Q&A with Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank | Hollywood yohana

Just days before the highly anticipated premiere of part two of season three of The Hills, FASHION sat down with The Hills Aftershow hosts Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank to discuss the upcoming episodes, their fashionable lives and what they’re wearing this spring.
Are you two as excited for the new eps as we are?

Jessi: Yeah! Dan: There’s not much that we know, though. Usually we’ve seen a couple of episodes and know what’s going on, but they’re really not giving us anything. Jessi: We’re going in starting from scratch like everybody else, which is really exciting.
What are you most interested in seeing, from what we know from the trailer?
Dan: Well, Lauren and Whitney go to Paris to work with the Crilleon Debutante Ball, which should be, I’m hoping, a funny situation. I think there may be a problem with them not being famous over there. I don’t think [Parisians] really care. I think it might be the first situation that Lauren’s been in outside of the States where no one thinks she’s a big deal. Just seeing how that plays out…I think a lot of the show at this point is based on the fact that she’s now a celebrity. Jessi: Then there’s the Brody Jenner twist. I think it will become more clear what they were before, because they were never together, they were just friends, but they were making out. I think Lauren’s reaction to Brody having a girlfriend will be very telling.
Lauren’s new roommate, Lo, recently said that Lauren should be dating former Laguna Beacher Stephen Colletti. Thoughts?
Dan: I think Lauren should find someone outside of The Hills and Laguna Beach. Jessi: I think if she were to stay in that realm, Stephen would be the best for her, but I agree, she needs someone new.
Enough about The Hills – let’s talk about you two! How has your style changed since becoming successful television hosts?
Dan: I always liked to dress up. I respect the fashion world. Jessi: You know, you’re on TV and you can do some weird things with clothes. They won’t necessarily look good, but I’m willing to take that risk and learn from it.
What are your favourite shopping destinations?
Jessi: We have an amazing seamstress here, so I now have the luxury of going to Kensington Market or 69 Vintage and finding something and having her tailor it. Dan: Marc by Marc Jacobs is the one place that I know, if I go, I will always find something. Might not be able to afford it, but I’ll be able to find something and like it. New York and London, I visit all the time and I think in terms of fashion, particularly men’s fashion, they are up there. I cannot be more vocal about the state of men’s fashion in Canada. Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow from Bustle, and Philip Sparks are both doing a great job at making Canadian men’s fashion a little more progressive and European.
What are you dying to pull out of the closet once spring finally gets here?
Jessi: Footwear. I don’t even have socks – I have six pairs of socks and I don’t want to buy more ’cause I think the snow is going to melt. I can’t wait to show my little feet, ’cause I have cute feet. I’m looking forward to gladiator sandals. I’ll definitely buy a couple of pairs of those. Dan: I’m really into a cropped pant for summertime. I’m not really into shorts, because I’ve always had the weird view that my legs are too hairy. Maybe you can judge? What do you think?
We think you’re OK. They’re manly!
Dan: ’Cause I think they can get really offensive. So, cropped or cuffed pants without socks, with really great low-top suede loafers.
OK, maybe one more Hills-related question! What are your opinions on the Spencer-directed Heidi Montag video?
Jessi: I think it was the least sexy thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I felt a lot of secondary embarrassment watching it. I don’t think I ever actually saw the entire thing. Dan: I’ve been thinking of a polite way to handle the situation. It’s just…If that’s what you’re going to release, then why release anything? “I’m just trying to make it” is what Heidi said. But that’s not the way to launch a career. It almost looks like the beginning of a sex tape.


The Stay: Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver | Hollywood yohana

The Olympics may be over, but the feverish rash of hotels and restaurants are here to stay in the city that was once all mountains and granola, but is now more known for its vibrant foodie scene and growing list of luxe accommodations. The latest five-star to enter the posh pillow list is the Fairmont Pacific Rim (fairmont.com/pacificrim) where I got to escape to for a night during a recent sojourn on the West Coast. Now, I’m not much of a nature girl, but the first thing that strikes even the most hard-hearted of urbanites is the stunning unobstructed views of the North Shore Mountains, Stanley Park and Coal Harbour.
The Pacific Rim’s schtick (there are 3 other Fairmont properties already in the city) is a West-coast-meets-Asia vibe in honour of B.C.’s spot on, well, the Pacific Rim—get it?!—and they manage to pull it off with nary a cheesy tea light in sight. Everything from the décor—lots of wood, stone and airy spaces, complete with not-hitting-you-over-the head images of B.C. throughout—to the menu—marquee restaurant Oru features a smorgasbord of pan-Asian dishes, and there is a raw bar in the lobby—is a thoughtful blend of Canadiana and Asian chic. The 15,000 square foot Willow Stream spa, with cozy blankets and a stone fireplace feels like your rich friend’s cottage, and the treatments—like the oh-so-Canadian Great Canadian Facial or the Maple Sweet Body Treat include access to a private 2,500 square foot outdoor deck with meditation pods, cabanas, and Jacuzzis. (Well, actually, the outdoor deck wasn’t built yet when I was there but I could see the construction workers and they were working really, really hard!). Insider tip? Book a room on one of the Fairmont Gold floors. With a price difference of as little as $100 a night, Fairmont Gold offers a private check-in, an exclusive lounge with free newspapers, magazines and internet access, concierge and butler services, an everything-you-could-wish-for breakfast buffet, canapés over cocktail hour and free transportation in the downtown core.


