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 Marchesa, Model, Fall 2012

Designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig always create beautiful gowns that are worn by Hollywood A-listers. And we won't be surprised is we see any of their fall 2012 creations being sashayed down the Oscars by celebs. All these red carpet-ready dresses can be best described in two words: Absolutely breathtaking!

Unlike last season's collection, which was inspired by a fantasy under the sea, this time their catwalk brought to mind angels descending down to earth. And that was exactly what they were going for! We could see the heavenly touches primarily because of the white feathers they adorned their concoctions with, some of which had touches of gold or were embroidered in clear crystals.

However, some of the numbers also had a darker feel to them, especially the tulle dresses that had skeleton-like embroidery on the bodice. Although there were a few black laser-cut designs in the bunch, the color scheme remained on the neutral side, but they did manage to throw in splashes on teal and a crimson grown, too.
With such an array of beautiful gown, you know there was going to be a bevy of beautiful ladies getting a front row view.

Glam Shots & Beauty Tips with Estée Lauder | Hollywood yohana

Estee Lauder Makeup Tutorial

After testing—and loving—Estée Lauder's Sumptuous mascara I jumped at the opportunity of attending their Camp Gorgeous event last weekend, held at Neiman Marcus in Topanga, Calif.  Women of all ages gathered around to get primped and pretty as makeup artists beautified the gals. Afterward, the ladies had the opportunity to take professional glam shot of themselves and upload it to the social media platform of their choice.

Not only did I get dolled up for the day, but I also got the 411 on their newest collection, the Idealist. After my beauty lesson and sampling galore there was one product that really stood out to me.

My favorite of the bunch was the Even Skintone Cooling Eye Illuminator. The product is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and shadows. You are probably thinking, "So, what makes this more special than any other product that promises the same thing?" Well let me explain.
The contoured, ceramic-tip applicator is cool to every touch, which makes the under eye area look refreshed. Plus, it feels like a mini massage. Now imagine having that everyday! And since it is comes in two different shades, this means that even if you forget to apply the miracle worker before your foundation you can simply put it on afterwards.
Neeless to say, I was a happier and brighter camper after leaving the site! The Estée Lauder Idealist collection is available in store now, so give yourself the much needed pampering you derserve!

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Mindy Kaling

The radiant Office star gave us a peek at her personal style during a party at the Andaz Hotel celebrating Kendra Scott Jewelry's new Beverly Hills store.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a fuchsia DVF dress. Pink is a very bright color, so I figured I'd rock this as much as I can in the summer. Kendra Scott jewelry. House of Harlow shoes. Summer is the only time you can do fuchsia, turquoise and lavender all together. But I'm Indian, so I like to wear as many colors as I can.
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: I like that Kendra Scott Jewelry is bold and uses large stones. I have big features, so I need statement earrings. I also wear a lot of body-con stuff, so I feel like when I wear body-con, I can get away with wearing jewelry that has bold color because everything else is so fitted and monochromatic.
FASHIONABLE BANDAGE: I'm not skinny. I used to think that body-con was only for really skinny people. But if you have curves, [bandage dresses] actually function as Spanx, and they're just sexy. I always get compliments when I wear this.
STYLE ICONS: Nicole Richie always looks amazing. I love her accessories and shoes. I try to rock the clothes she wears, but I can't pull of Bohemian as much as she can. But I love her. I've always loved Gwen Stefani. She's the person who wears the harem pants, and everyone says, "Oh, harem pants are fine!" She'll wear a sailor outfit, and we're like, "Sailor outfits are in this spring."
BEAUTY MUST-HAVES: Since I turned 30, I've moved away from makeup and more into skincare. I think that happens to most women. I've fallen in love with this Kate Somerville SPF that they make in a dark color, which not a lot of companies do. I get ashy when I wear a lot of SPF, but they have a facial moisturizer that goes under makeup and it's SPF 55! I also use Skinceuticals. They have a line called A.G.E. I have no wrinkles or pimples.

