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Jessica Alba, Honor
First let's consider the calling card of the cougar. She's is a sheep in lambs clothing: 6 inch heels, cleavage up the wazoo, and a full face of makeup. Now for the cougar's exact converse, the sloppy mom. Her signature slipups include baggy jeans and unwashed hair. I think we can agree both sound pretty bad. Thank goodness there's a chic way to meet in the middle á la Jessica Alba. To piece together the style puzzle, we snagged an exclusive interview with top Nordstrom stylist, Nicole Simons, for her tips on how to pull off the mommy style balancing act.
We're going to make this as simple as possible—after all, most mommies don't have the luxury of free time. So without further ado, behold the Hot Mama Style Commandments:
You shall not get caught up in trends.
"Let's face it, not all of us can or should be wearing what we see in all the magazines," coaches the stylist. Does that mean you have to forgo the ubiquitous skinny jean? No, "but instead of a bright pink pair with four inch heels that Katy Perry is sporting, pick a warm understated color that still shows you are fashion savvy." Finish off the look with a sheer flowy blouse and your Tom's slip-ons, advises Simons.
You shall dress your age.
This one's to keep any would-be cougars in the cage. We're all for showing a little skin—just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to dress like a nun! However, if the thought crosses your mind that your outfit may be inappropriate, it probably is. Do not pass go; do not collect $200. Head up to your room and change into something age-appropriate, missy!
You shall make the most of accessories.
Start to think of your accessories as game-changers. A statement bag or an eye-catching ring can completely transform your hum-drum outfit. Not to mention it's totally, "a fast and easy fix for busy moms who may also be on a budget," says Simons. For example, thesetassel earrings for under $20 are casual enough to wear everyday, but will still up your glam factor.
You shall make looking good a habit.
Think of it like brushing your teeth or taking your vitamins. Make a habit out of taking the time to make yourself look good. Most moms feel guilty for taking some "me" time, but trust us it benefits everyone if you put a little thought into your appearance. You may have an afternoon of park playtime and grocery shopping ahead of you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress to impress. Trust us, the other moms at the sandbox will notice!

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Pippa Middleton
Calling all gadget queens! We've done an exhaustive search and have come up with a replica of Pippa Middleton's coveted quilted number for a mere $35. Not to mention a bevy of other lovely protectors we're sure your shiny laptop would love to call home. Read on to get our editor-approved picks so you can reward your hardworking computer with a little love. PS: Pippa ain't got nothin' on you!
QuiltedAs promised, here is Ms. Middleton's look-a-like bag courtesy of i.e. Can you believe we found this jewel at Office Max? Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. And if you want to get fancy with a little sheen, we found a similar version in patent by Joyrich for Le Sportsac.
PrintedIn the printed category, we found so many lovely options we almost didn't know where to begin. At the top of our list is a graphic pink and black case byClementine . Did we mention it comes with a matching mini accessories bag and is on sale for a fraction of the cost? You're so welcome. Next for you free-spirited gals, we can't get enough ofLucky Brand's Silverlake case . The yellow and blue feather print? So adorable! Lastly, for you ladies who want to drop some serious change, look no farther than Liberty of London'sBetsy Business bag. It's one of the best floral prints we've seen in a long time. Period.
SleevesNow if you already have your tote and you're in the market for a simple sleeve, we have some fashion-forward options for you as well. We can't get over Juicy Couture's neon Aztec-inspiredcase . The bright accessory is sure to catch you some complements. And if you're all about this season's leopard and snakeskin prints, get your hands on theAntenna bag. We love how it's thickly padded to protect your pretty computer from any bumps or scrapes.

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Sigerson Morrison T-Strap Suede Sandal
You guessed it, the caged foot look is so out. We say keep the gladiators in the back of your closet and in a decade or so you can say they're retro! In the mean time, it sounds like you could use some help in the footwear department before you're stuck sightseeing in last season's shoes. We road tested some of our fave summer shoes to let you in on the most comfortable kicks out there–all for under $100!
Quick Comfort
This is for those moments when you need to slip something on your feet pronto! Whether you're discovering the spa or dashing to the beach, "comfort is essential, but that shouldn't mean sacrificing style," says Tracey Hunter, co-owner of the adorableFlipOut Sandals . As well as being deliciously comfy, we adore the interchangeable shoe jewelry. "You can change your look as many times as you'd like, going from day-to-night with just one shoe. All it takes is a simple twist!" says Hunter. We're particularly smitten with thelacquered rose adornment. Just think: one shoe, multiple options. Packing will be a cinch!
When you have a big day of monument hopping planned, you need a pair that will go the distance. In our experience, there's nothing better than a flat sandal to see you through the day sans blisters. In place of your aforementioned gladiators, invest in a classic t-strap. If you're feeling color happy, consider these red suede stompers bySigerson Morrison. More of a minimalist gal? We dare you to find a thing in your suitcase that these Michael Kors sandals don't match!
Night Out
After you've traipsed around the city all day, you're probably in no mood to put on your stilettos to hit the town. However, we do suggest you up your style game just a little for the evening. Nothing says tourist, like flip-flops at a fancy restaurant! Here we suggest a compromise: the chic wedge. Your whole look will be elevated (quite literally!) and the larger base won't do such a number on your tootsies. We're quite taken with thiscork number, which practically sings summer. Or if you're looking for something a little sleeker, look no farther than these trendy leopard sandals from Macy's.

