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Look: Fashion isn't just an art. It's a science. Sometimes it's even biological science. For example: The dress nightie thing in this photo. This thing isn't just the product of a nightie crossed with a dress in a top secret lab in the mountains of Italy. It's the result of a nightie crossed with a dress crossed with a sentient wedding cake crossed with the hand-tatted doilies from Miss Grantham's Country Tea Room and Knitting Circle. Do not attempt to wear this experiment at home. Only Hollywood B-list movie actresses with boy hips, such as this gal, can pull it off. That is, if she really is pulling it off. And we're not so sure she is.

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Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Sevigny
Hailee Steinfeld and Chloë Sevigny are known for their girlie-yet-edgy ensembles, so it didn't surprise us to see them donning the same Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony dress just a few months apart.
Chloë was the first to rock the black laser-cut design when she took the runway at her very own Chloë Sevigny For Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 show in June. Wearing a big smile, the actress-turned-designer kept her styling simple, opting for black lace-up platforms and a gold watch.
Then in November, Hailee sported the same dress during a private Elle magazine dinner in Los Angeles. But the True Grit star stepped it up a notch—make that a few notches! She paired the leather frock with a maroon-and-black printed jacket, red tights and black peep-toe booties. As if that weren't enough, the teen finished off the look with a fishtail braid and bright lip.
Hailee should be applauded for taking a risk, but the red tights were too much with the intricate dress and busy jacket. Chloë had the right idea—let the leather breathe!

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Glam Fairy, Jessica
The cosmetic industry has always understood the importance of makeup in relation to attracting the opposite sex—but do you? You may be surprised to learn just how much makeup can affect others' perception of you. Women look healthier and more confident when seen wearing makeup than without. This, in turn, catches the attention of guys. So, open your makeup bag and maximize your flirting potential with these tips and tricks.
Bling Bling: Men are attracted to eyes that light up and sparkle. Adding a hint of Glamorous Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner ($4) to the inner corner of your eyes (above the tear duct) gives the illusion that your eyes are twinkling. Men associate that twinkle with flirting and strong emotions like love. Generally, people in love hold eye contact longer while conversing. So, as your eyes sparkle away, remember to look into his eyes, and he will for sure be falling for you before you know it!
Flirty Flush: Rosy cheeks are a strong indicator of sexual interest. When an emotional state is triggered, blood flows to your cheeks, causing a flush of color known as "blushing." Blushing is caused by the arousal of the sympathetic nerve, which is also known for causing other visible body reactions, such as sweaty palms and a faster heartbeat. Sound familiar? It has been said that women started wearing rouge on their cheeks to imitate the look of a natural sexual flush. If blushing is a sign of attraction and you have your eye on a hottie, fake it with a little blush. Pay close attention the next time you're at the gym or simply pinch your cheek to get the placement and shade of your flirty flush just right. I likeStila's Custom Color Blush ($20).
Wink, Wink: Your lashes can be your best accessory when it comes to flirting. Yes, more power than your pumps, or your miniskirt! Batting your lashes is an evolutionary sign of attraction, and an easy way to get his attention and hold it. Wearing dark mascara will always give you an extra oomph to your femininity and confidence. For a real flirty look, false eyelashes are the way to go. I prefer corner lashes, like the ones inArdell Accents Lashes 305 ($3.49). Corner lashes are my absolute favorite for flirting. They'll give you a sexy, yet youthful uplifted look to your eyes. Lower your head, look up, and playfully bat those lashes.
Glitter Kisses: For centuries, women have painted their lips to enhance their appeal, and there is a reason for this. A recent study actually shows that men's eyes are drawn to a woman's lips within the first 10 seconds of meeting her. The study also found that when women wore lipstick, men gazed at their lips for an average of 7 seconds. However, when women went without lipstick the men were tired of looking at their lips after 2.2 seconds.
This study proves women who wear color on their lips have significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not. So, for lips that say "kiss me," all you need is a little color and a sexy moist pout. My fave trick is adding a soft shimmer lipgloss, like Glamorous Cosmetics' La Tutu ($5.50), to the center of your lips after applying lipstick—try Glamorous Cosmetics' Juicy Melons ($6)—to get an almost 3-D pout. If you're out on the town, drink with a straw to draw more attention to your mouth. Just avoid smudging that pretty lipstick!