Kate Middleton looks Olympic-ready in a blue Stella McCartney shift dress | Hollywood yohana

Our favourite royal was out and about this morning, visiting the National Portrait Gallery for the opening of an Olympic-themed photography exhibit. (A perfect event, considering that Kate’s both a patron of the gallery and an Olympic ambassador.) The pieces included commissioned photographs of Britain’s athletes getting ready for this summer’s games, a picture of Kate herself with the GB field hockey team and perhaps best of all, a photo of David Beckham sleeping topless. Proving that she does indeed let the occasion at hand determine her style, Kate was wearing a shift dress by Stella McCartney in a shade of blue that looks like it was plucked right off McCartney’s Team GB uniforms. But that wasn’t her only Olympic nod: Kate’s statement necklace—a Cartier Trinity necklace from her own wardrobe—was apparently worn thanks to its similarity with the Olympic rings. Oh, what other sartorial goodies will Kate bring out while attending the games in the coming weeks? We’ll keep you posted.


Twihards join Degrassi kids, Fefe Dobson and Bella’s dad at the New Moon premiere | Hollywood yohana


Team Edward and Team Jacob came out for premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon at Toronto’s Winter Garden Theatre last night. The crowd ranged from tweens in kitten heels and crinolines (Suri Cruise in five years) to TwiMoms in satin and sequins. The accessory of the evening wasn’t sparkly jewels reminiscent of Edward’s sun-touched skin, but feathered headpieces that were more posh than goth. But back to the boys!
See photos from the New Moon premiere after the jump.

Sasha Valsamis, a fan who’s read the books a few times, said emphatically, “Team Edward all the way, because he’s really hot.” While she admitted to being into Harry Potter than Twilight, Degrassi: The Next Generation’s Charlotte Arnold was firmly on Team Jacob: “I like vampires, but I’ve had my fill of Robert Pattinson, he’s everywhere, and werewolves are cool.”
Adding further star power to the premiere were Billy Burke (Charlie Swan, Bella’s dad) and Justin Chon (Bella’s friend Eric), who spoke to the audience about their experiences working on the Twilight series. Burke let everyone in on the joke that resulted in the mustache he sports in the films, and showed little fear of fan backlash when he noted that he still hasn’t read the Stephenie Meyer bestsellers. The stylish Chon, who spends his time off-set at his two shoe stores, joked that in the third film we can look forward to more of his cafeteria scenes.
No stranger to premieres, Canadian actress Natalie Brown, whose first viewing of Twilight was just last week, was excited to see how the film would “shape up” prompting much tittering about Taylor Lautner’s abs. And yes, when they made their first appearance the crowd did cheer, though the camera’s first slow motion pan of Edward got considerable more noise, answering which team comprised a majority of the audience.
The fun of the film over, guests mingled over cocktails and snacks, while playing armchair critic. The evening ended with Band of Skulls playing their track from the New Moon soundtrack–just the kind of music a moody Bella would love.


Inside Saturday night’s PARKSHOW: Calgary’s hottest up-and-coming designers step it up on the well-dressed runway | Hollywood yohana

After months of buzz and a few blizzards, Calgary’s top fashion and arts non-profit organization, PARK (Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture), threw its fourth annual PARKSHOW event to a sold-out crowd of over 350 people at the contemporary Palliser South Tower on Saturday night.
With a mentality to match the Mercedes-Benz Start Up program (plug alert: we’re scouting in Edmonton this year), PARK routinely pulls in a substantial fashion-savvy audience (this time, the demand for tickets was so high it warranted a second night’s showcase) and offers emerging designers a well-dressed runway to showcase their designs at no cost.
“As an emerging designer, one of the biggest challenges is to get the best possible exposure while working with a very limited budget,” says Aleem Arif of Bano eeMee, whose Gucci-inspired jackets had us drooling. “For me personally, PARKSHOW has provided an opportunity to network and connect with other amazing people who really care about what I do.” A few more stand-outs from an altogether inspiring and upscale two-part show was Saskatchewan-native, and now Calgary-based designer Rebecca King, as well as bags and scarves from Hoakon + Helga and asymmetrical designs from KARA by PARK’s own president and our March issue It girl, Kara Chomistek.
Hanging artwork from 16 local artists pieced together this year’s event theme of “Fragmented Geometry.” Next to PARK’s characteristically cool brigade of stylish and ladylike organizers, Calgary sure does look like one pretty young thing.