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Ask Style Bridesmaid Dress
Are you always the bridesmaid? Do you have the closet full of "worn-once" dresses to prove it? Well it's time to pull those poor neglected dresses from the back of your closet, and give them a second lease on life! Whether you're a Martha Stewart in training and want to get crafty for a full-on transformation or are just looking for some tips on how to mask the tell-tale bridesmaid gear with some strategic accessories, we've got the solution for you. Read on wedding warrior!
Sew, You Won't Believe This Was a Bridesmaid Dress
The aforementioned Queen of Crafts has some pretty stellar ideas for giving your dress a little plastic surgery. Our favorite ones? For the classic sheath dress, we love the idea of sewing on someruffled trim in a bib shape and adding a few buttons in a vertical line below the collarbone. The casual and playful details will combat the stuffy vibe of any typical bridesmaid frock.
For you intermediate sewers, there's an adorable fringe dress inside your ugly strapless number just waiting to come out. You may think we're a little crazy, but just hear us out. You knowstring curtains ? Kind of like the sort you see in a brothel? Purchase one in the same color as your strapless dress, and simply sew it around the top of the bodice and trim the fringe to the right length. Presto! It's just like those fringe dresses we saw all over the runways. Well, almost.
Bridesmaid in Disguise
If you don't have a crafty bone in your body, there are other ways to conceal the bridesmaids uniform without such drastic measures. You see it's all about the art of camouflage. First think of the vibe of a bridesmaid dress: sweet and modest. Now counter-balance that saccharine vibe with modern and slightly edgy accessories. The sort of things you wouldn't see at a wedding. Structured blazer belted over the dress, check! Edgy booties, check check! You get the idea.

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J Crew Outfit
This summer it was all about mixing peaches with corals and electric cobalt with a sky blue. Heck we all walked around looking like flipping birds of paradise—albeit very fashionable birds of paradise! Thankfully your wise investment in all those punchy colors is going to continue providing returns come the colder months. But there are some important tips to tweak and twist the look just a bit so it looks fresh for fall.
• Just because the leaves are turning, doesn't mean your wardrobe has to go into hibernation.Take that color that screams summer,watermelon pink for example, and pair it with a traditional fall colors like burgundy or rust .  This was seen all over the J. Crew look book, and we have to say the mixing of playful spring and summer colors with more somber fall and winter hues feels totally current.
• Don't be afraid to layer for maximum impact. Take that tangerine sleeveless silk top from summer and let the collar pop out of a chunky navy sweater. Top with a tan trench to keep the look season-appropriate. By layering pieces you can show just a hint of that bright color while still keeping out the cold.
• If you're looking for a singular color to zero in on, vibrant red was by far the biggest color trend on the fall runways. The hot hue was seen in Victoria Beckham, Bill Blass and BCBG's collections. To incorporate the color into your own wardrobe, a tomato coat would be an incredible investment piece. Or if you want to start small a red bag (there's an amazing collection of them here) will be sure to garner some compliments.

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Long Hair
What girl hasn't dreamed of Barbie-beautiful hair? (And not just because some studies suggest long-locked ladies have better luck with the fellas.)
The average gal's mane grows about half an inch a month, and that's not much! But there are a couple things you can do to coax out your inner Rapunzel. We got the insider tips on how to make your mane multiply courtesy of celebrity hair stylistOliver Ifergan.
"The key to have your hair grow longer and faster is to get it cut on a regular basis, which means every six to eight weeks," advises the locks guru. This may seem like a hair-brained idea—why would you chop your hair if you want it to grow? But according to Ifergan, "When you cut your hair more often, you take off more of the dead, split ends. If you didn't cut them off they would just keep splitting up the hair shaft, and it would eventually break off and your hair would always be the same length or shorter." Yikes! That threat alone will get us to the stylist.
Another preventative measure? "Use good styling products when you are styling your hair, such as my Screen Styling Spray," says the expert. "It will give your hair a great hold and protect it from the harmful heat of styling tools." Basically, if you treat your hair nicely, you'll prevent the breakage that can come from your flat iron or curling wand.
Lastly, if you're seriously desperate for some length—say you're one step away from putting some Miracle-Gro on your scalp—consider getting some clip-in extensions. Believe it or not, we hear Jessica Simpson's brand works really well. Attach them to your existing hair and presto, Lady Godiva status. Just don't let us catch you riding a horse with only clip-ins covering your lady bits.

