Would You Wear It? High Messy Hair Buns | Hollywood yohana

Shenae Grimes, Kaley Cuoco, Mena Suvari

Well, look at that! You don't have to reserve the crazy lady-meets-sumo wrestler bun for the gym or spring cleaning or the car ride home. The fashion gods have approved the look for—gasp!—outdoors. Believe it or not, the hairstyle is in for fall. Models rocked the look at the Catherine Malandrino presentation, for instance. And stars like Shenae Grimes, Kaley Cuoco and Mena Suvari have already made it a trend on the red carpet.


Would You Wear It?: Blue Toenails | Hollywood yohana

Jessica Simpson, Malin Akerman, Toes

Blue has been a popular color in nails for quite some time now. Remember when Chanel's limited edition Blue Satin sold out in seconds back in '08? Well, celebs still can't get enough of the trend.
It's certainly a fun color—but it can be extremely distracting, especially when wearing embellished shoes like the beautiful, blush Miu Mius above. If you are going to try it, keep to neutral footwear. And whatever you do, do not match the color to your fingernails, dress and jewelry. Keep reading to see who committed this color crime…

Would You Wear It? Teashades |Hollywood yohana

Mary- Kate Olsen, Ozzy Osbourne, Taylor Momsen

Janis Joplin, John Lennon and Mick Jagger helped make teashades the iconic rocker sunglasses of the '60s, and Ozzy Osbourne has been a big fan for years.  So when modern music icon Lady Gaga brought the wire frames into the 21st century, we weren't surprised. The retro style fit in with her zany style. But psychedelic glasses on the red carpet? We're not so sure about that one.
In pink, the teashades were actually sort of cute on Mary-Kate Olsen. But Taylor Momsen's black lenses, combined with rosaries and chains, are better left to the Prince of Darkness.

Finger Clutches | Hollywood yohana

AnnaLynne McCord, Katy Perry

These unique clutches are designed with inserts for your fingers for a no-slip grip. We think they're pretty cool—if you choose the right style. Avoid ones that make it look like you've got duct tape around your fingers, like the Perrin Paris purse with patent leather rings (left). Instead, get a version that will dress up your ensemble, like the Alexander McQueen Knuckle-Duster (right), which will bling out your hand with skulls and crystals.
To steal the look, try Joy Accessories' sassy snake-print clutch or Latico's understated bag. The latter looks identical to the one Angelina Jolie loves! Keep reading to see which starlets rocked the styles shown above.

Turbans | Hollywood yohana

Salma Hayek, Milly Model, Solange Knowles, Kourtney Kardashian

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw tied one on her head in Sex and the City 2, turbans have been a growing trend. Recently, Salma Hayek rocked the headgear at Paris Fashion Week and Solange Knowles tried it out at an event in L.A. While we appreciate their fearless approach toward fashion, we're not sure if we're gutsy enough to attempt the ethnic style.
A headband like Kourtney Kardashian's is much easier to pull off. The good news? According to the spring runways, like Milly's, pictured above, the trend will still be going strong next year. So there's plenty of time to work up your accessorizing courage.


: Winter Floppy Hats | Hollywood yohana

Le Fashion Monster

Last week we asked if you would wear a floppy hat like Jada Pinkett Smith and Hilary Duff. Almost half of you said no! But maybe you'll change your mind after seeing Le Fashion Monster.
In her post "Soft Metals," the fashion blogger used a floppy hat to add a boho vibe to her downtown-chic outfit. We love how she incorporated another celeb trend, the peekaboo shoulder, into her look. And how fab is that butterfly ring?
But Le Fashion Monster wasn't the only one who showed how to wear the floppy hat with fashion flair. Here are our five runner-ups:
1. Verseastyle adds hot leopard booties to the mix.
2. Masque Magazine uses a flower for extra pizzazz.
3. Blue Collar Catwalk keeps it simple in a black sweaterdress.
4. What I Wore goes comfy chic in a thick knit.
5. MyFashDiary does refined boho with tights and a tunic.

Deep Plunging Necklines | Hollywood yohana

Amber Heard, Leighton Meester, Rachel McAdams, Hayden Panettiere

How low can you go? Well according to Hollywood, pretty low! Actresses across the globe have been taking the plunge Jennifer Lopez-style with daring necklines. OK, so nobody revealed their belly button but Amber Heard's Julien Macdonald gown at Art of Elysium's Heaven gala was very close.
That same evening Leighton Meester took a devilish dip in Louis Vuitton while Rachel McAdams tried out the trend earlier in the week in London with a Suno dress. And, at the Golden Globes after parties, Hayden Panettiere showed off her chest in Amanda Wakeley.


