathtaking in a backless Givenchy design with structured ruffles. You would think a pristine frock combined with fair skin and raven hair would drown a person out, but she was fierce enough to pull it off flawlessly. We had to do a double take when we saw her dress though because it looked very similar to the tuxedo dress Cate Blanchett sported by the same designer a few weeks ago.

Upon closer inspection, we realized the designs were slightly different, but definitely spoke true of the edgy flair both these actresses are known for bringing to the red carpet. Cate wore her black version to the IWC Top Gun gala in Geneva and opted for loose shoulder-length tresses instead of slicked black hair like Rooney. Though we would have expected Rooney to sport the black one, given her oftentimes Gothic style, both stars looked fresh and original in their takes on the dress.

Which Newcomer Wants You to Know She Has Deep Pockets? | Hollywood yohana

Ah, yes, the perpetual problem of what to wear under a see-through lace dress appears to have befuddled yet another helpless starlet. Well, it definitely ain't this!
The newcomer, whose red carpet choices this awards season have been rather odd (toe sneakers with a gown at a Golden Globes afterparty and a beachy floral frock to the SAGs—really?!) could have pulled off the sheer maxi-mini underlay trend at the Director's Guild of America Awards if it weren't for those white Dumbo-sized side flaps that look like deep pockets turned inside out.
Hey, babe, do us a favor and hire another stylist before you make an even bigger fool of yourself at the Oscars!


Rachel McAdams Wins First Place | Hollywood yohana

Nicole Richie, Rachel McAdams

Here's a little secret about showdowns: the winner often knows how to follow the dress' lead. Case in point: Here is a sweet little Collette Dinnigan dress made of bits and lace and tulle. This dress is for clearly for "nice girls" and should be worn like one.
Take a lesson from Rachel McAdams. The Vow star wore the frock first to promote her film at a photocall in Germany. Never mind the fact that Miss Goody Two-Shoes epitomizes the "girl next door" and plays that character in practically all her movies. Let's focus on her styling, shall we? The off-the-shoulder detail is alluring, but not overly provocative sans any cleavage. The below-the-knee hem and simple black pumps also work with the sweet vibe

Now Nicole Kidman is a beautiful woman, and we're sure she's super "nice" too, but at an event last Friday she kind of wore this dress like a Real Housewife of Orange County. The girls are out, the hem is hiked up and she appears oddly tan. The sleek silver sandals aren't helping with the desperate Jennifer Aniston vibe either. Lesson learned? Don't fight a dress up-stream—read it's vibe and roll with it!

Tyra Banks Borrows From the Boys | Hollywood yohana

Tyra Banks

Former supermodel Tyra Banks may have gotten all dolled up in the most stunning fashions for runways and photo shoots for years, but deep down, she likes to be one of the guys—by wearing menswear-inspired outfits, that is. She's known to put a fabulous, modern twist on it, too!

For Roberto Cavalli's 40th Anniversary party in Paris, the America's Next Top Model judge decided to forgo the traditional trousers and showed off her wild side in a Roberto Cavalli leopard jumpsuit instead. She's a glamazon, so she can pull a fierce patterened onesie.
She anchored the spotted piece with a black tuxedo jacket and a pair of black gladiator heels. A sleek updo ensured that the babe's pretty face didn't get lost amid all that print.
Complementary jewelry and a clutch completed the look.
But even Tyra isn't perfect. She's had some not-so-great masculine looks. Check them out in the gallery below!

Keira Knightley Brings It in a Burgundy Burberry Prorsum Gown | Hollywood yohana

Keira Knightley

The waif-like actress brought her elegant flair to the film's London premiere with her deep burgundy Burberry Prorsum keyhole slender gown that featured puffy short sleeves and black velvet bow wasitband.

She also coordinated the sophisticated look with a black quilted clutch, oversized black ring and dark nail polish.
The English fairy lady did, however, add a touch of twinkle with Chanel diamond star studs, which illuminated the pretty pink palette on her big screen-worthy face. (Keep reading to see a close-up of the flawless beauty and to get a peek at the sexy side of her backless designer gown.)

Old Hollywood short, marel waves completed the look.

An unarguably gorgeous look overall, but we're holding our breaths for when the famously quirky Keira steps up to the plate with something completely different and offbeat.

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley


Who Was Your Best Dressed at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival? | Hollywood yohana

Sundance Outdoor Wear

Not that we experience much of this problem in Los Angeles, but the trick of looking chic in winter without succumbing to frost bite is a fashion conundrum for many. When celebs rained down into what we're assuming is a usually deserted Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival we had our style eye trained on how they would punch up their winter wear.

These six fresh-faced starlets didn't disappoint and easily landed on our best dressed list. Kirsten Dunst took the opportunity to hop on the buckled outerwear trend, wearing a chic tartan coat that she paired with black jeans and lace-up boots. Hollywood newcomer Ariel Winter puffed up in a fur-accented parka, sheer leggings and lust-worthy butterscotch boots. Emma Roberts used pops of red on her blouse and her lips to set off her black jacket while Kate Bosworth and Taylor Swift went for the full-on snow bunny aesthetic, wearing stylish winter hats, long coats and boots.