Inside Fashion’s Night Out’s pre-party in Vancouver: Jason Matlo’s stellar fall showcase, stylish partygoers and more! | Hollywood yohana

Vancouver announced it’s coming out of the closet and into the streets and stores to throw its own official Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) on September 6 of this year. The invite for the launch-come-fashion show decreed “afternoon elegance” as the dress code to suit the Shangri-La Hotel location, and most attendees obliged.
At the press conference, details of the event were announced by Vancouver Fashion Showcase, the licensed local organizer of the global initiative instigated in 2009 by Anna Wintour, and advisory team Alexandra Suhner Isenberg of Searching for Style and designer Jason Matlo. The September event is expected to include the participation of 90-some fashion and beauty retailers, as well as restaurants.

Since press conferences aren’t exactly titillating, there were pre-cocktails and an après fashion show for Matlo’s Fall 2012 collection (he’ll show his Spring 2013 collection on the evening of FNO). Guests that heel-shuffled from lobby to front row of the outdoor runway included actress Carly Pope, stylist Leila Bani, and FASHION Style Panel contributors Alicia Quan of Alicia Fashionista and Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess. Fittingly, some of Matlo’s black over white lace overlays seemed to create a cityscape outline. Perhaps that’s what we’ll wear to shop till we drop come September.


Get ready to squeal: We’re obsessed with the sartorial style of Logan, a toy-poodle gentlepup | Hollywood yohana

Local gentlepup Logan is a toy-poodle with some extreme sartorial savvy, showcased on his lifestyle and fashion blog, Logan’s Look. Take this post with a grain of salt or, heck, an entire saltshaker, but his blog is genius. Wearing a mix of children’s clothing and doggywear, Logan (with the help of owner Julianna Le) puts together some super stylish outfits that would look just as good on any two-legged companion.
He also has a penchant for Canadiana, often posing in Hudson’s Bay Company signature stripes as well as wearing a denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedo. The best part, though, is that this puppy offers clever, informed fashion advice that all men (dog or human) should follow.


Love, Loss and What I wore | Hollywood yohana

I confess that when I first got the invite to the Toronto premiere of Love, Loss and What I Wore (Panasonic Theatre, 651 Yonge St., lovelossonstage.ca), I was scared. Awash in bad Vagina Monologues flashbacks (I’m sorry. Hi. That play sucked) and memories of my years as an ever-empowered 1990s feminist undergrad, I was worried that I was in for a long night of cloying female bonding and treacle-y ra ra lady feel-good times. I was very pleasantly  surprised. The fact that Nora Ephron and her sister Delia are the writers behind this alternately funny and touching show (based on a book by Ilene Beckerman) about women’s life stories—all built around scrapbook tales of pieces of clothing, the bra, the prom dress, the Kelly bag—should have been my first clue that the right note was going to be struck.  Performed by five actresses who all sit on the stage consulting scripts as needed, the show’s current Toronto cast includes a perky Paula Brancati (Degrassi, Being Erica), Sharron Matthews, Mary Walsh–yes, that Mary Walsh—and the always-classy Louise Pitre, who all turned in solid performances. But my favourite was funny girl Andrea Martin, who could make even the most basic of lines giggle-worthy. The current cast will perform until August 7. The new cast, which includes Cynthia Dale, Wendy Crewson and Degrassi‘s Lauren Collins, performs from August 10 to September 4.


