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Windsor Prom Dress and Gloves
The latest is, for the sake of brevity, early. As in retro. More Mad Men, less steampunk; less Lillian Gish, more Liz Taylor.
"Old Hollywood is in style," says Paige Rolfe of WardrobeWire.com. "You can easily dress up a look by adding elbow-length gloves. Also, lace is BIG this season in the fashion world, so don't be scared of lace gloves or a little lace on your shoes."
For example, take a simple, inexpensive dress like this $70 cutie Rolfe found at Nordstrom; add a pair of those gloves Rolfe was talking about, plus a Joan Holloway-style mid-heel, and you're done. Or go with a retro-style peep-toe.
Another inexpensive option: I am not a fan of David's Bridal—their service is equal parts disorganized and disrespectful—but if you know what you want, you can get in and get out. Ask for this starlet-inspired black number.
If you have a little more money to spend—or, let's be honest, invest—Net-a-Porter has some breathtaking options for you. Rolfe recommends you look no further than this glamorous Westwood to get you in the mood for a romantic, Hollywood diva prom. Rachel Gilbert also delivers a white knockout for under $1,000.
Tease your hair up in a bit of a beehive, add just one piece of borrowed jewelry from the family heirlooms, and enjoy. Prom doesn't need to be a hassle. In fact, it should be drama-free; it's a celebration of all you've become so far.

How to Wear Shorts to Work? | Hollywood yohana

Lord and Taylor Walking Shorts
If we're talking bleeding-edge fashion, such as Missoni's new hot shorts, or Alexander Wang's twisted-hem wonders, or even Burberry's fairly tame khakis, the answer is a sharp no. No, no, no. No exceptions, no but-but-buts. Unless you work poolside at the Palms, then, seriously, no.
But there is a way to adapt the shorts trend if you're really obsessed, and that's to lower the hemline and add some air.
Start with these adorable, simple, adaptable white shorts at the reasonable price of under 50 bucks. Partner them with your favorite pair of flats—Tory Burch is legendary for those, of course—a tailored shirt and a blazer, and there you go. You're now free to move about the office.

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J Brand Ripped Skinny Jeans
Stop asking for permission; this is not the Vienna Opera Ball. Wear what you will. But first, some notes on the trend.
Boyfriend jeans these days are running the distress gamut, from just a few tiny tears to semishredded to full-on Poison concert spaghetti pants. The first examples are fine. The last really doesn't look all that great on anyone who isn't on Gossip Girl.
"Lita Ford and Bon Jovi aren't wearing them anymore, and neither should we," Urban Darling founder and superstylist Corinne Phipps insists. "Little rips—nowhere near the fanny—are OK." For example, Phipps likes the distressed skinny capris at Old Navy.
Any more rips than that, and really, why bother? You may as well be dressed like an extra in a Road Warrior movie. Anyway. I digress. Onward to pairings.
"If you must wear distressed jeans, make sure you are wearing something tailored on top," Phipps insists. That's right. Skip the precious faux-retro kitten T-shirts—as adorable as they are for weekend romping—and go with something like the button-downs at J.Crew. They stretch in the right places and will keep you respectable all around.

What Should I Wear for Graduation? | Hollywood yohana

Anthropology Green Sundress
Graduation is all about independence—celebrating what you've achieved and getting ready to strike out on your own. So we sought some help from Mayka Mei, creative marketing manager at Moxsie.com, which has its digital finger on the pulse of independent fashion.
First, even though you asked about dresses, we should broaden this answer to include accessories. Why? "For graduates, jewelry and shoes are the only things people can see in photos with Mom and Dad,"  Mei reasons—correctly. So, Mei suggests, "play up your earrings and footwear. A classic hoop like this one from Meggie is great for dressier ceremonies."
Also, you must be mindful of your shoes. "Don't wear heels that dig into the grass!" Mei warns. "You can take advantage of spring 2010's hottest shoe trend and wear a wedge, adding a personal twist with a pop of bright color.
Now we can move on to your pièce de résistance—the dress.
"Remember, the sun is really hot under graduation gowns and stoles," Mei reminds us. "Aim for lightweight dresses in lightweight fabrics such as cotton and cotton jersey. Silk and satins are pretty but may not hold up well in the heat and hot sun. Better to save that for later!"
Having said all that, our recommendations: If you must have a sundress, we really can't blame you, not when there are dresses like this one from Top Shop. And Anthropologie's cotton Beda dress lets you look stylish while still keeping things demure enough for your visiting grandma. But if you choose a wrap dress, like this one from Diane, you'll be able to move from graduation ceremony to evening celebratory dinner—and, later, on to college or job interviews!—without having to change outfits.

