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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Rachel Bilson
Last summer, mystyle condemned the hair-raising two-tone tresses trend that was seen on many celebrties, such as Ashlee Simpson, Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore. We even went as far as sticking it in our Don't Try These Trends at Home gallery. The look was just so severe and very witch-like. Well, today is a new day. I've been itching to change up my hair for a while now. No, I didn't try the trend at home. I went to the professionals—coloristKazumi Morton at Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, who specializes in natural-looking ombré.
"Ombré is a big trend. It's been a trend for a while, and people are still asking for it. But it isn't always perfect," Morton told me. "Having the right tone—dark to light—is very important. It shouldn't be extreme." During my consultation, she told me she would keep my dark base, which naturally has a lot of red in it, but add carmel highlights in a way that it would appear soft and effortless. "Subtle is in, not the stripey look. If the ombré diffuses nicely, it will look really pretty."
As I sat there with my God-given hair color (left) still intact, I asked Morton what attracted women to ombré locks. "It's low maintenance," she said. Sold! "You don't have to do it so often, which means it's recession-proof and healthier for your hair. You can completely grow it out." In fact, she told me mine would last five months! And since I don't do much to my hair, she emphasized that the gradual color would give my hair more style.
Wow! Those are some excellent reasons. But that's not all. "When the soft, woody carmel tone hits the light, it makes you look younger," Morton added.The ombré effect is what little kids have in their hair. It looks really natural. Natural hair is youth. People like to look young."
I'll take my low-maintenance, long-lasting new hair color with a large serving of youth. Thank you very much!
One caveat: Cut your hair accordingly. "It's good to have long, soft layers because it will give nice movement," explained Morton. So I did just that with the help of hairstylist Anh Cotrain. However, your hair can be one length as long as the ombré doesn't create a harsh line.
The four-hour process, which included a light teasing technique during the foil application to achieve the delicate color change, felt like one hour since I was moving from chair to chair a lot, and there was no bleaching involved. How's that for easy, breezy?
In the end, I was extremely happy with how my hair turned out (below). The color looks amazing in the sun, and I can't wait to see how it looks when I sport some nice beachy waves. Such a great choice for summer!

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Blake Lively, Taylor Swift
We've seen Blake Lively out style Kaley Cuoco in this posy-print Tibi dress. But, it was a whole other playing field when saw Taylor Swift rocking the same sky blue number.
Back in June, we saw the then-red-haired Chanel ambassador wear the frock for a taping of the Today show in NYC. And we loved how she unexpectedly paired it with leopard-print Charlotte Olympia pumps.

Just last Friday, the country singer wore the same cute floral design after leaving a taping of the Elvis Duran Morning show at Z100 radio station, in the Big Apple. Taylor's curly blonde locks gave a sweet compliment to the dress. And unlike the Gossip Girl, she kept her look daytime appropriate by pairing it with neutral-toned, bow detail shoes and a subtle metallic skinny belt.
While we still love Blake's whole ensemble, we think it's more of an evening outfit. Making the songstress the new reigning style champ!

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Kate Bosworth
Call it the post break-up blues. First Lauren Conrad debuted dip-dyed ends after recently breaking it off with her beau, and now the recently single Kate Bosworth has followed step with her bolder version of the blue hue.

The blonde debuted the new ‘do when she stepped out with a mystery man to attend a Coldplay concert in L.A last night. We have to admit, we kinda dig how the crazy hair contrasts against her cute conservative outfit. The aqua strands are a fun complement to the floral Missoni top, and her Isabel Marant heels and cream Chanel purse add lady-like touches to the ensemble.
So what's up with the blue tips trend? We think the wacky hair hue might be Kate's way of shaking things up, or perhaps she thinks the edgy style will help her snag an artsy man. Either way, we know the actress was in the mood for something new to show she's totally on the market!

