Exclusive: Blake Lively talks about Gucci Première and gifting fragrance to family (Is that what will be in Ryan Reynolds’ stocking?) | Hollywood yohana

Gucci Premier perfume Blake Lively

Blake Lively, who has been the face of Gucci‘s new fragrance, Gucci Première ($78, sephora.com), since its launch, recently spoke about her work with the brand and how her involvement is especially significant during the holiday season.
Some background: The inspiration for this new scent was taken from the brand’s Gucci Première couture collection that debuted at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. The dresses were created for a who’s-who’s of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses and the perfume aims to celebrate the star in every woman.

In this exclusive Q&A video, Blake Lively—who is no stranger to red carpet glamour and festivities—says that during the holiday season the gifts that last are the most powerful. And what could be more powerful than a new fragrance? Speaking about her own family’s holiday traditions, Lively says, “I love to give the gift they remember. My father always gives my mother fragrance.”
The actress also noted that, “Fragrance is a bit of a selfish gift because it’s comforting when you’re near someone and you recognize their smell.” And Gucci Première does just that with a recognizable mix that includes orange blossom, white flowers and leather.
Lively remarked that her family often exchanges fragrances with each other, in hopes that they could adopt the scent as their own. So who will be on the receiving end of a gifted bottle of Gucci Première this holiday season? And we have to admit, we’re also now very curious as to what scent Ryan Reynolds wears.


Beauty magnified: Examining the ski chalet–ready beauty look on Michael Kors’ Fall 2012 runway | Hollywood yohana

Michael Kors Backstage Beauty Fall 2012

Featuring chunky cable-knits, fox furs and shearlings, the Michael Kors Fall 2012 collection was inspired by a well-to-do couple—say Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, or John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette—settling in at their cozy winter retreat after a day on the slopes. To achieve this fireside look, makeup artist Dick Page used Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in “Drama” on both lips and cheeks. The red liquid lipstick was applied with a foundation sponge on cheeks to mimic an in-from-the-cold flush then blotted on lips for a bold, precise effect. On the eyes, Dick Page swept pale gold and iridescent white powder over lids and into inner corners and finished with black mascara. Hair was just as cozy: After prepping with a volumizing spray for texture, Orlando Pita created a side part, secured it with a bobby pin and pulled the lengths into a casual, undone knot. Read on as we examine the runway look for Michael Kors Fall 2012 in full, complete with tips, tricks and the six products you need to try the hair and makeup at home.


Beauty Visionary: Meet the woman behind J.Crew’s bright lips and mussed hair | Hollywood yohana

J.Crew fashion director Gayle Spannaus interview

J.Crew has launched many obsessions over the years: cashmere V-necks, brightly coloured capris and novelty ballet flats. But the fashion retailer, which began as a catalogue-only business in the eighties, has also been not so quietly causing a beauty revolution. Flip open the catalogues, or “Style Guides” as they’re now known, and you’ll find models with electro-pop lips, windblown hair and brushed-up brows, a signature look that went over well when the brand officially presented at New York Fashion Week for the first time with its Spring 2012 collection. Collaborations with indie makeup brands Face Stockholm and Lipstick Queen have led to sold-out collections of lipstick and nail polish (not even eBay-able anymore!), and beauty boldfaces such as Linda Rodin (she of the cult face oil Rodin Olio Lusso) star in the company’s latest ad campaign. All of which is to say: J.Crew is on a big beauty roll. 

So who is the mastermind behind this cosmetic zeitgeist? While quirky-cool chairman and CEO Millard “Mickey” Drexler and famously fashionable creative director Jenna Lyons have been major forces fashion-wise, much of the beauty direction happens at the hands of Gayle Spannaus. J.Crew’s fashion director and head women’s stylist, she’s been with the brand for 17 years. While working at Glamour as an assistant stylist, she would fight to be first to get her hands on the J.Crew catalogues. “When I heard there was an opening for a casting director to be in charge of hiring all the models, photographers and hair and makeup artists, I took it,” she says.
Since her arrival in 1995, Spannaus has crusaded to modernize J.Crew’s bare-face beauty approach. “It was very ‘girl next door,’ no makeup,” she says. “Very natural and androgynous, but not in a Calvin Klein way.” Her first coup was shooting Amber Valletta with her husband and puppy on a beach in 1995. “Amber was the biggest deal and we got her. I proposed the idea and it was more money than we had ever spent on a model.” It was also the first step in moving the needle. “I had a very specific instinct for what the J.Crew girl should be,” Spannaus says. “She had to have an ease. That was very important. And there had to be eye contact, a confidence—because that’s the foundation—and friendliness. If you’re not nice, it’s a one-shot deal.” Under her direction, J.Crew’s cadre of models has grown to include such well-known faces as Arizona Muse, Liu Wen and Karmen Pedaru.


Beauty Fix: 5 ways to add a charitable component to your beauty routine this winter | Hollywod yohana

Beauty Fix Beauty Products with Charitable Donations

Every week we take on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more and provide all the answers. This week, Beauty Fix is adding a charitable component to your search for the perfect eye shadow, lip gloss and fragrance. We’ll help you find the perfect shadow for this season’s smoky eye, a scent that’s not too strong and a lotion that does more than your average moisturizer. Even better, every answer this week includes a product that gives back.  


