Nail Corner: Do like Alexa Chung and Sally Singer! Here’s 2 takes on the all-seeing eye manicure | Hollywood yohana

 This week, all eyes are on Nail Corner—or actually, Nail Corner is all over the eyes. Ever since Sophy Robson did Egyptian all-seeing eyes for Topshop’s Spring 2012 show, painted eyeballs have been popping up in the most curious places. Alexa Chung showed off an evil eye manicure while front row at Jason Wu‘s Fall 2012 show—and has since tweeted other variations of the design. Just last week Emily Weiss from Into the Gloss shared a look at Sally Singer‘s nails, complete with pretty lashes and glittered tips. While it may seem like an unusual design, we promise: once you paint an eyeball or two on your nails, you’ll never want to do a regular manicure again.

Spring beauty report 2012: Festival girl | Hollywood yohana

Spring beauty report 2012: Festival girl

 Makeup artists and hairstylists drew inspiration from girls hitting the summer music festival circuit with dishevelled, centre-parted strands and slept-in smoky eyes. Dsquared threw its own concert, sending models down the muddy runway with hippie hair that was “Kate Moss at Glastonbury,” explained hairstylist Sam Mc-Knight, while at Alexis Mabille, tiny daisies were tucked into textured hair for a Lilith Fair feel. At Emilio Pucci, makeup artist Lisa Butler’s roughly smudged black liner with hits of copper and gold paid homage to an ’80s Madonna, with a side of gypsy-esque free spirit. And when eyes weren’t rimmed in black, blue was the new black: For Emanuel Ungaro, Charlotte Tilbury gave eyes a wet look by mixing teal and navy with noir and layering gloss on top. Likewise at Rodarte, models wore a smoky eye with a spin; makeup maven James Kaliardos gave lids a navy wash that winked at Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Ones to watch: J.W. Anderson takes a cue from the boys | Hollywood yohana

There’s no questioning fashion’s love of tomboys. From Diane Keaton’s iconic Annie Hall moment to Paris Vogue editor in chief, Emmanuelle Alt’s pants-only uniform, a little gender bending always has a place among the style set. So what’s next in the way of androgynous dressing? Introducing J.W. Anderson, the Northern Irish designer who graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2007, specializing in menswear. After designing exclusively for the guys, Anderson ventured into womenswear in 2010.

The designer’s experience in menswear was pervasive in his focused Fall 2011 collection, which we were all over during London Fashion Week. The building blocks included relaxed trousers, fitted crewneck pullovers and boxy jackets. Black combat boots grounded all the pieces and were sometimes finished off with whimsical tufts of fluff. The whimsy didn’t end there though as experimentation with texture and print offset the serious tailoring. Playful paisleys made an appearance in the form of silky skirts over pants and fuzzy ankle length sweater dresses looked soft on the skin. Overall, Anderson’s outing felt a bit mod and reminiscent of the Teddy Boys because of the chunky footwear and straight trousers. That being said, the line is not limited to boyish girls only. The pleated skirts would look ladylike paired with the right blouse and a colorful sweater is a classic addition to any wardrobe.

Ones to watch: Felicity Brown deconstructs Picasso for ethereal results | Hollywood yohana

Loud, colourful, and frothy are some of the words that come to mind when describing London-based Felicity Brown’s pieces. Though that doesn’t denote a collection of gaudy ’80s prom dresses; Brown’s oeuvre is much more tasteful than that. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, the designer’s ability to master texture is key to her allure.

Pablo Picasso and cubism were Brown’s starting points for Fall 2011. Materials were deconstructed into strips and shreds, in a similar vein to the modern artist’s skewed conventional representation. Tribal prints were morphed with European corsetry, possibly a nod to Picasso’s appropriation of African masks in his art. With their edgy tears, intense colours, and exaggerated volume, Brown’s frocks are statement-making masterpieces—not to be worn by wallflowers.

We smell a fashion battle in the making… Milan fashion week will overlap with New York and London next year | Hollywood yohana

Fashion week schedules are about to get tighter: Milan is bumping up the dates of next year’s fashion week so that it overlaps with both New York’s and London’s. Attendees barely had enough time to make it from place to place this year (our own Susie Sheffman was rushing the gates at Pearson to make it to Gucci on time).
What’s to blame for this headache? New York fashion week always kicks off on the second Thursday of September, which will fall late in the month next year. NFW won’t move their dates up for fear of working on the Labour Day weekend. Milan suggested Paris move their RTW shows to July, which Paris politely declined. Condé Nast is particularly un-jazzed about Milan’s change and announced that their editors will not skip out on New York and London. No Anna in the Prada front row?
If the schedule stays as is, editors will have to choose between cities and just like gym class, no one wants to be picked last.


Jonathan Newhouse, Condé Nast International chairman: “We at Condé Nast do not want the schedule to be changed. We very much oppose moving the Milan shows earlier so that they overlap or conflict with the London fashion shows—or with the New York fashion shows or those of any market.”
Styleite: “Milan’s got its back against the wall here, but the Italian Chamber of Fashion says it will make a decision “well before the end of the month.” We have to imagine they’ll come to this decision in a dark, smoke-filled room somewhere, where Miuccia Prada and Stefano Gabbana are swearing like sailors at Domenico Dolce and Dean and Dan Caten. But honestly, what better option do they have than to fall back into line?” \
Fashionista: “So, to recap: The U.S. and England are united on one side, while Italy is in clear opposition and France seems cool with whatever, but may side with Italy. (How insane is this??)”


Susie Sheffman, fashion director: “This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. It’s hard enough to make the schedule work even with a month long show season.
I highly doubt the shows will ever get pushed back to the summer—as the fashion flock will never give up their precious August vay-cay. What it will do is force retailers and editors to prioritize—attend fewer and only the most important shows, and split their staff up. Should be interesting!”

Letter from the editor | Hollywood yohana

Bernadette Morra

Even someone who chooses a career in the public eye might not be all that comfortable being lavished with attention. “Some actors are very amorphous and transformative, and they need anonymity in order to exist psychologically,” Romola Garai tells features editor Rani Sheen in “Bright Light” (page 59). “And then others have strong, powerful presences and personality, and fame is something they are attracted to and that they need to be happy.”