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Pippa Middleton
When it comes to fashion rules it's a biggie. Unless you want to risk your life at the hands of a very angry Bridezilla, you know not to wear white to a wedding under any circumstance. So what's up with the famous K's—one who reigns over England and another over reality TV—outfitting their bridal party in white? It's kind of a funny story, and to get to the bottom of it we chatted up wedding planner extraordinaire,Cassandra Santor.
It turns out the monochromatic trend is a very old tradition. Santor explains, "The historic reason behind the bridal party wearing the same color is to shield the bride-to-be from any evil spirits. If the spirits could not decipher who the bride was, no ill fate would befall her." Of course! An old game of confuse the spirits!
But really? We're not quite convinced Kim Kardashian was literally concerned with spirits and ghosts. That is unless it's the spirit ofsex tapes past!
Bad jokes aside, we want to know what's really going on here. Why would Kate Middleton allow herself to be almost trumped by gorgeous sis Pippa in a white gown?
Santor has an explanation, "Royalty is royalty, and the queen often dictates what can be worn to events that she attends," not to mention that, "Most royal bridal parties include young girls and they are dressed in similar material as the bride. Pippa wore white to keep with the royal bridal party." Now that makes sense.
As for the new Mrs. Humphries, "she may have taken a nod from Kate & Will and adopted the trend." And if she wasn't being a copy-Kate, we suspect it had something to do with the newlywed's desire to have all the guests (bridal party or not) match the black and white theme of the evening. Hey, if we were dropping $20 million on a party, we might want everyone to look color coordinated too.
As for your own wedding guest wardrobe, it's best to, "Steer clear of white unless the couple specifically asked you to, out of courtesy," advises the wedding expert. Until the white wedding attire trend sweeps the country, it's best to just toe the line. Case closed!

How to Style Colored Denim? | yohana

Denim Therapy Colored Denim
Colored skinnies have been around the block for while, but as stylish celebs like Heidi Klum and Ashley Green have shown, the candy-colored bottom isn't going anywhere soon. We're glad you want to step out of your style box and pair it with something other than a neutral top. And believe it or not, you don't have to look like a Rainbow Brite groupie to do so. Here are our top three tips to ace the trend with flying colors (excuse the pun, we couldn't resist).
Keep it in the (color) family.
There's a new trend floating around the style set that still feels super fresh. Remember the days when you hated to wear two items of any color that didn't match? Get ready to turn that outdated rule on its head, because combining all manner of shades of a single color is totally en vogue. Say your fave color is purple; we think these eggplant jeans would look sensational with this jazzy bright purple button up and a lavender scarf. Don't believe us? Just check out how blogger Blair Eadie, works an entire look comprised of shades of blue. Or see Sincerely Jules blog for how to style the look with reds. It's creates a fun ombré effect, and looks utterly modern.
• Pick a pattern, any pattern.
Zig-zags, leopard and florals, oh my! A print plus a bright jean? The sartorially shy may quiver, but it's actually incredibly easy to pull off. Just match the shade of your jeans to one of the colors in the pattern. It may seem too busy or bright looking, but trust us it'll make a huge impact. Don't you want to be (or at least appear!) fearless with fashion?
• Block it out—color block that is.
A huge trend at NYFW was colorblocking, and colored skinnies are the perfect way to work the style. Say you've got a pair of red skinnies. We couldn't think of a better top to wear than a bright pink shell. Initially you might think you'd look like a walking valentine, but we swear it's the hottest color pair out there. Just look at style icons Sarah Jessica Parker and Emma Stone if you need more evidence. For more unique color combo inspiration also check out master model and blogger Hanneli's feature on Crayola bright denim.

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Gap Cable-Knit Sweater
Ah, the hazards of a new furry friend. Thankfully there's a quick fix so you can snuggle with the little devil without having to fear for the life of your new cashmere. And even if you don't have a claw-happy feline at home, everyone runs into a pulled thread here and again. Got a needle and a bottle of nail polish? Good, we're in business! Click on the get the simple two steps needed to fix any snag in a snap.

Are you ready for this? It's staggeringly simple. Step 1: Use your needle to push the scraggly bit of thread back through the hole so it's on the underside of the sweater. No needle on hand? Don't worry, we're not the domestic type either! We heardental floss threaders do the trick as well. Also, if you happen to have a small crochet hook lying around (Who are you, Martha Stewart?), it works wonders to get those annoying threads back through the hole.
Step 2: Knot that pesky snag! This will keep the darn thing in place. And just to make sure that sucker doesn't go anywhere, break out theclear nail polish to stop it from unraveling. While dabbing the thread with polish, please be make sure not to get the varnish all over your sweater! Proceed with caution.
Once you're all done, why not touch up your digits with the clear polish? We hear painting a manicure with clear polish every couple days keeps the inevitable chipping at bay!