Caped Crusaders | Hollywood yohana

Nicole Richie
Willow Smith

We have mixed emotions about capes. As Style's Fearless Fad Checker has shown, the trend can go disastrously wrong. And Willow Smith continued to prove that point at this year's Grammys. But Nicole Richie managed to make the trend look chic in spring florals at Paris Fashion Week.

Necklaces With Asymmetrical Dresses | Hollywood yohana

Kelly Rutherford, Julianne Moore, Michelle Rodriguez

Once in a while, there comes a trend that just flips our entire world upside down. Normally, we would advise against wearing a necklace with a one-shoulder dress. You don't want to obstruct anyone's view of your asymmetrical goddess neckline, right? Well, thanks to a slew of fashion rebels, we're not so sure anymore.
Julianne Moore kicked off the nontraditional look at the Golden Globes, where she gave her pink Lanvin gown the illusion of being a halter by accessorizing with two Bulgari chokers. Michelle Rodriguez kept the trend alive when she wore a chunky statement piece over her black Basil Soda floor grazer at the premiere of Battle: Los Angeles. Just last week, Kelly Rutherford piled on the bling by rocking a Van Cleef & Arpels sparkly necklace and earrings with her gray Robin Brouillette embellished shoulder frock to the School of American Ballet winter ball.

Would You Wear It? Swan-Print Dresses | Hollywood yohana

Florence Welch, Katy Perry, Hailee Steinfeld

Ever since Björk slung a swan around her neck and called it a dress at the 2001 Academy Awards, not many celebs have dared to try any iteration of the infamous look. That is until budding fashionista Hailee Steinfeld showed up in a quirky Miu Miu frock at the Berlin premiere of True Grit. Three days later, Florence Welch followed suit in an airy Givenchy gown at the Grammys, and then just last week, Katy Perry showed us how to dress down the trend when she stepped out for some shopping in an Emma Cook graphic-print number.
We think a casual version might look cute at a spring-themed event, like a Hop viewing or an Easter egg dying party, but, for the most part, we'll leave this fowl fad for the birds.


Would You Wear It? Sunglasses Chain | Hollywood yohana

Whitney Port, Nicole Polizzi

Normally we associate glasses chains with crusty old librarians, so we were a little unsure about the shades accessory from the start. But we started to change our mind when we saw Whitney Port sporting a cute pearl version by Ligia Dias at Coachella. The funky adornment fit right in with the music festival's experimental fashion vibe and had us thinking twice about the trend. Then just this week, Nicole Polizzi (aka Snooki) accessorized her pair with a charming neck brace courtesy of a literal run-in with the police. Sorry, Snooks, but I think we can all agree this is not a good look.
But then again, we won't dismiss the wacky style simply because it isn't a crowd pleaser. After all, it was fashion rebels, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who first trail blazed the trend.

Would You Wear It? Thick Bangs | Hollywood yohana

Lindsay Lohan
Rose Byrne

Why, heavy bangs? Why have you made such a sudden, painful and swift comeback? Did these two girls not learn anything from Rachel McAdams' garish appearance earlier this week?
Listen, we're all for retro trends becoming cool again. Bell-bottoms? Awesome. Sunflower yellow sweaters? Done. But fringe so thick we're not even sure if the celebrities have foreheads? Again we say: why?

Lindsay Lohan and Rose Byrne both showed support at the amfAR gala earlier this week showing this new trend on their heads, and we just can't get behind either look.

We hate to admit that we thought this was Lindsay's momager Dina walking the red carpet at first, but how could we not? The 25-year-old aged herself with hair that looked like an ill-placed wig and a tan rivaling Snooki's orange glow. Then there were Rose's heavy bangs, which styled alongside a frizzy short bob made for two opposites that just didn't attract.

