How to Wear Orange Makeup? | yohana

Kirsten Dunst
Not the people you may think. We recently tested all manner of bright orange nail polishes, shadows, blushes and lip colors. The surprise: The color works brilliantly on precisely the skin types that shouldn't make any sense. I refer to pale skin, the kind that often comes with pink or rosy undertones. Kirsten Dunst makes a mighty fine example.
Want product suggestions? Sure. Let's start with some of our favorite lip colors: Skone lipstick in Dawn, Mally high-shine liquid lipstick in Summer Peach and NYX Luscious Lip Gloss Palette in Sweet Oranges.
"Who knew orange would look good on me?" a fair-of-face tester told me of the first two products on that list. "Love it! Very fresh and modern, not outrageous." The NYX palette is also diverse enough to flatter pretty much any skin tone out there.
(If you're timid about orange, start light, with Boots No. 7 Lip Glace in Tangerine Twist, CoverGirl's Shine Blast in Fire or the sheerer-than-it-looks Besame Classic Lip Glaze in Red Berry.)
Moving on to nail polish, Mode's shade No. 111 and CND's polish in Guava and Tropic Coral got serious love from our testers—especially Tropic Coral, which was declared "super flattering for all skin tones." (If you want a super-confident disco orange, go with Nicole by OPI in Fresh Squeezed.)
This season's orange blushes will make your cheeks look positively juicy. We loved Cargo's blush in Laguna, Vapour's stick blush in Intrigue, and Jemma Kidd's interpretation in Pose—"a good all-purpose blush and lip stain," our reviewers declare. (For serious orange: Napoleon's Colour Disc in Orange No. 56.)
Finally: Eyes. Look no further than the NYX eye shadow Caribbean Collection palettes; you'll definitely find an array of oranges to love, particularly in the Aruba variety. "Even the yellow looked good on me, but the richer ones are great. Very saturated color. Would also be really good for ladies of color or rocking a solid tan."
See? Oranges are easier to wear than you think.

What's the Secret to Looking Terrific in Tulle? | yohana

Ashley Greene
Indeed, there can be such a thing as too much tulle. Ashley Greene flirted with that danger recently—as you can see—but in the end, she won. Why?
"She had tulle on the bottom. But she created a silhouette by using a belt and showed skin to ensure the skirt was not overpowering," explains Monica Barnett, president of image consultancy Blueprint for Style. "Tulle requires balance."
In other words, the best examples of tulle we're seeing right now aren’t too frilly or voluminous. They’re controlled—sometimes even a little militant or masculine. "Think volume on the bottom and shape for the rest," Barnett  explains. The perfect example of the 2010 tulle mix: a military-inspired tulle jacket.
To ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by your tulle look, make sure you belt your dress if you're petite—it's that silhouette thing, and there are lacy belts that will keep things femme—and dodge the flats unless you look like Kate Moss. Avoid prints, which will make the look appear way too busy. And keep accessories simple.

How to Look Classy in a Lingerie-Inspired Dress? | yohana

Paula Abdul
Sure. And I'll show you how, courtesy of a very, well, not necessarily normal person. Paula Abdul isn't exactly a civilian, but then again, she isn't a human stick, either, and she looks better than she's ever looks, doesn't she?
You'll also notice that she is wearing—nearly—zero accessories. Not a hair band, not a toe ring, nothing. Why? Because, between the lace and the intricacy of the cuts of the dresses, there's plenty going on visually. You don't need to add interest with bracelets, necklaces or even earrings. Throw in even a delicate pendant, and you're veering dangerously close to desperate-ho territory.
So keep it clean when it comes to accessories, and you too can rock one of those cutting-edge dresses. Keep the shoes equally simple (notice how Paula is wearing simple black peep-toe pumps?) and your hair down and loose, and you're done.