How to Eliminate Dark Circles? | yohana

Under Eye Treatment
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then puffy, dark under-eye circles are really bad curtains. Dark circles are the worst. The make you look older and rundown, and the bad news is they tend to get worse with age. Now for the good news: you can make them look better...much better! Between home remedies and fabulous new treatments, you can look bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter what you did last night! Check out a few of my favorite treatments for fighting the dark circle battle.
Extra Pillows: Using an extra pillow at night can help prevent fluid from entering your lower eyelids, thus helping to reduce any puffiness. When Bill's asleep I take his pillow.
Philosophy Eye Hope Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream: This intense but delicate under-eye cream reduces puffiness, provides moisture, and is full of antioxidants to fortify against future damage.
Vitamins: According to, increasing your daily intake of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K can lessen the appearance of dark under-eye circles.
Makeup Forever Lift Concealer: Fortified with tensine, an ingredient with skin-firming properties, as well as vitamins A and E, this heavy-duty concealer works wonders on dark circles.
Deravera: Sometimes it feels like there is not enough concealer in the world to cover your dark circles. Well, this may be the cream of youth. It reduces dark circles, increases circulation, and firms the skin under your eyes.
Cold: Grab a frozen steak, a bag of peas, a cooled tea bag, or just a little bag of ice. The cold can help reduce any swelling that causes eyes to look puffy.
Sue Devitt Beauty Bermuda Triangle Undereye Corrector with Orchid Extract: This amazing two-in-one product conceals and moisturizes. The orchid extract keeps the under-eye area hydrated for a wrinkle-free result and the special ingredient, Nylon-12, expands and contracts with facial movements to prevent creasing or cracking.

Is a Fancy Blow Dryer Worth It? | yohana

Misikko Blow Dryer
We feel it's fair to warn you in advance: After you make the splurge and give your lifeless mane up to a top-notch blow dryer, there's no turning back. The feeling of achieving salon-worthy sleekness in your own bathroom is just that good. A little too good, if you ask this dryer-addicted style expert! When it comes to the blow dryer of choice, there is a trifecta of features no gal should be without. It's the Holy Grail of hair that gives miracle results. We chatted up Brian Hunt from Misikko, the one-stop shop for the best hair tools in the beauty biz, to get the full scoop on getting a blow dryer worth the buzz.
We're going to put this in bullet form to keep it as simple as possible—think of it as your luxurious-locks checklist.
1) According to Hunt, "The blow dryer should always have over 2000 wattage of power to ensure you can dry your hair on a lower heat setting but higher speed setting to provide the most shine to your hair while creating minimal damage."
2) "You should always make sure the blow dryer has at least two different speed settings and two different heat settings, since you should be optimizing both the heat and speed during the different stages of drying your hair."
3) And last, but not least, "The latest technology in blow dryers incorporates a ceramic heater with tourmaline crystal lining," says Hunt. So what exactly does this crystal lining do? We thought we signed up for hair care, not New Age crystal healing! The tress expert assures us, "Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that has the ability to produce electricity (negative ions) and far infrared rays naturally. Both the negative ions and infrared rays help lock and seal the moisture in your hair." Color us convinced!

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Halloween Nail Art
Do you have any ideas for fun Halloween nail art? Nothing too complicated please!
Do we have ideas for nail art? Does Kim Kardashian love a bodycon dress? The answer is yes, yes a thousand times yes! We are big fans of kitschy nails around this office, so you've come to the perfect place to get the scoop on the best Halloween manicures. Read on for five ideas for the nail novice that are sure to get you in the spooky spirit.
Candy Corn Nail Art
Candy Corn: It may be the reject candy, but it looks quite adorable in nail art form. First paint your entire nail white, and let it completely dry. Then, paint an orange swath over the top two thirds of your nail. Once the orange has dried, paint the last yellow moon on the top third of your nail. It might take forever, but the results will look good enough to  eat.

Halloween Accent Nail
Accent Nail: This one is for the nail art slacker in all us. It looks like you made an effort, but it isn't really any different than painting your digits normally. Simply pick one nail on each hand to paint a contrast color. Orange andblack are the obvious pairing, but why not try black with a neon green? If you're feeling extra fancy, paint your accent nail with clear nail polish then sprinkle on fine glitter.
Halloween Word Nail
Word Art: We play with words all day, so this one is especially near and dear to our hearts. You can start with any background, and then use anail art pen to spell out any Halloween-themed word across your digits. We love the idea of writing "trick" on one hand and "treat" on the other. Can you say conversation starter?
Ghost Face Nail
Ghost: Rather than attempt to tackle a ghost body, for the nail beginner a little ghostly face is just as nice. Start with a white background and use that handy dandynail pen to paint on all manner of emotions. Why not experiment with a whole range of little phantom faces? It's kind of like Halloween-themed emoticons for your fingers!
Frankenstein Nail Art
Frankenstein: This one is for the more advanced nail artisan, but it was too cute not to include. First give yourself a lime green manicure, and then use a black nail pen to paint little scars across all your nails except for the thumb. Lastly, use your lovely square thumb nail for your Frankenstein face. With the nail pen add some scraggly hair at the top of the nail, add another scar for the mouth, and then lastly do two white dots with black dots in the middle for eyes. We bet Mary Shelley would be into them.