The culture club: Top 6 things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon | Hollywood yohana

The work week is over, weekend chores are done, and if you’re one to engage in festive merrymaking on Saturday evenings, Sunday afternoons are usually reserved for repose. However, with the promise of summer sunshine peaking out from just around the bend, Fellow Culturite and intern at The Society Global, Nicole Schaeffer, has recommended her leisurely activities to get you off the couch and out of the house!
An occasional serving of even the trashiest, most self-indulgent, excessive of tabloids can be a healthy break from navigating through office memos and monstrous reply-all threads. Spending an afternoon cloistered in a book shop is a fine way to spend a rainy Sunday. Honestly, is there anything better than cracking the spine of an unopened book? If you’re looking for something meatier than US Weekly, Culturites are currently reading Vicky Ward’s chronicle of the end of Lehman Brothers, The Devil’s Casino.
One part childhood nostalgia mixed with one part sangria seems to equate to an afternoon of juvenile delights. Delving into some basement boxes should yield a variety of options to engage in a round of board games with buds. Remember Gumdrop Mountain from Candy Land? Or Miss Scarlett from Clue? In fact, we spent last Saturday night (and early Sunday morning) playing Trivial Pursuit at Julie’s Snack Bar (202 Dovercourt Rd., 416-532-7397, juliescuban.) over a feast of Cuban food and mojitos!
Two is the new four where wheels are concerned, and what could be more happy-go-lucky than a breezy spin through our urban playground? Picture it now: the wind in your hair, cute linen pedal pushers, and a jaunty smile on your face. So carefree and so laidback, you are perfectly insouciant and the envy of all those suckers getting around on foot. Check out the stylish Batavus bikes we covered last week.
With its vintage style electric sign and manually-updated marquee, an afternoon spent in the darkness of The Royal cinema (608 College St., 416-466-4400, theroyal.to) will transport you to a more classic era of refinement in film. The theatre showcases a variety of indie and art flicks that you aren’t likely to encounter anywhere else in the city. This weekend, check out the Ryerson University Film Festival (imagearts.ryerson.ca/ruff), which showcases the work of the school’s crop of graduating filmmakers.
What could be better than combining two things as wonderful as finger foods and the great outdoors? Leisurely snacking on a cozy blanket while gazing up at lush summertime foliage in Trinity Bellwoods or High Park is guaranteed to alleviate stress and induce dreamy contentment. Menu suggestions include crusty baguette, soft cheese, grapes, potato salad, sliced tomato with feta and basil, and a sparkling beverage of your choosing. We love to hit St. Lawrence market on a Saturday to stock up for the weekend on yummy tapas and family-style goodies!
With beach volleyball courts as far as the eye can see, sandy toes, a sunburned nose and the tune of the ice cream trucks wafting in the background, a day at The Beach is truly a little slice of heaven. Treat yourself to a languid stroll down the promenade and have a little frolic barefoot and fancy free while chasing some gulls across the shoreline. There’s also an abundance of public tennis courts should you want to showcase your athletic prowess. We recommend doing so in a white pleated mini with pink sweatbands so that even if your backhand isn’t up to snuff, you’ll at least be the most stylish player on the court.


Gallery: Natalie Portman and Lisa Kudrow at Love and Other Impossible Pursuits | Hollywood yohana


Natalie Portman (in bright pink Lanvin) and Lisa Kudrow were in Toronto yesterday for the world premiere of Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. Check out our red carpet pics after the jump.


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By now, stripes have become just about as neutral as a white T-shirt, with everyone embracing the once sailor-specific look into their everyday wardrobes. With such popularity, the Toronto summer streets were just ripe for the stripe pickin’. Check out 38 of our favourite takes.


Confessions of a fashion girl: Everything P’Trique ever says has been said by someone I know in the last week | Hollywood yohana

You know when people were like “I don’t relate to Girls,” and you were like “You’re lying”? Well that’s how I’ll feel if anyone tries to make it seem like they haven’t said at least four of the things that P’Trique (a.k.a. the genius behind the “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” video series) has ever said, specifically his latest (and I think funniest!), “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say on the Internet.” Case in point: 1. “Let’s get his last name so we can lurk his profile.” 2. “Oh, untag untag untag.” 3. “How do we feel about bangs?” 4. “I only use hashtags ironically.” You’re #totesptrique and it’s #totesokay because so are Leandra Medine a.k.a Man Repeller and Rebecca Black, who both star in his latest spoof video alongside Toronto gal Jenny Fancy. Watch this and tell us you’re not #totesdying.


Nail Corner: 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year manicures! | Hollywood yohana

Happy New Year! There’s a definite sparkly obsession happing in the halls of FASHION this week—and what better way to ring in 2012 than with a glitter-packed manicure? From frosty-blue glitters to a multi-dimensional Texas-inspired mani, these sparkling designs will keep the focus on your fingers even after the ball drops.


Confirmed! Lana Del Rey’s new H&M ads are happening and they are stunning | Hollywood yohana

Just last month, we reported on rumours that Lana Del Rey had been tapped as the newest face for H&M, and already the Swedish retail giant has both confirmed the rumours and released images of the retro-inspired campaign.