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Beverley Mitchell

The Secret Life of the American Teenager star gave us a peek into her personal style—and dished on New York Fashion Week!—during Kari Feinstein's Emmys Style Lounge at The Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. She walked away with a beautiful Moni Moni Italian leather handbag, Keratin Complex hair products, The Pampered Chef cooking tools, LovelySkin skincare and more.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': My shirt is Wink. I just got this necklace from Silpada, which I picked because I love the turquoise and I think it's fun and it complemented my shirt well! I'm also wearing AG Jeans and Jimmy Choos.
LINCOLN CENTER SCOOP: I just got back from Fashion Week. I saw BCBG and Vivienne Tam. I also got a chance to check out Cynthia Steffe's presentation, which was amazing! The energy of Fashion Week is so incredible. It was so much fun. I got to go to the Rebecca Minkoff party.
FRONT ROW VIEW: Vivienne Tam has this turquoise dress with the most exquisite back I've ever seen. It was just so beautiful! BCBG had so much fun with different exotic prints and designs and bright colors, like aquas and peaches. Cynthia Steffe had really fun shorts that are sexy and stylish. I saw a lot of animal prints. I also saw feathery looks, which would be fun dancing dresses to shimmy in! They weren't quite flapper, but sexy and fun.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I love fun, sexy dresses, but I'm a jeans girl through and through. I love a flirty top with sexy heels and call it a day. But I'm also the queen of flats, so it depends on if I'm feeling sassy or laidback.
STYLE ICONS: I love, but can't pull off Nicole Richie's style. The Bohemian thing, I love. But t just won't work on me. I love Cameron Diaz's style because she has a fun, flirty vibe to her, but she's also very sexy.
MUST-HAVE FALL ITEM: I'm a sweater junkie. Gypsy '05 has some really fun, lightweight sweaters that I'm really excited about. It doesn't get that cold in Los Angeles for chunkier sweaters. I'm also a big fan of jackets. I'm a sucker for leather jacket just because you can throw it over a white tank top and you're hot! It's instant hotness.
BEAUTY ESSENTIAL: The blotting papers are brilliant! You never need powder again. They're better for your skin.

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Sharie Manon

The Glam Fairy gang is taking a break for the holidays, with new episodes premiering after the new year. But check the schedule here for repeats. In lieu of Sharie Manon's weekly blog, we bring you an interview we did with the hair diva during the show's premiere party in NYC, where she gave us the scoop on her personal style.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a dress that's ruched on the sides and has a T-strap on the back. It's very sexy. It shows off my scapula. And it's also leopard on the bottom. I bought it off the rack, and then took it to my tailor, who modified it and, now, it fits like a glove and that's why I chose it. I paired it with a bright mauve-and-purple Aldo shoe to get that pop of color. They're amazing! I wear all kinds of designers. My favorite shoe designer is Giuseppe Zanotti, but you know what? Aldo had the shoe in the color that I wanted and it was $100.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I'm sexy rocker-chic. I love to mix things up. I can wear a very expensive piece and I can wear something that I bought at H&M or Topshop and really work it out. While I'm influenced by trends, I don't live by trends. I'll buy something amazing, like a great Chanel jacket and wear it for a few seasons with trendy jewelry. But you're not going to see me buy really expensive trends every single season. I try to be smart.
BEAUTY ICONS: I look to styles from the '40s for inspiration. Veronica Lake has a great look that's very classic and that type of wave in the hair always looks good. It never goes out of style and it's beautiful. Dita Von Teese does a really great look for her makeup. It's classic. The wing is not too heavy. There's not a lot of contour. To make it more current, sometimes I'll look to Gwen Stefani. She's like me: a stylish mom. She has that rock vibe. Her makeup is always on point. She doesn't look to an artist to do her face. She does her own. I love that!
FLAWLESS FACE: All my skincare is Shiseido. I use Makeup Forever primer. I also use their High Definition foundation, which covers everything, but shows the texture of the skin. I don't want to look like I'm made of plastic.
COLD WEATHER FAVES: I'm really loving booties. I'm either doing an ankle or knee-high bootie. The mid-calf boot is boring and bland. I have about a thousand booties. I like to rock them with a little skirt for a cute school girl-inspired look. I'm also doing a lot of different biker-style jackets. Instead of the tweed jacket, I'll wear that to give my outfit edge. I just got a white cowl neck leather one with all these studs. I always put my rocker twist on all my fashion. In the summertime, I often look for tanks where the back is sheer or it's asymmetric on one side, and I layer them into the fall. I usually look for pieces that are different and unique in the structure and the details.
HOLIDAY FABULOUS: I'm not a fan of the velour or velvety looks during the holidays. But I love the jewel tops. Chanel was rocking a lot of wonderful jewel tones and they're adding the really deep gold—the gold that's happening this year has a little bit more bronze to it. It's not as cold as some of the golds are and I love that! You're going to see me in an emerald, really deep wine or deep sapphire dress this holiday season. Those are great colors and they're really smart for most people in the holidays. And, of course, you're jewelry should definitely be gold.