There were a lot of fashionable and toasty ensembles stars donned to survive the teeth-chattering temperatures, but our absolute favorite was rising indie It girl du jour Elizabeth Olsen. Girl was an ice queen, in a very good way. We love that she ditched the oft-overdone winter wardrobe crutch of furs and statement coats for a sleek high-fashion vibe.
Which bundled up babe was your best dressed at Sundance? Vote after the jump!


Kim Kardashian Gets Leggy at LAX | Hollywood yohana

Kim Kardashian

Airplanes can feel a little stuffy sometimes. Maybe it's the stale air or that whole flying through the clouds at 40,000 feet thing. Honestly, we're not sure. We just know that this is one of the first times we've seen a celeb dressed to the nines at an airport and didn't think, "Trés chic ... for a six-hour flight!" Instead, we thought, "Aah, breathing room!"

Leaving SoCal behind for the warmer sands of Miami, Kim Kardashian arrived at LAX looking ready to hit the beach the second her plane lands! The Armenian beauty teamed a white silk tank and two-toned belt with a teal skirt. But it wasn't an ordinary maxi—this number came complete with a thigh-high slit.

Amping up the sex appeal (as if she even needed to), Kim accessorized with a long green horn necklace, nude peep-toe platforms and the paparazzi-shielding dark aviators. Keeping with the flowy, unfussy look, the reality star opted for loose, long waves and a neutral makeup palette, right down to her pale nails. In case of a chill, the 31-year-old even carried a denim jacket with her. Smart!
While we love the silhoutette, we do have to ask—why the sad face, Kim? There's no need to look somber when your outfit is that fab!


Which Oscar Nominee Flattened Out the Girls in a Flapper Dress? | Hollywood yohana

Berenice Bejo

We took one look at this Oscar-nominated "artist" and thought, "We didn't know the itty bitty titty committee was accepting new members!" We're just completely confused as to why the actress would flaunt a bumble bee-hued flapper dress that totally flattened her out.
Between the textured art deco lines, which look mighty heavy, taping down emblazoned across her chest and the fringe drop waist, she looked saggy and shapeless.
The fashion misstep kinda makes you want to embrace your Wonderbra real tight right about now, doesn't it?

Blake Lively's Everlasting Obsession with Peplum | Hollywood yohana

Blake Lively

The peplum trend has been all over the red carpet for the past couple of months, with every starlet from Miranda Kerr to Anna Faris jumping on the bandwagon. And who can blame them? A peplum piece is an easy way to add structure to a silhouette and infuse a ladylike retro vibe into a cocktail dress. But one Hollywood vixen has proven to be a particularly strong advocate of the look, sporting it again and again.
Of course, it's none other than It girl Blake Lively. A Tinseltown tastemaker, Blake hopped on the trend when it was still in its nascent stage all the way back in 2010. What a style prophet right? She sported a black peplum minidress by Victoria Beckham to the Angel Ball in NYC. Pumping up her look with blue-capped Louboutins and red lips, Blake looked very polished and sophisticated.

Her love affair with peplum continued into 2011 when the gossip girl donned a feathered peplum dress by Chanel to the MoMA Film Benefit in New York. The gray tweed outfit was made even more stylish with sheer tights and Louboutin ankle boots.
Then just last week, Blake rocked the look again to the Jason Wu for Target launch party. Wearing a black and creme peplum dress by the headlining designer, the 24-year-old looked especially debonair. Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Loubous -of course!- completed her swanky look.

Michelle Williams Charms in Floral Erdem | Hoolywood yohana

Michelle Williams

The look not only screamed modern day maven, but also brought to mind springtime. Although it's kind of ironic that she wore such a bright sheath during the beginning of February, the dress looked oh-so-lovely on her that we didn't mind it one bit. And it served as a reminder that fashionistas and designers always need to think one season ahead.

The gal made sure to winterize her ensemble a bit by teaming the number with neutral gray Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe pumps. A slash of red lipstick finalized the actress' winning look.


Fore! Which Singer is About to Hit the Putting Green? | Hollywood yohana

Sometimes a girl's gotta take a break from her singing-acting-designer-many-other-hyphenates career to hit the golf course. There's nothing like feeling the wind blow through your hair as you're riding in a golf course that maxes out at 3 mph, or that thrill of figuring out if you should use a putter or 9-iron to get that ball you hit out of the sand. Wait, that's just us? In that case, we have no explanation for why this normally stylish mom of two would dare to wear her grandpa's plaid clam diggers in public. For good measure, she also killed a fox and wore it around her neck for warmth. Listen, those golf courses can get cold in February.
Now, hurry up, missy. You're holding up us country club members, and we've got to get back to the office by two.

That’s Why the Lady is a...Vamp! | Hollywood yohana

Ashley Greene

Considering she's an idol to millions of youth for her portrayal of the fierce Alice Cullen in Twilight, it was only fitting that Ashley Greene be the guest speaker at Hollywood's Louder than Words event last night, which aims to stop teen abuse.