Kelly Osbourne Slams the Duchess and SJP Gets Photoshopped | yohana

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne has a big problem with the way Kate Middleton dresses. This from the girl who wore a Flintstones outfit? (Daily Mail)
Marie Claire gives Sarah Jessica Parker a new set of hands for the cover of their September issue. How sweet of them. (Coco Perez)
OPI launches a beauty pageant-inspired nail polish collection. We bet the girls from Toddlers & Tiaras are thrilled. (Racked)
An NYC summer camp teaches tweens how to fashion blog and spot trends. What happened to roasting marshmallows? (NY Times)
Lady Gaga guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance and throws her 12'' shoes at the dancers. They said it was a compliment, but sounds like assault. (MTV Style)

Tickled Pink: Dianna Agron's New Hair-Raising Look | yohana

Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron has gone from chopping off her long blond hair to joining the bang brigade this summer. But her tresses transformation didn't stop there. Just yesterday, the Glee star was spotted in L.A. wearing bright pink locks with matching round sunnies.

Although we applaud her for sporting such a daring dye job, we can't help but wonder if she was inspired by BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry, who also took the pink plunge.

Rainbow colored locks seem to be all the rage right now. Even dip-dyed blue ends have been making their way around Hollywood, as previously seen on Lauren Conrad and Kate Bosworth. But we have to admit, even though we loved Dianna's short ‘do, this bright hue is too much of a change for us.

Khadijah & Malika Haqq | yohana

Khadijah Haqq, Malika Haqq
The rising stars (and Khloé Kardashian Odom's twin BFFs) gave us the scoop on their styles during the launch of the Kardashian Kollection for Sears line last night at The Colony in Hollywood. First up, Khadijah Maqq (left)...
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I am wearing Kardashian Kollection, one of the girl's dresses. So, far I love the collection. Khloé just sent us a really big box of stuff, so I'm really, really grateful. And I'm really excited because I always see them wearing a lot of the stuff, and now they are just giving it back to their fans. It's really nice.
ON HER DRESS: I specifically love this dress, which is why I wore it. There were other nice tops, but I wanted a dress for the occasion. I hear there is a lot more to come.
FASHION PHILOSPHY: I'm a little edgy. I'm not as girlie as most girls. My sister is such a girl. I have a little more of an edge. I love to wear jeans, heels and a tank top.
Keep reading for her sis Malika's take on fashion!
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm a Kardashian model this weekend—and I will probably be very much so in the future! I am in love with their collection. On top of the fact that I am very proud of them, the line is very well done.
FAVE DESIGN: That jumpsuit that Kim has on tonight is incredible. It looks good on everybody. Khloé wore it; I tried it on;  Kim's wearing it tonight. It's a really great piece.
ON HER DRESS: It's funny, because when Khloé got the box of dresses, she told her girlfriend, "Malika is going to wear this dress." When you look at it, it's just me. When you know, you know right?
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I'm such a freakin' lady. Like honestly, they call me "grandma" sometimes because I cover the entire body. But I am more comfortable that way. But this was supercomfortable—and it fit me!
STYLE ICONS: One hundred percent, these girls! I'm biased, but at the end of the day, I've worked with them from the bottom to the top. So, to be able to see someone's journey that way and be able to watch how passionate they are about it, is incredible. I also really love Rachel Roy and Vera Wang. These are women whom I have been able to see and play the closest attention to. I really love them.
BEAUTY MUST-HAVES: ChapStick! I'm very plain Jane over here. But I am a complete mascara lover. Today, I have YSL. But it always varies from Chanel and I love a good L'Oréal. I'm a fan of Bobbi Brown products, too.
RED-SOLE FEVER: I am a Christian Louboutin wearer. I am 100 percent a "bag" and a "shoes" girl. I will wear a tank top and jeans with a great bag and heels, and I amcomfortable like that.

Eva Amurri | yohana

Eva Amurri
The recently engaged actress and Susan Sarandon's daughter gave us a peek at her personal style and dished some deets about her upcoming nuptials to TV soccer color analyst Kyle Martino during the Ella Moss 10-Year Anniversary party at Eveleigh in West Hollywood.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I am wearing an Ella Moss top, Levi's skinny jeans and Christian Louboutin heels.
ELLA MOSS FEVER: Her designs are so easy and body-conscious. She really understands that women don't want to "suck it in" every single second of the day.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Classic, but with an urban edge.