Ideas for Fashion-Themed Halloween Costumes? | yohana

Cher Horowitz
I want a fun Halloween costume that also shows off my passion for fashion. Do you have any ideas?
As we have pointed out before, we have a deep-seated love for Halloween. After all, it's the only time of year when it's quite all right for a grown woman to play dress up! Unfortunately, the adult costume aisle is a bit limiting—sexy cheerleader or naughty nurse? No thank you! We're so over the sort of costumes that require a bikini wax. So why not look to the style world for a little costume inspiration? From fashionable films to iconic tastemakers, read on to get the top five style-inspired looks for fright night.
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly: If there's a single iconic fashion costume out there, it has to be Audrey Hepburn playing Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Thankfully the get-up is as timeless as it is easy to recreate. Have an LBD hanging in your closet? Great! All you need in addition to that is a pair ofblack gloves and a statement necklace with pearls or rhinestones. Bonus points if you can get a hold of a cigarette holder —just as a prop of course! If you have a friend who wants to rock a coordinated costume, have her go as a Tiffany's box. Snag an inexpensivetunic top in Tiffany box blue and carefully use fabric paint to spell out Tiffany & Co. across the chest. Tie your waist with a white ribbon, add some black leggings, and presto! you're a walking version of every girl's dream gift.
Twiggy: The iconic model of the swinging sixties would make a super cute costume. To get the look, you have to first master her signatureeye makeup . The waif was the queen of eyelashes, so have fun breaking out the falsies for this ensemble. The only other elements you need include a moddress and a blonde pixie cut wig.
Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw: Ms. Bradshaw is an institution among the fashion crowd, so donning the famous tutu from the opening sequence is sure to get a nod of approval from style setters. Apparently, Lauren Conrad is on the same page about the cute costume idea, because the former reality star blogged about how to make a DIY version of the skirt. If you're not the crafty type, snag a similar skirt and a pink cami from the mall. Tease out your hair and you're good to go!
Annie Hall
Annie Hall: For the girl who'd sooner stick her head in a bag of eels than wear a pink tutu like Carrie Bradshaw, Annie Hall is the costume for you. Diane Keaton's character went down in fashion history for her androgynous chic look, and you can cop the style with just a few simple pieces you probably already own. A button down collared shirt, wide leg khaki pants and a black vest are staples you can find at any thrift store. Borrow a wide printed tie from your man, and a black floppyhat will complete the tomboy style.

Which Boots to Buy for Fall? | yohana

 Ankle Boots
I want to buy one pair boots this season, and I was wondering which style is the hottest for fall?
Oh baby, do we have a boot for you. They're inspired by the runway and are guaranteed to see you through this season and well in to spring. And these affordable shoes aren't a one-trick pony either; they will take you everywhere from the boardroom to the bar in the blink of an eye. Are you jumping at the bit yet? Well wait no futher, because we rounded up the best versions the web has to offer after the jump!
The ankle boot, or shootie as it is affectionately known in some circles, is officially the most bangin' boot for fall. But we're talking about a very particular type of little boot. This ain't just any bootie off the street. We're not talking about the Vegas bootie with a sky-high stiletto heel and studs down the back. No, this is something much more laid back. This footwear doesn't try so hard and had a downtown-cool-girl vibe to boot. The key elements of this particular shoe include a low stacked and chunky heel. We're talking around two inches maximum—just high enough for the height (and confidence!) boost and just low enough so you can literally run around all day comfortably. The choice material is often suede, but the boot can look just as current in leather.
The best thing about these sweet little Isabel Marant-inspired kicks? The market has just now been flooded with affordable iterations.Sam Edelman offers a sleek option that comes in all the best colors. The ones by DV by Dolce Vita have a handy tab and a slightly higher heel for that extra boost. Naturally, Steve Madden has their own excellent take on the boot with a subtle western spin. Lastly, Aldo offers the least expensive pair that you can snag for under $100.
Of course, a standard pair of riding boots or last season's over-the-knee boot are solid bets, but trust us the low-heel bootie is a total shoe-in for fall's hottest footwear.

What Are the Secrets to Moisturized Winter Skin? | yohana

Winter Skin
With the chilly weather already here, I can already feel my face drying out. Do you have any secrets for how to get the moisture back in my skin? I want to hear something I haven't heard before!
Baby its cold outside, and it's likely your skin is already taking a beating courtesy of Jack Frost. Unfortunately, just like wool sweaters and stacked boots, dry skin is practically a seasonal staple. Humidity levels are plummeting and central heating is pumping out hot, dry air—what's a girl to do? But just because conditions are tough doesn't mean your skin has to suffer through. Here are our top three sneaky ways to banish dry, flaky skin for good!
Back away from the alcohol. Don't worry, we're not advising you to abstain from liquid Christmas cheer—by all means indulge in that spiked egg nog! Rather, it's the alcohol in your beauty products we want you to steer clear of. The harsh ingredient strips away much-needed moisture. Toners and cleansers are the usual suspects in your beauty regimen that contain alcohol. Just check the label and if it lists any type of alcohol (except for cetyl, stearyl or lanolin, which are okay) as an ingredient just stash it until spring.
Invest in a humidifier. As we mentioned, there are a lot of environmental factors that work together to take the moisture out of the air around this time of year. Beat them at their own game (we can't help but personify those nasty elements!) by purchasing ahumidifier for your home. As an extra bonus, the little device will also ease any congested sinuses! If plugging in your humidifier seems cumbersome at the office, add a couple of plants to your desk instead. Plants give off oxygen and moisture—almost 90% of any water you pour into a plant goes back into the atmosphere. Spider plants and bamboo are among the best natural humidifiers.
Take warm, not hot showers. We know nothing sounds better on a cold day than a hot shower, but that steamy shower may be wreaking havoc on your dry skin. If you can bear it, try and lower the temperature just a couple notches, and don't forget to moisturize while you're in there!

