Did Kelly Osbourne really get a $250,000 manicure for the Emmys? | Hollywood yohana

Kelly Osbourne 250000 nail polish black diamonds Azature

If Kelly Osbourne had her way, she’d like you to believe that each of her nails were covered in $25,000 worth of nail polish at last night’s Emmys. Before the award show went live she tweeted a picture of Azature’s Black Diamond nail polish with the subtle caption, “About to get a $250k manicure w nail polish made w blk diamonds made by @azature so excited & honored but absolutely shitting myself to have that much money on my nails!”
However, given that the jewelry company only produced one bottle of its $250,000 nail polish—a bottle that contains a hefty 267 carats of black diamonds—there was some confusion about what was really on Kelly Osbourne’s nails. The image she Instagrammed matches the bottle of the (much) less expensive 1 carat version of Azature’s Black Diamond that is available for $25, but Kelly Osbourne was content to convince E! Fashion Police viewers she had the $250,000 version on her nails. She even paraded the polish for the mani cam—E!’s crafty way of capturing all the cute nail art from the night.
We reached out to Azature for confirmation and it turns out that the $250,000 bottle does indeed remain untapped—it will actually go on a bit of a store tour over the coming months so curious nail fanatics can see it for themselves before one lucky luxury shopper snaps it up. However, Kelly Osbourne is also just as lucky: Azature revealed that there’s a small sample of the 267 carat polish available for select celebrities to try. Can we get on that list, please?


Katy Perry has Daria nail art! Here are 5 other ’90s icons we’d like to see painted on her nails | Hollywood yohana

Katy Perry Daria Nail Art

Katy Perry was in Tokyo yesterday for the Japanese premiere of her film Part of Me and while there she decided to indulge in some incredible nail art. In a very ’90s nostalgia move, Katy Perry had the faces of nine characters from the cult MTV animated series Daria painted on her nails. This unexpected manicure got us thinking of what other ’90s icons we’d like to see Katy Perry try:
1. The ultimate boy band rivalry: Backstreet Boys on one hand and *NSYNC on the other. Conveniently these groups had five members apiece, so there’s no need to fight over whether Justin or Nick get top placement.
2. The cast of Beverly Hills, 90210. Yes, the show that made us long to live in California and be asked out on a date with Dylan– and Katy Perry is the quinessntial California girl. Just make sure you don’t paint two nails beside each other with Brenda and Kelly in the same outfit, Katy! Ouch!
3. Girl Power! The Spice Girls have been on a roll lately, noted by their recent appearance at the Olympics closing ceremony. We can also only assume that Katy Perry is a huge fan—so she should spice up her nails with Ginger, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Scary on one hand, and the Union Jack on the other.
4. Linda, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, and Kate were THE faces of the ’90s. We think Katy Perry can definitely relate to a time when models didn’t “wake up for less than $10,000 a day” and should celebrate this by putting them all on her nails.
5. Yes, Full House was cheesy, but we still watch reruns of it and yesterday the entire cast reunited for the 25th anniversary! Tanner family nail art would be the best way to remember a time before Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) was a billionaire and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) required an Intervention. Oh, memories.


Nail Corner: A surface of the moon manicure inspired by Carolina Herrera | Hollywood yohana

Surface of the Moon nail art manicure

Outer space has inspired many a manicure, from the classic moon manicure (okay, it may be named for the moon of your nails and not the moon in the sky, but still!) to glittering galaxy-style nail art. Last fall Jeremy Laing had many a moon print in his collection and this season it seems Carolina Herrera is taking inspiration from astronomy. Two pieces in particular seemed to capture the crater-filled, swirling surface of the moon and it’s this print that served as the basis for today’s nail art. (Also, I’m not the only one completely enamoured with the images of Mars that the Curiosity Rover has been sending back to Earth, right? Outer space is on-trend!) To get the surface of the moon on your nails, you’ll need two shades of mushroom-purple nail polish, a silver-purple glitter and a few dotting tools. Don’t worry, this manicure is easier than rocket science.