Frost Bites: 9 products to help you fend off the threat of parched skin this winter | Hollywood yohana

Winter Skin Care products

If there’s ever a time you’ll want to retain water, it’s winter. “As the temperature falls, the air’s ability to hold moisture tends to reduce, which creates dryness in the environment,” says Dr. Jaggi Rao, a dermatologist and associate clinical professor at the University of Alberta. In other words, your dewy summertime complexion is going to thirstily tense up and beg for a drink. Dr. Rao suggests applying a hydrating cream or serum on damp skin, as “it will seal whatever is there and retain that moisture.” Skin around the eyes, the thinnest on the body, also requires immediate attention, and not just because of its fragility. We make so many facial expressions in that area that “if the skin is already dry, you will enhance the microscopic breaks in it.” Remedy the situation by dipping deeply into some eye cream. 


5 predictions about One Direction’s forthcoming fragrance| Hollywood yohana

One Direction perfume fragrance

A million happy tweets were likely launched this morning when news broke that the boy band of the moment, One Direction, have signed a deal to launch a women’s perfume in 2013. WWD noted that this move will put the fivesome into even further competition with Justin Bieber, whose Girlfriend fragrance launched earlier this year. (We’re still impressed that eager fans haven’t stolen all the life-size cardboard cutouts of Bieber from drugstore displays across the country.) Of course, these days a cosmetics empire is almost mandatory for any act with a roster of record-breaking Top 40 hits (just ask Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj) so it’s no surprise that One Direction is entering the world of celebrity fragrance. While no details of the scent have been released—other than a tentative fall 2013 launch date—here’s five of our best predictions as to what One Direction fans can look forward to:
1. A telephone booth-shaped perfume bottle? The red phone booth from the cover of One Direction’s just-released album Take Me Home has become a fan favourite—and would make for a pretty cute perfume bottle.
2. Different fragrances for each One Direction member? What better way to make sales skyrocket! Though stores would have to be sure to stock more of the Harry Styles and Zayn Malik scents…
3. Could it be the first perfume that plays a song as you spray? Lady Gaga changed the game when she launched the first black-to-clear fragrance, making innovation just as important as marketing. So we’re imagining a bottle that plays the chorus from “What Makes You Beautiful” as you spritz.
4. Fans could determine the name of the fragrance: One Direction loves to host question and answer sessions online, so imagine if they turned to Twitter to take suggestions on what to name the scent?
5. Older fans will love it just as much as younger ones: For instance, the scent could be heavy on vanilla and buttercream notes appealing to the noses of a younger audience while still making us older fans (ahem…) feel beautiful.


MEN’S FASHION: Design director Max Wolff is overseeing the rebirth of the Lincoln | Holld yohana

MEN'S FASHION: RenaissanceMan

The interior features leather in a perforated pattern that suggests bubbles rising in a glass of champagne. The exterior is the colour of cognac, with a base coat covered in multiple clear layers that impart an intoxicating shine. And the front is spanned by a grille that’s like the wings of an eagle in flight.
Looking at this new Lincoln MKZ Concept—unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January and presented at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto in February—it’s clear that Lincoln is aiming high.
Derrick Kuzak, Ford Motor Company group vice-president for global product development, acknowledged in a January press release, “With the Lincoln MKZ Concept, we are not introducing a new car. We are essentially introducing a new brand.”
“It’s a tremendous responsibility,” says Max Wolff, who, at the age of 38, joined Lincoln as director of design at the beginning of last year. He heads an all-new studio dedicated to the reinvention of the iconic luxury brand.
No one is disputing that the time for reinvention had come. In January, Business Week ran a story that pointed
to Lincoln’s declining sales, its geezer demographic and, as an example of further indignity, the 1970s-era Continental that carried the coffin of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.
In restoring Lincoln to a more debonair image, Wolff looked back to earlier heydays: the Zephyr of the 1930s and the Continental of the early ’60s, which, says Wolff, “stood apart as much for what it didn’t do as for what it did do.”
What it didn’t do was go in for the decorative fins that were then all the rage. Likewise, the MKZ Concept avoids what Wolff calls “surface entertainment.” Instead, it features sleek lines and an understated attitude that nonetheless announces that, as Wolff puts it, “It’s not going to be pushed around.”
Wolff’s words reflect a passion for cars that he’s had since he was a boy growing up in Australia, when he used to spend his time drawing pictures of them. Having worked for General Motors in Australia, Korea and the U.S. before taking a job with Ford, he still believes in automobile design as an example of art for everyday living.
But while his spiky hair and what he calls “the unkempt sort of half-beard thing” imply an artistic streak, Wolff gratefully admits that technology is a boon to design. Directing attention to the interior of the MKZ Concept, Wolff explains that there is no mechanical linkage between the transmission and the gearshift, which makes possible a full-length centre console. This offers a customer more places to put things, and Wolff proudly declares it to be “an amazing piece of sculpture.”
A production model of the MKZ Concept is scheduled to arrive in dealerships later this year, and plans are in the works for seven more all-new or significantly refreshed Lincoln models. Wolff promises, “The best is yet to come.” 


MEN’S FASHION: 12 of the most exciting cars of the new model year | Hollywood yohana

MEN’S FASHION: 12 of the most exciting cars of the new model year

Despite the drawbacks to driving a car—not enough parking, too much going nowhere in too much traffic—we continue to be obsessed with the automobile. And for good reasons: First, certain cars are motorized works of art. Second, life is short.


MEN’S FASHION: Principal dancers with the National Ballet of Canada, Guillaume Côté, Jirí Jelinek and Piotr Stanczyk star in fashion’s shorts program | Hollywood yohana

MEN’S FASHION | Leg work