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We know the holidays are filled with a wide variety of edible temptations, and whenever you bite into grandmother's made-from-scratch boysenberry pie, you feel a tinge of guilt. We wanted to know how we can prevent the Christmas 15 that a lot of people put on during the holidays. To answer the questions we all wonder this time of year, we caught up with executive chef Kelly Boyer of Paleta at her private holiday dinner in Venice, Calif. to get healthy and helpful tips! Paleta is a celeb-approved meal delivery service that focuses on gourmet organic eating.

Drink a lot of water. Chef Kelly could not stress this enough. People often underestimate what dehydration can do to your body. Lack of fluid affects you regardless of whether you're hiking Runyon Canyon or typing away at an Ask Style in your cubicle. Drinking a lot of water replenishes your body, helps to keep you feeling full and stops you from doing mindless snacking. (And since you'll be chugging a lot of water anyways, might as well make it Boxed Water, a water promoted by Paleta with sustainable packaging and a small carbon footprint!)
Pay attention to portion-control. Part of the reason Chef Kelly's meal service is so successful in boosting the wellness of her clients is that they monitor portions carefully. Your snacking should be light and when possible try to incorporate veggies and hummus. You can munch on these without feeling guilty since they add needed nutrients to your diet and prevent you from filling up on other less healthy options.
Increase your activity level. Chef Kelly says its okay to have that large serving of gravy on your mashed potatoes, but make sure to take a walk around neighborhood the next day. Since you already are eating more than you usually do during this time, balance it out by hitting the gym more or doing simple exercises around the house when you have free time. A little can go a long way in staying healthy during the holidays!
Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse. There are so many toxins in our environment that we're constantly exposed to from what's in the air to what's in the water to even what's in the food we eat. So people should proactively detoxify themselves periodically to flush out bad elements. Paleta features a mind and body cleanse with nutrient-packed shakes and targeted meals to help you function more effectively.

Twist Up Your Locks Into a Milkmaid Braid | Hollywood yohana

Stephanie Pratt, Kirsten Dunst, Nicky Hilton

TREND: Milkmaid braids
WHO'S WEARING IT:  Stephanie Pratt Kirsten Dunst and Nicky Hilton
HOW TO WEAR IT: Braids are the must-have hairstyle for the summertime; and you're able to don them during the daytime and evening. In the afternoon, you can twist up your locks into a milkmaid braid like Nicky and Kirsten. By keeping your hair swept up, you'll be able to stay cool and stylish. If you are going for a dramatic look, emulate the heiress' mane and part your hair down the middle. You can take this look into the night, too, or you can let down your tresses like Stephanie. Don't worry about what to wear with this creation, because anything in your closet will match. Just remember to keep you makeup simple. By far, this will be your cheapest accessory during the season. Can't create the look? Then fake it! Simply buy a braided headband and in less than a minute you'll be rocking the hottest trend.

Have Your Moment in the Spotlight With Multicolored Earrings | Hollywood yohana

Heidi Klum, Jane Lynch

TREND: Multicolored earrings
WHO'S WEARING IT: Jane Lynch and Heidi Klum (both Lorraine Schwartz)
HOW TO WEAR IT: One of the most wearable trends to come out of the Emmy Awards was multicolored earrings. With fall right around the corner, the vibrant clusters will complement jewel-toned ensembles à la Jane Lynch or instantly punch up neutrals, which is what Heidi Klum did. Just make sure you wear your hair short or away from the face and keep your décolletage bare to show off the sparklers.

