Love painting your nails? Good news: M.A.C is launching a 31-piece permanent polish collection! See them all and check out our top picks | Hollywood yohana

 Lacquer hoarders, unite! Starting next week, you’ll have 31 more reasons to head to your nearest M.A.C Cosmetics counter: the global beauty brand is introducing its first permanent nail polish collection. Up until now their polishes were only on counter for a limited time, so this new collection will put an end to disappointed searches for certain shades and thwarted purchases. While dedicated nail polish fans will likely scoop up all 31 colours right away (you know who you are…) the average at-home manicurist will set her eyes on a few key colours. However, with metallics, glitters, cremes and iridescent shades to choose from, choosing just a few can be hard to do. As such, here are five of our favourites as well as the reasons why each is worth adding to your own permanent nail polish collection.

Style Snaps Trend: 20 shots of colour pops on sneakers, trench coats, skirts and more! | Hollywood yohana

With summer officially underway, it’s not like we need much in the way of artificial serotonin. That being said, wearing bright colours is still as appealing as ever! From lemony trench coats to red boots and skinny jeans, these über brights have us feeling just dandy!

Daily steal: Floral peeptoe heels, $28 | Hollywood yohana

 The perfect platform for showcasing spring’s floral trend. ($28, 

Jason Wu nails it: The designer collaborates with CND | Hollywood yohana

The perfect accoutrement to a flawlessly feminine Spring collection, Jason Wu has translated his love of colour, texture and classicism into a stunning spring nail collection in collaboration with CND, his runway show nail partner of choice. Luckily for us, the custom collection, which incudes four polish shades and one textured finish, is now available for purchase by the nail-obsessed everywhere ($47, cnd.).

Included in the collection of insta-classic colours are “Miss Wu”, the designer’s signature matte gray; “Brigitte”, a feminine, rosy pink; “Sophia”, an earthy taupe; “Veronica”, a deep oxblood red and “Anna”, a clear topcoat that creates a tweed-like effect when layered over any shade.
Known for stepping out of his boundaries to design everything from dolls to First Lady ball gowns, Wu insists on designing from head to toe and—in this case—fingertips. Yes! Oh how we love a man who understands the importance of a good manicure.

Your sneak peek at the Jason Wu for Target items that will be available in Toronto on Thursday | Hollywood yohana

 Last week it was announced that Jason Wu would bring his Target collab to Toronto for one-day-only at a pop up on King Street on Thursday. Today, we’re briefing you on exactly what to expect. Check out these looks, as promised to be available in full (handbags excluded). While the prices for each piece are not available yet, the entire collection will range between $10 and $45 and proceeds of the sale will go to the United Way of Toronto. And don’t fret if something you want is missing from our list—more items will be available on Thursday!

5 minutes with Kathy Tran | Hollywood yohana

When it comes to eyewear, Kathy Tran believes that one size doesn’t fit all. While completing her MBA, this Toronto-based designer conceived the idea of redefining fit in the eyewear market (think non-slip frames and indent-free cheeks). Her debut collection of Kaytran Eyewear  features 20 reinvented classics.
What inspired you to launch an eyewear brand?
“I had been looking for years for eyewear that fit my Asian facial structure—I have a smaller nose bridge. I decided to design a collection that would offer a different fit. There are endless options for jeans to suit [various] body types—why should eyewear be any different?”
What are some of the unique aspects of your frames?
“The elevated nose pads, reduced frame curvature and widened temple angles ensure that the frames rest on your nose bridge without slipping, and they won’t leave indents on your cheeks.”
Which styles have been getting the most attention?
“The Aiden frame—the acetate is a tortoiseshell colour marbled with violet or indigo. Also, the Celine has been popular because of its rose-gold metal frame with double-faced acetate.”
Which three frames does every woman need in her collection?
“Rectangular—they’re perfect for everyday, cat eye—this style is universally flattering because of its upswept shape, and aviator—they’re timeless.”

Is Dolce & Gabbana’s “real men” runway show the newest form of street style? | Hollywood yohana

When Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said they were taking inspiration from Sicily for their Spring 2013 men’s collection, they meant it quite literally. Seventy boys and men from the island, where the label is originally from, were plucked from the streets and brought over to Milan to walk in the duo’s garbs.
The scene on the runway was an overt nod to retro Sicily: lean, olive-skinned boys and moustached men alike took to the runway in an array of belted, high-waisted shorts, soft three-piece suits, carnival-striped shirts and souvenir prints. Though the collection itself has received mostly positive reviews, the fleet of Sicilians was definitely the most standout aspect of the entire show, offering an “authentic emotional punch” that had most of the industry captivated.
It’s no big secret that the fashion industry is on a never-ending search for “the next big thing,” something to shake jaded fashion watchers out of their doldrums and inject excitement into their ennui. Several years ago, style bloggers and street style photographers seemed to offer something more raw and authentic than the traditional fashion circuit, but as the popularity of blogging rose, its “edge” seemed to slowly wear off. Though fashion blogging is still alive and well, its novelty has waned. With street style photography, what used to be an unfiltered take on what real people were wearing on the streets has exploded into a veritable zoo during fashion weeks and outside of fashion hot spots.