How to Relieve Stress? | Hollywood yohana

Stressbusters, Mystyle
If any question deserves a multiple-part answer, this is it. Yes, we can get into the whole aromatherapy-calm-your-shakra-thing in a later column, but let's concentrate first on some more universal methods. Not everyone adores the smell of lavender, after all.
Almost every woman on the planet benefits from exercise. It brings a burst of energy, which, in turn, helps her focus and deal with stressful situations with increased aplomb. Exercise also, of course, helps release endorphins—you know, happy chemicals—into a woman's system. All that equals less stress.
But what if some of us are so stressed they can't even remember how to be not stressed? And how on earth are we supposed to know if we're exercising enough to release those happy chemicals? No worries. That's where Mio Stride Petite watch comes in. It has everything: A built-in heart rate monitor (to let you know when you've reached optimum heart rate), pedometer (to show you how far you've gone), an hourly reminder beeper (to make sure you get the heck up and walk around) and countdown timer (so you know when to stop already). The thing is, essentially, a personal trainer on your wrist—and best of all, it's under 80 bucks.
Once you've finished your routine, your body may need a different sort of stress relief—the kind that comes with lying still. We've recently had the pleasure of discovering the amazing effects of the rather dubious-looking Yantra Mat. If it looks like an ancient Indian bed of nails, well, that's because it's taken from the same idea: That a mat filled with little plastic spikes can be good for you. And believe us, in the case of this mat, it is. The idea is simple: Lie on it—on your back, your stomach, and let the mat's more than 8,800 acupressure points relieve your body's problems, including insomnia, fatigue, headaches, muscle tension or just general stress. It sounds bizarre, but we've tried it. And it works.


What's the Scoop on Spring Scarves? | Hollywood yohana

Brazen Tribal Scarf
Easy enough. We turn to fashion guru Jason Campbell for help on this one, and, as ever, he's all over the trend!
First, the look.
"Some of the best scarves out right now are heavily decorated in abstract prints," Campbell dishes. "From Antik Batik's moody Indian prints to Basso & Brooke's high-def watermark to Diane von Furstenberg's range of African-inspired scarves, spring is littered in abstractions."

And glorious abstractions they are. Muted hues, bright colors, prints, solids— they're all fine for spring, Campbell says. Splurge on a fringy Faliero Sarti, or head over to Nordstrom for some equally trendy—and just as gauzy—options at a reasonable price point.
And there are modern ways to wear your favorite scarf.
"My tried and true way to wear a scarf for that just so voluminous drape-y look is to hold one corner and let the rest of the scarf fall," Campbell says. "Place the corner at the left side of the neck from the back. Start draping around the neck from a choker into a chain motion. You'll achieve that preferred layered look no matter the fabric."
And you won't look like a refugee from the 1960s!

How to Look Classy in a Cutout Dress? | Hollywood yohana

Gwyneth Paltrow
That's a fine line, my dear, especially because so many of those cutout dresses also happen to be trimmed quite tightly, all over. Have you gotten a good look at the black Michael Kors number that Gwyneth Paltrow wore recently? Not a lot of daylight there between the dress and Paltrow. Yes, there are some cutout dresses out there—including this one from Victoria's Secret—that offer some give, but really, they're the exception, not the rule.
For this answer I turned to Pegah Anvarian, creative director of Three Dots, the fashion house that turns 15 this year. Anvarian says, "The best way to wear it is to find a dress that accentuates the better areas of your body. If you have a flat stomach, find a dress with a side cutout. If you have great legs, find one with cutouts there."
In other words, cutouts aren't Spanx. They're like the opposite of Spanx. They don't flatter your flaws, but rather accentuate them.
"As for accessories," Anvarian continues, "you don't want to overdo it. Pick one thing—a great pair of earrings, a bracelet or a bold ring should be just enough."
Our absolute favorites in this arena right now? The pave cocktail rings and unforgettable bracelets from MCL. But if you can't afford a piece in the $500 range, it's understandable. Make a statement with this unmissable Rachel Roy cocktail number.