Fame isn’t something that everyone aspires to? That thought is probably more shocking than cover girl Lady Gaga’s prosthetic cheek “bones.” Isn’t notoriety one reason why Facebook, Twitter and blogging have become such mainstream hits? Anyone can build a fan base, perhaps even be “discovered.”
Which brings us to Gaga, whose 10.6 million Twitter followers and 37 million Facebook “likes” at press time (the numbers increase daily by the thousands) have made her the fame game’s biggest winner. Gaga’s success at getting our attention could even lead us to think that celebrity is her true oeuvre, and music is merely the medium she has used to achieve her goal. The word “fame” has appeared in the title of two of her three albums to date. And while her songs are hands-in-the-air anthems, it’s her jarring appearance that keeps us mesmerized. Would Gaga be such a star if that formula were reversed—avant-garde music presented in crowd-pleasing clothes? No way. At their rendezvous in Montreal, Gaga told senior editor Sarah Casselman (“Mother Monster,” page 94) that her work with stylist Nicola Formichetti is more akin to creating a sculpture than simply getting dressed. Gaga as a living, breathing work of art? Now that makes total sense.
We can only guess what sartorial surprises the singer has in store this fall. For the rest of us, there are trends, which you’ll find throughout this issue. Colour-blocked coats, graphic ski sweaters and checkered suits—there’s something for everyone, whether your moment in the spotlight is likely to occur in a boardroom, a classroom or on a playground.

Cindy Crawford’s daughter will not be doing any more modeling until she’s at least 17 | Hollywood yohana

Well, looks like Kaia Gerber’s going to have to wait at least seven years before following the runway footsteps of her supermodel mom, Cindy Crawford. The modeling legend just announced she’s ending her 10-year-old daughter’s modeling career—at least until she’s old enough to drive.
Gerber was featured in a Young Versace campaign last month and caused a bit of controversy for donning a short skirt. Though the campaign was for a children’s line, it’s wise of Crawford to pause her daughter’s budding career before she was catapulted into underage-modeling territory. After all, even with recent age regulations, designers such as Marc Jacobs are still sending 14 year olds down the catwalk.
The supermodel tells Daily Front Row, “At this point, she’s too young to pursue a career. There aren’t even a handful of jobs for a 10-year-old girl. But if she’s 17 and wants to try it… of course, what can I say?”
We’ve gotta give it to Crawford for considering the well-being of her daughter and not being a pushy Toddlers & Tiaras stage mom or worse, like Dina Lohan. We’re sure Kaia will grace the industry when she’s ready, and when she does, her uncanny resemblance to her mom is bound to make a mark.
Hollywood Reporter: “Given her comments about Kaia’s participation in the company’s past campaign, Donatella Versace will not be pleased that she has to wait for Kaia to grow up.”
StyleCaster: “Guess we’ll have to wait about seven years to see if the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.”
Caitlan Moneta, fashion market editor: “At 10 years old, mommy (in this case, a supermodel and fashion-industry legend) still knows best.”

Style Panel: How do you wear flats without completely dressing down an outfit? | Hollywood yohana

Next up in Style Panel, we’ve challenged our experts to one of the most existential questions in fashionland: to wear flats, or not to wear flats? And more importantly, if you’re going to wear flats, is it possible to dress them up? To answer, we’ve welcomed three new style allstars into the group: To Vogue or Bust‘s (and our intern for the summer!) Alex Grant, Curvy Geekery‘s Mo Handahu and Dentelle et Fleurs‘ Gabrielle Lacasse!

We weigh in on the double-wow at the Givenchy and Chanel couture shows| Hollywood yohana

After Monday’s Dior mess, we could only hope to have our faith restored by the rest of the collections at Paris Couture Week. And we got our wish with the stellar back-to-back Givenchy and Chanel shows last night.
In his typical presentation format, Riccardo Tisci showcased, yet again, why his designs could more accurately be described as works of art. Ten painstakingly detailed gowns were adorned with feathers, fringe, plumes, pearls, zippers and beading, and ranged in colour from beige to white (a break from the designer’s usual proclivity for darkness). Accented waistlines, bodice cutouts and sheer skirts exemplified Tisci’s own description of his collection as “pure couture.”
Later in the evening, Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for Chanel was showcased against a sparkling, neon-outlined recreation of Place Vendôme at the Grand Palais. In the centre, a glass statue of a suited Coco Chanel held court. A grand showcase of the enduring Chanel suit (shown in navy, fuchsia, grey and black), the collection effortlessly straddled the classicism of the storied house and the modern strides of its current designer. And did we mention that the heels lit up?
Derek Blasberg on Givenchy: “To anyone who is curious about the relevance of couture in a modern age, I encourage them to see the Givenchy couture show. Wowza!”
Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel: “I like the idea of metamorphosis—a female evolution from boyish to woman.”
Suzy Menkes, the International Herald Tribune, on Givenchy: “Mr. Tisci’s vision of asking the impossible from his ateliers is part of the story. But the main thread of his collection is the link to those few, rare customers who are searching for the exceptional. And that suddenly seems like 21st century haute couture.”
Jeanne Beker on Chanel: “Elegant, mysterious, and ultimately seductive.”
Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue, on Chanel: “The main thing was that it was very Mary Poppins-like—an extravagant governess, it was strict.”
Susie Sheffman, fashion director, on Givenchy: “Ricardo Tisci brings us a brave new world of fantasy dressing that’s just right for uber-chic, modern day fairy princesses. It was, at the same time, undeniably frothy and feminine yet super-streamlined.”

Battle of the It bags: Which takes the cake for the most coveted? | Hollywood yohana

The It Bag

The Kelly, the PS1, the Speedy: It bags have become so major over the years, that they scarcely even need a designer name attached! We discuss the appeal at length in our Winter 2012 issue, but today, we’re putting these bags to the test: in the battle of It bag supremacy, which comes out on top?

Versace for H&M shows up on eBay a week before it launches in-store | Hollywood yohana

While not-yet-released Versace for H&M wares showed up on Chinese e-tail sites a few days ago, a more trustworthy option has now surfaced for the fast-fashion fans who just can’t wait to get their hands on the collection. With over a week to go until the Donatella-designed pieces are officially available, select styles and sizes of the coveted wares have been popping up on eBay—and with the majority of sellers living in New York City, the main culprits are Tuesday night’s party goers who are selling off their swag-bag items.
The launch party was the only time clothing and accessories from the collection have been available so far, and the gift bags and purchasable items from the party quickly appeared online, marked up by almost 50 percent. While there hasn’t been much bidding action yet, there are still a few days remaining. We can’t wait to see how much the already-popular floral pleated dress is going to sell for—but with the current bid at US$159 we’re sure it will skyrocket.