The sizzling vamp channeled old Hollywood glam in a dainty ensemble that smacked of a modern Audrey Hepburn. Ashley donned a black tea-length strapless frock with a sequined bodice and a white-feathered bubble skirt. Showing impeccable style sense, she didn't make the too frequent mistake of accessorizing a strapless with a statement necklace, but kept it simple with delicate earrings and pointed black pumps. A loose, side chignon, smoky eyes and pink lips drew attention to her already flawless bone structure.
All of this combined for an especially timeless effect. What a perfect ambassador for such a worthwhile charity!

Rachel McAdams Journeys to the Red Carpet in Peter Som | Hollywood yohana

Rachel McAdams
Bias aside (how can anyone not love this girl after The Notebook), Rachel McAdams stole the spotlight at the Los Angeles premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island—and she doesn't even have a part in the film!
She blew us away in this fresh Peter Som ensemble. From the sheer top to the high-waisted, slashed floral skirt, Rachel beat Vanessa Hudgens (the movie's actual star) at her own Bohemian game.
(Pic of Rach with Vanessa and the Tis after the jump.)
The blond actress gets extra brownie points because it's a look that we would have never expected from her and, yet, she totally knocked it out of the park on her first try!
Don't get us wrong. We'd cringe to see this at the Oscars.
But for the action-adventure flick, the free-spirited oufit is absolutely perfect! Beachy waves, a pink lip and a croc cobalt clutch completed the movie star rendition of boho.
Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel McAdams

Which Actress Draped Herself in Colorblock Gauze? | Hollywood yohana

When we were little and the big kids (you know, adults) were throwing fabulous parties, we always wanted to chip in. So we would grab handfuls of those bright, super cute drink umbrellas and put about 15 in every glass. Because that's how a six-year-old decorates things, and let us tell you, it looked fabulous and festive. Then we grew up and realized that we might have gone overboard. (Good thing we were adorable.)
That's exactly how we hope this actress felt after she took a look in the mirror and thought, "Why did I make shoulder armor out of tiny fans?" We'd also accept, "Why did I wrap myself in red gauze?" That's what Donna Martin would have asked this blonde, and gosh darn it, we agree with Donna!


Rep Your Team in Style | Hollywood yohana

Giants Collage
Patriots Collage

Just because the Super Bowl is a sports event that does not mean that you have to sacrifice style, ladies. The New England Patriots will take on the New York Giants in a Lombardi trophy rematch this Sunday. That's not the only thing that will look familiar—not only are they playing against each other in the Super Bowl again, both East Coast teams sport similar colors: the Patriots wear red, navy and silver, while the Giants' rock red, royal blue and white.
>>>RELATED: How to create the perfect football bash
So this time around, simply rocking a scarlet dress won't do the trick—no one will know who you are rooting for! To help you out, we suggest wearing a top with the team's trademark logo to look cute while showing off your team spirit. Since this will be a long day of screaming to the TV screen and stuffing your faces with yummy finger foods, we've concocted two über cute (and comfy!) ensembles.

Vanessa Hudgens' Sunny Style Shines at Journey 2 Premiere | Hollywood yohana

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens has one of the sunniest dispositions in Hollywood, which is why we were thrilled when she turned up to the Los Angeles premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in a canary yellow dress.
We swooned over the stunning silouhette of this Maria Lucia Hohan dress since it took the idea of the cut-out dress up a notch with an illusion back. Teamed with a sweetheart neckline and delicate rouching, the silk mousseline gown definitely brought the glam factor.

The brunette beauty didn't leave her boho sensibilities completely behind, though. She finished off her look with a metallic roll clutch, gold Le Vian bangles, slim hoops and oversized cocktail rings.
Getting in the beachy spirit of the island adventure flick, the actress finished off her look with soft waves and pale coral lips.
Vanessa isn't the only one to rock the bright hue recently. Minka Kelly, Paula Patton and Kirsten Dunst have all tried variations of it on for size, and we have to admit, this is one trend we hope sticks around. Doesn't yellow just make you happy? Us, too!

Jennifer Lopez Wows with a Fab Parade of Coats | Hollywood yohana

Jennifer Lopez

Looks like Jennifer Lopez has just been itching to bust out her winter wear. In just under a week, she's sported an enviable number of ultra chic coats, schooling all of us on how to still be stylish when the temperatures drop.
When arriving for an appearance on "The Today Show," the pop diva decided to go for a crisp all-white look, sporting a heavy, pristine fur coat with white wide-leg pants, nude peep-toe Louboutins and a Valentino polka dot clutch. Even though it looked like she was trying to channel Cher circa 1976 a little bit, we could still get on board with her au courant monochromatic look.

She did a fashion 180 by donning a very feminine carnation pink trench coat by Dolce & Gabbana when she left a hotel with boyfriend Casper Smart on Tuesday. Doing the daring red and pink color combo, she teamed the coat with crimson pumps. What a great colorblock for Valentine's Day!

Then when she appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman", she kept stylish and warm in a tan Alberta Ferretti coat with fur inserts along the pleats, and this was definitely our fave! The way she paired the fur accented coat dress with the strappy Jimmy Choo heels, Le Vian earrings and a matching handbag, gave her a divalicious appeal that could only be pulled off by J. Lo.
We wish we had this woman's closet.