WEDDING HEELS: My fiancé's only a little bit taller to me. He doesn't care if I'm towering over him, but I didn't want to subconsciously hunch over to match him. So I wanted to find one that was still a heel, but a tiny heel. I didn't really care what it looked like, honestly, for one night. I'm practical when it comes to that stuff. I just wanted something that was a short heel and matched my dress.
ON KATE MIDDLETON'S DRESS: I thought it suited her perfectly. It was so timeless. I love that she went that way. People try to look sexy, but when you're twentysomething, you are sexy anyway! You don't have to try so hard.
GLOWING BRIDE: I like doing my own makeup, but I won't do my own makeup on my wedding day because I don't want to worry about it. I just want to relax and have a glass of champagne and gossip with my girlfriends. I want to look like myself—sort of a glowy version of myself.
FAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT: I really like the Josie Maran organic products. She has a great Argan Oil Illuminator.
MOTHER OF THE BRIDE: My mom has been great at really being there as I need her. She hasn't had too many crazy expectiations or demands, which has made things so much easier for me. I really appreciate her for that.
DESPERATELY STYLING SUSAN: I used to pick out my mom's outfits before I left for school. I've learned that women should always dress for what looks good on their bodies. Not enough people to do that. People tend to go for trends instead of what flatters them. My mom and I have similar figures, which is smaller waist and bigger boobs. So we have to be careful to wear things that are fitted at the waist, but she definitely knows that now!
MAMA KNOWS BEST: My mom always told me to wear sunblock and moisturize a lot. She's all about moisturizing and taking off your makeup really well. She always uses a wash cloth and everything!

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Lauren Conrad
For Fashion's Night Out in L.A., the reality star-turned-designer celebrated the launch of her clothing line, Paper Crown, at Nordstrom at The Grove. She gave us the scoop on her style and the inspiration for her collection.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': The navy Lola dress from the Paper Crown's fall collection—it also comes in mustard.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I dress girlie and polished, but with a very California feel. I'm also drawn to very romantic pieces when I'm shopping. I love that feminine romantic look where it's free-flowing and just very beautiful.
BLAST FROM THE PAST: I was a little bit more casual, but I was also younger and I grew up in a beach town. I had to have my flip-flops torn away from me.
PLAYING DESIGNER: Paper Crown is something I've done on my own, which has been really fun. Quality was a really big focus. We wanted to do really beautiful fabrics and focus on getting a beautiful fit. So the pieces are a little more classic and timeless—they can be worn throughout the seasons. Mustard is in for fall, so we did a lot of that. I really like the tailored pieces the camels, mustards and nude. It's a little traditional, but I loved that. Leather is big, too, so we did a couple of leather pieces.
NAIL GIRL: Yesterday, I had a lavender nail with a silver tip. I like twists on French manicures, like the half-moon nails. I've been doing those a lot lately. It's fun because you can do your nails a solid color and the next day you can update them. I'm a paint-your-nails-every day girl.
TRANSITION TO FALL: Flared denim was really big all throughout summer and I think its going to carry into fall. The weather in L.A. doesn't change much so I don't have much to worry about, but layering is so big during the fall. You're just working with pieces, like wearing a light weight blouse that you are layering a blazer over. I'll also do shorts or a skirt and add tights. So I'm all about playing around.
RULE BREAKER: I always wear white after Labor Day—I think I wore it yesterday! White in winter is so beautiful that is a rule that I never really follow.
DATE NIGHT: You should wear something that you feel comfortable in because you don't want to be fidgeting all night if something is too tight or short. It's definitely important to look like yourself on a date. You don't want to dress up like somebody else or wear too much makeup and big hair. But it's also very important to know what you are going to do because if you are getting dressed for a dinner date and you go bowling that's an issue.

Michelle Monaghan Sets Off Smoke Detectors With Fiery Locks | yohana

Michelle Monaghan
Earlier this week, Michelle Monaghan left behind her brunette mane and debuted her new red tresses at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of Machine Gun Preacher. This Hollywood darling's new fiery hair had us saying, "Emma Stone, is that you?" She may look like The Help star's doppelganger, but we're glad she didn't go for pink locks à la Katy Perry.

Even though this might not be the actress' natural hue, she definitely pulls it off as though she was born a ginger. The actress joins fellow actresses Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore who have also jumped on this latest hair trend. We think the shade gives Michelle a much needed fun, but not a too over-the-top transformation.