Ask Style: How to Pull Off a Romper? Tue., Jul. 27, 2010 6:00 PM PDT by StyleSpy Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Simpson I'm noticing that some celebrities have been looking really bad in rompers. How do I ensure I look great when wearing the trend? —Vanessa, via the Ask Style inbox Style Spy Says: Berry True that. You'd think that if even the svelte and sexy Jada Pinkett Smith can't manage to rock a romper, then what hope is there for the rest of us? Plenty, as it turns out. Read More Print Share Link Comment Categories: shopping , jada pinkett-smith , Fashion , jessica simpson , Jessica Simpson , tips , celebrity fashion , fashion tips , ask style Photo by: Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup via AP IMAGES; NATIONAL PHOTO GROUP Ask Style: How to Wear Neon in 2010? Thu., Jul. 22, 2010 6:00 PM PDT by StyleSpy Mac and Jac Vest Neon is back, but I haven't worn it since the '80s! Is it for all ages? How can I make it 2010, and what do I pair it with? —Erica, via the Ask Style inbox Style Spy Says: Berry First, it's more neon-inspired than real neon. Let's call it neon-bright. Anyway, the real trick to modernity is to avoid the hallmark shapes of the 1980s—specifically, cropped looks or boxy shirts with leggings underneath. And, Corinne Phipps of the style franchise Urban Darling adds, "Don't put your hair in a scrunchy, either. Hel-lo!" Read More Print Share Link Comments (4) Categories: Fashion , tips , shopping , fashion and style , ask style Photo by: dillards.com Ask Style: Can Tie-Dye Go Beyond Boho? Tue., Jul. 20, 2010 6:00 PM PDT by StyleSpy Hammit Westwood Tie Dyed Leather Satchel Is there a way to wear the tie-dye trend without looking like I'm headed to a Phish concert? —Pika, via the Ask Style inbox Style Spy Says: Berry I sense your disdain and echo it fourfold; tie-dyed fashion tends to be hideous no matter how it's draped, cut or colored. In general, tie-dye is seen as what you wear when you're too burned out to choose a decent outfit. You've given up completely. You surrender. There is some good news, however. The truly 2010 way to wear tie-dye lacks the hippy-dippy tinge that made previous incarnations so undesirable. In some ways, you could even say that the tie-dye we're seeing is, well, structured, even a bit polished. Read More Print Share Link Comments (2) Categories: ask style , tips , Fashion , fashion and style , fashion tips , dresses , handbags Photo by: zoeybloom.net Ask Style: How to Cover Up a Leg Wound on the Eve of a Party? Thu., Jul. 15, 2010 6:00 PM PDT by StyleSpy Lindsay Lohan, Serena Williams, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry I have a cut on my leg—and I have a party to go to tonight. I want to wear my hot dress. What do I do? —Lora, via the Ask Style inbox Style Spy Says: Berry Well, for one, don't panic. You may trip and cut yourself again, and our cardinal rule is First, Do No Fashion Harm. I consulted top makeup artist Scott McMahan for some help with your fashion SOS. Here's what he has to say. "Normally, I wouldn't try covering it up with makeup," he starts. "It could get infected. But, with that said, I totally understand why you might want to cover a cut or scrape for an important night out in your 'hot dress.'" So where does that leave us? No cover-up, like Lindsay Lohan? Bandages, like Carrie Underwood and Serena Williams? Surgical band, like Katy Perry? Siding with LiLo on this one, believe it or not. Read More Print Share Link Comments (3) Categories: ask style , Beauty , serena williams , beauty tips , tips , katy perry , makeup , katy perry , lindsay lohan , carrie underwood Photo by: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Image; Charley Gallay/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images; George Pimentel/Getty Images Ask Style: Should I Consider Using a Facial Mask? 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Where it could all slide off like a...I can't even think of a metaphor. I'm just too disturbed. But you asked, so here you go. Read More Print Share Link Comments (12) Categories: shopping , Beauty , makeup , ask style Photo by: tartecosmetics.com Ask Style: How to Pull Off Skinny Cargo Pants? Tue., Jun. 29, 2010 6:00 PM PDT by StyleSpy Halle Berry I've been noticing tons of celebs rocking skinny cargo pants. I'm used to the loose styles. How do I wear the updated version? —Lyra, via the Ask Style inbox Style Spy Says: Berry You sure you want to? They do flatter some people, and by "some people," I mean "people who look like Nicole Kidman." Even some of the most gorgeous movie stars out there are trying to conquer this look—and may not be succeeding. Take the lovely Halle Berry, who was snapped recently wearing a pair of the pants. Granted, she looked better than average—as always—but was the look her best? 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Read More Print Share Link Add your comment Categories: ask style , shopping , Fashion Photo by: rachelroy.com Ask Style: Why Are Celebs Wearing Wedding Gowns on the Red Carpet? | Hollywood yohana

