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Christy, Jerseylicious

Jerseylicious star and Gatsby Salon manager Christy Pereira opens up about finding new staff, relying on Olivia and fighting with Anthony's new partner, Cathy.
SALON SHIFT: Things have been really different since we turned down Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi's offer to buy the Gatsby, so Mom and I decided to throw a big "Updo To Do Event" to show clients what the staff is capable of despite the many internal changes. It went great, and Olivia was so good that we gave her a shot at helping with hair part-time.
OLIVIA'S TRY-OUT: I didn't think it would be a huge deal since Olivia is trained, but the day she assisted was a mess! I had so many complaints about long shampoos and bad blowouts that it didn't take long for my mom realize that I was right—we needed a senior stylist.
C'MON, MOM: I thought the CPSA event would be the perfect opportunity to recruit new stylists. My mom, of course, thought Olivia was enough, but I have to manage the staff day-to-day and know better! We can't rely on Olivia that much—she works two salons and does makeup! So Mom and I went to the mixer, only to discover that Cathy Giove threw it! I didn't even know that you could be a full CPSA member with no salon experience. The whole thing was extravagant and gaudy—everything Cathy is.
AWKWARD ENCOUNTER: Since it was Cathy's event, everyone was there, including Gigi and Tracy, which made it very uncomfortable for us. We decided to leave after Cathy's ridiculous speech, but we didn't get out unscathed. Hello, this is Jersey! We got into a giant fight with Cathy because she accused my mom and me of being bad bosses. Needless to say, the entire event put a bad taste in my mouth, especially as far as Cathy Giove is concerned.
HIRING FREEZE: After all that, we're still looking for someone to hire at the Gatsby. There is so much to do!

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Jerseylicious Bio Pics for Italy (Doria)

Doria Pagnotta is Gatsby's hair and makeup double threat, and she's got plenty to say about what goes down in the salon! In this episode recap, the Jerseylicious star talks running a Gatsby2Go event by herself and worrying about Olivia and Gayle.
NERVOUS NELLIE: When I heard there were going to be two G2G events booked on the same day, I thought, "Oh my God, how is this going to work?!" But I was ready to lead an event. I'm no newcomer! I've done plenty of events on my own, so it was a piece of cake.
TAKING CHARGE: Krystle did really well at our booking! Her style of makeup is very similar to mine, so I really enjoyed working with her. I know she thought I was trying to tell her what to do and be the boss, but Olivia put me in charge and told me to take control, so that's just what I did!
OLIVIA TAKES OVER: Olivia handled both events really well! I was so proud of her. She came to check on us, but then had to rush back to the other event. They needed more help at the bat mitzvah then we did!
GATSBY HELP: Gayle seems overwhelmed with us being short two stylists, but hopefully we will be able to replace them soon!

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Remember back when Rihanna had long brunet locks and dressed fairly normal? We know, it's a bit hazy to recall. However, her parade of questionable outfits this week had us wishing for the good ol' "Pon de Replay" singer circa 2005.

Don't get us wrong: We love that she has fun with fashion, but what she wore out and about in London was straight out of the '90s.
On Sunday, RiRi sported a Topshop sweater that had a pixilated picture of Cleopatra. A black maxi skirt and black-and-white Giuseppe Zanotti heels provided the finishing touches. Although this wasn't a great outfit, in our opinion, it was the best of the week.
Two days later, the singer wore a Religion sweater that had a faded flag of England on it and was shredded at the bottom. She definitely took a cue from Kate Middleton and paid tribute to the country she was visiting—remember all those chic ensembles the Duchess wore in Canada?! Although, Rihanna certainly gave her look a grungy twist. She finalized the outfit with rolled-up blue denims, a black visor by Fleet Ilya and Comme des Garçons x Converse sneakers.
Then, the songstress wrapped up her week wearing denim-on-denim-on-denim. She teamed a pair of studded shorts with a matching blue button-down. RiRi then went on to add another shirt, which she tied around her waist and tucked into her bottoms. A baseball hat and large hoop earrings were the only accessories she needed.
Perhaps, it was a case of jet-lag that made Rihanna wear all these funky ensembles—at least we hope this was the cause!

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Kristen Stewart
Milan Fashion Week flew by a little too quickly, if you ask us. So it's a good thing that we can get our style fix at the most fashionable city—Paris! Seriously, some of the most notable designers are from here (think: Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès and Christian Dior). We can't wait to see what they all showcase!

It seems like even Kristen Stewart, who hasn't been spotted at a single runway, couldn't get away from seeing the 2012 fall collection in the City of Lights. She hit the Balenciaga show wearing a printed top and black wedges that gave the illusion of being attached to the leather pants. Like always, she kept her makeup minimal and opted for wash-and-go hair.
Coincidently, her edgy ensemble resembled some of the outfits seen on the catwalk. The French label had a bevy of leather bottoms that were teamed with bright structured tops. Needless to say, we can totally see the Twilight star in some of their designs.