True Blood Recap: The season closes out with more blood, more crazy faerie costumes and several victorious Eric moments | Hollywood yohana


It’s the end, literally for some characters, and we’re so sad to see these guys go! From the faeries with loose morals and questionable fashion sense to the born-again vamps crusading for a blood-soaked female god. From brothers loving sisters, to rednecks wearing Obama masks and shooting supes to love triangles breaking friendships apart, it’s been quite a season. And we’ve lost some loved ones and some strange ones: Bud Dearborn, Sheriff Elijah, Patrick, Roman, half the Chancellors and, as of tonight, many more. Let us say goodbye, together…

Inside last Thursday’s launch of Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance in Toronto: Dot-wearing partygoers, dotted cocktails, dotted manicures and more! | Hollywood yohana

Marc Jacobs Dot Toronto launch party, Gardiner Museum

If there were ever an example of dress code done well, it’d be last Thursday’s launch event for Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance, Dot. The light and fruity fragrance came to life with its ladybug covered petal flacon inspiring a roomful of dot-wearing partygoers, dotted champagne cocktails (read: blueberries) and a dot manicure station from the team at Tips Nail Bar. With so many dotty ensembles in the mix, it was nearly impossible to pick a favourite. Nearly. In a green polka dot blouse, black polka dot shorts, and oversized bib costume necklace, Style Panel’s Danielle Roche, who sat tweeting the night away alongside her Kastor & Pollux co-conspirator Bianca Venerayan, got our vote.