The Cut: “It’s perhaps more of a problem that fashion folk don’t like the line enough to keep the clothes for themselves, but surely any real demand for the pieces online will be reflected in store sales next week too.”
The Cut: “Of course, they’re set to sell for far more than they will in H&M stores — most starting prices have a 30 to 40 percent markup from the figures H&M lists online.”
Fashionista: “Here’s a wonderful opportunity to pay significantly more money than you need to for Versace x H&M pieces. Pay $349 for a dress you might have purchased for $200 less.”
Jordan Porter, fashion market editor: “Tsk Tsk! Selling swag is a fashion editor no-no and grounds for getting the haute heave-ho.”

While awards season has wound down, film festivals and TV upfronts are underway—meaning once again we’re inundated with amazing red carpet looks from our favourite stars. So, ’tis the season to try a new trick with your makeup or figure out how to achieve a look that’s trending in celebrity circles—and we’ll help you along the way! This week we’re talking about Diane Kruger‘s dewy complexion, Lauren Conrad‘s perfect ponytails and other polished summer looks you’ll surely be inspired to try. | Hollywood yohana


After rolling through Halifax and Edmonton, Mercedes-Benz Start Up will be pulling up to Quebec City this month in search of the city’s newest crop of design talent.
Though there can only be one winner at the end of the design initiative’s run, if last year’s cycle was anything to go off of, it’s a win-win for everyone in the running.
The initiative, which is in its second year, is aimed at finding Canada’s brightest emerging talent, fostering and mentoring their design skills and giving them a unique opportunity to gain some national exposure.

By partnering up with FDCC and the folks here at FASHION Magazine, designers in the running will have unique avenues of support and mentorship to tap into, not to mention a pretty A-list lineup of new contacts.
After Start Up wraps up in Quebec City early next month, the initiative will head to Ottawa in July to uncover what our country’s capital has to offer. Each city holds a separate semi-final runway show for its top five designers and the four semi-finalists from each city will then compete for the big win later this summer.
The coveted win includes a show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, an editorial in FASHION and continued mentorship as they prep their work for the runway.
If you think you’ve got the design chops and are in the Quebec City or Ottawa area for the initiative’s judgment dates, then you can download an application from Mercedes-Benz Start Up’s homepage!

Beauty Fix: The reason you should use oils on your face, how to perfect a ponytail and other celebrity-inspired hair and makeup tips! | Hollywood yohana

While awards season has wound down, film festivals and TV upfronts are underway—meaning once again we’re inundated with amazing red carpet looks from our favourite stars. So, ’tis the season to try a new trick with your makeup or figure out how to achieve a look that’s trending in celebrity circles—and we’ll help you along the way! This week we’re talking about Diane Kruger‘s dewy complexion, Lauren Conrad‘s perfect ponytails and other polished summer looks you’ll surely be inspired to try.

Clint Eastwood’s daughter puts her Birkin on fire for art’s sake | Hollywood yohana

Being the daughter of Clint Eastwood affords you certain luxuries—like burning a bag that costs more than what most people earn in a year and calling it art.  Since sex tapes are obviously passé—we haven’t seen the private regions of some celebutot or another in what seems like forever—Francesca Eastwood has gone ahead and changed the fame-whoring game.
In a torturous series of events, the 19-year-old Eastwood burned, bit and chainsaw-ed a red crocodile Hermès Birkin bag while her shock-photographer boyfriend, Tyler Shields, snapped away.  In one image, the red-lipped teen blows on the burning Birkin bag to further fan the flames. In another, she uses a chainsaw to shred the bag to pieces.
It turns out that the public has not been so receptive to Francesca’s interpretation of “art.”  Perhaps it’s the fact that she burned a bag that costs roughly the equivalent to feeding 900 African children for a year, and considering a lot of people die everyday from hunger-related issues, we get why a lot of people are pissed.  What casts doubt on Francesca’s claim that the demise of the Birkin bag happened in the name of art is the fact that the celebrity-spawn used the photo shoot to promote her E! reality T.V. series, Mrs. Eastwood and Company.  Last night Francesca tweeted, “make sure to watch mrs Eastwood and company tonight at 10 pm on E! to find out why we lost Birkin…so sad.”


The Soup: “When Francesca Eastwood had $100,000 to burn…she burned it. Then chainsawed it”
Huff Post Style: “Turns out, people don’t like it when you set a $100K purse on fire”
Leah Chernikoff: “Do we smell a Kardashian rival?”
Eliza Grossman, assistant fashion editor: “Modern and performance art often test extremes in order to evoke emotion and reaction. Francesa Eastwood and Tyler Shield’s actions can surely be interpreted a number of ways. Shield’s photography series Fashion Kills, Love Kills documents the destruction of designer items. Although interpretation is individual, in this case, I would consider the items themselves more artistic and functional than the photographs.”

Twinkle Up Your Style With Star Studs | Hollywood yohana

TREND: Star studs
WHO'S WEARING IT: Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde and Diane Kruger
WHY WE LOVE IT: They add a touch of sparkle to any look.

HOW TO WEAR IT: You can't go wrong teaming these earrings with anything. If you are planning a big evening out, these stunners will add just the right amount of bling to your ensemble. The beauty about them is that unlike danglers, you can easily wear them from day to night!

Turquoise Jewelry Returns to the Spotlight | Hollywood yohana

Molly Sims, Beyonce, & Christina Applegate 
TREND: Turquoise jewelry
WHO'S WEARING IT: Molly Sims, Beyoncé and Christina Applegate (Liv Haley)

WHY WE LOVE IT: It truly is the quintessential accessory to celebrate the warmer weather.
HOW TO WEAR IT: Keep your outfit relaxed, fun and easy. Traditionally, the bright bauble is paired with white to pop against the crisp canvas. But, as you can see, it looks just a great with textures, prints and colors!

Take a Spring Stroll in Translucent Heels | Hollywood yohana

Brooklyn Decker, Beyonce, Diane Kruger 
TREND: Lucite heels
WHO'S WEARING IT:  Diane Kruger, Beyoncé and Brooklyn Decker
WHY WE LOVE IT: The translucent kicks are clean and sleek!

HOW TO WEAR IT: The beauty about this trend is that you can treat these heels as you would any other pair in your closet. You can even team them with busy patterns á la Beyoncé, since they are transparent. If you are still unsure on how to wear them, you can't go wrong by coordinating the colored part of the shoe with your duds, like Brooklyn!