Got Any Hair-Raising Advice? | yohana

Jessica Alba, Marion Cotillard
You are not alone. The look of which you speak—a typical ponytail or chignon, with a lot of volume on top thrown in—is tough to achieve and even tougher to maintain through a long night, especially for women with fine hair.
"First," says John Francis Maseda of McMillan Canale Salon, "start out with clean hair and a bit of mousse." (We love the mousse—and the other volumizing products—from the Ookisa line; some people even report nearly instant results in the hair-thickening department.)
Roughly dry the hair. Then "use a larger-size curling iron to create a soft bounce in hair and spray lightly." (Need a hairspray recommendation? Aveda makes a super-light version, as does Fekkai.)
The third step involves teasing, also known under the more gentle term of "back combing." "Gently," Maseda warns, "not too high, either."
Finally, he says, "brush gently and spray gently. This is a more modern approach, so that the hair is not a stiff as a helmet or back-combed too much!"
Finally, avoid the temptation to touch your hair or fuss with it. The natural oils from your skin can weigh down your 'do, making all of your work for naught.

When to Wear a Skinny or Wide Belt? | yohana

Antonio Melani Belt
It's not an easy science, matching a favorite belt with the right outfit. It would seem simple enough, at least, at first—just go with what your belt loops dictate, no? Well, no. What if there ARE no belt loops, silly?
I turned to Cynthia Sakai, designer/owner of the Vita Fede design house, which offers amazing belts, including a skinny one that looks to be very hot for fall.
I love skinny belts when thrown on a big slouchy sweater," Sakai says, noting that you can get such cover-ups everywhere from Rick Owens to ASOS. "For the fall, you can add some great tights and thigh-high boots, and the belt just ties it all in, while giving you shape."
While the hot weather holds out, use your skinny belt on your favorite flowy maxidress or jean shorts, Sakai suggests.
Reserve your wide belts, meanwhile, for body-skimming dresses.
I love wearing wide belts with black dresses and heels," Sakai says. When fall arrives, switch out the dress with a turtleneck, she says.

What's the Scoop on Spring Denim? | yohana

7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom Jeans
Of course, my darling denim diva! Lucky for you, we were just at the Magic trade show in Las Vegas, where we previewed the spring collections of some of the hottest jeans brands around.
First of all, if you guessed that bell bottoms would be big—ding, ding, ding, ding, ding—you're so right! "The pendulum has swung away from the skinny jean," says Ryan Dziadul, PR manager for 7 For All Mankind. Thank goodness! We were getting tired of squeezing into our skinnies. Dziadul adds: "It's more flattering to have a bell bottom. It evens out the silhouette and lengthens legs."
But the influence of the '70s doesn't just stop there.
Jill Shehabar, East Coast sales marketing director for [Blank], tells me that in addition to doing bell bottoms in white and self-belted versions, they will also be doing patchwork high-waisted cutoff shorts. (Yes. Cutoffs. Are. Sticking. Around.) "It'll be a retro season," she says.
The folks at PRPS are getting in on the action with jeans that have fringe-embellished pockets. "We're doing very hippie-inspired looks with fringe, tie-dye and embroidery," explains Lia Fischer, brand manager for PRPS.
Other trends:
Jeggings are here to stay. These babies suck you in, but are still comfy thanks to a forgiving stretch.
Light washes shine. Lighter jeans will rule in the spring. "White denim is key" for 7 For All Mankind.
Military-inspired fashions soldier on. A lot of denim companies will still be putting out cargo pants styles in army green and other colors as an alternative to jeans. You will also see some camo jackets in the mix.
What's out? The Southern California staple: boyfriend jeans. Fischer informs me that they're on their last leg. "A slim boyfriend will still be on trend, but the look is tapering off," she says. "We did, however, keep a version of it in for our spring collection because our brand is very tomboy chic. We just updated the fit and sexed it up a bit."
We Angelenos are grateful!