Does Your Outfit Affect How You Perform at Work? | Hollywood yohana

The Amandas Cast

I do not consider myself a fashion expert. In fact, I wear dresses because I don't have confidence in putting outfits together. I love a dress. It's simple, comfortable and I feel good in them. The same goes for heels. I don't like flats, nor do they make my feet feel good. I don't wear 6-inch heels every day. They are more like 3-4-inch heels. Don't get me wrong, I do have 6-inch heels and I love them, but I definitely don't wear them daily.
I can tell you, whether you like it or not, your appearance matters. People judge others based on how they look.
I recently did a call-in radio show where a woman told me her family is poor and her son desperately needed a job. She made sure that he went for his interview at a fast food restaurant with a shirt, tie, dress pants and a dress coat. Her son was complaining that his appearance was overkill for such a job. Wanting to appease his mother, he went to the interview all dressed up. He came home thrilled to tell his mom that he got the job! He told his mom that after interviewing tons of candidates for one open job, the manager puled him aside and said he was giving him the job because of the way he was dressed. He told the boy that he had a good interview, but the way he was dressed showed that he had self-respect and took pride in his appearance. That gave the boy the edge.
I didn't take Havilah shopping because I thought she was a bad dresser. I mean, we don't share the same taste in fashion, but that's neither here nor there. I took Havilah shopping because she had been rude, disrespectful and the girls were all complaining the she wasn't carrying her weight on projects. I could see all of this and I thought that by spending the day with her, I could find a way to connect with her and help her become a part of the group and a better organizer.
Even though people believe I am a tough boss, and I am, when I hire someone, I become emotionally invested. I could have just said, Hey, this isn't the place for you and I have to let you go. But that's not me. I want to make sure I have given you every chance to succeed.
Havilah complained a lot about how I spoke to her. The weird thing is that I'm never speaking to people with ill intent or trying to hurt someone. I get hyper-focused and OCD on projects and am very straightforward and serious. None of the other people I work with felt that I was rude. Was I being harder on Havilah than others? The answer is yes. She wasn't working as hard as the other girls. She wasn't being respectful of me, her boss. She would roll her eyes, have a rude tone to comments, not do what she was supposed to, etc. I don't overlook those things and I will quickly call you out and push you harder to be better than that.
When I took Havilah out that day, I have to say, she was a bit combative. She was very defensive and the conversation was not going well. Then, we started talking about the history of my business. I told her about how little she really knew about me. I told her that this job wasn't a prison and that if she didn't like it here, she could leave at any time. We talked about how I love my employees and we are family. I have gone out of my way to take care of my employees, and they do the same for me. That's why they have been with me for so long.
The reason Havilah was so frustrated and the reason she and I were butting heads is because she wasn't doing her best and she was getting called out on it, and that didn't sit well with her. Sometimes, you get caught in a back and forth and you can't get out of it, and you have to do something to break the cycle and start fresh. I honestly thought this would be that fresh start for Havilah and the rest of us.
After we spoke at lunch, things started to feel lighter and we started to talk and enjoy the day. She seemed like she was letting her defenses down for the first time and actually have a good time. The question now is, will that last? Will Havilah start to create relationships with her coworkers? Will all the fighting and bickering going on between her and the girls stop? You'll have to wait and see!

Fur Collars Add a Luxurious Element to Winter Wear at NYFW | Hollywood yohana

Fur, Fashion Week

TREND: Fur collars
WHO'S WEARING IT: Models at BCBGMAXAZRIA, JSong … Way, Juan Carlos Obando and Corey Lynn Calter
HOW TO WEAR IT: Even though we're only two days into our New York Fashion Week coverage, we've already spotted some killer trends fresh off the runway. Our favorite so far? The ultra-luxe fur collars that have popped up at tons of shows from BCBGMAXAZRIA to Juan Carlos Obando. The little fur accessory (faux preferably) packs a powerful sartorial punch. Take your boring old black or camel coat, add a colored collar around the neck and bam! you have completely transformed your winter ensemble. The versatile plush collar is also a great way to add drama to an evening gown like at Corey Lynn Calter. You can even take notes from JSong … Way (despite the label's strange name) and stretch that summer spaghetti strap dress into winter-appropriate wear with the shoulder-covering fur.

Chic in Cobalt: Starlets Fall for LB(lue)Ds | Hollywood yohana

Kendall Jenner, Ashley Benson, Emma Stone

TREND: Cobalt dresses
WHO'S WEARING IT: Ashley Benson, Kendall Jenner and Emma Stone
HOW TO WEAR IT: There's no doubt that cobalt has been the It hue this season. It seems to have had longevity through all the seasons, and the reliable go-to color has slowly worked its way into every fashionista's wardrobe. It can easily be dressed up or down, and make you effortlessly on-trend. Celebs seem to have fallen for flirty cobalt dresses lately with several starlets being spotted in the look. We can't blame them! Cobalt dresses are easy to style and infuse a fun pop of color into your ensemble. You can go for a pleated feminine frock like Kendall and Ashley did or you can go for a more uptown look like the draped one Emma wore. Since the dress is already a lot of color, you'll want to wisely pair it with black or nude pumps for fall and winter seasons and then spice it up with more vibrant accessories once spring and summer hits!