Glam Fairy's Sharie Gives Her Two Cents on 2Divine, Alexa's Boyfriend Drama & the Surprise Jingle! | yohana

Glam Fairy, Shari
Hair fairy Sharie Manon is always a voice of reason on Style's new hit show Glam Fairy. In this episode recap, she dishes on Briella's absurd foray into songwriting, Alexa's boy drama and 2Divine's image overhaul.
BRIELLA...THE SONGWRITING FAIRY?: She doesn't know what she wants to do! Taylor Swift can probably teach Briella a thing or two about rhyming. Her delivery is a little too simple; a little to matchy-matchy. Briella, please don't sing ever again. Wow! She needs to pay attention to the person who is sitting at her chair in front of her and not be so swayed by everything that's going on around her.
CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Seeing Alexa catch Briella and Jessica soliciting 2Divine wasn't really awkward for me because I have come to expect, generally, the unprofessional from those two. Just because one says something is a good idea, the other one still needs to use her brain! I hope they understand that Alexa was serious. Alexa is a motivated and driven business woman. She's not going to deal with their nonsense.
ALEXA'S BOYFRIEND POPS IN: I thought it was great that Danny made an appeareance! People want to know and see what's going on in Alexa's personal life. They want to see the softer side. Is she always manic or is there some normal down time? It's good for people to see that.
CROSS TRAINER CATASTROPHE: When you first enter into a relationship like that, there's either a big, giant moose head or a really ugly chair. I personally thought that Alexa overreacted about the cross trainer. But I also now know that she's never lived with anyone and it is difficult to give up your space, but that's just part of a relationship—you have to give and you have to take. I've had my fair share and let's just say my husband does not go into my closet where my shoes are. That's a non-man zone. Bitches only!
JON THE MEDIATOR: Jon knows Alexa better than anyone. But at the same time, it's not about bowing down and appeasing her. Alexa has to understand that a relationship is about giving and taking. I'm not so sure she's great at giving. If she's in a good mood, then everything is great. If she's not, it makes things more complicated.
HER TWO CENTS ON 2DIVINE: I give them a lot of credit. They're well-established in the Christian music circle. To be leaving your fan base or experimenting, that takes a lot. They also singing acapella. I think they will have success. I can see the group changing around. After spending a little bit of time with them, the three girls are kind of growing apart—and I think that's OK. Someone might go solo. Someone might not even do it anymore. It's hard enough to make it, but when you have a fan base and you change it up—that can be really scary!
DEALING WITH RELUNCTANCE: All we can do is give suggestions. We can't make someone do something. You can come and get our opinions, but at the end of the day, if you don't own and wear and believe in it, it does no good. It is hard because 2Divine wanted to be more successful in an industry where image matters a lot. Look at Lady Gaga. Her music really isn't that out there, but it's her image. I think they're going to mature and grow.
RESPONDING TO THE BACKLASH: 2Divine's final outfits were conservative, but they were definitely baby steps. I really liked the red dress that had the leather on the sides. It look really good. To be honest, there was some chatter about how people didn't like their finished looks. People don't understand that 2Divine wanted something different. A lot of people really critiqued us for Yanirey's hair staying curly and in her natural texture. I thought that was interesting because I guess they wanted it to be straight and smooth, and that was the only way they were going to accept it. We really wanted to embrace it and make the most of it. I had the most fun doing their hair.

Which Child Actor from the '80s Is Still Dressing From That Era? | yohana

Remember Hammer pants, those flowy genie trousers made out of the same stuff as these guys? Well they were hot in the '80s, was this actress, actually. Is she perhaps trying to remind us of the good old days, when she and John Stamos ruled the sitcom world, and the Olsen Twins were mere babies? Are we so naive as to think this is all just a big coincidence? Of course not.

Who Broke the Bank? Taylor Swift or Chloë Moretz? | yohana

Chloe Moretz, Taylor Swift
Chloë Moretz and Taylor Swift share an undying love of glitz and glamour, so it's no surprise to see the beauties sparkle in trendy, metallic frocks a couple months apart.
In September, Chloë attended the Calvin Klein Collection dinner in New York City, clad in none other than a Calvin Klein design. The young actress paired the metallic shift with brown strappies and box clutch. Her blond locks and soft rosy lips complemented the champagne dress.
Then in October, Taylor donned a similar Contrarian number at the fragrance launch of Wonderstruck in Glendale, Calif. The country sweetheart sported her usual retro updo, a bright pink lip and silver Jimmy Choo peep-toe pumps. With all of the sparkle and bow embellishment, Taylor kept accessories to a minimum.