What's the Scoop on Fall Animal Prints? | yohana

Katie Holmes
Leopard seems to have a slight edge over tiger and zebra, fashion watchers say. Still, as East Coast-based Urban Darling stylist Eileen Nelson tells me, "All three animal prints are fall '10 statement makers!
The Cadillac of leopard-print statement pieces this autumn? The leopard-print coat. Sonia Rykiel has this trend all wrapped up with a coat to end all coats over at Net-A-Porter—faux, of course—though if you're strapped for cash, you can always head over to and get a leopard-print trench for under $70. Look to Katie Holmes for how to style it.
"The tiger print slithers into second place with the amazing DVF tiger-print purse bag," Nelson tells me. "The tiger print is infused with rich warm tones to complement camel, green, red and burgundy, the must-have colors for fall '10." At $1,000, that DVF bag may suddenly look a little less than "amazing," which is why you may want to consider this Kooba bag as an alternative.
As for zebra, a great place to rock that print is on a new pair of cool-weather shoes. And why not blend the trend with the "must-have" fall 2010 shoe, the clog?
"Pair the fabulous Sam Edelman 'Faye' clog with your favorite skinny cargo pants for a chic, relaxed daytime look," Nelson suggests.

Can Anyone Rock a Short Hairstyle? | yohana

Michelle Williams
He's right and wrong.
Take it away, Craig Carter, hairstylist for the Georgia salon!
"That haircut can pretty much work for anybody, but you have to tailor it to your bone structure," Carter says. "If you have strong features with high cheekbones, you can get away with having the cut above your ears."
But if you have a round face, this cut works best if the hair falls a bit below the top of the ear. This will diffuse the roundness, Carter says.
Either way, if you love short hair, you should go for it—regardless of what your husband says. Just let your stylist guide you on which short shape works best for you. The great thing about the current looks is their versatility.
"We're seeing a a movement toward Old Hollywood, where the hair is more coiffed," Carter says.
How to pull that off with short hair, especially when you don't have the length for rollers?
"You can use the barrel of a flat iron to easily create that look," Carter advises. You'll need a good deal of control, however; Carter recommends the curl-taming, control-boosting products from Urban Therapy, including, ironically, its straightening creme.
"You can comb it into the hair, rocking the comb back and forth to literally shape a wave," Carter dishes. "That's how it's been done for years."

How to Look Fabulous in Fringe? | yohana

Put it this way: You probably don't want to be taking cues from Bristol Palin right now. Her fringe minidress did show off some oddly impressive legs during her Dancing With the Stars debut, but leave that look on the dance floor. Instead, the best way to wear fringe for fall is on your accessories, à la Kate Hudson.
For example, we love the Jesenia pump from Messeca, particularly in an unexpected color such as blush. What to wear with that? Think understated rebellion.
"Go for a sophisticated rock and roll outfit of black leather skinny pants with a worn-out T-shirt and a sporty tuxedo-like jacket," Julie Messeca suggests. "My inspiration is Balmain's Spring/Summer and Fall 2010/11 collection." (If you must choose only one piece, try Balmain's skinny, sexy pants.)
Once you pick one fringe accessory, leave it at that. Turn to Kate Hudson for fringe fashion inspiration.
"Too much fringe is tacky," Messeca warns. If shoes are not your preferred place for fringe, consider a different accessory. "I like a bag or belt for fall," Messeca suggests. Prada has some terrific ones, if you also have a terrific paycheck. Or head over to and get your handbag fringe on for $95.

What's Up With Patterned Dresses & Matching Belts? | yohana

Maggie Grace, Ciara
It may seem like a don't, a wasted (waisted?) opportunity to rock a truly amazing belt. But not so! This look is actually a fashion do. It may also apply as do-it-yourself.
Ciara looked terrific at LaLa's wedding in her Versace dress, and Maggie Grace was equally gorgeous in the Christian Siriano she wore during NY Fashion Week.
Monica Barnett of Blueprint for Style says this look works best on dresses that are on the short side and with a distinct but delicate pattern.
"This scenario is definitely cool for those with (A) problem areas, and (B) interest in elongating their silhouette," Barnett advises. "The print of the dress ensures that the eye doesn't 'rest' anywhere in particular, yet the cinching of the waist with the belt creates shape. It's a win-win!"
Still, adopt this approach with care.
"This trend can go wrong if you choose to go with large print, or with an outfit that provides too much coverage and doesn't allow us to get a 'break' from the pattern," she says.
If you have a dress that you think would work well with this look, go ahead and do a little fashion DIY. Cut a piece of fabric from the hem of the dress—enough to make a belt at least an inch and a half wide—and create your own.
"Keep the buckle simple," Barnett says, "but not in the same material as the belt."