Tamera Mowry-Housley | Hollywood yohana

Tia & Tamera 
The newlywed and star of Tia & Tamera, which returns to Style Monday, June 11, at 8/7c, gave us an update on what she's lovin' these days in terms of fashion!
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Once I got married, my style changed. I have more of that elegant, sexy, grown-up woman look. Before, it was more about comfort for me—just because! Now that I'm married, I still want my husband Adam to see me as "hot." I'm not going to stop being sexy. I'm not just doing it for him; I'm doing it for myself. It's important to be that way because men are visual. I like conservative-chic clothes that are tailored because I've fallen in love with my curves. When your look is tailored, you can highlight your curves. I really like to show off my figure, but I don't want to be too exposed.
SHOPPING HABIT: The clothes that I buy are definitely classic, meaning I can have them for a very long time and they will still be in style. Whenever I buy something, I want to make sure that they last and not just for that season.
DESIGNER SHOUT-OUTS: I'm a creature of habit. I love Diane von Furstenberg. I love Rachel Roy because she's tailored with her jumpsuits and dresses—they're really great at highlighting the curves. For my everyday looks, I really like J. Crew. That's my conservative-chic coming in.
LATEST OBSESSION: I love my Marc Jacobs black skinny jeans because they're like jeggings, so they're comfy. I wear them on the plane since I can move in them.
SHOE TALK: I always wear Aldo because their shoes are fun, but they're reasonablly priced. I recently tried on these blush Balenciagas that I love. That probably has to be my favorite shoe. Mad drama! The shape of it isn't just your classic round toe. It's kind of triangular. You can put it with jeans and it instantly sexifies it or funks it up. You can pair them with everything and every color! Giuseppes are nice, too! And you can't forget Christian Louboutin.
Balenciaga Blush Heels
                                                        (Tamera's favorite blush Balenciaga heels.)

WARDROBE STAPLES: I have to have a black blazer because it gives you a classic look instantly and you can wear it with anything—dress, jeans, tights, anything! I also love a pair of blue jeans and skinny black jeans because you can wear those with anything as well. You can dress them up; you can dress them down. I've got to have my cashmere sweater just because. I have to have a white T-shirt, but it has to be a men's white, crisp button-down shirt. You can put that with a vest or a sweater. You can put it underneath a dress for a preppy look. That's the conservative-chicness coming out of me again. I also have to have a sick black pump and a colorful, statement pump as well. Flats are definitely a must. I have these classic red flats by J. Crew that I can pair with anything.
Tia & Tamera
FAVORITE ITEM SHE'S INHERITED: My mom is from the Bahamas, so she buys us these bracelets that you can only get in the Bahamas. We've been wearing that type of bracelet ever since we were babies. You can get them in silver and gold. They're these bracelets that don't connect. Every time I wear them, people always will ask me where I got them—or people from the islands ask if I'm from the Caribbean islands because they recognize it!
ACCESSORIES TIPS: I really love accessories. I think accessories make or break an outfit. You can wear something as simple as a T-shirt and jeans, but if you wear some sick diamond stud earrings or diamond hoop earrings, bam! You can never have enough accessories. However, usually, the last piece of jewelry I put on, I take it away because you tend to pile too many of them on.

Kaley Cuoco | Hollywood yohana

Kaley Cuoco 
The star of The Big Bang Theory gave us a peek into her personal style during Porsche Designs' Fashion's Night Out in Beverly Hills. The event celebrated the launch of the brand's new denim line for the fall/winter collection.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': Porsche jeans! This is one of their new special washes—the highlight jean in this brown-orange color. I love it. I like that it looks like I rolled around in the dirt or on the street. They're all marked up and messy. I don't like looking too put together. My blazer is Helmut Lang, T-shirt is Market and shoes are Ann Taylor.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: It's pretty much this. I'm a jeans-T-shirt-blazer girl. I always have one good piece, whether it's a great pair of shoes or an amazing jacket. I keep everything else pretty simple. When I get a little Bohemian, my stylist tries to push the glam up. I can be very edgy, too. I love a good pair of combat boots—that's the boy side of me. I recently splurged on a pair of Miu Miu combat boots that I love! But it depends! I can get a pair at Forever 21 or Neiman's. If I love them, I love them!
TOP KNOT FEVER: I do love a top knot—probably too much. It's a simple way to look chic. People think I spend hours on it. But I literally put the ponytail up on top of my head, twist it around my finger, put one bobby pin in and it's done. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes no.
STYLE ICONS: I love Jennifer Aniston. I love the way she dresses. She's very cool and simple. Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow always look fantastic. But the important thing is to find what's right for your body and accept it.
BEAUTY MUST-HAVES: I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I always wear sunscreen whenever I go out, even when it's cloudy outside. Neutrogena has a great one. I use Ole Henriksen products. I went in there for a facial and I was obsessed! I switch it up a lot. I get bored. The minute my shampoo runs out, I have to get a different one.


Spice Up Your Casual Wear With Leopard Denims | Hollywood yohana

Nicky Hilton, Mandy Moore, Katie Holmes  
TREND: Leopard-print jeans
WHO'S WEARING IT: Nicky Hilton, Mandy Moore and Katie Holmes (all Current/Elliott)
HOW TO WEAR IT: Many people wear leopard print as a neutral. So it's no surprise that the feline pattern made its way into the ever-casual essential, jeans. Since too much animal print can be tacky, it is important to balance off the bottoms with a plain top. Mandy and Nicky both opted to match their denims with versatile gray tees. To add a pop of color, take a cue from Katie. She paired her jeans with a rich burgundy color. Other hues that can work wonders with the jeans are: mustard yellow, forest green and plum. Afraid of taking the risk? Shades of black, white and brown will do the trick. Just remember, stay away from graphic or printed tops.

Which Supermodel Is Failing to Soar in a Pair of Flying Dumbo Pants? | Hollywood yohana


Sometimes it takes a tall, skinny girl to pull of a special pair of pants. We're thinking high-waisted pants, wide-leg cuts, certain species of jegging. But some pantaloons even a supermodel can't conquer. And we have found that exact pair of pants. Behold these denims. They may be able to soften a crash landing by double as a parachute. They may serve as wonderful homes for the delicate young of an endangered species, say, a family of newly discovered Costa Rican fruit bats. But gurl, they don't work as pants. Seriously, honey, as you yourself might say: Auf wiedersehen. 

Rihanna's Obsession With Triple Denim | Hollywood yohana

Regardless of whether it's executed with flair, we know double denim is a trend that can raise a couple of eyebrows. Well, Rihanna has never been a slave to trends and basically reminded everyone she wears what she wants when she rocked not double denim, but triple denim, not once, but twice!
The R&B songtress first sported the risque ensemble two weeks ago as she was leaving her London hotel. She paired studded daisy dukes with a denim button-down, and upon closer inspection you'll notice another denim button-down tied around her waist. (Wearing multiple layers of denim and tying a shirt around your waist? Someone misses Saved By The Bell.) With the addition of the thigh-high leather boots and the trucker hat, this iteration of triple denim had a racy biker chic feel to it.