Emmy Rossum
Well, no one's going to arrest you if you show up to a formal event dressed like Kate Hudson at the Globes, if that's what you mean. Same with the cute but still quite bridal-looking thing that Emmy Rossum (shown) wore to a wildlife conservation event just last week.
Still, what do both of the examples above have in common?

Two important things, actually: They were both celebrities, and they were both on red carpets. Red carpet outfits are a bit like runway looks during New York Fashion Week. You don't take those looks and run with them next time you get invited to a fancy black tie event of your own. Kate got away with it not because she's Kate Hudson, but because she's Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes. No one is going to stop her and make some joke about how she looks like she's headed to the altar. But if you try rocking that same dress? You bet that's what'll happen. So do yourself a favor: Enjoy this trend, but at a distance. It's just not worth the headache.

Ask Style: How to Pull Off a Romper? | Hollywood yohana

Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Simpson
True that. You'd think that if even the svelte and sexy Jada Pinkett Smith can't manage to rock a romper, then what hope is there for the rest of us? Plenty, as it turns out.
"Jada has a great body, but it doesn't mean revealing clothing is the answer," says Monica Barnett of Blueprint for Style. Instead—and this goes for rompers or whatever else you're wearing—the general rule is "skin or shape." As Barnett puts it: "Opt to show skin—do super short dress, etc.—and make the outfit more flowy, or show shape, such as a fitted sheath dress, and keep the skin to a minimum by going knee-length, for example."
In the case of Jessica Simpson, who also tried her hand at the romper trend recently, the problem was the wrong fit.
"You notice the tie waistband?" Barnett explains. "This is most flattering when you go loose on the bottom, not tight and short. Think flowy, body-skimming skirts or skorts.
"For the red romper, Jessica has a sizable chest so, again, the tight fit, extra-short styling and revealing V-neck just make this look cheap rather than chic."
The takeaway lesson here? Make sure your rompers fit properly!
"Opt for chic by letting your clothes hit mid-thigh, at least—perhaps a little longer if you're more mature—unless you're at the beach," Barnett explains. "Do try dressing it up with a fitted blazer, but ensure the blazer is actually longer than the outfit, and make it chic by keeping them guessing—showing less shape when you want to put your skin on display!"
If you must wear the short rompers—and it seems like that's all there is these days—leave the heels at home. As Barnett points out, heels lengthen the leg, making it seem as if you're showing even more skin than you already are!