Charlotte Ronson | Hollywood yohana

Charlotte Ronson

If you've ever been to a JCPenney (and who hasn't?), then you're probably aware of Charlotte Ronson's extraordinary talent to create pieces that mix femininity and edge. She managed to carry that over to her I Heart Ronson diffusion line for the department store, which is always a must-stop whenever we shop at the mall.
Needless to say, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to speak with the designer last week as she readied the fall 2012 collection for her larger brand, which debuts at New York Fashion Week tonight! "I had a modern wardrobe for a real girl in mind," she told myStyle. "Someone that matches her stocking to her gloves to her bag, and does it in a carefree way." Based on the sketch she shared with us (right), the collection looks to be right up our alley!
Keep reading for our Q&A with Ronson. Then come back here tomorrow to see all of her looks from the runway!
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: My personal style is feminine, but a little tomboyish, which always seems to show in my designs. I like a little floral dress with a beat-up leather jacket or hoodie or army jacket. I also like a suit that has more masculine detailing with lace touches as well.
SHOPPING HABIT: Having a twin [Samantha Ronson] has always been a big deal because I had to find my own identity. Growing up, my mother always asked me, "Do you love it?" whenever we went shopping. It always made me that much more attentive to everything. I wouldn't get anything unless I absolutely loved it. My sister loves everything. The things that I actually do buy, stay with me.
STYLISH VISION: The girl I design for is confident and transformative. She can find the balance between tough and soft. I like to think every girl has a bit of Charlotte Ronson in her. It is always so gratifying to just be on the street walking and see someone I don't know in something of mine that they paid full price for because they liked it.
FALL 2012 INSPIRATION: This season has a lot of details. I also added in retro, ski and luxe chalet references. You will see knitwear and coordinated looks. While the collection has colorful, bold, graphic prints and angular lines, it also has more of an Art Deco feeling. The collection is different in that it's cleaner, more refined and ladylike.
RUNWAY BEAUTY: I was thinking maybe just a clean face and just a dark lip. We'll see. You never know...
MAKEUP MANTRA: Personally, I like to have sunkissed, healthy, fresh look. I like lip gloss during the day. Lipstick is great for a punch of color at night. I also like a little eyeliner or mascara...not too much. Never too much!
BEST PART ABOUT NYFW: I love just being able to put on a show. It's great to have my family and friends come together to support just everything I've been working on for six, nine months and have been putting my blood, sweat and tears into. Then, we all get to celebrate. Usually, we do an afterparty, but my show is kind of late. So, from there, we may get a quick bite. My little sister from London is coming to stay with me and I am excited about that!
ADVICE FOR MAKING IT IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY: You have to give it your all; be available. Get there the earliest and stay the latest, and really get the most out of your internships. Find out which area of fashion you really want to be involved in, because, let's face it, the majority of life is work, so you have to love what you do.

Grasp Onto a Ostrich-Effect Bag for an Instant Posh Look | Hollywood yohana

Sandra Bullock, Blake Lively, Katherine Heigl

TREND: Ostrich handbags
WHO'S WEARING IT: Sandra Bullock (Kate Spade), Blake Lively (Mulberry) and Katherine Heigl (Rebecca Minkoff)
HOW TO WEAR IT: While diamonds may be a girl's best friend, handbags are lifesavers. Not only do purses carry all women's essentials, they also make pretty darn cute accessories to boot. The latest style of purse that has made all the actresses go gaga is the ostrich-effect bag. Sandra and Katherine opted for a tote version, which is the best choice when you are a mommy on-the-go. Plus, their camel-shaded purses also match with practically anything. However, if you have fewer things to carry, look to Blake, who sported a smaller number in green. She smartly used her cross-body to give her neurtral outfit a much needed pop of color.


Lea Seydoux Sets the Red Carpet Ablaze With Fiery Prada Heels! | Hollywood yohana

Lea Seydoux
Well, if anyone was ever going to steal our attention away from the beautiful and ultra-fashionable Diane Kruger, it would definitely have to be because of their shoes!
French actress Lea Seydoux, the face of the Prada resort 2012 campaign, shared the red carpet with costar Diane at the premiere of Les Adieux à la Reine during Berlin Film Festival last night—and her heels were literally blazing!

The strappy wedges featured a sweet rose adornment on the front and a bold fire detail on the back. Wow! Our eyes lit up when we got a glimpse of the Hot Rod-inspired kicks under Lea's modest scarlet 3/4-sleeved custom gown.

To balance the heat that oozed from her sizzlin' footwear, she iced out her right hand with a clutch and cuff that were both encrusted with diamond-and-ruby gemstones.
A sexy Veronica Lake-esque hairstyle completed the striking beauty's head-to-toe scarlet Prada ensemble.
Ah, what we wouldn't give to be a designer's muse!


J’Adore! Kate Spade Brings on the Parisian Glamour | Hollywood yohana

Kate Spade Models
Kate Spade is known for creating timeless pieces. However, the label makes sure that every creation has some personality to it (read: not ordinary). And at their fall 2012 presentation in NYC they definitely brought it.
This time around the collection was inspired by Gamine French girls. All the looks certainly felt very Parisian, thanks to the array of A-line dresses, embellished Peter Pan-collared shirts and polka-dot skirts (and nails!).

And once we set out eyes on the model wearing a T-shirt that read, "Pardon my French," it instantly brought to mind a similar ballerina-like ensemble Rihanna wore back in 2010. Apparently, the singer is 2 years ahead of the trend—Karl Lagerfeld, are you listening?
Although we liked the collection as a whole, it was the accessories that made us swoon. They had a number of interesting handbags, including one in the shape of a glove. Take a look after the jump!
Kate Spade, Twitter