Exclusive Discount: Save $15 on European-Esque Eyewear | yohana

BonLook Round Sunglasses
I don't know about you, but I collect sunglasses! But lately, everything in the stores are starting to look the same—in my price point anyway! So, I was excited to lock down this exclusive discount withBonLook , an eyewear company that offers edgy European-style specs (glasses and shades) at fair prices ($70-$149), and when you use our code, you can shave off $15.
They even have a version of those round sunnies that everyone from Julianne Moore to Beyoncé have been spotted  wearing. Not "different" enough for you, they've also got lorgnettes aka "opera glasses." OK, that might be a little bit too extreme. But they do have some cool frames. To make sure they look great on you, you can upload a picture of your face and virtually try them on!

Scarlett Johansson Bares Her Belly In Dolce & Gabbana | yohana

Scarlett Johansson
Let's admit something: Two-pieces aren't easy to wear. There's the potential to look trashy or unintentionally underdressed at a red carpet event (sorry, Gwyneth).
But if there's anyone who can dare to bare her midriff and still look upscale, it's Scarlett Johansson, and that's exactly what she did for the premiere of We Bought a Zoo in New York City.
Scarlett paired the textured Dolce & Gabbana ensemble with a black belt, Fred Leighton snake bracelet and vintage diamond earrings, and Jimmy Choo ankle-strap sandals. Even though she showed a bit of tummy, the outfit's sweetheart neckline and high-waisted below-the-knee skirt kept the actress from looking scandalous.
Even her back-to-blond strands were swept back into a rockabilly updo, keeping her look fabulously retro from head-to-toe. Not only do we love the look, we're glad our girl's got her light locks back—Scarlett looked good as a redhead, but she's such a quintessential blonde!

Style Scene: mystyle Checks Into the Hello Kitty Suite! | yohana

Hello Kitty Suite
They say nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. We'd like to add one more: A girl does not outgrow Hello Kitty. As if walking through a Sephora and stopping to play with the limited-editionHello Kitty Noir beauty collection wasn't enough to get us giddy (the fragrance is to-die-for!), we were invited to take a peek at the Hello Kitty suite at the Maison 140 hotel in Beverly Hills last week, which was developed to fête the old Hollywood-inspired line. Get. Ready. To. Be. Jealous!
Hello Kitty Suite
We were greeted at the door by H.K. herself. Yes—as one of the mystyle editors noted—"there's a person in there," but that definitely didn't stop us from feeling like a little girl again. She, er, it (all right, could've been a "he") even took us up to the room inside a compact old school elevator.
Formally the residence of silent film star Lillian Gish, the decor of the luxury boutique hotel complemented the black-white-with pops of red theme of the H.K. collection. It was incredible to see every little detail, from the bedding and window treatments right down to the knobs on the vanity and trash bin in the bathroom, emblazoned with the iconic character. We wished we could move in!
Sephora & Sanrio sweepstakes winners will stay at the H.K. suite for a night through Friday. But the hotel is offering an H.K. package for the month of December. The first 50 guests to book the Mandarin room (not the H.K. suite, to clarify) will get perks that include the oversized Hello Kitty Noireyeshadow-and-lip gloss palette (a $180 value), H.K. Noir cocktail and a lovely breakfast for two.
Can't make it to Southern California this winter? You can always bring the glam H.K. boudoir to you by decorating your personal makeup station with Hello Kitty Noir products. Just take inspiration from the real thing below.

Lindsay Lohan Gets a Li'l Catty for Court | yohana

Lindsay Lohan

In not-so-shocking news,  Lindsay Lohan returned to court this morning. This is the umpteenth time (this year!) the troubled star has been in and out of the L.A. courthouse—seriously, she must have her lawyer on speed dial. And at this morning's quick 10-minute meeting with the judge, the actress went neutral all the way—fashion wise, of course.
The babe teamed an ivory cardi with khaki high-waist pants and matching pumps. She covered up her peepers, yet again, with a pair of beige sunnies. The fashionista, then, stepped into the wild side by sporting a leopard-print handbag. The blonde seems to finally be acing courtroom style—it's about time! After all, she's like a courthouse pro.
We approve of LiLo's sophisticated yet chic ensemble. But we have to wonder, did her honor approve? And let's just hope her style streak continues into the next year.

Which Star Went to the Holocaust Museum in a Prison-Esque Jumpsuit? | yohana

Dui, Guess Who
Let's see, let's see...what to wear the premiere of a film about the Serbian conflict...a premiere that is being co-sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial Museum? Do we wear a dress? No. Pants? No. How about a prison jumpsuit? Oh my gosh, of course! Why didn't we think to attend a movie about genocide while wearing a colorless one-piece outfit that invokes death camps? When we went to that movie premiere cosponsored by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, all we wore was a dress with some jewelry. Boy, do we feel silly now.