How to Dress Up a Basic Turtleneck? | yohana

Selena Gomez

It's true that turtlenecks have a bad rep. We're haunted by those horrendous holiday turtlenecks or the black version worn by the angst-ridden artist. Thank goodness we've got the style-savvy Selena Gomez to show us the real way to wear the ill-famed top.
But here's the thing: on their own, turtlenecks are frumpy and boring. So for the rest of your outfit, think formfitting and bold!
Step one: Invest in some statement pants. This cream-colored sequined pair has the best of both worlds with texture and a little shimmer. Or if you're a feeling feline friendly, opt for a leopard-print pair to make a lasting style impression.
More of a skirt girl? Get the same effect with this on-trend metallic mini for less than 25 bucks!
Step two: Go all out with accessories. Selena pulled out all the stops with a gold necklace, oversize clutch and a ginormous bow belt. Embellish yourself with this adorable velvet and rhinestone headband and add even more sparkle with a vintage-inspired ring. Finally, cap off the look with some wine-colored heels with a hidden platform.
Now that you know how to dress up the turtleneck, please don't pull a Sharon Stone and wear your turtleneck to a black-tie affair! But for any other party, date night or evening work event, you can now rock the look with confidence.

How to Pull Off a Monochromatic Outfit? | yohana

Katherine Heigl, Heidi Klum, Rihanna
Sometimes it's tough to keep up with the stylish set. One second everyone's scrambling to figure out how to wear mixed prints, and the next second fashion followers are making a sartorial switch toward monochromatic matching. What's a girl to do?
Don't worry, dear reader, we've got tips on how everyone can try the trend, whether you're fashion shy or a bold style maven...
The absolute easiest way to go monochromatic without looking like a walking crayon is to try it with denim. Put on your favorite pair of denim and add a cute blue top, blue heels and all manner of blue accessories. See, it's really that simple! It's a bit tame compared to other ways to rock the trend, but if you're more of a test-the-waters type of gal, this is perfect for you.
Now let's take it up a notch with a little inspiration from Katherine Heigl. The onscreen siren worked the entire spectrum of gray, incorporating everything from dove to gunmetal. To steal her style, first pick your favorite color, and then experiment with mixing different shades within the same hue. Like green? See how a faded olive cargo pant and forest green trench can coexist in color harmony. More into yellow? Try a mustard waffle-knit sweater with a pale yellow pant and gold-tone statement earrings.
If you're still yearning for the high-impact look of Rihanna or Heidi Klum, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, mix up multiple textures. If you're stepping out in head-to-toe cream, consider adding a crochet scarf or perforated oxfords to break up your look. Second, hold out for shades that match perfectly. If you've got a top and bottom that are just slightly different shades, you'll look like you tried to match but accidentally failed.
This look has to be intentional, so whether you explore the range of one color or make the major commitment to one specific shade, match with precision, ladies!

How To Embrace Color for Fall? | yohana

Lauren Conrad
Just because steely gray skies and chilly temps are in your near future doesn't mean your wardrobe needs to go into hibernation! There are tons of ways to color your wardrobe for cooler weather, and I'm going to let you in on the top three ways to brighten up your closet for less.
First take a cue from the ever-stylish Lauren Conrad. No need to buy that über-bright coat that just begs for attention—a more subtle olive green is on-trend and still packs a punch of color. Looking to get a little more hue happy with your outerwear? Try this red-and-purple pea coat in plaid, one of fashion's favorite perennial patterns. It'll take the chill off and give you a bold thunderbolt of color all in one fell swoop.
A second wallet-friendly way to up your color game is to shop for bright accessories. Here we can suggest all manner of scarves, knit headbands, hats, or even a pair of leather gloves, if you're feeling ladylike. Really we're giving you free license here—just remember not to be shy; accent pieces can never be too loud.
And lastly, you don't have to limit yourself to clothing, just dig into your makeup bag for a little inspiration. The cheapest thrill can come from a swipe of plum lipstick, or, if you want some flashy fingers, try a mani in this season's it color: forest green.
It's really that easy. We promise wearing more color in the cooler weather will make you stand out in all the right ways. After all, basic black is for blending in!