Gigi Liscio | Hollywood yohana


We caught up with the hairstylist as she geared up for the Season 4 premiere of Jerseylicious (Sunday, February 19, at 8/7c on Style) to get the scoop on her personal style, shoe obsession and favorite beauty products.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: My style is classy, but not too conservative. I still like to look sexy and fabulous. I love how Kim Kardashian dresses. She's very elegant. I have big boobs, so I try to dress tastefully as much as possible.
CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC: I love to shop at Neiman Marcus. I love Bloomingdales. I love Forever 21. I go from high-end to low-end. You don't need to spend a lot to look good; you just need to know how to shop. I do! I'm going to have a huge walk-in closet one day. I have to!
FAVORITE SPLURGE: Shoes! I bought red Valentino patent-leather open-toe shoes with a big bow on top of them. Oh my God! They're so beautiful. I also bought Christian Louboutin black patent-leather heels and gold open-toe slingbacks. I absolutely love them. They make me feel so good! It's like, Wow! I worked so hard and I can finally get this for myself right now. Hard work pays off! They're not really that comfortable, but you're paying for the name and red bottoms. They're great if you're sitting down all day.
COLOR HER STYLISH: I love black. It's so classy and sexy, and you can dress it up with any other color. I also love to wear red and blue. I know the skinny jeans in red and electric blues are really, really in this year, so I'm definitely going to be wearing those. I'll work them with a nice top and a nice pair of heels, and I'm ready to go.


BEAUTY MUST-HAVES: I love MAC eye shadows. I also love NARS and YSL makeup. Right now, I'm obsessed with Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs spray. It almost makes you look like you have stockings. It makes legs look tan!
GOING AU NATUREL: I changed my look a little bit. I took out my hair extensions. I love change—for the better, obviously. I just want to wear my real hair for a while. Don't get me wrong; extensions are my thing. I'm absolutely obsessed with them, and I'll always wear them, but for right now, I feel like the more natural, the better. This year, I'm keeping it a little more low key than I usually do. Maybe a little less makeup. I don't use lashes at all. But if I go out, I'll definitely apply a little here and there. I'll just wear subtle makeup and my own hair. Sometimes, less is more.
VALENTINE'S DAY ADVICE: On Valentine's Day, you want the person to look at your natural beauty, not your false beauty. Hey, everyone needs a little makeup when going on a date, but you don't need to look like a clown.

Ali Fedotowsky | Hollywood yohana

Ali Fedotowsky

The Bachelorette gave us a peek at her personal style at the GBK Celebrity Lounge in honor of the Academy Awards. She took home lots of cutting-edge fashion and personal care products, including Chloe & Isabel jewelry, AMBÉ skincare, MyPillow and Maya Water facial mists.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing an Express shirt and skirt. I am all about affordability! My shoes are FS/NY; I really like these shoes because of their leopard print-fullness! My necklace and ring are Stella & Dot.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Whenever I can wear flats with an outfit, I will. That's why I love maxiskirts. You can wear them with sandals or flip flops and still be dressy. I am not a huge print person. I love solid colors. I'm happy that colorblocking is back in. That's my favorite thing to do! My favorite color is yellow, but lately I've been liking blue.
COLORBLOCK TALK: Colorblocking isn't hard. I have tons of colored skinny jeans. So, I can take purple skinny jeans and pair that with a hot pink top. It's a little '80s, but it's still fun and modern because of the style. In a sense, I'm colorblocking today. I have the solid skirt, solid white shirt and a bright red necklace. I love big necklaces.
STYLE ICONS: I love Rachel Bilson's everyday style. I look at Blake Lively for the red carpet. She takes risks!
LAST SPLURGE: I just bought a Louis Vuitton travel bag. I never thought I could get one nor had I considered spending that much money on a bag. I will be traveling a lot in the next year, so I thought it would be perfect.
SUNKISSED MAVEN: I have to be tan! I do sunless tanning because my friend got skin cancer. I am crazy about sunblock, and laying out in the sun freaks me out. I use this really great product called Lavish Tan, which is a company based in Venice, California. Their formula is organic and gives you the best color tan! It's my must-have.
CONVERSE COLLECTION: I wear Chucks. I have them in every color—like 50 pairs. Craig Robinson, who was on my season, gave me a yellow Converse sneaker on a key chain. Fans have been sending them to me ever since.