Which Actress Belongs Under a Christmas Tree? | Hollywood yohana

This outfit maybe would have been good for a Yuletide celebration...Actually we take that back, this dress isn't appropriate for any time of the year. We loved this talented actress in Juno and after disappearing for a while she's back on our radar, but in a bad way. It looks like she tried to channel Audrey Hepburn but failed miserably. The satin bow that runs the entire length of the dress just makes us want to snip it off to a normal length with a pair of scissors. Then, of course the weird empire shape of the dress makes the petite actress seems a lot bigger than she actually is.

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Heidi Dillon

The second season of Big Rich Texas will welcome a new and fabulous socialite, Heidi Dillon! When we met with the Dallas style queen and Fashionistas founder, she was all geared up for her role in Big Rich Texas. We couldn't wait to sit down with Heidi to witness her Texas-sized personality for ourselves! Here's what she had to say:
How do you love to dress? At this point in my life, I don't worry too much about trends. I say if you're no longer a work of art, you should wear one. I love edgy, architectural pieces. I feel they're very timeless. I wear a lot of black because it's slimming and a no-brainer. I then usually layer on the silver and gold accessories.
Who are your favorite designers? I love Helmut Lang, I'm wearing a dress by him now. My coat is from Nha Khanh, a young designer from my nonprofit Fashionistas. I also like Rick Owens, Marni, Givenchy, Chanel and one of my favorites is Donna Karan.
What's your sign? I'm a Gemini so I have two extremes and no middle ground. I'm either social, gregarious and very lively or I'm quiet, very private and act like a shut-in.
You've been married for twenty years. Any advice on making love last? My husband Bill and I have been together for 35 years and recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. The first ingredient is you must be madly in love and don't marry for any other reason than you're I love. You then must both make an effort to keep the romance alive. Even if you have to schedule it in, you should have date nights every week or you'll drift apart.

Do you ever get wrapped up in all the high-society drama? It's just all fun to me. I don't take it too seriously, and I like that I can stir the pot so easily. The socialite scene in Dallas is very conservative, very scripted and you have to play along if you want to be accepted. I did that for seven years and got tired of it because I hate cliques! That's when I started Fashionistas.

What's your daily makeup routine? I like to give myself a smoky eye, and I've really gotten into lash extensions. The combo of both helps to open up your eyes and liven them up. I usually finish off with a nude or berry lip.
Why did you start your non-profit Fashionistas? When I moved to Dallas 18 years ago, there was no diversity in the high-society circle I was in. It just got boring. I wanted to start Fashionistas because I've always felt fashion is a great unifier. I wanted a group that was inclusive because I've always been very interested in communities.  Fashionistas is a safe haven for people from all walks of life who can connect through their shared love of fashion.

DeAynni Defends Her Confrontation With Shaye | Hollywood yohana

Big Rich Texas

It was the slap heard 'round the club this week on Big Rich Texas, and now the slapper is speaking her piece about the whole affair.
BACKSTAGE BRAWL: I do feel bad that the mock pageant was somewhat ruined due to the fact that the girls argued. Leslie put a lot of time and effort into it to help her and Kalyn practice and get this business up and running. On the other hand, I don't blame Whitney for losing her temper and getting upset. By saying she's "diseased," Tyler spreads rumors and innuendo around a group of people who—all they like to do is talk. Why give people more ammo?
THE FGI EVENT: I'm not intimidated by Heidi at all; she's very en vogue. When I met her, she had enough Chanel on her to drape an 8-foot Christmas tree! She's haute, extravagant and a lot of fun. I'm so happy for Pam that Hannah surprised her. All mamas need their backup, and there's nobody better than your daughters. They've always got your back.
SLAPPING SHAYE: I obviously needed to take the lead...
Shaye, Maddie, and Grace walked in like there was no issue; Melissa was just sitting on the couch; and Connie stood there with a glass a wine. I wasn't going to welcome them with open arms, but I'm glad they made it home safely. Shaye has never done anything like this, and I don't know if it was peer pressure or just bad decision making. But after that confrontation and her being a little embarrassed, I know she won't do something like that again. I always show my daughters love, but in this house, you have to earn respect. You're not put on a pedestal just because you were born. I need to teach Shaye that life is hard and that it has consequences. That's my job as a mother. You can't sugarcoat the world forever; life is hard, and the sooner you learn that, the better off you'll be as an adult.
CONNIE'S FRIENDSHIP: I don't think Connie really knows who she likes. Look how much she's grown to love me! Sometimes us loud, zany girls are more fun to be around than the rich wannabes at the club. You never know, Connie just might co-chair Team DeAynni sooner than she thinks.