How to Look Sophisticated in the City? | yohana

Charlotte Russe Tuxedo Jacket
There is one surefire way to always look the part. It's the go-to piece of city slickers like Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker and will add instant polish to almost any ensemble. Behold the blazer!
I know it seems too simple, but really, a timeless blazer is your best bet for creating multiple urban looks. It doesn't have to be expensive, either. Just check out this classic black tuxedo version from Charlotte Russe for under 40 bucks or this Urban Outfitters jacket with satin trim. While black is your most versatile option, if it's a little to boring for you, try channeling the military trend in an olive blazer.
As for how to style your blazer, it can literally go with anything. It'll look awesome with everything from your standby-jeans-and-a-tee weekend wear to your favorite killer cocktail dress.
Still need a few other pieces to smarten up your look? You can never go wrong with a classic trench. And why not try it in a surprising plum color? As for an evening ensemble, we're especially taken with these midnight blue sequined trousers. Pair them with this sexy-meets-sophisticated silk top, and we promise you'll be the center of attention—in a good way. And finally, don't forget accessories! Every urban chick worth her subway tokens has at least some kind of studded jewelry. We think these pyramid stud earrings are the perfect stand-ins.
Remember, your look won't be complete without that city girl swagger. You've got the clothing, now work it!

How to Look Slim in a Sweater? | yohana

Gap Cable-Knit Sweater
It's getting cold, I get it. You wanna pile on the layers like an Eskimo, but avoid looking like the Michelin Man. Is it too much to ask? Personal style guru Jill Marinelli doesn't think so. According to her, the number one way to layer up and look thin is to pay attention to proportion. But just what does that mean?
"You will want to balance the bulkiness of the top with a slim bottom such as skinny jeans, leggings, or a pencil skirt," says Marinelli. It follows that if lean silhouettes are a go, then wide-leg pants or voluminous skirts are an absolute no.
As for the sweater itself, look for a version that hits just above the hips and lightly hugs your body. The key word here is lightly. If your sweater makes you look like a sausage-encased version of yourself, please reconsider.
Marinelli's last surefire way to rock a chunky knit is to invest in a sweater coat. Most come with a built-in cincher that will "define your waist and create an hourglass shape." Don't want to splurge on a whole new sweater? The savvy stylist suggests adding your own belt to create curves.
See? It's easier than you thought to beat the bulk and keep warm.

What's Up With Split-Personality Dresses? | yohana

Melissa George, Julianne Moore, Hilary Rhoda
There are two opinions on the split-up getup. Some say it's like two dresses mated and made an ugly baby. Others hail it as a creative and avant-garde way to rock the asymmetric look.
Personal stylist Vanessa Valiente has her own take. "Celebrities get bored of the tried and true equation of good style and branch out to more adventurous and unique options."
Adventurous yes, but if it looks terrible, what's the point? Valiente maintains that the split-personality dress can work "with the right fabrics, hues, details and lines, but more often it can look offbeat." We're going to go ahead and add strange, odd and just plain wrong to that list.
As for what exactly runs through these celebs' minds when they don the two-tone frock, I'm no mind reader. But they probably think they look great, and we would agree in Hilary Rhoda's (above right) and—sort ofMelissa George's (above left) case. What celeb with tons of dresses at her disposal would choose anything short of spectacular?
But Valiente tells me it's more likely they are hoping to create a fashion-forward or groundbreaking look over a merely pleasing ensemble. "After all, a celebrity can't become a fashion icon without taking that risk of choosing the shocking garment over the beautiful one."
She's got a point. Even if Julianne Moore's dress was a style slip-up, who really needs to see yet another yawn-worthy iteration of the Hervé Léger bandage dress? (We're looking at you, Amanda Bynes!) I'll take my risk-takers and tastemakers any day.