Beverley Mitchell | yohana

Beverley Mitchell
The Secret Life of the American Teenager star gave us a peek into her personal style—and dished on New York Fashion Week!—during Kari Feinstein's Emmys Style Lounge at The Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. She walked away with a beautiful Moni Moni Italian leather handbag, Keratin Complex hair products, The Pampered Chef cooking tools, LovelySkin skincare and more.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': My shirt is Wink. I just got this necklace from Silpada, which I picked because I love the turquoise and I think it's fun and it complemented my shirt well! I'm also wearing AG Jeans and Jimmy Choos.
LINCOLN CENTER SCOOP: I just got back from Fashion Week. I saw BCBG and Vivienne Tam. I also got a chance to check out Cynthia Steffe's presentation, which was amazing! The energy of Fashion Week is so incredible. It was so much fun. I got to go to the Rebecca Minkoff party.
FRONT ROW VIEW: Vivienne Tam has this turquoise dress with the most exquisite back I've ever seen. It was just so beautiful! BCBG had so much fun with different exotic prints and designs and bright colors, like aquas and peaches. Cynthia Steffe had really fun shorts that are sexy and stylish. I saw a lot of animal prints. I also saw feathery looks, which would be fun dancing dresses to shimmy in! They weren't quite flapper, but sexy and fun.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I love fun, sexy dresses, but I'm a jeans girl through and through. I love a flirty top with sexy heels and call it a day. But I'm also the queen of flats, so it depends on if I'm feeling sassy or laidback.
STYLE ICONS: I love, but can't pull off Nicole Richie's style. The Bohemian thing, I love. But t just won't work on me. I love Cameron Diaz's style because she has a fun, flirty vibe to her, but she's also very sexy.
MUST-HAVE FALL ITEM: I'm a sweater junkie. Gypsy '05 has some really fun, lightweight sweaters that I'm really excited about. It doesn't get that cold in Los Angeles for chunkier sweaters. I'm also a big fan of jackets. I'm a sucker for leather jacket just because you can throw it over a white tank top and you're hot! It's instant hotness.
BEAUTY ESSENTIAL: The blotting papers are brilliant! You never need powder again. They're better for your skin.

Rachel Zoe | yohana

Rachel Zoe
The stylist-to-the stars gave us more dish on the current state of fashion during the launch party for her Zoe Media Group last night at The Sayers Club in Hollywood.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I have on an Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit  that I thought really screamed "wear me!" for a holiday celebration. Sequins head-to-toe? Why not?!
HOLIDAY TIPS: I really love tuxedo dressing. I love a little cocktail dress with a tuxedo jacket. Anywhere you can add glitz and glamour, I advise it, because if you're not going to do it for holiday, when are you going to do it? Add a little sparkle, whether it's jewelry or clothes or shoes.
FASHIONISTAS-TO-WATCH: I love Elizabeth Olsen and Elle Fanning. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like the girls are getting younger and younger these days! I also really like Hailee Steinfeld. She's really cute!
BABY TALK: [My son] Skyler is amazing. He's perfect. I just gush over him all day everyday. He's got a lot of outfits. He's averaging a couple outfits a day because he's a baby. He does things like drool and spit up.

Demi Lovato Heats Things up with New Fiery Locks | yohana

Demi Lovato, Twitter
Demi Lovato got caught red-handed jumping on the ginger train this past weekend when she tweeted a photo of herself with her new hot hair hue. First the Disney princess left us guessing with thetweet , "Changing my hair color today." The following day, the star cleared up our questions when she  took to the social networking site with a pic of her shocking hair transformation.

Since completing rehab, it seems Demi is all about switching it up. A few weeks earlier, the pop star debuted a brand new nose stud, and mere days after that she started seeing ex-flame Wilmer Valderrama again. Add her new hair hue to the mix, and it looks like the star is just itching for a change. We suppose there's nothing like a rekindled romance and a few beauty updates to shake things up!

But back to the mane event, we have to say we quite like the new flame-hued locks. It makes the teen stand out in a good way, and her hair has never looked healthier. We bet Wilmer likes it too! Or do you prefer her natural brunette locks better?