Kanye West Wins In Our Top Style Showdown of 2011! | yohana

Kanye West, Jessica Simpson
At the risk of inflating Kanye West's already large ego, the winner of our No. 1 Style Showdown of the year is none other than the Louis Vuitton Don himself. The high fashion-conscious rapper, who famously spits "What's that jacket, Margiela?" (that's Maison Martin Margiela, for those who don't know) in his latest smash with Jay-Z, dared to wear a designer women's blouse for his performance at Coachella back in April—and he made it work!
The women's blouse in question was a silky Celine printed shirt that he left mostly unbuttoned to bare his toned chest. (Cocky, much?) We were especially impressed by how masterfully the musician accessorized the piece, layering on a gold multichain necklace and rocking colorful bracelets that complemented the top on each wrist.
For that reason, he beats out Jessica Simpson, who stepped out in New York City the following month in the same shirt but in a green color scheme that appeared to be two sizes too big. Granted, Jessica isn't really competition for most women. But that doesn't negate the fact that Kanye totally rocked the heck out of the blouse.

* Anna Paquin, Katie Cassidy guess! Who Broke the Bank? Their outfits look similar, but one's worth more! * Miley Cyrus rate! Shout-Out Look who caught our eye on the red carpet! * Tia Mowry gawk! Baby, I'm a Star! Trace the style evolution of Tia Mowry! 12 Days of Red Dresses — #11: Embellished Thu., Dec. 15, 2011 4:00 PM PST by Emily Krauser Kristin Cavallari Look, we're about as surprised to see Kristin Cavallari in a mini as we were to hear that she got back together with fiancé Jay Cutler (translation: not at all). Then again, we're fine with this predictability. Why, you ask? Because the girl can wear the short frocks. >>>REWIND: Get to Know Kristin The former reality star hit up November's Immortals premiere in Los Angeles in a short-sleeve maroon Mimi Plange number. The "destroyed" fabric gave the dress an interesting red-and-black marbled effect, and the beaded bodice only kicked the frock's cool factor up a notch. >>>RELATED: Bold Beauty We love that Kristin kept her hair pulled back to focus attention on not only the dress, but her dark smoky eye and Hellmuth drop earrings. The future football wife finished off the smoldering look with Sergio Rossi pumps and a M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza ring. The fun vibe is just one of many reasons Kristin's ruby dress made our list this year. Check back tomorrow to find out who's #10! * Angelina Jolie * Kristin Cavallari * Jennifer Lawrence * Penelope Cruz * Selena Gomez * America Ferrera * Dita Von Teese * Ashley Greene * * * * Email * Print * Share * Link * Add your comment Categories: celebrity , kristin cavallari , celebrity fashion , dresses , Fashion , holiday , red dresses Photo by: Jeffrey Mayer/ Video: Glamo's Tips on How to Get Celebrity Style Thu., Dec. 15, 2011 1:00 PM PST by Staff In the video above, Glam Fairy's fashion extraordinaire Glamo offers tips on how to dress like a star no matter what your budget. Another reason to watch? A2 and Jessica serve as his lovely models! Want more of Glamo's style secrets, then make sure you catch an all-new episode of Glam Fairy this Sunday night at 8/7c on Style! * * * * Email * Print * Share * Link * Add your comment Categories: celebrity fashion , glamo , video , Fashion , fashion and style Photo by: Jeffrey Mayer/ Sofia Vergara Enchants in David Meister at Golden Globes Awards Nominations | yohana

Sofia Vergara
Last night, Sofia Vergara had the honor of announcing the Golden Globe Awards nominations in Beverly Hills. We couldn't think of a better person to do this job—have you seen how hilarious she is on Modern Family? And the gal not only did the gig right, but she also looked the part.
Even though the babe always sports formfitting minis, this time the gal opted for an ivory ladylike frock by David Meister. She teamed her event-appropriate dress with go-to nude pumps.
However, the gal made sure to add a splash of color by wearing turquoise Tresor drop earrings. Her usual long, loose hairdo completed the look.
And not only did the gal give the good news to her peers, she even snagged a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-series or TV Movie—congrats!

Red Dresses | yohana

Kristin Cavallari
Look, we're about as surprised to see Kristin Cavallari in a mini as we were to hear that she got back together with fiancé Jay Cutler (translation: not at all). Then again, we're fine with this predictability. Why, you ask? Because the girl can wear the short frocks.

The former reality star hit up November's Immortals premiere in Los Angeles in a short-sleeve maroon Mimi Plange number. The "destroyed" fabric gave the dress an interesting red-and-black marbled effect, and the beaded bodice only kicked the frock's cool factor up a notch.

We love that Kristin kept her hair pulled back to focus attention on not only the dress, but her dark smoky eye and Hellmuth drop earrings. The future football wife finished off the smoldering look with Sergio Rossi pumps and a M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza ring.