22 Prada shoe close-up photos that beg the question: How do you really feel about the toe/thong/sock/platform? | Hollywood yohana

Prada Spring 2013 Thong Sock Shoes

It’s been a whole 24 hours since Miuccia Prada took her faith in the ugly-chic to its farthest extent, unleashing a Rei Kawakubo meets Mary Quant meets Marc Jacobs meets Marimekko hybrid collection accessorized with leather toe thong sock platforms at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013. We’re still processing how we feel. Maybe we’re just finding a way to like the shoes because it feels bad to say anything bad about Prada. (It’s like; you’d never call your mom ugly, right?) Often with dear Miuccia, it takes a little while for eyes to adjust to her prophetic stylings (monkeys on stripes on poof sleeves? Hey!) but these little guys seem to be the first widely-disliked items Miuccia Prada has made in quite some time.

It can’t be the toe divider alone that makes us so uncomfortable; after all, the Margiela version has been widely loved for seasons. It can’t be the silver sheen either; after all, tis destined to be one of the definitive colours of Spring 2013. So what is it then? The ribbon bows? The cacophonous clash of it all? Is it that you really just want to just sing the “Thong Song” but don’t think its appropriate? To help us sort out why we hate/hate-love the shoes, we’ve provided 22 photos of the monsters in question. Flip through and tell us what you think.


Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: We spot Ulyana Sergeenko, Anna Dello Russo and plenty of brights outside Dolce & Gabbana and more | Hollywood yohana

Ulyana Sergeenko Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 Intro

We hope you had a relaxing weekend, because we have more enticing photos from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 to start off your Monday. Our photographer Stefania Yarhi was busy scouring the streets of Milan over the weekend to bring you the best street style she could find from the trenches of Fashion Week.
As always, Anna Dello Russo hit the fashion mark in not one but two different outfits outside the shows this weekend. Wearing an embroidered floral sweater by Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2012 collection on route to see what the duo had in store for next season, Anna Dello Russo quickly swapped into a gold and black dress while talking to a fan in a T-shirt emblazoned with “Dello Russo 01” on the back (New York’s les plus dorés’ fashion team jerseys have obviously spurred a jersey trend).

Meanwhile, the always dollike Russian photographer-come-designer, Ulyana Sergeenko also seemed to have literally stopped traffic with her beautiful Dior New Look-esque black gown, as she stood in the street while numerous photographers flocked to capture her look.
Yarhi’s lens caught lots of colour in Milan with British Vogue’s Francesca Burns and blogger Susie Bubble adding pops of red, orange and yellow to their wardrobes. And could it be? Yes, we believe Yarhi snapped a photo of legendary model Beverly Johnson outside the shows, looking like she hasn’t aged at all, and as graceful as ever. Confirmation pending!


Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: 23 shots of fall-ready toques, fur and leather on the rise | Hollywood yohana

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style Intro

Stripes, toques and leather oh my! With Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 winding down and Paris next in line, photographer Stefania Yarhi caught the tail end of eccentric street styles in and around the shows.
With the weather not quite down to chilly temps just yet, Yarhi’s lens captured fall trends already in full swing. The fashion crowd stayed warm outside shows in denim, leather and fur, all the while being trumped by a brilliant forest green leather jacket and pink pant combo worn by none other than street style queen Anna Dello Russo.

The fashion set even seemed ready for the Canadian winter, donning toques atop effortlessly messy hair. Bold and abstract prints re-appeared, but stripes seemed to be de rigueur for the fashion crowd, who has already got next spring’s biggest trends on the mind. While casting agent Natalie Joos wore stripes from head-to-toe in a long multi-coloured dress, the pattern was spotted all over, from cardigans to flats and beyond.


Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013: 5 trends sure to make it into your closet next season | Hollywood yohana

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2013

As Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 comes to an end, it’s obvious who the key players are in influencing what will dictate the top trends of Spring 2013. The pieces you once thought were only Fall/Winter specific (ie. fur and leather)? Designers are very loudly telling you otherwise. In Milan this season, it looks as if designers have collectively developed a “go big or go home” philosophy with their use of fabrics, hefty embellishments and mannish silhouettes.
The truth lies in Paris where the Spring 2013 collections will get their final verdict. Certain trends that have dominated New York, London and Milan have obviously secured their spot next season but it will be interesting to see the Parisian approach to Spring 2013. As of now, it’s clear what direction fashion is headed in, but you never know what those French masters have up their sleeves—don’t start pulling out the leather and stripes yet, Paris may throw us for a curveball.
See the Milan Spring 2013 trends now



Photo shoot: Designers have turned up the volume for fall with broader shoulders, wider sleeves and boxier cuts | Hollywood yohana

Photo shoot: Power station

Size matters for Fall 2012; volume has been turned up and proportions maximized. Boxier silhouettes, broad shoulders, and architectural layers come together to create striking visuals in our October issue.
On the runways, we saw Comme Des Garçons create a whole new body shape (think: human gingerbread man), Mugler restructured the peplum to add some renewed intrigue to the trend, and Pheobe Philo for chose to supersize her collection for Celine with coats of epic proportions.