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Michaeljohn SalonRed has definitely been the hottest hair color of 2011—and it doesn't look like the fiery hue will be losing steam any time soon. From Khloe Kardashian Odom to, most recently, Demi Lovato, stars have had me green with envy over their bold tresses transformations, however brief they may have been. So, now that fall is here, I figured it was the perfect time to kiss thesunkissed ombré locks I got over the summer goodbye and say "hello" to red.
For my big change, I turned to hairstylist Justin Surh, an expert in customized color who works out of Michaeljohn salon in Beverly Hills. Luckily for me, Surh was on board with my ginger train. It just so happens that he recommends light reddish highlights for natural brunettes like myself. Since I wanted to go full-on red, he chose a dark mahagony dye, which would, as he pointed out, be a lot lighter (read: noticeable) on parts of my hair where I had traces of blond from the ombré.
I thought my hair color turned out phenomenal. It's so rich and warm, which is exactly the direction you want to go in with regard to your hair this time of the year. As you can see, my new hue appears dark (right) indoors, but much more pronounced when seen in natural light (above).
Considering undergoing a color change this season? Surh suggests carmel or honey highlights for blondes; golden brown highlights for women with jet-black hair; and black lowlights or lighter red highlights for redheads.
As far as product, I really like Original Mineral's Maintain the Mane shampoo ($28.95), which is a mild cleanser that nourishes and revitalizes colored hair, and the complementary conditioner ($28.95). Both have a UV inhibitor to gently shield locks. My newly red 'do feels incredibly weightless and shiny after using them.
By the way, Surh cautions against shampooing and conditioning every day. "In wintertime, the air is dry. It's better to wash the hair every other day or twice a week to keep it moisturized." As for treatments, he likes hair masques byKMS ($14.95 $11.90), for the low-end, and Keratin Complex ($112 $95), for the high-end. But olive oil works just as well. After washing and towel drying the hair, apply olive oil through your hair and sleep in it. "You will see a difference in the shine of your hair," raves Surh
Of course, when you switch up your hair color, it's also a good idea for your makeup palette to follow suit. For that, we consulted withKaren Scott (below) of Karen Scott Cosmetics studio at SalonRepublic in Beverly Hills.
She loves coppers, bronze, and greens to go with my red hair. For those with a black coif, she says lavenders, purples and mauves will provide a nice, feminine softening effect. "Sometimes, I get funky with blues or greens," confessed the dark-haired beauty maven. If you're blonde, go with earth tones. "However, you can do a lot of different colors with blondes," she said. And for brunettes, play with peaches and corals to turn on the glow.

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Paula Abdul, Kerry Washington, Julie Bowen

It's that time of the year again when all that glitters is gold! Lately, celebs have been braving the festive, winter air with a sequined stripe long-sleeve dress. The covered arms add a layer of protection from the cold (it's not much, but at least it's something!), while the sparkly pattern screams "holiday." Whether you go with colorblock or finer lines, we recommend investing in one made out of sweater material for extra warmth. Simply pair it with knee-high boots during the day, then kick it up a notch with pumps at night.

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ClosetEvery single morning before work I freeze in front of my closet and have to try on about five outfits before I find something I like. This is a major time suck, so I was wondering if you had any tips for choosing my outfit in a more efficiently?
Assuming you didn't stay up all night—you party animal, you—most mornings start with having to get dressed. We've all been there: you're having a serious stare down with your closet, and neither of you are budging. The minutes are ticking down until you have to walk out the door, and you can't find a single outfit that looks good. Talk about a stressful way to start the day! Since we can't all have a computerized wardrobe à la Clueless' Cher Horowitz, we got the top three tips to choose an outfit on the double with the help of professional closet consultant, Karen Meyers.