Pink Hair Showdown: Nicki Minaj vs. Katy Perry | yohana

Nicki Minaj, Grammy Nominations Concert Katy Perry, Grammy Nominations Concert
Girls love pink, and Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry proved that they aren't exceptions to that rule during the Grammy Awards nominations concert at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, where both showed off their bubblegum hair.

Nicki took her Barbie Girl title very seriously, sporting a cleavage-baring strapless aqua dress, neon colorblock heels and a giant blinged-out "Barbie" nametag necklace. She topped it all off with a pink-to-blonde reverse ombré wig. All she was missing was a convertible, Dream House and little sister named Skipper. Katy, on the other hand, went for a glam but still über pastel look. She wore a rose-colored lace Dolce & Gabbana gown with a slightly flared mermaid hemline that hugged every curve. Her retro updo matched the dress's old Hollywood vibe and pale pink hue. While we don't love Nicki's skin-tight dress, we do prefer her hair to Katy's pulled-back tresses. The rapper's mane is fun, and isn't that what neon hair is all about?

Red Dresses — #11: Embellished | yohana

Kristin Cavallari
Look, we're about as surprised to see Kristin Cavallari in a mini as we were to hear that she got back together with fiancé Jay Cutler (translation: not at all). Then again, we're fine with this predictability. Why, you ask? Because the girl can wear the short frocks.

The former reality star hit up November's Immortals premiere in Los Angeles in a short-sleeve maroon Mimi Plange number. The "destroyed" fabric gave the dress an interesting red-and-black marbled effect, and the beaded bodice only kicked the frock's cool factor up a notch.

We love that Kristin kept her hair pulled back to focus attention on not only the dress, but her dark smoky eye and Hellmuth drop earrings. The future football wife finished off the smoldering look with Sergio Rossi pumps and a M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza ring.

Blake Lively Keeps the Pleated Skirt Trend Alive | yohana

Blake Lively Jessica Alba, Kristin Cavallari, Taylor Swift
Blake Lively loves to bake, so she giddily jumped at the chance to visit the NYC kitchen of Sprinkles to create a S'mores cupcake benefitting Oxfam. Just as sweet as the do-gooder's sugar-filled day? The bronze Gucci pleated leather skirt she wore to whip up her yummy treats. The Gossip Girl star paired her mini with a sheer off-white blouse from the same label, forest green Brian Atwood pumps and a girly gold bow.

Demi Lovato Shows Off Pointy Tricked Out Nails | yohana

Demi Lovato, Twitter
Just when we were getting used to Lauren Conrad becoming a daring trendsetter, Demi Lovato had to go and put up a fight for the crown.
First, the raven-haired beauty dyed her tresses red. Then this week, she debuted decorative pointy talons created by celebrity manicurist Kandi. Two nails were painted black, while her pinky got a cupcake gem, her middle finger was decked out in a neon-and-giltter leopard print and her thumb featured a half-open zipper.

Oh, Boy! See Our Fave Ladies Who Suited Up in 2011 | yohana

Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen
2011 was filled with fashionistas wearing pretty dress after dress. However, the ladies showed that the best way to get people's attention is by sporting the unexpected. So the babes borrowed the boys' go-to outfit, the pantsuit. Celebs like Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria couldn't get enough of the trend and wore it over and over. And even some of the most unexpected gals, like Blake Lively whose closet is probably filled with minis to the max, joined in on the fun.

Red Dresses — #8: Party | yohana

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez became quite the fashionista in 2011. From showing off her gams in flirty minis to proving she's all grown up in glam gowns, the Disney darling has topped many best dress lists this year.
She hasn't shied away from color either, wearing a slew of amazing red frocks. That made it tough to pick a fave, but we were pretty obsessed with the lace-detailed Dolce & Gabanna mini that the actress/singer wore to the 2011 Disney Kids & Family upfront.

Lace has been a huge trend this year, but it was nice to see it as a subtle accent rather than a sheer silhouette like many celebs have been sporting. The sweetheart neckline and knotted waist added fun elements to the festive frock, and Selena played up that vibe perfectly with matching tomato red lips.
Bonus? Justin Bieber's GF rocked black Brian Atwood pumps with sweet red bows on the heels. How many ways can we say adorable?