Which Hairdos and Hats Go Together? | yohana

Free People Twinkly Beanie
Yes, it happens, and yes, it's a little embarrassing, but like an unsightly blemish or a bad spray tan, we just deal. Let's face it: Your tresses and topper are in a dysfunctional relationship, and we think it's high time to move on. Whether your headgear of choice is a beanie, fedora or the sought-after turban, we've got you the covered.
Are you always sporting a beanie? Your classic knit cap looks best with at least a little hair peeking out. If you have bangs, let them loose, and resist the urge to swipe unruly fringe under. If you have a longer mane, use Bumble and Bumble's surf spray to get undone, tousled waves.
If you're more of a fedora fan, we recommend balancing out the hat's menswear vibe with full, sexy curls. Try wrapping strands of your hair around a big-barreled curling iron, without using the clamp. This will ensure your strands look polished and sexy, without sneaking into pageant territory.
Lastly, if you're bold enough to wear the hotly debated turban, consider styling the head wrap with a loose side-braid. The messy plait gives an "I don't care" air to the attention-getting number, so it doesn't look like you tried too hard.
And for when you eventually have to take your topper off? Just shake out your hair and use your fingers to tease it a little at the roots.

How to Care for Makeup Brushes? | yohana

Makeup Brushes
Here's the deal: Makeup brushes can harbor bacteria that cause skin irritations, breakouts and even eye infections! Kinda the opposite of what you want to achieve with your beauty regimen, no? Sidestep that mess with regular brush cleaning. But just how often?
Makeup expert Bridget O'Neill recommends you sterilize your brushes at least once a week. With that settled, let's move on to the pro products the beauty buff keeps in her own makeup bag.
"My cleanser of choice both on the set and off is Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner." Not only is the product a mere $11, it's also "environmentally friendly, cleans, conditions and disinfects in one step and also leaves a nice, organic citrus scent on my brushes," confides the cosmetics connoisseur.
If you don't want to spring for a product used exclusively for brushes, you can also use any gentle antibacterial cleanser, like O'Neill's favorite, Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. Or if you're a real budget babe, we've been told that using a dab of shampoo works just as well.
As for when it's time to replace your beloved brush, O'Neill claims it's easy to tell. "When the bristles begin to fall out and no longer feel soft, it's time to toss 'em and go shopping!"

How to Make Wellness Your Focus in 2012? | yohana

Bowl of Fruit, Too Fat For Fifteen Stock Images
Tick-tock... the clock strikes midnight and you clink your champagne glasses in celebration of the new year. And then have another glass of champagne, followed by a little more food. And maybe just one more glass of champagne. We have all been having the "little extra" in the name of celebrations and the little overindulgences add up. Even your resident wellness coach starts to feel the sins of her food transgressions after the holiday season! We can get right back on track and feel fit, fab and amazing in the new year without being a slave to diets or the gym.
Erin Haslag

1. Begin to record all the things you eat. During the holidays we slip up because we allow ourselves to indulge in all the little things in celebration of the season. I have clients write out what it is they are eating and they become more aware of why and when they decide to eat. Use this trick. There's even research to suggest that sharing your weight loss efforts on social media - think Facebook and Twitter - leads to greater accountability and support.
2. Drink - and eat more - water! Your body is an amazing detox machine given the right food and plenty of hydration. There's zero need for a crash diet or low-calorie starvation misery. Your liver will do all the work if you take the junk out of your diet - like processed and sugary foods - and give it plenty of water-based foods, like fruits and vegetables.
3. You don't have to kill yourself at the gym to peel off a few extra pounds from the holiday season. Try one to two weeks of your pre-holiday routine and notice if your body corrects for the holidays. If you don't have a favorite sweat-it-out routine take the advice of one of my favorite physicians, Dr. Mike Evans. His "prescription" will have you back to the normal you in no time at all with a minimal amount of sweat.
4. We love to swear off our holiday transgressions with  "I'll never..." statements. Turn these into positive statements and actions that lead to your goal. It's difficult enough to eat healthy at times without Grandma's famous cookies staring you down from across the kitchen. Clear out the tempting goodies, stock healthy foods and set reasonable goals, like trying to cook 3-4 healthy meals for yourself each week.
We all had our fun over the holidays and there's zero shame in having had a little too much fun as long as you curb the holiday behaviors and put them away for the rest of the year. Recognizing what we can do to control holiday weight gain and learning from the previous year is a big help in staying healthy, happy and stylish all year long!