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Kaley Cuoco 
The star of The Big Bang Theory gave us a peek into her personal style during Porsche Designs' Fashion's Night Out in Beverly Hills. The event celebrated the launch of the brand's new denim line for the fall/winter collection.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': Porsche jeans! This is one of their new special washes—the highlight jean in this brown-orange color. I love it. I like that it looks like I rolled around in the dirt or on the street. They're all marked up and messy. I don't like looking too put together. My blazer is Helmut Lang, T-shirt is Market and shoes are Ann Taylor.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: It's pretty much this. I'm a jeans-T-shirt-blazer girl. I always have one good piece, whether it's a great pair of shoes or an amazing jacket. I keep everything else pretty simple. When I get a little Bohemian, my stylist tries to push the glam up. I can be very edgy, too. I love a good pair of combat boots—that's the boy side of me. I recently splurged on a pair of Miu Miu combat boots that I love! But it depends! I can get a pair at Forever 21 or Neiman's. If I love them, I love them!
TOP KNOT FEVER: I do love a top knot—probably too much. It's a simple way to look chic. People think I spend hours on it. But I literally put the ponytail up on top of my head, twist it around my finger, put one bobby pin in and it's done. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes no.
STYLE ICONS: I love Jennifer Aniston. I love the way she dresses. She's very cool and simple. Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow always look fantastic. But the important thing is to find what's right for your body and accept it.
BEAUTY MUST-HAVES: I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I always wear sunscreen whenever I go out, even when it's cloudy outside. Neutrogena has a great one. I use Ole Henriksen products. I went in there for a facial and I was obsessed! I switch it up a lot. I get bored. The minute my shampoo runs out, I have to get a different one.



Spice Up Your Casual Wear With Leopard Denims | Hollywood yohana

Nicky Hilton, Mandy Moore, Katie Holmes  
TREND: Leopard-print jeans
WHO'S WEARING IT: Nicky Hilton, Mandy Moore and Katie Holmes (all Current/Elliott)
HOW TO WEAR IT: Many people wear leopard print as a neutral. So it's no surprise that the feline pattern made its way into the ever-casual essential, jeans. Since too much animal print can be tacky, it is important to balance off the bottoms with a plain top. Mandy and Nicky both opted to match their denims with versatile gray tees. To add a pop of color, take a cue from Katie. She paired her jeans with a rich burgundy color. Other hues that can work wonders with the jeans are: mustard yellow, forest green and plum. Afraid of taking the risk? Shades of black, white and brown will do the trick. Just remember, stay away from graphic or printed tops.


Which Supermodel Is Failing to Soar in a Pair of Flying Dumbo Pants? | Hollywood yohana


Sometimes it takes a tall, skinny girl to pull of a special pair of pants. We're thinking high-waisted pants, wide-leg cuts, certain species of jegging. But some pantaloons even a supermodel can't conquer. And we have found that exact pair of pants. Behold these denims. They may be able to soften a crash landing by double as a parachute. They may serve as wonderful homes for the delicate young of an endangered species, say, a family of newly discovered Costa Rican fruit bats. But gurl, they don't work as pants. Seriously, honey, as you yourself might say: Auf wiedersehen.


Rihanna's Obsession With Triple Denim | Hollywood yohana

Regardless of whether it's executed with flair, we know double denim is a trend that can raise a couple of eyebrows. Well, Rihanna has never been a slave to trends and basically reminded everyone she wears what she wants when she rocked not double denim, but triple denim, not once, but twice!
The R&B songtress first sported the risque ensemble two weeks ago as she was leaving her London hotel. She paired studded daisy dukes with a denim button-down, and upon closer inspection you'll notice another denim button-down tied around her waist. (Wearing multiple layers of denim and tying a shirt around your waist? Someone misses Saved By The Bell.) With the addition of the thigh-high leather boots and the trucker hat, this iteration of triple denim had a racy biker chic feel to it.

Then just last week, RiRi rocked the triple denim again as she walked the streets of NYC in blue jean skinnies and a denim button-down shirt layered over a denim corset. If the triple denim wasn't daring enough, she belted on a dollar sign-adorned fanny pack around her waist. We couldn't get on board with this look as much as her first. The fanny pack (and the dark roots) took it down a couple of notches.
Though she has enough punk to pull it off, we doubt this triple denim look will ever trickle down to the normals since if you're anyone but RiRi the end result is you looking ridiculous.


Color Us Shocked! Kate Hudson Goes Brunette | Hollywood yohana

Kate Hudson 
If there was a blonde bombshell club, we're pretty sure Kate Hudson would be president. That's why we were blown away when Goldie Hawn's daughter stepped out in NYC with a dramatically darker do.

The new mom boldly went brunette for her role in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which portrays the life of a Pakistani Wall Street worker post 9/11. It looks like Kate has left behind her bubbly rom-coms in favor of more serious roles, and she's got the serious hair to match. A girls gotta' do what a girls gotta' do—we just hope baby Bing recognizes his Mama!
While Kate will probably hit the bleach as soon as they wrap, we can't help but be a bit befuddled about the new hue. Mrs. Hudson is such a quintessential blonde, the darker locks just feels a little bit wrong.  