“Garance was going to shoot one of these Russian young ladies and liked her outfit on a particular day and asked, what’s in your bag? And she goes, ‘Oh, nothing.’ And of course it was some designer bag—a really expensive bag and it’s totally empty,” Scott Schuman told, summing up the changes in the industry’s approach to “street style” nicely.
This is perhaps why someone like Rick Genest (a.k.a. Zombie Boy) has been so readily embraced by the industry as of late. A native of Montreal, where he was a fixture in the city’s underground punk scene, his unique tapestry of body art (which, as his name implies, makes him look like a corpse) quickly caught the eye of Lady Gaga’s collaborator and Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti, who quickly took Genest on as a muse. A Gaga collaboration, a Vogue Hommes cover and a recently inked deal as L’Oréal’s latest Dermablend spokesperson later, and Genest’s days as a squeegee boy could not seem more distant.
Dolce and Gabbana isn’t the first fashion house to send non-models down the runway either; last season, Prada enlisted a group of actors to model their menswear line, including Jamie Bell, Gary Oldman and Willem Defoe. Though not “real people,” they too brought a breath of fresh air to the runway, putting a personality behind the clothes instead of a mannequin, which is often what most models are.
Could this real-people-as-models phenomenon be the raw take on fashion that the industry has been searching for? Will other designers follow suit, replacing trained models by street casting as Dolce and Gabbana did?
Stefano Gabbana: “We wanted to put our clothes on real men because fashion should be for real people.”
Elisa della Barba: “[…] Fishermen, students, lifeguards were in the backstage and then on the catwalk: what amazed me most was the transparency, the truth in their eyes. It was a glimpse of their souls that mirrored Sicily’s charm […]”
Caitlin Agnew, assistant editor/research: “I love the authenticity of these Sicilian models; they lend a certain natural air to the show. While they looked great within the theme of this Dolce & Gabbana collection, I don’t see “real people” — especially not women or girls — replacing professional models anytime soon. Fantasy plays a huge role in the fashion industry, and Gisele gets paid the big bucks for a reason.”

Downton fever! Jessica Brown Findlay and Rob James Collier (aka. Lady Sybil and Thomas) cover LOVE Magazine’s latest issue | Hollywood yohana

If you’re even a fraction as obsessed with Downton Abbey as we are, then news that Jessica Brown Findlay and Rob James Collier (or, as we prefer them, Lady Sybil and Thomas) are covering Love magazine probably has you in a similar state of excitement. Love tweeted sneak peeks of the covers, which were shot by the Mert & Marcus team, and both stars look amazing. Collier is working a sultry, Marlon Brando-esque gaze, while Findlay looks like an ethereal, Bjork-inspired goddess. The issue, which will be on newsstands July 30 in the U.K. and later this summer internationally, marks the first fashion magazine cover a Downton Abbey star has graced, though we’re sure the Love covers are just the first of many to come.
If you’re one of the few who haven’t been bitten by the Downton bug yet, catch up on all our coverage of the series before season three rolls out later this year.

Wanna buy Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s $16,900 fur bag? | Hollywood yohana

 Following the sold-out success of their $39,000 alligator backpack for The Row last year, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s followed up with a $16,900 patchwork fur backpack for their pre-fall accessories collection this year. A drop in the sea!

The backpack has already found a fan in Rachel Zoe, who posted a gush session about it to The Zoe Report yesterday. We love the idea of saving our shoulders from the strain of handbags with a chic alternative. For those of you who do have extra cash lying around though, you can take your pick between patchwork fur, shiny calfskin, slate shiny alligator and black alligator.

Daphne Guinness’s McQueen (and Balenciaga and Lacroix and Kane) collection will go on the auction block tonight in London | Hollywood yohana

A piece of fashion history could be yours as The Daphne Guinness Collection hits the auction block tonight. Daphne Guinness, the heiress-turned-fashion-icon, has put 102 pieces of haute couture and runway fashion from her personal wardrobe up for auction with Christie’s auction house. The collection — which includes pieces from Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Christian Lacroix and Christopher Kane — reflects the quirky sense of style that has made Guinness a muse and friend to some of the biggest names in fashion, including the late Alexander McQueen.