Mikey's Top 5 Vacation Memories | Hollywood yohana

Jerseylicious, Mikey, Olivia
Olivia Blois Sharpe's boyfriend Mikey Aktari wasn't exactly thrilled when he found out his week-long Atlantic City vacation turned into a weekend trip to Amish Country. But the farmlands of Lancaster County didn't turn out to be so bad after all! Find out the top five things the Jerseylicious star learned from his unexpected weekend in Pennsylvania.
5. The trip turned out to be very romantic and fun. Most importantly, it brought Olivia and me even closer than ever.
4. Turns out there's more to life than partying, tanning and going shopping. I learned how beautiful mother nature is!
Jerseylicious, Mikey, Olivia

3. I really got along with Jake, the Amish farmer we met in Lancaster. We even traded hats! In fact, I gave him my favorite hat—that's how much I was enjoying myself!
2. My favorite part of the trip was definitely churning ice cream. It tasted so good that I'd give up my diet just to eat it seven days a week. That's saying something!
1. The most important thing of all was seeing Olivia smile. There were no malls, tanning beds or clubs—just her and me!

Kalyn Keeps Her Cool Amidst the Drama | Hollywood yohana

Big Rich Texas, Kaylyn
Kalyn of Big Rich Texas dishes on her pageant dust-up with Whitney.
BACKSTAGE BRAWL: Whitney was being rude, and I went in to maturely and politely ask if she could leave and stop ruining the pageant for these girls. She got in my face, so I pushed her away, and that's when she got upset and threw her drink at me and came at me. It was just a blur. I remember her pulling my hair, and I started punching her, and then Leslie came into the room and pulled me off her.
I threw a glass at her after Leslie pulled me off. It bounced off her chest and broke when it hit the ground. She took off her heels, collapsed on the ground and then ran out crying. I think she's just upset about the whole situation. I nicely asked her to leave, and she started cursing, telling me to shut up and calling me the B-word. I told her to get out of my face twice. She was warned! It was around the third time I told her that I finally pushed her. She dumped Tyler, so I don't know why she's the one getting overheated. If she truly believed he cheated on her, then she can't expect better of him.
I don't think she should have been there. If she wanted to come and start stuff at the pageant, that's just really childish. She's 24 and a grown woman. She should handle things like that in private and not in a public place. I'm 18, and I'm way more mature than she is. She really needs to grow up.

Despite everything, I think it was still a success. The girls had a good time and had a good experience of what a pageant is like. However, Leslie was very upset with Whitney. She caused all this drama in front of all the girls and the country club.
SHAYE, MADDIE AND GRACE'S COLLEGE PARTYING: I can understand why they wanted to. They're 16, and they want to act like adults. Should they have snuck out and taken the car? Probably not, but I don't disapprove of what they did. Not to say I completely approve either. I mean everyone makes mistakes; you learn and grow. They're kids, and they'll learn.
THE SLAP: Things like that happen but they shouldn't. If you're mad at your kid, hitting them shouldn't be an option. You can ground them for life or whatever, but no argument can be resolved with violence.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Every week, myStyle staffers, readers, experts and stars offer their fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. This week, Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner of Boston's SalonCapri, shared his tricks for pulling off the no-volume hair trend.
"Comb a dime-sized amount of anti-frizz serum evenly from roots to ends of damp hair. Put hair dryer on high heat and low speed settings to prevent frizz, and attach a concentrator. Use a paddle brush to blow out three-inch portions of hair in slow, downward moving strokes, starting with the undermost layer. For thicker hair, pass a straightening iron from roots to tips at a constant pace. Finish the look with three to four drops of hair oil to nourish the strands and add a sleek shine." —Nicholas Penna, Jr.