Then just last week, RiRi rocked the triple denim again as she walked the streets of NYC in blue jean skinnies and a denim button-down shirt layered over a denim corset. If the triple denim wasn't daring enough, she belted on a dollar sign-adorned fanny pack around her waist. We couldn't get on board with this look as much as her first. The fanny pack (and the dark roots) took it down a couple of notches.
Though she has enough punk to pull it off, we doubt this triple denim look will ever trickle down to the normals since if you're anyone but RiRi the end result is you looking ridiculous.

Color Us Shocked! Kate Hudson Goes Brunette | Hollywood yohana

Kate Hudson 
If there was a blonde bombshell club, we're pretty sure Kate Hudson would be president. That's why we were blown away when Goldie Hawn's daughter stepped out in NYC with a dramatically darker do.

The new mom boldly went brunette for her role in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which portrays the life of a Pakistani Wall Street worker post 9/11. It looks like Kate has left behind her bubbly rom-coms in favor of more serious roles, and she's got the serious hair to match. A girls gotta' do what a girls gotta' do—we just hope baby Bing recognizes his Mama!
While Kate will probably hit the bleach as soon as they wrap, we can't help but be a bit befuddled about the new hue. Mrs. Hudson is such a quintessential blonde, the darker locks just feels a little bit wrong.

Style Invades Fashion Week | Hollywood yohana

Jeannie Mai, Twitter 
UPDATE: New York Fashion Week may be over, but here at myStyle we know dramatic design doesn't take a day off.
[Originally published Thu, Feb 9, 2012 7:00 AM PST]

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and the Style Network is there! Take a look at some of the week's programming highlights below, and be sure to check out the full Style schedule for even more fash-tastic shows.
SPECIAL EVENT! MONDAY @ 9P ET/PT kicks off NYFW with a live, interactive experience. Watch the BCBGMAXAZRIA runway show streaming online Monday, February 13, at 9p ET/PT, and participate via webcam or social conversation with hosts Jeannie Mai and Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of BCBGMAXAZRIA! Chat along with the experts and other fans to discuss the trends from the BCBGMAXAZRIA catwalk in a virtual setting.
Monday, February 13–Friday, February 17
9p Style Invades New York Fashion Week
Every night at 9p, How Do I Look's Jeannie Mai and Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi host a four-minute newsflash featuring the latest from Lincoln Center and beyond. With runway recaps, designer interviews, trend forecasts, a look at the celebrities on the scene and a peek inside all the fabulous parties, they'll make you feel like you're part of the action.
Monday, February 13
9p Sex and the City, "What Goes Around Comes Around"
Carrie decides, after a broad-daylight Manolo mugging, that she must clear herself of bad karma and decides she needs to talk with Natasha about her affair with Big.
9:33p Sex and the City, "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo"
Carrie meets Big for the first time since his marriage ended. Miranda gets frustrated when she thinks the Chinese take-out girl mocks her stay-at-home lifestyle.

Tuesday, February 14
8p Style Special: Confessions of a FashionetteAt age 10, Cecilia Cassini became a fashion sensation with her infamous puff and unique designs. Two years later, she is determined to be a world-famous designer. Follow along as Cecilia works to expand her niche clothing line with the help of her family.
9p Sex and the City, "The Real Me"
Carrie faces a bit of an identity crisis when she's asked to be in a big fashion charity show featuring both models and real people. Samantha decides to have nude photos taken.
9:33p Sex and the City, "Defining Moments"
Carrie goes barhopping with Big and finds that their relationship as "friends" has never been better. Carrie goes on a date with jazz musician Ray King.
Wednesday, February 15
Sex and the City, "A Vogue Idea"
Carrie turns in her first article for Vogue. Meanwhile, Miranda is freaking out about motherhood, and Charlotte offers to throw her a baby shower.
Sex and the City, "I Heart NY"
Carrie finds out that Big is moving to Napa, California, where he bought a vineyard.
Thursday, February 16
Sex and the City, "A Woman's Right to Shoes"
Carrie and Stanford attend a baby shower thrown by their friends Kyra and Chuck. Miranda starts a romance with her new neighbor, doctor Robert Leeds.
Sex and the City, "Boy, Interrupted"
Carrie rekindles a flame with her high school boyfriend, Jeremy. Samantha is going crazy with the summer heat and her inability to get into SoHo, a fabulous club with a pool.
Friday, February 17
Sex and the City, "An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)"
Mr. Big has finally realized that he cannot be happy without Carrie and sets out to bring her back to New York.
Saturday, February 18
2p-1a Fashion Week Style-a-Thon
It's a full day of simply fabulous fashion-forward programming, from Project Runway to Mad Fashion. Click the link above for the schedule.

Jerome Wiggins | Hollywood yohana

Jerome Wiggins 
Tia and Tamera's cousin Jerome Wiggins will be blogging for myStyle during Season 2 of their hit reality show, which comes back to Style Monday, June 11, at 8/7c. But first, learn more about the "Third Twin." The fashionable guy gave us the scoop on his personal style!
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I think I get my style from my dad. My dad was always so well dressed. I also like what John Legend and Kanye West wears. I love suits, but I also love jeans and a blazer. I will roll up my blazer and put on a nice pair of shoes. One of my friends asked me, "Why is your casual wear dressy?" I said, Really?! I'm not afraid of a little color. I like a good detail. I like my outfits to be crisp. I just really love clothes! I want my own clothing line eventually. I have lost 142 pounds over the last eight years. It feels really good to be able to wear what I want!
WELL-SUITED: I really believe that if there is a place for a pocket square, there should be a pocket square—even if it's an open suit with an open collar. That's just how I feel.
GREAT JEANS: I will pair a denim jacket with anything. I wore a V-neck shirt the other day with a denim jacket. Anybody who knows me knows that if I ever have on a T-shirt, it has to be a V-neck. I love V-necks—in all colors.
MADE IN THE SHADE: I'm a stickler for sunglasses! I just bought my first pair of Ray-Bans for my birthday. Also, Tamera and I were shopping and I bought a pair of Christian Diors that I love. Those are my favorites right now.
Jerome Wiggins
HATS ON!: My brother bought me a Burberry hat for Christmas. That is my favorite. I love hats. I just started wearing the fitted hats—a NY Yankee one. I mix it up.
SHOE LOVER: I really love the boat shoes. I think they're kind of fly. I love all kinds of shoes. One of my favorite pair of shoes right now are these navy blue Coach loafers that are super comfortable and go with a lot of different colors.
MISTER ACCESSORIES: I'm a big watch and jewelry fanatic. I've become a fan John Hardy bracelets and jewelry. My favorite watch right now are the Michael Kors watches. I have my eye on this really big rose gold one. I keep telling myself, Should I? Shouldn't I? Don't get me wrong, not everything has to be name brand. One day you might see me in a Michael Kors watch and then the next day you might see me in a watch that I get so many compliments on and no one knows it's from Target!
SPENDING SUMMER IN STYLE: I will still wear jeans in the summer. I also like to wear linen clothing. I like shorts. I'm not a huge shorts person, but I like to mix and match. One of the things that I've fallen in love with are henleys.
SKINCARE MUST-HAVES: I enjoy Mario Badescu facial products. You need your Burt's Bee lip balm; that's a necessity. However, I also love the Jack Black lip balm.