Pat Frost, the curator of the collection, speculates that Guinness’s McQueen pieces will fetch the highest prices. “The dresses and shoes offered here are classic McQueen, so will already appeal to collectors and to fashionistas,” said Frost. “McQueen and Daphne formed an electrical circuit of inspiration and creation — their friendship is such a part of the story that pieces created especially for Daphne, like the silver dress, lot 41, are more than the sum of their parts.”
The auction is expected to generate upwards of $170,000, with proceeds benefitting the Isabella Blow Foundation. The foundation, which promotes budding fashion talent and raises money to help people who suffer from mental health issues, was started by Guinness and serves to honour the memory of Isabella Blow, who took her own life after suffering from depression and bipolar disorder for years.

Nail Corner: A Hudson’s Bay stripes manicure to kick off the Canada Day long weekend! | Hollywood yohana

The Hudson’s Bay Company stripes are certainly an iconic piece of Canadiana—going beyond the traditional Bay blanket, they can now be found on everything from cameras to bathing suits. Spotting the stripes in TV shows, movies or magazine shoots may as well be our other official national sport! As such, why not add a little yellow, blue and green to your red and white for this weekend’s Canada Day festivities? This colourful manicure will look nautical at the cottage, on-trend at the beach and totally playful for park picnics. (Plus, it will fit right in if you’re partaking in this weekend’s Pride parade!) Bring on the stripes!

New best friends Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen compare nail art on the red carpet (Can you guess which singer is still wearing her MMVA manicure?) | Hollywood yohana

It looks like Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen became besties after hanging out at the MMVAs in Toronto. While you’d think that the two bonded through their talents for making catchy number one hits, perhaps they’ve also connected over a love for nail art.
Perry and Jepsen had quite the manicure gush-fest on the red carpet at Tuesday’s Hollywood premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me. Perry showed off a way-cute sculptural manicure that featured 3D decals of a music note, a film reel, a bag of popcorn and a pair of 3D glasses, all set on top of glittery red polish. Not only did it match her stunning red velvet Dolce & Gabbana dress, the pop starlet also wore a cartoonish popcorn-themed frock earlier in the day. (Would you expect any less?)
However, it’s Jepsen’s nails we’re most curious about. She must have loved her MMVA manicure a lot, because she was still rocking the same set of playful tips. The nails, which came courtesy of Toronto’s Leeanne Colley, were adorned with 3-D glitter, hearts and even an edgy charm. Needless to say, we’re pretty charmed that Jepsen has been wearing them this whole time. So while Perry gets credit for her très à propos tips, the fact that Jepsen is so in love with her homegrown mani means we’re calling this nail showdown a tie.

Only Terry Richardson and Lindsay Lohan could create controversy over a photo without even really trying | Hollywood yohana

It’s a sign of something sad when we’re not shocked in the least to see these Terry Richardson–lensed images of Lindsay Lohan pointing a gun to her head. Richardson (or someone who knows better) evidently wasn’t crazy about them, because they’ve been stripped from his site just 24 hours after they were uploaded. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have one of the disturbing images for your viewing pleasure.
Richardson has been on a raunchy roll this week, first splashing 17 images of a naked Paz de la Huerta across his site and then uploading the soon-to-be-viral video of Kate Upton’s “many talents” as she runs across a beach in a bikini, plays with hula hoops in a bikini and finally pops out of her bikini. Lohan, no stranger to nearly naked photography sessions, was the subject of a series of photos in which she’s rolling around the Chateau Marmont in a bra, lounging provocatively on a bed and brandishing the aforementioned gun. The blurry eyes and heavy eye makeup aren’t really helping the whole “comeback” thing she’s been going for either.
If these images look familiar, it’s because Lohan posed in a nearly identical set of shots for Tyler Shields in 2010. She nuzzled up to a handgun for both photographers in the same dyed-black hair and dark eye makeup.
Though Richardson didn’t give an explanation for pulling down the images, we hope that he did it because he realized how offensive they were (making light of suicide is simply not OK), and not because of his artistic pride regarding Lohan’s previous shoot.
Do you think this is Terry simply being Terry, or do you think the images were a step too far?
Tyler Shields: “Wait, what(?!) HAHAHAHAHA oh man, s— happens.”
Independent Fashion Bloggers: “At this point, nothing surprises us”
VH1: “Lindsay Lohan. Are you trying to ruin your comeback with these pictures?”
Elio Iannacci, features editor: “It’s obvious that Mr. Richardson is running out of ideas as these Lindsay photos read as both desperate and derivative. They also push him closer to this disturbing Funny or Die spoof.”

The fashionable ways of Nora Ephron: 5 ways her sense of style will continue to inspire | Hollywood yohana

 It’s a testament to Nora Ephron’s far-reaching legacy that everyone from film industry vets to the food crowd has been profoundly shaken and saddened by her passing last night due to complications from acute myeloid leukemia. The When Harry Met Sally… screenwriter was one of the wittiest and sharpest voices of her time. As a kind of sartorial tribute to the always stylish and inspiring Ephron, here are a few of the ways she touched the fashion world.