Style Panel: 9 flattering ways to wear a peplum for your body type | Hollywood yohana

FASHION Magazine Style Panel: How to wear a peplum 

If fashionland had its own Chinese horoscope, this would certainly be the year of the peplum. Not only has the hip-riding volume plumper been going strong on runways for three seasons now, but its also been embraced by street style savants, bloggers and the like. But, if you’re still wondering how to wear the damn thing, we’ve turned to the Style Panel for several options. New this week, you’ll find With Love Gabrielle’s Marta Tryshak, the Style Panel’s latest member.

Paris street style: I’m on a boater | Hollywood yohana

We love the mix of nude hues, pastels and black that was all over spring runways–as demonstrated on this streeter here. We also appreciate someone who can work a boater hat.

Fashion news: Louboutin Barbie, the power of Alexa Chung, and Halston to relaunch menswear | Hollywood yohana

Little girls will be asking for their own pair of Louboutins after playing dress-up with the limited edition ‘Dolly Forever’ doll. The collab doll between Barbie and Christian Louboutin includes four red-soled Louboutins, each with their own shoe box and bag. And the boots. Of course. [Net-a-Porter via Fashionista]
Diane von Furstenberg has released a compilation CD of her favourite female artists to celebrate International Women’s Day. She’s also designing 20 rooms at London’s Claridges hotel to be unveiled in June. [Fabsugar via Stylelist]
Maybe it’s just that we’re getting to the tail end of a long stretch of runway that is causing T Magazine’s Stefano Tonchi to question the point of fashion week. “The problem with international fashion weeks and their legitimacy is a larger one now that fashion moves so fast and is a full-on entertainment machine.” New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn has also wondered if the long-haul flights are really worth it when collections can be viewed online and shows are being streamed.
Halston keeps the steam train rolling: hot off the heels of SJP joining the team, the label has announced it will relaunch their menswear. Just like the women’s lines, the menswear offerings will consist of both Collection and Heritage lines. 
EBay is cashing in on the fashion world’s crush on Alexa Chung: the site has experienced huge increases in products that Chung sports. Case in point: Alexa wore clogs to the Chanel show, eBay sales went up just under 200 percent on clogs. Alexa admitted that she owned 10 pairs of denim shorts, and sales spiked 277 percent on the site almost overnight.

Paris street style: Hot lips | Hollywood yohana

There’s very little we can say that would add to the beauty of a velvet bubble coat with ruffle-edge lip cut-outs. Welcome to Paris. See the full look after the jump.

Fashion news: PETA offers to subsidize LiLo’s rehab and Lara Stone makes great shepherd’s pie | Hollywood yohana

Kate Moss will be judging a Polyvore contest. Contenders have to create a “Roxy Girl” set inspired by images of Moss from her Robert Ferry album cover shoot.
While many will be going as Snooki for Halloween Ellen DeGeneres took the inspiration a step further. The funnywoman dressed up as Snooki’s pouf.
Bespoke fragrance company Le Labo has collaborated with Jefferson Hack of Another Magazine. The fragrance, called Another 13, contains a rather unusual ingredient—whale vomit.
PETA has offered to pay Lindsay Lohan $40,000 to help cover her rehab costs if LiLo pledges to stop eating meat for a year.
Lara Stone’s husband David Walliams says the Dutch beauty “can make a great shepherd’s pie.”

The top 5 things we hope Jason Wu’s Target collaboration includes | Hollywood yohana

Though Jason Wu’s upcoming collection for Target will arrive too soon for a launch in Canadian stores (the collection is set for February 5th of next year), we’re obviously considering a cross-border shopping trip. There’s sure to be many thrills to make our trip worthwhile, and here are our imaginary top 5.

1. An identical Mobama-on-inauguration-night ball gown: Can you just imagine the future fierceness of Middle America prom-goers come next year?
2. A peplum: If anyone can bring this skirt-appendage to the masses, it’s Jason Wu.
3. A nod to Canada: Wu was born in Taiwan and lives in New York, yet ask anyone around these parts and they’d swear up and down that he was a Canadian through and through. We’re hoping Wu celebrates his short-lived Vancouver existence with something naturally, wellnessy, or maple syrupy.
4. Nail polish: Wu’s done a few amazing collabs with CND, so here’s to another!
5. The dolls: If there is not at least one bullseye-wearing Fashion Royalty Collection doll, we’re going to be very upset.