Shimmering silver and smoky blue: We have the scoop on Carly Rae Jepsen’s Juno Awards makeup! | Hollywood yohana

 We’re totally obsessed with Canada’s newest singing sensation Carly Rae Jepsen, and she certainly proved her it girl–worth at Sunday night’s Juno Awards. Jepsen’s shimmering, smoky makeup let her play the part of pop princess (can’t you picture her soon-to-be-BFF Selena Gomez in this makeup?) without betraying her age—she is 27, after all!

M.A.C Cosmetics’ senior artist Melissa Gibson used a trio of eyeshadows to build out this shimmering look, starting with “Silver Ring” and “Tilt,” a deep teal-blue, on Jepsen’s lids. She then applied the almost-pewter shade “Print” to the crease and “Carbon” on the outer lid for added depth. Blacktrack Fluidline eyeliner was applied to the top lashline, while a sweep of “Silver Ring” along the lower lashline gave it a smoky finish. Because the eyes were so strong, the rest of Jepsen’s look was appropriately neutral: her cheeks were defined with “Sculpt” from the Sculpt and Shape duo palette and the barely there lip colour was compliments of M.A.C’s lipstick in “Hue.”

Channel Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel and Rihanna with 14 black-and-white picks under $140 | Hollywood yohana

 From Sydney to Tokyo, the black-and-white trend made big on the runways was spotted with as many different stylings as locales this week. Worn by Jessica Alba in the form of a simple menswear-inspired tux at the opening of Tommy Hilfiger’s first Asia flagship store; in the sweetest little Stella McCartney bow dress by Zooey Deschanel at the music video premiere of Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” in Los Angeles; and finally, by Rihanna in a street-ready combo while on tour to promote her first acting gig in Battleship down under. We’ve chosen 14 affordable pieces (all under $140!) to help you channel these gals on your own terms.

Bare your midriff à la Rihanna and Lana Del Rey with 10 picks under $100! | Hollywood yohana

 It’s all about the waistline this season—playful peplums and midriff-baring crop tops reigned on the runways, styled in countless ways which have celebs taking part in the resurrection of the 1990s-esque look. Lana Del Rey kept the navel-grazing trend simple, pairing a crisp white crop shirt with a retro polka dot maxi skirt, spotted while leaving her hotel in London. Rihanna dared to bare in a navy and nude striped crop and matching navy maxi skirt with a high slit at the 15th annual “An Unforgettable Evening,” benefiting EIF’s women’s cancer research fund. Want to channel these striking looks? Check out our 10 affordable picks all under $100!

We teach you how to mix floral prints à la Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Riley Keough with 11 picks under $100 | Hollywood yohana

Some of our favourite girls-about-Hollywood stepped out at last month’s Tribeca Film Festival in some of the prettiest and mixiest (yes, we know that is not a word) bouquets of floral prints we’ve seen this season. From Emma Watson’s head-to-toe Miu Miu worn at the Struck by Lightning premiere, to Michelle Williams’ multi-fabric’d Giambattista Valli worn to a party for Take This Waltz, to Riley Keough’s floral Rachel Roy blouse, we’ve got the picks to get the look for $100 or less!

Channel January Jones’, Coco Rocha’s and Solange Knowles’ Met Ball outfits with 10 sunny picks under | Hollywood yohana

 The spectrum’s sunniest shade made its appearance not once, but thrice on the red carpet at last night’s Met Gala—full-lengthed and peplumed a la January Jones‘ Versace and Solange Knowles‘ Rachel Roy numbers respectively—and thoroughly modernized in the form of Coco Rocha‘s vintage Givenchy jumpsuit, a proud purchase from the estate of none other than Elizabeth Taylor (NBD)! Today, we’re showing you how to get the look for near-bottom basement prices. Get inspired!

10 coral picks à la Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley and Diane Kruger at Cannes (all under $100!) | Hollywood yohana

Juicy peaches and vibrant corals have been making appearances everywhere, from the runway of Calvin Klein to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festiv
al. Diane Kruger and Jessica Chastain both wore Calvin Klein creations in saturated pops of coral pink, while Shailene Woodley opted for a creamy apricot dress by the same designer. From subdued tones to bright hits of colour, we have a selection of picks under $100 to help you inject a bit of the bright hue into your wardrobe!

BryanBoy is joining America’s Next Top Model! | Hollywood yohana

After weeks of speculation, Bryanboy is indeed joining the cast of America’s Next Top Model.
WWD reported today that sources close to the blogger have confirmed he will be joining the revamped ANTM lineup alongside model Rob Evans, publicist Kelly Cutrone (who’s already got one season under her belt) and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek, who styles Katy Perry and Rachel Bilson.
After Tyra Banks axed her three long-standing judges Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and J. Alexander, Page Six had reported rumours of Bryanboy, whose real name is Bryan Grey Yambao, filling one of their spots.
“I love Tyra and ANTM—I think it would be amazing to make a cameo (hello Andre! hello Franca!) but no, nothing is in the works as of now. This is the first time I heard of this,” he had told Fashionista at the time. Whether or not he was actually unaware of the offer, he’s fully on board now.
“Excited with my new role on cycle 19 of America’s next top model,” he posted on his Facebook wall this morning, and the effusive congratulatory tweets from the likes of DKNY PR Girl and IFB are already rolling in.
It will be interesting to see how this blogging sensation pans out on the small screen once the new season starts up!