Del Rey’s self-described “ghetto Nancy Sinatra” style is at its best in the ads, which feature the chanteuse in a powder pink angora sweater, peach skinnies, art deco drop earrings and her signature combo of a Barabella bouffant and ‘60s-esque makeup.
“The mood is very L.A. noir,” Donald Schneider, H&M’s creative director, told WWD. “It’s inspired by our fall collection.”
The theme of the campaign is “a modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude,” said Chloe Bowers, H&M’s PR Manager, to Grazia Daily, adding that the collection focuses on curves, knitwear, tweed and powder tones.
On top of the Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin–snapped campaign, a minifilm of Del Rey performing the Roy Orbison classic “Blue Velvet” will be released on hm.com on September 19 to celebrate the new collection, with edited versions running as TV ads afterwards. The singer-turned-fashion-It-girl will appear in front of the lens for the retailer’s winter campaigns as well.


The Choupette scoop! Our hilarious (and informative) interview with Karl’s enviable kitty | Hollywood yohana

After Karl Lagerfeld shared news of his new kitten Choupette back in January, and later went on to allude to her life of riches (“She has lunch and dinner with me on the table, with her own food. She doesn’t want to eat on the floor. She sleeps under a pillow and she even knows how to use an iPad. She has two personal maids, for both night and day.”), the fashion world became obsessed with the sure-to-be-Chanel-clad kitty, with V Magazine even giving her a starring role in a fashion spread for an upcoming issue alongside Laetitia Casta. Then came the popularity of the Twitter account, Choupette’s Diary, fueling the insatiable need to know what the kitty does with her spare time. While she wouldn’t dare reveal the extent of her daily activities (“I understand the human fascination with my life but a feline needs her privacy,” she says), she did deign to answer some of our Qs regarding her former owner Baptiste Giabiconi, the new Chanel bag named for her and more.

How was starring in your first photo shoot? Are you a natural poseur?
I’m always ready for my close-up, dahhhling.
What’s your favourite thing to do with daddy?
Daddy & my relationship is one filled with mutual respect and long in-depth intellectual conversations.
Do you like your name, Choupette? Would you have maybe preferred Harlech?
There is no point in discussing something beyond one’s control.
How do you feel about dogs?
Dirty, vile creatures they are.
Do you identify with your namesake bag?
It is MY namesake bag now, isn’t it?
What is your favourite toy?
Toys are trivial nuisances.
Do you miss Baptiste just a little?
Long gone are those days from my memory but, should I seek counselling in the future, I’m sure a therapist will dig up such longing feelings.
You like one of your maids more than the other one, right? Be truthful.
I prefer neither as they equally suit my needs.
Can you ever see designing in your future?
Once I am at the proper age, should being a muse become a bore, it is an endeavour I will take on.


On the eve of No Doubt’s comeback, we look back at Gwen and the band’s top 10 fashion moments (bindis, braces and all!) | Hollywood yohana

If you were a girl growing up in the ’90s, chances are you were nearly as obsessed with Gwen Stefani and her ska-punk band No Doubt as we were (and I say nearly because I actually had a No Doubt fan club, gang handshake, album-touting policy and all). Stefani was (and is) the ultimate female role model: she rolled with the boys, created girl-empowering anthems and made it okay to have off-kilter, zany style, leading tons of Stefani-clones as she blazed from one look to another. My fan club may have broken up 12 years ago, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t still incredibly excited to hear Stefani and the boys were making a comeback, one that’s well underway now that their latest single “Settle Down” has just been released.
Making a new club in honour of their comeback is probably out of the question (we just don’t have the same amount of free time that our tween selves had), but we can pay tribute to the always-stylish Stefani and her boys by counting down their top 10 fashion moments!


Which spring trend are you most excited to try? | Hollywood yohana

March11 spring trends poll

From vibrant striping to larger-than-life florals, the spring 2011 runways covered all the bases of style. Which are YOU most excited to try?


One fine photo: Photographed by Chris Nicholls for FASHION’s February 1989 issue | Hollywood yohana

One fine photo: Photographed by Chris Nicholls for FASHION’s February 1989 issue

“Many of the interesting shapes featured in this photograph are duplicated,” says FASHION’s current art director, Maarten Sluyter. “The model’s hair mimics the volume of her skirt, and the V shapes are repeated. There’s a lot of contrast in this image—it’s stark white and jet black with very little grey. It makes me think of classic Man Ray or Herb Ritts photography. The model’s pose has a timeless, sculptural quality—it’s graceful, almost ballerina-like. Here, form takes the spotlight.”