Q&A: Victoria Beckham chats fashion and motherhood with our editor-in-chief in Vancouver | Hollywood yohana

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is late. Not fashionably tardy. Not mildly delayed. She is a full two hours behind schedule. Cooling their Louboutin heels at a private luncheon at Holt Renfrew’s Vancouver store is an immaculately dressed group of top tier clients, some in chiffony Lanvin, a few poured into Beckham’s signature body-con shifts. Downstairs, fans have been gathering in a roped-off area near the cosmetics department since the doors opened at 10. They are hoping for a peek as Beckham poses for photographers on a podium. Her private jet touched down around noon, but a paperwork snafu has kept Beckham and her hair and makeup team frozen in some kind of cross-border limbo. The most annoyed? Her one-year-old daughter, Harper.

“I am so, so sorry,” Beckham announces as she finally bursts into the room after signing autographs downstairs. “I’ve been stuck on a runway for two hours with a screaming baby.” Beckham takes her front-row seat, gratefully accepts a glass of pink Champagne (“I really need this,” she sighs) and settles in for a show of her fall collection. With her hair in a loose side braid, a navy and turquoise panelled dress skimming her slim hips and her legs crossed in high black suede boots, she studies the models with the intensity of an army commander inspecting her troops. Afterward, she poses for snaps with a chorus line of clients, then dashes up to the private shopping suites for media interviews.
That’s where I am waiting, wondering which of my questions to toss, given that my interview time has been reduced to a scant five minutes. Meanwhile, carefree and cherubic Harper toddles around dressed in a grey crocheted trapeze dress and white patent-leather ankle-strap shoes with a bow. She is captivated by her distorted reflection in the rippled mirrored surface of a reception desk. She babbles and gurgles, then lurches over to the dusky mauve roses on the coffee table. When her mom walks in, both their faces light up. Harper waves and Beckham calls out, “Hey, little girl!” Harper scrambles onto her lap and we begin our chat. First, I ask where Harper got her beautiful dress. “This dress was actually a present from Selma Blair,” says Beckham. “She had a baby just before I had Harper.” As she is speaking, Harper squirms in her lap, nearly knocking over her mom’s Champagne flute, which I slide out of reach. Harper then lunges for the runway photos I have brought and mom darts to shield the glass edge of the coffee table in case Harper takes a tumble. Take away the private jet and the excited fans downstairs and what I see is a working mom determined to give her children as much time and attention as possible. Eventually, an assistant comes and leads Harper away. Beckham stretches across me to retrieve the Champagne and takes a sip. I have so been there, I feel like telling her….

What’s in your bag, Lauren Toyota? | Hollywood yohana

What's in your bag, Lauren Toyota?

Today, we’re having a look inside the bag belonging to one of MuchMusic’s main gals, Lauren Toyota. As one of the hosts for shows like New.Music.Live and Today’s Top 10, Toyota’s fresh and enthusiastic attitude has made her a mainstay. And with pitch-perfect interviews with the likes of Lady Gaga, Kanye West and The Spice Girls under her belt, it’s no doubt she’s got chops to spare. So without further ado, what does a busy gal like Toyota tote along each and every day?

More photos of Anna Dello Russo’s H&M collaboration have been released | Hollywood yohana

Anna Dello Russo H&M Accessories

 It’s been a while since we’ve heard news of the Anna Dello Russo and H&M accessories collection, but thanks to a recent spread in Vogue Russia, we’ve got an update on what will surely be H&M’s most bejewelled collaboration to date. If you recall Paris couture week, Dello Russo was spotted gallivanting around Place Vendôme wearing a gorgeous pink Oscar de la Renta ball gown with ornate turquoise luggage in tow. As it turns out, the editrix was mid-photo shoot and the luggage, along with all the other accessories Dello Russo donned that day, are pieces from her H&M collabo. In true Dello Russo form, the jewelry was over-the-top in a quirky-meets-Baroque opulence kind of way. The collection hits stores on October 4, and we know we’ll be line to snap up a pair of those glittering gator sunglasses.