TFW style snaps: We spotted ombre, fur, and Amanda Laine outside LG Fashion Week | yohana

judging by the action outside the tents at LG Fashion Week yesterday, a few definitive trends have carried on from the international shows, namely candy coloured hair, brights, a bit of Pradarama, and the addition of a new and weather-appropriate one: fur!

Sea foam nail polish! See all our top picks from the Daphne Guinness for M.A.C collection | yohana

Daphne Guinness is (once again) bringing her style to beauty counters with a M.A.C. Cosmetics collaboration. The collection will hit stores on Boxing Day and, because the most fashionable things are only available for a limited time, they’ll be on sale until February 9, 2012. (Though, we suspect they will sell out long before then.)
With 21 pieces, the collection’s much more substantial than Guinness’s 2010 collaboration with Nars—the M.A.C. collection includes nail polishes, lipsticks, glosses, shadows for both eyelids and brows, and two tantalizing ombré blush palettes. Guinness says the collection is a window into her imagination, with an “elegant wash of watercolour-inspired shades that recall the classically beautiful cool and rich tones of the Old Masters and the stark light of northern Europe.”
As for the most covetable items, our bets are on “Hyperion,” a creamy, sea foam–grey polish that’s sure to be instantly snatched up by lacquer lovers. And the CremeSheen Glass in “Narcissus” is almost fuchsia but described as a “dirty eggplant” shade—what more could a fan of Daphne Guinness want?

Wedding dresses revealed! We have the gowns that Bella Swan, Beyonce, Blair Waldorf, and Lauren Bush wore | yohana

Bridal obsessed? You’re in luck! From music royalty to fictional fan favourites, it’s been a huge week for anyone into (other people’s) nuptials. Over the last seven days, the wedding dresses of Beyoncé, Twilight’s Bella Swan, Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, and Lauren Bush have been revealed. Join us as we dish on each gown and then tell us which is your favourite.

They said/We said: Pippa Middleton’s Alexander McQueen bridesmaid’s dress is finally available in the UK and its selling fast! | yohana

Even though she wasn’t the one getting married, Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid’s dress, also designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, received just as much attention as Kate’s wedding dress, and was loved by fashion critics and Royal fans alike. Now, finally after many replicas have been made, you can buy a “less detailed” version of the dress—meaning there’s a zipper back closure instead of buttons, and no lace inserts. Online luxury retailer is selling the Pippa-inspired dress for US$3,100.While the dress is not completely sold out as we reported yesterday, it’s going fast on the UK site. Those of us this side of the pond are going to have to be patient as it is yet to become available on the US site. We can only imagine the hysteria if a replica of Kate’s dress were to become available.

Telegraph UK: “Unsurprisingly, those keen to get their hands on the pure silk gown will have to move quickly as the smallest size has already sold out.” [Telegraph UK]

Catwalk Queen: “Sizes are already starting to sell out, so don’t hang around if your wedding dreams rest on this dress.” [Catwalk Queen]
The Cut: “Pippa’s dress included some customized details—like white lace inserts at the bust-line (and maybe even some butt padding) but even without those elements, this gown is still instantly recognizable. Just hurry before it inevitably sells out.” [NY Mag]

Paige Dzenis, associate online editor: “Frankly, it’s nice to know the original McQueen design is actually available—because the thought of someone getting married in a knockoff Princess-sibling dress is, well, just as sad as it sounds.”

Montreal shop notes: Rock the coat | yohana

Rudsak, $275
Staying warm during winter without sacrificing style is a veritable art for cold-weather warriors in Montreal. What’s on my outerwear radar this month? Local lines Mackage, Soïa & Kyo, Moose Knuckles (think chic puffers) and Rud, the new collection by Rudsak

What’s in your bag, Rachel Simpson? | yohana

Today, we’re going inside the festival-ready Marc by Marc Jacobs bag belonging to Rachel Simpson, our associate designer extraordinaire. From the assortment of stuff, it’s easy to see that she’s into cats, photos, and ticket stubs—but one thing you won’t find a trace of inside? The adorable dusting of freckles that adds an enviable bit of summer to her cheeks year round.

So you wanna look like a debutante? M.A.C takes us behind the scenes at the Crillon Ball in Paris | yohana

One last dispatch from Paris just arrived at our desk: a rundown of makeup used at the 2011 le Bal des Débutantes at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. M.A.C Cosmetics was the exclusive makeup partner for the ball, and responsible for making the 23 debutantes look flawless. The main inspiration (seen here) shows a deep smoky eye, lots of lashes, and a youthful glow across the cheek—after all, most of the debs are still only 16!
The hair was done by Alexandre de Paris, a hairdressing house whose namesake has long been aligned with couture: Alexandre was behind the hair at Yves Saint Laurent shows for 34 years, and is also famously known as the man who created Elizabeth Taylor’s hairstyle in Cleopatra.

Window wars: View the top holiday displays from Toronto to New York and vote for your favourite! | yohana

With less than a month to Christmas, glitzy shopping meccas north and south of the border are pulling out all the stops while unveiling their eagerly anticipated holiday windows. From Lady Gaga’s poptastic takeover at Barneys New York, to the Bay’s old fashioned ode to holiday cheer, there’s lots to feast the eyes on before engaging in some major gift hunting.

Daily steal: Sequin tank, $38 | yohana

Wear this sequin tank to a holiday fête and have all eyes on you. ($38, at Smart Set stores across Canada)

They said/We said: About Face, a new documentary about supermodels reveals what it’s like behind the scenes | yohana

Joeffer Caoc SPring 2012
We all know modeling has always been somewhat of a controversial issue. Retailers are often criticized for their depiction of the female body—just yesterday Jezebel recently reported that fast-fashion empire H&M digitally produces the models’ bodies on their website and sticks on a real person’s head in post production. There’s also the whole “do models really eat?” issue, which recently made headlines when Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima revealed her diet prior to the big VS fashion show.  A new documentary About Face, premiering at Sundance next month, is also making headlines for its gritty portrayal of how supermodels like Christie Brinkley, Jerry Hall, Cheryl Tiegs and Christy Turlington were treated during the peak of their careers in the ‘70s and ‘80s.
In the film, former supermodel Paulina Porizkova claims that, “what people called sexual harassment, we called compliments. When a 16-year-old girl is flattered by a man pulling out his penis, that’s noteworthy.” Porizkova’s confession is obviously terrible, but are we really surprised that the life of a model is not as glamorous as it is depicted in the media? The film is set to air this summer on HBO and you can be sure we’ll be watching. We want to see what other secrets are revealed about this profession that has always evoked so much curiosity and controversy.

WWD: “About Face, a documentary, portrays a group of Seventies- and Eighties-era models as survivors, blessed with beauty, yet condemned by society’s less-than-tolerant view of aging and its relentless celebration of youth.” [WWD]

Fashionista: “Hmm, has much changed in modeling? We are putting this one on our must-see list.” [Fashionista]
Huffington Post: “We’re sure the new documentary will be a gripping and gritty investigation of whether modeling is actually as glamorous as it seems.” [Huffington Post]
Randi Bergman, online editor: “Considering how prominent these faces and bodies are in our every day life, it’ll be really interesting to get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. As far as scandal though, modeling has its pros and cons, just like any job, and I’m sure that everyone will agree on the pros far outweighing the cons.”