Style Invades Fashion Week | Hollywood yohana

Jeannie Mai, Twitter 
UPDATE: New York Fashion Week may be over, but here at myStyle we know dramatic design doesn't take a day off.
[Originally published Thu, Feb 9, 2012 7:00 AM PST]

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and the Style Network is there! Take a look at some of the week's programming highlights below, and be sure to check out the full Style schedule for even more fash-tastic shows.
MyStyle.com kicks off NYFW with a live, interactive experience. Watch the BCBGMAXAZRIA runway show streaming online Monday, February 13, at 9p ET/PT, and participate via webcam or social conversation with hosts Jeannie Mai and Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of BCBGMAXAZRIA! Chat along with the experts and other fans to discuss the trends from the BCBGMAXAZRIA catwalk in a virtual setting.
Monday, February 13–Friday, February 17
9p Style Invades New York Fashion Week
Every night at 9p, How Do I Look's Jeannie Mai and Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi host a four-minute newsflash featuring the latest from Lincoln Center and beyond. With runway recaps, designer interviews, trend forecasts, a look at the celebrities on the scene and a peek inside all the fabulous parties, they'll make you feel like you're part of the action.
Monday, February 13
9p Sex and the City, "What Goes Around Comes Around"
Carrie decides, after a broad-daylight Manolo mugging, that she must clear herself of bad karma and decides she needs to talk with Natasha about her affair with Big.
9:33p Sex and the City, "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo"
Carrie meets Big for the first time since his marriage ended. Miranda gets frustrated when she thinks the Chinese take-out girl mocks her stay-at-home lifestyle.

Tuesday, February 14
8p Style Special: Confessions of a FashionetteAt age 10, Cecilia Cassini became a fashion sensation with her infamous puff and unique designs. Two years later, she is determined to be a world-famous designer. Follow along as Cecilia works to expand her niche clothing line with the help of her family.
9p Sex and the City, "The Real Me"
Carrie faces a bit of an identity crisis when she's asked to be in a big fashion charity show featuring both models and real people. Samantha decides to have nude photos taken.
9:33p Sex and the City, "Defining Moments"
Carrie goes barhopping with Big and finds that their relationship as "friends" has never been better. Carrie goes on a date with jazz musician Ray King.
Wednesday, February 15
Sex and the City, "A Vogue Idea"
Carrie turns in her first article for Vogue. Meanwhile, Miranda is freaking out about motherhood, and Charlotte offers to throw her a baby shower.
Sex and the City, "I Heart NY"
Carrie finds out that Big is moving to Napa, California, where he bought a vineyard.
Thursday, February 16
Sex and the City, "A Woman's Right to Shoes"
Carrie and Stanford attend a baby shower thrown by their friends Kyra and Chuck. Miranda starts a romance with her new neighbor, doctor Robert Leeds.
Sex and the City, "Boy, Interrupted"
Carrie rekindles a flame with her high school boyfriend, Jeremy. Samantha is going crazy with the summer heat and her inability to get into SoHo, a fabulous club with a pool.
Friday, February 17
Sex and the City, "An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)"
Mr. Big has finally realized that he cannot be happy without Carrie and sets out to bring her back to New York.
Saturday, February 18
2p-1a Fashion Week Style-a-Thon
It's a full day of simply fabulous fashion-forward programming, from Project Runway to Mad Fashion. Click the link above for the schedule.


Jerome Wiggins | Hollywood yohana

Jerome Wiggins 
Tia and Tamera's cousin Jerome Wiggins will be blogging for myStyle during Season 2 of their hit reality show, which comes back to Style Monday, June 11, at 8/7c. But first, learn more about the "Third Twin." The fashionable guy gave us the scoop on his personal style!
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I think I get my style from my dad. My dad was always so well dressed. I also like what John Legend and Kanye West wears. I love suits, but I also love jeans and a blazer. I will roll up my blazer and put on a nice pair of shoes. One of my friends asked me, "Why is your casual wear dressy?" I said, Really?! I'm not afraid of a little color. I like a good detail. I like my outfits to be crisp. I just really love clothes! I want my own clothing line eventually. I have lost 142 pounds over the last eight years. It feels really good to be able to wear what I want!
WELL-SUITED: I really believe that if there is a place for a pocket square, there should be a pocket square—even if it's an open suit with an open collar. That's just how I feel.
GREAT JEANS: I will pair a denim jacket with anything. I wore a V-neck shirt the other day with a denim jacket. Anybody who knows me knows that if I ever have on a T-shirt, it has to be a V-neck. I love V-necks—in all colors.
MADE IN THE SHADE: I'm a stickler for sunglasses! I just bought my first pair of Ray-Bans for my birthday. Also, Tamera and I were shopping and I bought a pair of Christian Diors that I love. Those are my favorites right now.
Jerome Wiggins
HATS ON!: My brother bought me a Burberry hat for Christmas. That is my favorite. I love hats. I just started wearing the fitted hats—a NY Yankee one. I mix it up.
SHOE LOVER: I really love the boat shoes. I think they're kind of fly. I love all kinds of shoes. One of my favorite pair of shoes right now are these navy blue Coach loafers that are super comfortable and go with a lot of different colors.
MISTER ACCESSORIES: I'm a big watch and jewelry fanatic. I've become a fan John Hardy bracelets and jewelry. My favorite watch right now are the Michael Kors watches. I have my eye on this really big rose gold one. I keep telling myself, Should I? Shouldn't I? Don't get me wrong, not everything has to be name brand. One day you might see me in a Michael Kors watch and then the next day you might see me in a watch that I get so many compliments on and no one knows it's from Target!
SPENDING SUMMER IN STYLE: I will still wear jeans in the summer. I also like to wear linen clothing. I like shorts. I'm not a huge shorts person, but I like to mix and match. One of the things that I've fallen in love with are henleys.
SKINCARE MUST-HAVES: I enjoy Mario Badescu facial products. You need your Burt's Bee lip balm; that's a necessity. However, I also love the Jack Black lip balm.