What's the Scoop on Spring's Flatforms? | Hollywood yohana

3.1 Phillip Lim Flatform
For those readers who need a lesson in the fashion lingo du jour, the flatform is essentially the love child of your favorite flats and platforms. It was seen all over the spring runways, including Prada and Derek Lam, but is it for you? We caught up with personal fashion consultant and wardrobe stylist Vanessa Valiente to get a professional take on the footwear fad.
Here's the thing about the flatform: It packs some major chunk. We're talking true '90s-era, bricks-on-your-feet chunk. "If this is done correctly and without too much clunk, it is a great way to get height without pain," says Valiente. Goodbye, incline; so long,  tootsie torture! It's almost as comfortable as wearing plain flats.
While this alternative way to achieve height seems like a godsend, Valiente cautions on buying into the trend. "If you are after an exaggerated version—which is what I am seeing—skip it. It is too trendy and chunky to waste money on," says the stylist. Plus, "fashion types are advising consumers to buy into the wide leg and platform look as a whole, and wearing all the trends at once is the epitome of a fashion victim." (We already covered what guys think of girls who wear too many trends at once, and let's just say it's not favorable!)
So while most people will give the flatform a pass, for those of you who still want to try the fad, some excellent options have already trickled down from the runway to mass outlets. On the high end, you have these 3.1 Phillip Lim flatforms; for a more affordable option, you can try this Modern Vintage version.
Now that you know the pros and the cons, we want to hear your take on the trend! Leave us a comment below—will you indulge in the shoe style or wait for the next big footwear fad?

Get in Touch with Your Southwestern Side with a Turquoise Ring | Hollywood yohana

Hilary Duff, Heidi Klum, Ashley Tisdale

TREND: Turquoise statement rings
WHO'S WEARING IT: Hilary Duff (unknown), Heidi Klum (Lorraine Schwartz) and Ashley Tisdale (Soixante Neuf)
HOW TO WEAR IT: The statement bauble adds a lovely pop of color to an otherwise subdued outfit. Just looking at the juicy hue has us excited for spring! Wear it alone for maximum impact like Hilary, or take notes from Ashley for a bohemian look by adding a smaller ring with the same color hardware. While Heidi normally hits the style nail on the head, she took a couple jewelry missteps when styling her turquoise finger candy. Adding a second jumbo ring is overwhelming, and matching your ring to your necklace (especially when both are such statement pieces) is totally dated.

Diane Kruger Fails to Take Flight in Ostrich Frock—again! | Hollywood yohana

Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger
The incredibly stylish Diane Kruger is like a rare, exotic bird in the fashion community—always rocking the most unique designs. But when the Inglorious Basterds actress takes that concept too literally, we have a problem.

The former model attended the Giambattista Valli spring 2012 haute couture show in Paris this week in a black feathered-and-jeweled Giambattista Valli frock (right). It was the second time she went all ostrich on us.
Back in May, she wore a similar Jason Wu number (left) to an Alexander McQueen Met Gala afterparty.
Don't get us wrong. We appreciate a good feathered dress, but less is definitely more when it comes to the fringe. To Diane's credit, the fearless fashionista went all out and paired both winged creations with caged high heels.

Molly Sims Is Maternity Chic in Leopard Print | Hollywood yohana

Molly Sims
Molly Sims is known for her killer bod. And now that she is pregnant, the gal isn't afraid to embrace her new curvier silhouette. Yesterday, the mama-to-be sported a sheer leopard-print blouse that showed off her growing belly.

The model teamed her exotic top with a black maxi skirt—a go-to piece for pregnant women. However, unlike Beyoncé and Jessica Alba, Molly did not wear killer heels on her walk in L.A.
Instead, the host of Project Accessory went for metallic, gunmetal flats. Since she's 5'9", she certainly doesn't need heels to help her look taller. But the savvy fashionista's outfit couldn't have been complete without aviator sunnies, a black handbag and a red mani.
Even though the gal announced her baby news on her blog two weeks ago, she is already in full-on maternity chic mode—congrats, Molly.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Showdown: Posh Has the (Scalloped) Edge Over Michelle William | Hollywood yohana

Victoria Beckham, Michelle Williams
Victoria Beckham and Michelle Williams are two moms with a keen sense of style. While the ex-Spice Girl usually rocks edgier fashions, the blonde tends to sport vintage-inspired outfits. But, despite their polar opposite tastes, it seems like both gals were smitten by a scalloped-edged dress, which is from the Victoria by Victoria Beckham line.

While shopping in NYC back in September, the designer of the frock toughened up her girlie pink number with edgy, black Christian Louboutin booties. A silver watch and black, square sunnies provided the finishing touches.

On the other hand, earlier this month at the BAFTA 18th Annual Awards in L.A., the My Week with Marilyn star chose a black-and-white version. She teamed her dress with go-to black pumps and a matching box clutch. The pixie-haired actress skipped the jewelry all together and, instead, added a pop of color, thanks to her red mani.
While both gals impressed us (don't they always?!), we think Vicky's fuchsia number adds a bit more pizzazz than Michelle's classic, but safe ensemble.