Prada’s CEO (aka. Miuccia’s husband) thinks counterfeit goods are not all that bad | Hollywood yohana

After hearing all about the counterfeit lawsuit drama that has been going on lately, it’s almost a shock to the system to have someone say anything positive about the illegal industry. Most shocking of all is that the controversial comments are coming from Patrizio Bertelli, Prada’s CEO and Miuccia Prada’s husband.
Bertelli recently concluded a Bloomberg Television interview by saying the counterfeit industry really isn’t all that bad — in fact, it actually has some positive attributes.
“I always say counterfeits, we’re happier to have them than not have them. Don’t you think it’s sad for a brand that no one wants to copy them?” he said on air.
“Something else about counterfeits is that they provide a source of labor and income for lots of other people. So, maybe they’re not totally bad. So, in other words, we have a dual function. We want to penetrate the markets, we want to become successful and sell a lot in new markets. And we end up creating a lot of jobs and counterfeit factories, so that’s very good.”
Gucci, another famed Italian fashion house, evidently does not prescribe to Bertelli’s views that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially after their less-than-anticipated settlement with Guess over a counterfeit lawsuit battle (which we reported on earlier this week).
Bertelli did point out that Prada engages in lawsuits to protect their products, but that the fashion industry “doesn’t lend itself very well to patent protection” like high-tech industries do.
A spokesman for the fashion house seemed to try to do some damage control by telling WWD that Bertelli’s quotes were “part of an extended conversation that underscored how the market of counterfeits is an objective reality for successful brands.”
True enough — counterfeit products seem to be an inevitable reality of having “made it” in the fashion industry. But do Bertelli’s views oversimplify an industry that has its fair share of evils, not to mention the fact that it’s downright illegal?


Hayley Phelan: “Say what? It almost sounds like Bertelli admires counterfeiters.”
The Icon Concierge: “…Copying is the sincerest form of flattery! If you don’t want people to copy you don’t make great things”

Bernadette Morra, Editor-in-Chief: “Patrizio Bertelli needs to read Dana Thomas’ book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster. Then he needs to visit a factory where children under 10 are sewing counterfeit bags, and speak to the victims of terrorism, human trafficking and gang warfare that counterfeiting supports. Then I hope he would feel differently. But maybe not.”

Style Aha Moment: Tia & Tamera on Discovering Fashion in Italy | Hollywood yohana

Tia & Tamera 
Tia and Tamera's styles have come a long way since their matchy-matchy Sister, Sister days. Keep reading to find out how the girls were introduced to the world of fashion...
Tamera: It all started when I took a summer course in Florence, Italy. It was there that I was able to be my own person. I grew up as a woman. I was 22. I was a late bloomer. Growing up in front of the world, my sister and I were sheltered on set. My mom really sheltered us as well. When I was able to leave the United States and be on my own and experience love, food, wine and everything for the first time, I kind of came into my own. That's when my eyes opened, especially being in Italy—there's so much fashion there! Women walk down the cobblestone streets in heels! They were always on point! It didn't matter if they were going to a café, lunch, work or to a club, the women always looked fabulous! I was really influenced by them.
Tia: I developed style when I went to Italy. I don't know if my sister's and my story are sounding alike. (Yes!) I knew this was going to happen! Let's say Europe. My first trip was to London. I remember walking into Harrods and just looking at all of the clothes. My mouth just dropped! I remember buying a pair of leather pants for the first time. That was the first time I told myself, I am going to spend some money on some clothes! I remember I bought this dressy silk blazer that went past my knees. I bought these boots that went all the way up to my knees. I was like, Oh my God! This is cool! I get to have my own form of expression. That was when Tamera and I started dressing differently, too. I think that was the first time I was aware of beautiful clothes. Then, I went to Italy. I lived in Italy for two months. I remember buying leather there for the first time—a leather wallet, leather belt. Everything seemed so advanced. I would go into stores and say, I don't remember seeing this in L.A. People would tell me, "Fashion starts here. Then, it goes to London. Then, it goes to New York. Then it goes to L.A." I had packed very comfortable clothes, like sneakers and jeans, but I would see these girls walk down the streets on cobblestone in pencil skirts, high heels and with their hair pulled back into ponytails. They were just freaking stylish! I was like, Oh! You don't have to be in jeans every day. You can dress up and be stunning just walking down the street. That was the first time I th

Tamera Styles the Classics: Blush Cardigan Edition | Hollywood yohana

Tamera Styles Blush Cardigan 
 Tia and Tamera may look alike, but the sisters have very different styles. So, we thought it would be fun to give each of them the same wardrobe staple and find out what they would pair with it. First up: Tamera's looks! Each day this week, we're going to show how Tamera would style various classics. Get ready for the blush cardigan...
"I always have problems with cardigans," Tamera confessed to myStyle. "But you know what would look good with this? A colorful skinny capri! I would leave the cardigan open and wear a collared shirt underneath. That would be cute! I would wear nude flats with it. For my hair, I would wear it naturally curly and do a natural 'fro."
1. J. Crew Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan in Blush ($238)

2. Pim + Larkin Peter Pan Blouse in Cream ($59 $39.99)
3. J. Crew Cafe Capri in Casablanca Blue ($89.50)
4. Ivanka Trump Annulio Flat in Ivory Patent ($120)
Come back tomorrow to see how Tamera would style a black pencil skirt—and remember to visit myStyle every day next week for Tia's turn at the classics!
Tia & Tamera Season 2 starts June 11, at 8/7c on Style. 

Kate and Laura Mulleavy on Sequoia trees, Frankenstein and why there are no people on the Rodarte moodboards | Hollywood yohana

 In the world of ready-to-wear fashion, Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte could almost un-exaggeratedly be referred to as gods among designers. Artists. Outsiders. The real deal. Since their label’s launch in 2004, the sisters, 32 and 33 respectively, have been quite solidly staying a cut above the rest with their wise-beyond-their-years artistic references, their ability to seamlessly merge fashion and art and their knack for creating wearable masterpiece after wearable masterpiece with not a fashion degree between them. Between their Van Gogh–inspired spring collection, their somewhat controversial Australian Outback fall outing and their current collaboration with the L.A. Philharmonic, the designers hit Toronto earlier this week for a fête in their honour at The Room at the Bay. We were lucky enough to be let into their world for a little while.

