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Gel Nails
Imagine a nail polish that lasts for two weeks without a single chip. Sounds like a tall (nail) tale right? Wrong! I road-tested the fabulousCHI nail bar's gel manicure and caught up with the owner, Fawn Ton, to get the scoop on the indestructible mani.
Let's cover the pros first, because we gotta admit, there are a lot of them. First of all, there's the selection. Since gel nails have been around for over a year, you have a rainbow of colors literally at your fingertips. For all the uptown gals, CHI nail bar specializes in customized french gel nails, and for the downtown divas, they do a glitter version that'll make your nails look like mini disco balls!
The next big benefit? "Gel color nails provide longer lasting manicures with advantages like no dry time, because the ultraviolet light cures the color within minutes," shares Ton. You know what this means? No more freaking over the inevitable dented digit when you're minutes out of the salon—not to mention winter pedicures are totally doable without the frozen feet orwacky booties. It gives new meaning to the phrase tough as nails.
The last notable pro is that the gels soak off easily in acetone. This means no drills or filing down your nails, like traditional nail enhancements.

How to Look Bold in Beige? | yohana

Renee Zellweger
I'm glad you asked, because lately it seems like nude frocks are giving the LBD a run for its money. Case in point: the pale dress has been spotted on practically everyone from Hollywood sweethearts like Ashley Greene to Tinseltown establishments like Renée Zellweger. And while beige can look beautiful, it's all too easy to get the shade that blends right into your skin. And unless you like to dabble in public nudity, read on to get the best ways to rock the look the right way, courtesy of stylist,Annie Funn.
The style guru promises, "A nude color dress can look great on anyone," and to achieve the look effortlessly, "opt for a nude that is a few shades darker or lighter than your skin color." So if you have pale alabaster skin, try awarm peachy color, and if you have cocoa coloring, a sandy dress will surely complement your complexion.
Funn's second tip is to look for dress details that will create contrast between your skin and the fabric. "Choose a nude that has a shine, and gives you a glow, like satin or silk," she advises. You can also look for eye-catching extras like beaded embellishments or ruffles.
And just to double check you look smashing before you walk out the door, snap a Polaroid of yourself. If you're washed out, it will become immediately apparent. If not, congratulate yourself on going buff without blending into the background!

How to Preserve Clothing | yohana

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Whether it's a pricey party frock or your wedding dress, there are a couple of V.I.G.'s (very important garments) in every lady's wardrobe. And if you're anything like us, you got down and partied hard in your special dress. Since this can leave your garment in less than pristine condition—we're talking unfortunate champagne splotches and grass stains galore—we recommend professional dress preservation. We went to longstanding industry expert, theWedding Gown Preservation Co., to get the do's and don'ts to keep your clothing in top form:
Do spend the money to have your dress professionally preserved (starting around $200). Often the shop where you bought your garment will have a recommendation for a trusted preserver they use. Even if your dress appears to be in perfect condition, every worn dress is covered in imperceptible oil, dust and sweat. For the love of hygiene, this fact alone should get you to a preserver!
Don't have it dry cleaned and call it a day. Most dry cleaners don't specialize in your type of dress and won't have the specific goods to safely store your dress.
Do make sure your dress is stored with white acid-free tissue paper in an acid-free box, and the bodice of the dress is stuffed with tissue paper to retain the form.
Don't ever hang your dress! This is the number one preservation faux-pas and can cause tearing and stretching.
Do store your dress in a cool, dry and dark place, like in your closet or under your bed. Forget the hot attic, which can cause a dress to yellow, and pass on the basement where a mold attack is more likely.
From there, just check on your garment about twice a year for any signs of damage. And the next time you spill a little dessert on that special dress, you'll know all the post-party tricks to get your frock like new again.