Tyra Banks Is On Top With Bombshell Look | Hollywood yohana

Tyra Banks
Now that the 2012 awards season is in full swing, we've been having major flashbacks of some of our favorite red carpet moments from past ceremonies. Enter the beautiful Tyra Banks at the NAACP Image Awards back in 2007.

The America's Next Top Model host had us picking our jaws up off the floor when she flaunted this fierce, leggy pose! Her navy strapless gown was definitely built for somebody with the babe's statuesque, curvaceous figure.

The sexy number highlighted Tyra's outstanding assets and minimized her problem areas. (We know! It's hard to believe the glamazon is less than perfect.) Here's how:
The strapless element brought the focus to her generous helping of cleavage, while the thigh-high split showed off her mile-long gam. The ruching around the waist, however, helped flatten out her midsection—and it also helps that the frock's deep hue was very close to a slimming black.
Voluminous carmel blond locks (swept to one side to balance her exposed limb) and sunkissed cheeks completed Tyra's bombshell awards ceremony look!

Save 30 Percent on Colorful Kimonos! | Hollywood yohana

Kara Janx kimonos
If you can't get enough of Project Runway All Stars, then you've probably noticed one of our favorite designers, season two finalist Kara Janx.
The South African native's line features whimsical yet classic pieces, from date night LBDs to bright silk tops, but it's her popular kimono dress that we're really swooning over. The jersey wrap frock is super flattering, with extra long ties that can be wrapped twice. Not only will it show off your curves, it's available in fun colors like fuschia/pink, brown/turquoise and black/purple. It's comfy and chic—the perfect combo!

Katherine Heigl Gets Her Groove Back in Sexy Red Gown | Hollywood yohana

Katherine Heigl
It's been a hot minute since Katherine Heigl has blown us away in a full-length gown. Oh, hell! Girlfriend closed out 2011 as our worst fashion offender for her tragic cowgirl outfit. Well, the movie star redeemed herself big time at the New York premiere of her flick One for the Money.

She looked positively stunning in a red body-conscious Hervé L. Leroux number. Ladies, you don't wear a bandage dress (in a look-at-me color, no less) if you've got something to hide—and Katherine sure didn't! The one-shoulder, floor-sweeping dress hugged the actress's toned curves magnificently.

The star styled her hair in her signature wavy updo and accessorized with stunning Sethi Couture drop earrings. Bold ruby lips amped up the ensemble's sex appeal.
Way to kick off the new year, Katherine. Keep it going!

Emmy Rossum Celebrates Valentine's Day Early | Hollywood yohana

Emmy Rossum
Why save pink for Valentine's Day when you can wear a lovely neon version of the hue now?
Emmy Rossum chose a bright DKNY sleeveless number for a visit to CBS This Morning in New York City, where she was promoting her TV show Shameless. Lucky for the actress, the look was anything but a shame.

With just a couple of undone buttons, the collared Pre-Fall 2012 dress went from proper to fun, especially with the tied belt Emmy added that gave off a preppy-meets-Western vibe. Making sure the knee-length frock would be the focal point, the brunet beauty smartly teamed the frock with leg-lengthening nude Christian Louboutin pumps.
She didn't shy away when it came to her makeup, either. Emmy opted for a matching pink pucker that pulled her whole look together. But she's not the only one who decided to brighten up a gray winter day in the Big Apple. Keep reading to find out who joined her.

Solange Knowles
One of our favorite risktakers didn't wear just one burst of neon—she looked stunning in three! Solange Knowles went for head-to-toe brights at a Tiffany and Co. event in Manhattan, looking über confident in a yellow Christopher Kane racer dress paired with a pink clutch and purple-and-orange Fendi sandals.

Even her accessories were bold—she opted for a thick gold cuff rather than dainty jewelry. We love that she wasn't just afraid to play with neons instead of opting for neutrals, but that she also wore two of the biggest trends at the same time, the athletic neckline and pleated skirt.
Go bold or go home! Check out even more fans of neon below.