This is Not a Mall brings you the best from South & South East Asia without the cultural-mislabels or the price gouging (plus, we’re getting an extra 10% off!) | Hollywood yohana

The shop: I’m always looking for a good eff-you to Urban Outfitters, and This is Not a Mall—a new fashion and artifacts e-venture from Aussie girls Courtney DeWitt and Annisa Dove—might just be it. For one thing, I found out about it through Susie Bubble, who always knows what’s up. For another, besides their use of the term “curated” (let’s return that word to its original definition; it’s like a year overdue) to describe their hunting-and-gathering activities, DeWitt and Dove are doing things right. Ace vintage? Yes. Correctly identified foreign objects? Yes. (No factory-made, vaguely “ethnic” ripoffs here.) Best international magazines? Some of ‘em, yes. Everything under $100? So far, so yes, although DeWitt says she’ll soon add “super dope higher end labels” along with more menswear and even acer vintage.

The goods: If it looks like it’s from Thailand or India, it actually is: a boon to the socially conscious in ultra-commodified times. Gem-coloured turbans ($8), gold nath and tika chains ($16) and handcrafted slippers from the Hmong Hilltribe ($34) are all bought fairly (i.e., directly from the South and Southeast Asian craftswomen who make them) and sold at double-take prices. Better and cheaper than the mall? I’m almost worried that if I look too long, this oasis in the desert of globalization will turn out to be a mirage. But DeWitt assures us they’ll only expand their purview, adding fair-trade goods from countries like Cambodia and Laos and collaborating with the Hilltribe artisans on special pieces.
The shipping: Sent by Thailand mail, packages should arrive between seven and 15 days, although international couriers are available (for a price), and there are no returns (except on faulty items). The site caveats that “in extreme cases” of security delays, packages could take up to 30 days to arrive. Patience may be one of the virtues entailed in shopping here, but for a metallic leather wallet that’s as cool as Comme des Garçons and a quarter of the cost, I can wait. And DeWitt makes it worth it: “We take pride in our packaging, and large orders are always bestowed with lots of free loot, glitter tattoos, coconut lipbalm, and more!”
The deal: For the next 10 days, shop This is Not a Mall using coupon code thisis10percent and get, yessss, 10% off. This is not a suggestion! Go!

Backstage beauty: We love the coral lips and ’60s va-va-volume at Calla Haynes | Hollywood yohana

Soft and romantic, the look at Calla Haynes was a modern approach to ‘60s beauty—and if that brings to mind visions of fresh faces and at-home hot rollers, you’re on the right track. For hair, Justin German, Pantene’s consulting stylist, created two different versions of a rough half-updo, with a textured bump—“For lack of a better word,” he noted—on top and loose, brushed-out curls at the back. German pointed out that the finished look included visible bobby pins to make the hair look “almost like you did it yourself.”

For the face, Cover Girl makeup pro Greg Wencel coated both top and bottom eyelashes with a ton of mascara for that “super spikey ‘60s look” (using both Cover Girl LashPerfection and LashBlast Fusion). The retro vibe continued on the lips, with a mix of Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipstick in “Hot” and “Fairytale,” dusted with powder for a perfect matte effect.

Holt Renfrew’s tap dancing ode to Canadian fashion stars standout collections from Smythe, Jeremy Laing, Dennis Merotto, and more! | Hollywood yohana

Ball changes, box steps and skilful splits kicked off Holt Renfrew’s celebration of the Canadian catwalk as an enthusiastic tapper danced his way down the runway. It was an upbeat way to engage the crowd and usher in homegrown design talent, that’s for sure. Here’s the rundown of the best in show:

1. Cute cats on hats at Smythe brought a darker, urban-girl edge to a long peacoat, boxy houndstooth jacket and striped blazer.
2. Sleek sexed-up secretary work wear at Judith & Charles, including a covetable fur and leather jacket, came complete with pointed pumps and sheer hose. Asymmetric necklines and a killer navy nylon peplum suit got my heart beating a little quicker.
3. Layered shearlings, a leather sleeved red felt coat and an oversized fur hood that spill out across the shoulders are sure to keep you warm come next winter at Line.
4. Dennis Merotto’s easy separates (full skirts, buttoned tops and my personal favourite, the bicolour ankle pant) will have no trouble finding a place in every working woman’s wardrobe. Giant sweaters knit with fur, striated miniskirts and cozy cardigans that beg to be belted take comfortable casualwear up a few notches.
5. TwentyCluny’s shift dresses, exposed backs and glen plaid collared top with leather ankle pants would certainly make Marilyn proud.
6. Voluminous shapes, slashed floating chiffon panels and discreet prints were all standouts from Jeremy Laing’s latest.

Our top 5 from day one in Milan, including Gucci, Alberta Feretti, and more | Hollywood yohana

With Milan Fashion Week just kicking off, here are my top five obsessions of day one:
1. Gucci‘s opulent romanticism: Judging from the miles of velvet and silk, iridescent feathered frocks, croc saddlebags, leather capes, uniform-inspired dress coats, and innovative fabric mixes (mink inlaid on chiffon, anyone?), Gucci’s Fall 2012 collection begs for a crisp night and a brilliant moon.
2. Brian Atwood: We love the man and the shoes. I popped into Atwood’s showroom to preview his new Fall 2012 collection, which includes his first full line of handbags. Editors and buyers were asked not to tweet, so you’ll have to use your imagination: over-the-knee lace-up leopard-print boots, giraffe and Dalmatian patterns, blue fringed cross-body bags, multi-coloured python clutches with metal rivets, and plush minaudieres. One word: WANT.

3. Alberta Ferretti‘s waistland: Next season, the belt will be a girl’s best friend. Whether you choose Ferretti’s pinstriped mannish coats or one of her cooler-than-cool collarless leather coats, fall is all about emphasizing you waist.
4. The Excelsior department store: Milan’s newest department store has the fashion flock buzzing. Think super curated (very Colette!) with an uber-chic design aesthetic—pod-shaped glass elevators will whisk you up to visit lust-worthy friends like Dries Van Noten, Marni, and Jonathan Saunders.
5. My Prada ticket for tomorrow’s show. What does Mrs. Prada have in store for us this season?

Label showed a cute collection, but was it runway worthy? | Hollywood yohana

I am a fan of Label: the clothes are stylish, wearable, and made in Toronto, which is a major bonus. In terms of runway shows though, the collection doesn’t quite stand out—it merely affirms to the many stylish onlookers that these are the trends they should be wearing.
Paired with some lacklustre bangles and Dov Charney–esque glasses were a few richly-hued patterns, shoulderless dresses, an asymmetric shirt hem, and maxi skirts. There were, however, some pieces that stood out: a white, short-sleeved tent-cut button down shirt and the tux tail–like details on the back of a patterned dress had great visual interest. Each look that walked down the runway was cute and commercial, but shouldn’t we expect more from our LG shows?