Ke$ha's Birthday Is Paved With Gold...Studs! | Hollywood yohana

Kesha, Ke$ha

Happy birthday, Ke$ha! To celebrate the big 2-5, the "Tik Tok" singer (who's been very quiet lately, no?) pulled out the big guns—the crafty kind, that is.
She's studded everything from shorts, nails and even eyebrows before, but this time around, the Tennessee native bedazzled her head. "[It] is happening," she tweeted.

We're all for trying new, bold hair trends, if you haven't been able to tell from our massive love affair with dip-dye. Ke$ha's latest look-at-me move, however, is not quite the same as Selena Gomez adding purple extentions or Rihanna going platinum blonde. These are studs. On her head.
That being said, we're going to put away our original urge to ask Ke$ha to stud her clothes and not her scalp because this daring experiment has grown on us. It's more rock and roll than any neon facepaint or buckets of glitter she's ever rolled in, and no one else could pull it off.
Just don't take that as a challenge, Lourdes Leon. One buzzed and studded trendsetter at a time, ya hear?

Carrie Underwood Shines Sans Sequins in Oscar de la Renta | Hollywood yohana

Carrie Underwood

It's no secret that country singers love a good ol' sequin dress—especially, Carrie Underwood. The American Idol winner rarely steps outside of her all-that-glitters style box. However, she made an exception when she attended the Nordstrom Symphony fashion show in Nashville, Tenn., earlier this week.

Carrie, who was fully decked in Oscar de la Renta, looked breathtaking in a slightly sheer midnight blue gown. This truly is one of the best looks we've ever seen on her thus far—the gal radiated sophistication to the max!

Even though the Oklahoma-native went sequin-free to the event that just gave her a reason to pile on shiny accessories, including an embellished belt, a sapphire cocktail ring and matching geometric clutch.
She finished off the look with navy peep-toe pumps, a side-swept updo and natural-looking makeup.

Get Taylor Swift's Preppy in the City Look for Less! | Hollywood yohana

Taylor Swift

As much as we love seeing Taylor Swift in sequin dresses there is something about her street style look that we are absolutely taken with—it's always so casual yet chic. So, we wanted to share with you one of our all-time favorite daytime-friendly outfits of hers.

The country cutie, who has recently stepped foot into the world of animation as the voice of Audrey in The Lorax, was spotted strolling the streets of NYC back in November wearing a preppy-meets-feminine ensemble.
She teamed a navy Ralph Lauren cable knit pullover with an unexpected mustard-yellow Olivaceous pleated skirt. She gave the look an extra pop of color, thanks to a blue Fendi satchel, ruby bow-bedecked heels and a bold red pout.
Love T. Swift's über-cute look? Well, we've found similar duds at a fraction of the price just for you.

Angelina Jolie Has a Leg Up on Jennifer Aniston! | Hollywood yohana

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston

Although there were tons of big winners at the Oscars this past Sunday in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie's right leg seems to be the only thing on people's minds—it even has a Twitter account of it's own with 40K+ followers.
Let's face it: Had another actress worn a black gown to the Academy Awards, their outfit would have been completely forgotten about. However, when Angie stepped foot in the red carpet wearing a noir velvet Atelier Versace gown with a slit up-to-there, she had all eyes cameras on her. The actress-slash-director definitely owned her look on and off the rouge rug—she even struck a pose when she presented the Original Screenplay award!

Oddly enough, Jennifer Aniston had worn a similar gam-revealing look back at the 2010 Golden Globes. Her Valentino design had a similar asymmetrical top, but the only real difference was the lighter fabric and the less voluminous bottom. There's not doubt about it: Both babes have very similar tastes— and not just in men!—when it comes to fashion, they like sexy, yet fuss-free ensembles!