Kelly Osbourne says “sorry I’m not sorry” for her $250,000 black diamond Emmys manicure | Hollywood yohana

Kelly Osbourne Black Diamond Manicure Emmys

As we reported on Monday, Kelly Osbourne was extremely eager to flaunt her apparent $250,000 black diamond manicure on the Emmys red carpet. What we didn’t mention, however, was how much flack she received from fans (and haters, obviously) for bragging about such an extravagant manicure.
The reactions surrounding the $250,000 Azature black diamond nail polish caused Kelly Osbourne to offer an apology of sorts on her Twitter saying, “I see that my nail polish has offended some of you, however I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience. #MyApologizes” She also reiterated that she did not pay for the nail polish but said that wearing it made her feel like a queen.
Oh Kelly, if only you would just explain that you vastly exaggerated the actual cost! Unless her fingers are able to soak up an entire bottle of nail polish in one go, that $250,000 price tag is strictly a publicity stunt. Not only that, Azature created just one $250,000 bottle of nail polish and they confirmed that it remains unopened. Of course, of all the scandals for a star to be involved in, being shamed for an expensive manicure is certainly the most luxurious way to make headlines.


New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: We spot Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, Bart Simpson (prints) and Bill Cunningham petting adorable bulldogs! | Hollywood yohana

Cara Delevigne New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style

The street style in and around the last two days of New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2013 shows were a frenzy of varsity jackets (Opening Ceremony), motorcycle jackets (Acne) see-through bags (from Kenzo to Claire’s) and Asian-inspired printed silks (Proenza Schouler, obv) jealousy-inducing heels (and even a few flats) as shot by our street style photographer Stefania Yarhi. Amidst the madness, Bill Cunningham was playing with some adorable bulldogs. You better bet we caught that too.

The ever-fierce Tyra Banks was seen on the streets of New York wearing a black sequined top with silver finishes and metallic clutch. A grey knuckle ring provides some edge into the sparkling outfit. Paris Hilton was also spotted on the busy streets in a multi-coloured dress, which we’d almost ID as a Proenza-meets-Stella, as well as a black and gold chain clutch, gold watch and sunglasses. Jessica Alba showcases the It look of the week: a chic leather motorcycle jacket with a bright yellow plaid skirt, slicked back hair and sunglasses.
Bart Simpson made a double appearance: first on Cara Delevigne, who wore a Bart-ified Jeremy Scott sweater-and-skirt combo, and second, on an unidentified bloke, whose epic Bartman sweater was seriously drool-inducing. Elsewhere, a droopy comic print was spotted on Canadian electro It girl Grimes.


London Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: Cozy knits, leather jackets, animal print sweaters and we spy Olivia Palermo! | Hollywood yohana

London Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style Photos

With the weather rapidly cooling down it’s no surprise how many cozy knits, leather jackets and tailored pants appear in today’s batch of street style pictures from London Fashion Week Spring 2013. Houndstooth print paired with black tights and a bright red sweater brought elegance to the streets, while ripped jeans and fur vests were prominent visions and gave an edgy vibe to otherwise dressy attire. Black and white was also big—clearly colour palettes have toned down as the transition into fall officially begins—as were animal prints embroidered onto sweaters. (Part Givenchy panther, part Opening Ceremony kitty?) The biggest trend we spotted, however, goes to knits—a fall favourite for many. Knitted hats, sweaters and skirts in assorted patterns graced the streets of London, as well as our Fall & Winter 2012 trend guide. Olivia Palermo did knits differently, by pairing a cozy grey sweater with a textured leather skirt and lots of chunky jewelry. And while we may be at the end of London Fashion Week Spring 2013, there are many more street style pictures to come—after all, it’s time for Milan! 


Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: 40 shots featuring Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt and more! | Hollywood yohana

Anna Dello Russo Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013

If we worked up your appetite for Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 street style yesterday, than today’s batch of 40 photos will satisfy that hunger. Stefania Yarhi, our street style photographer out did herself and caught everything from some monochromatic magic to an ├╝ber cute baby on a stylish mom’s back.

Yarhi snapped some of the big-wig fashion editors like Vogue Italia‘s Franca Sozzani, ex-Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld, and Vogue Japan’s Anna Dello Russo. ADR showed up in a Carven skirt which should probably be framed and put in a museum (it’s that awesome) after yesterday—after all, she only wears things once. After a quick costume change, Russo reappeared baring her stomach in a Prada crop top and skirt combo which was accessorized with a pair of reflective Kenzo sunglasses.
There was a revival of the famed Prada lipstick print that was a throwback to the Millennium as well as the pant suit that our September cover girl, Nina Dobrev, wore in green.
Despite the bold Prada prints from 2000 and 2012, some ladies kept it minimal wearing red on red or all white everything. These monochromatic looks were paired with simple jewelery—there was not an arm party in sight. Could this be the end of wrists stacked with bangles? Only time will tell.