In light of the recent rumours that Lady Gaga has gained a few pounds, the Fame Monster showed up in Paris in a two dimensional Comme Des Garcons dress. The dress gives Lady Gaga a completely new type, (see: gingerbread man) which doesn’t give onlooking eyes a chance to play the did she or did she not gain weight game. Since this look is about as extreme as volume can go and we’re not all Gaga, our Style Panel showed how a regular gal can embrace the look too.
So when it comes to getting dressed this autumn, don’t think outside of the box, wear it instead.


Karl Lagerfeld has some more opinions he’d like you to know about, but thankfully these ones are all fashion related | Hollywood yohana


Karl Lagerfeld knows what he likes. And he really knows what he doesn’t like. In a recent interview for the relaunch of M Magazine—which was initially published from 1983 to 1992—the Kaiser chatted about his personal grooming (he’s had his signature ponytail for 35 years) and his very specific allergies (hint: it’s not medical).
What doesn’t Karl Lagerfeld like? Well, suspenders, vests, t-shirts, sweaters, hats and hoodies all make his lengthy hate list. He believes that tattoos are “horrible” and “like living in a Pucci dress” and he no longer likes hats because his mother once told him he looks “like an old dyke” in them. (At least we now know where he gets his outspokenness?)
The highlight of the interview in the men’s magazine comes when Karl equates footwear with a medical allergy: “Shoes have to be like gloves: flawless, impeccable. I hate sloppy footwear. What I hate most is flip-flops. I am physically allergic to flip-flops.” Someone get the epi pen!
Karl, like the rest of us, has goals. But creating the Lagerfeld empire that he sits atop of, wasn’t one of them because he’s “too superficial for that” (huh?) instead his greatest ambition is “to be impeccably dressed.” So far, so good.
For once, Lagerfeld’s answers will not get him into trouble; he refrained from insulting celebrities like Adele and Pippa Middleton, and kept the interview strictly personal. Has he learned from his mistakes? Only time will tell.


Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013: See-through trousers at Dries Van Voten, peplum hems (and a bit of Gaga) at Mugler, champagne with Eddie Borgo and more | Hollywood yohana

Eddie Borgo in Paris

American jewellery designer Eddie Borgo rents a stunning apartment overlooking the Palais Royale to take appointments with press and buyers. It’s a brilliant move that often results in editors from competing magazines lingering on the chocolate brown sofa and sipping champagne. “They are usually numb by the time they get to Paris,” Borgo says. “I offer them a familial atmosphere.” That and great jewellery, including an enormous gold neck cuff and a new octoganal link used for chains and lattice-like balls strung like pearls.


Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: We spot Leigh Lezark, Cara Delevingne, Grace Coddington and more! | Hollywood yohana

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013

If street style photography was a round of Bingo, our photographer, Stefani Yarhi would be yelling Old MacDonald’s dog’s name at the top of her lungs.
Anna Dello Russo? Check! Balenciaga sci-fi sweater? Check! Cara Delevingne making a funny face? Check! Grace Coddington’s red hair? Check!

On day one of Paris Fashion Week, Yarhi captured it all—despite the poor weather. The theme of day one was wearing animal and we don’t mean prints. It was either leather or fur, whether it was a leather motorcycle jacket or a fluffy fur vest, the show goers showed how to layer in la pluie (rain in French because we’re in Paris, y’all).
Oversized menswear inspired coats were also spotted as a means of keeping warm, and it seems that not putting your arms in your sleeves is making a comeback (take that mom!).
Misshapes DJ come fashion It girl Leigh Lezark embraced her inner goth and sported an oversized cross and all black everything. Cara Delevingne put on a funny face in a graphic tank top and a letterman jacket and seemed to ignore the woman attempting to get a quote from her. Her facial expressions have become an unsung star of backstage photography from the Spring 2013 season.
And in national news, the fashion director for The Bay, Suzanne Timmins, was spotted in all black (another theme of day one) with her arms free from her coat in what appears to a power stroll. And Sarah Chavez, a fellow canuck, was seen sporting a robe like coat and printed sweater.


Miu Miu Resort 2013: Hilary Rhoda, Caroline Trentini, Jessica Stam, Karen Elson, Daphne Groeneveld and Candice Swanepoel star in the stunning new ads | Hollywood yohana

Miu Miu Resort 2013 Lookbook

Who can get Hilary Rhoda, Caroline Trentini, Jessica Stam, Karen Elson, Sung Hee, Daphne Groeneveld, and Candice Swanepoel modeling in a room together? Miuccia Prada can.
In the Miu Miu Resort 2013 campaign and look book, the model A-team took to a brocade curtained room that resembles a grandmother’s house and, you know, they modeled.

With Minnie Mouse-esque bows perched atop of their slick up-dos, they give some serious “what are you looking at” faces while showing off an extremely embellished collection. Heels are bedazzled and sparkly, earrings are oversized and necklaces chunky.
The graphic flower prints are the true eye-catcher of the campaign and remind us of the Prada Spring collection that was recently shown in Milan – the same collection that introduced us to the toesock/foot thong/thing (still gathering our thoughts on these accessories).


Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013: Balenciaga and Carven herald the return of the suit | Hollywood yohana

Balenciaga Carven Suits Spring 2013

There is a whole generation that has never worn a suit. That is about to change. You know that when labels as influential and cool as Balenciaga and Carven pack their collections with suits, a major shift is in store.
It happened today at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013.
Nicholas Ghesquiere’s suits for Balenciaga were short-skirted and tweedy, or four-button pantsuits with high waists. Carven’s Guillaume Henry did structured jackets over A-line skirts with undulating hems.
There were peekaboo elements to both collections as well, with wide, midriff tops over ruffled skirts at Balenciaga and kidney and tear-shaped cutouts at Carven. Expect a skin story from every magazine next spring. But don’t minimize the impact of the suit.


Inside the Anna Dello Russo for H&M party in Paris: 26 photos of the international fashion crowd celebrating zany accessories with champagne, lollipops and Azealia Banks | Hollywood yohana

Most 51-year-olds would not attempt a minidress with side cut-outs, or at least they shouldn’t. But then most 51-year-olds are not Anna Dello Russo, fashion director at large for Vogue Nippon come street style megastar.
Fashion’s best-known dress-up enthusiast arrived at the Paradis Latin nightclub for the party celebrating her upcoming collaborative accessory collection with H&M, which launches on October 4, in fitting style: descending from the ceiling on a throne of giant fake pink roses, Marilyn Monroe style. Her aqua minidress radiated crystal and gold sunbursts, while golden alligators, which were affixed to her ADR for H&M sunglasses, spanned her brows. One of the best performers in the biz, Anna Dello Russo treated the crowd to a performance alongside fellow European editor and style star Giovanna Battaglia, who had accessorized to the nines in Anna Dello Russo’s H&M collection and even a butterfly-adorned golden headpiece.

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth, stylist Rachel Zoe and designers Jeremy Scott and Dean and Dan Caten were among those celebrating along with her, with champagne, lollipops and the tiny powerhouse rapper Azaelia Banks who wore a teal metallic peter pan collared dress with hair dyed to match.
But even much younger ponies, which last night included Leigh Lezark, BryanBoy, Derek Blasberg, Arizona Muse and Karlie Kloss, would have had trouble keeping up with the woman of the hour who, despite a full day of shows and multiple wardrobe changes, was still going strong well-past the witching hour.
Anna Dello Russo for H&M Paris Party


Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 Street Style: 41 shots of Kristen Stewart, Salma Hayek, Dree Hemingway and more! | Hollywood yohana

Kristen Stewart Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013
Today’s set of street style photos from Paris is equivalent to the fashion (and Twihard) jackpot. With major shows like Carven, Balenciaga, and Balmain going down, you know a fashionable crowd is going to show up and thankfully, our street style photographer Stefania Yarhi, was there to capture it all and do a little bit of stalking.
Stalking who? Oh you know, just Kristen Stewart, the most most buzzed about actress du jour (du year?). As the face of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica fragrance, it’s only natural that she sat front row in a yellow quilted leather jacket and floral printed pants accessorized with a petite smile (we repeat: petite). KStew’s been on a bit of a lockdown (minus this glittering appearance at on the red carpet at TIFF) since the whole cheating scandal so it’s nice to see her living her life and looking good while doing it.
Moving on… Kristen Stewart wasn’t the only actress to make an appearance in Paris, Salma Hayek was there with ombre hair and some oversized sunglasses, alongside her husband and PPR (that’s Balenciaga, Gucci, Stella and McQueen to you) president François Henri Pinault. Anna Dello Russo was spotted, like every other day of fashion month, in a Balmain turtleneck dress and there were, not one, but two Balenciaga sci-fi sweaters spotted.
The rest of the street style crowd was feeling graphic. Prints, logos, and embellishments were everywhere and adding a bit of fun to the streets of la gay Paris. There were a couple of Kenzo sweater sightings and ADR’s pal rocked the Carven skirt we saw Anna wear in Milan (perhaps borrowed?).


Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013: The top trends developing at Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin and more | Hollywood yohana

Balenciaga Balmain Spring 2013

We all know that fashion week is the breeding ground for creating trends, but when a trend becomes so obvious that it stops you in your tracks, you know its going to be important come next season. Need proof? Have a look back at yesterday’s shows from the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013, specifically Balenciaga’s first look and Balmain’s second.
I am not saying there was any collusion or industrial espionage at play here. It’s no secret that designers all use the same trend forecasting services, which graphically outline directions, moods and themes for the season ahead. Inevitably there are going to be similarities that emerge, but what is interesting is to compare the interpretations of the folded crop tops worn with black high-waisted, pleated trousers.
At Balenciaga, Nicholas Ghesquiere’s snug bra and streamlined pant seemed tidier and more modern than Olivier Rousteing’s swaggering look for Balmain. And that probably makes sense given that the women these two designers are aiming for are quite distinct. Balenciaga fans are into form. The Balmain tribe is all about flash.