What's Appropriate Wedding Guest Wear? | yohana

Calvin Klein Lizard A-Line Dress
We hate to steal your thunder, but in a word: yes. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fashion fun with your outfit. After all, weddings are a prime place to meet eligible babes, so you want to be looking your best. We chatted up Martine Wester, whosenamesake bridal collection launched last week, to get do's and don'ts of wedding guest dressing.
"Most brides will want all their guests to share and enjoy their happiness so she will want her guests to feel great and look great too," says the designer. In a way, you can think of it as your duty to look polished. Who doesn't want to have good-looking friends in their wedding photos?
That said, you don't want to steal the spotlight from the newlywed. Indeed, "A guest should always stick to conservative shapes and colors unless otherwise stated by the bride," coaches Wester. So what does that mean?
For starters, you can go ahead and skip the neon bandage dress. Blindingly bright colors, leopard prints and anything resembling white is a no go. However, fun colors like thisbrilliant blue number or buttercup yellow dress can add to the festive feel of a summer wedding. You can always go by this rule of thumb: if you are wondering whether it's too loud, it probably is.
As for the silhouette, classic shapes like an  A-line number, a sheath or an empire dress are always a safe bet. On the no list? Anything super tight or revealing. Don't worry, you can wear your dress with a down-to-there plunge another time.
As Wester puts it, "The only one who should shine on that day is the bride." We couldn't agree more.

What Length Is Considered Proper for Pants? | yohana

Abigail Breslin
I just got a new pair of pants and I want to know where the hem should exactly fall? Should your shoes be completely covered or should they peep out?  I've seen so many celebs wearing pants that drag on the floor lately!
We've seen this pant-dragging phenomenon you speak of, and we're not pleased. We're not about to believe Abigail Breslin can't afford a tailor! To avoid her pants predicament, your first task is to figure out whether you want to wear your bottoms mainly with flats or heels. Once you've decided, there's a magic measurement between your pants and the ground that works every time. And the number is…
One to one and a half inches is the perfect distance between your hemline and the floor. Take off any more and it'll look like you're preparing for the flood; any less and you'll be tripping over your hem. You should aim for just a peep of shoe poking out. After all, you don't want to completely cover up those cute heels!
If you're more of a visual gal, check out Ashley Olsen in her perfectly-hemmed pantsuit. See that pop of yellow heel? Perfection! To see how not to do it, check out how AnnaLynne McCord's pair are just a tad too high.
Now that you've got the gist, we're got a few pointers for hitting the alterations shop:
• Before you go, make sure to wash and dry your pants at least once. This way if they shrink up a bit in the wash, you can adjust for the difference in length and won't have any unpleasant surprises.
• Bring the shoes you plan to wear the most with the pants to the alterations shop with you, so you can get your pants hemmed to the perfect height.
• Always ask the seamstress to leave an inch or two of extra fabric underneath, so there's material to work with if they are accidentally sewn too short.
• When you return for your newly-hemmed piece, try it on to make sure it is the correct length before you leave. Most tailors will be happy to fix any errors free of charge.

How to Make Wellness Your Focus in 2012? | yohana

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Tick-tock... the clock strikes midnight and you clink your champagne glasses in celebration of the new year. And then have another glass of champagne, followed by a little more food. And maybe just one more glass of champagne. We have all been having the "little extra" in the name of celebrations and the little overindulgences add up. Even your resident wellness coach starts to feel the sins of her food transgressions after the holiday season! We can get right back on track and feel fit, fab and amazing in the new year without being a slave to diets or the gym.
1. Begin to record all the things you eat. During the holidays we slip up because we allow ourselves to indulge in all the little things in celebration of the season. I have clients write out what it is they are eating and they become more aware of why and when they decide to eat. Use this trick. There's even research to suggest that sharing your weight loss efforts on social media - think Facebook and Twitter - leads to greater accountability and support.
2. Drink - and eat more - water! Your body is an amazing detox machine given the right food and plenty of hydration. There's zero need for a crash diet or low-calorie starvation misery. Your liver will do all the work if you take the junk out of your diet - like processed and sugary foods - and give it plenty of water-based foods, like fruits and vegetables.
3. You don't have to kill yourself at the gym to peel off a few extra pounds from the holiday season. Try one to two weeks of your pre-holiday routine and notice if your body corrects for the holidays. If you don't have a favorite sweat-it-out routine take the advice of one of my favorite physicians, Dr. Mike Evans. His"prescription" will have you back to the normal you in no time at all with a minimal amount of sweat.
4. We love to swear off our holiday transgressions with  "I'll never..." statements. Turn these into positive statements and actions that lead to your goal. It's difficult enough to eat healthy at times without Grandma's famous cookies staring you down from across the kitchen. Clear out the tempting goodies, stock healthy foods and set reasonable goals, like trying to cook 3-4 healthy meals for yourself each week.
We all had our fun over the holidays and there's zero shame in having had a little too much fun as long as you curb the holiday behaviors and put them away for the rest of the year. Recognizing what we can do to control holiday weight gain and learning from the previous year is a big help in staying healthy, happy and stylish all year long!