5 easy steps to creating your own flame Prada purse | Hollywood yohana

 In honour of Miuccia Prada‘s birthday (it’s today!) and her retrospective at the Met, we’re getting into our second Prada DIY of the season (check out our flower earring DIY). This time around, we’re fashioning our own fiery accessory inspired by the stylized fifties flames that were shown throughout her Spring 2012 collection.


Inside Club Monaco’s Toronto party for Tommy Ton’s bag collab: Flipbooks, waiting lists, and sunglasses at night | Hollywood yohana

 Last night, Toronto’s favourite wunderkind-turned-blogger-turned-photographer-turned-designer returned home for the celebration of his latest venture. Said venture? The much-talked-about limited-edition bag collection designed by Tommy Ton in collaboration with Club Monaco (also one of Toronto’s proudest exports, if we may say so). But you knew that, didn’t you? In fact, you must be on the already-at capacity waiting list for one of the two models, which will apparently sell out as soon as they hit stores. That didn’t stop the city’s finest—including our editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra, blogger Anita Clarke, Jeremy Laing and the recently eye-operated-on Frank Griggs (so you can forgive the indoor sunglasses, just this once) —from stopping by the brand’s Bloor Street flagship to take a peek. We didn’t leave with the bags, but we were lucky enough to snag mini flipbooks created at the event.


From the food aisles to Fifth Avenue: Inside Joe Fresh’s New York flagship store and opening party | Hollywood yohana

Last Thursday, the unthinkable happened: A brand born in the aisles of the grocery store became part of the glorious gloss of New York’s Fifth Avenue. But if you know anything about Joe Fresh and its founder Joe Mimran, you know that well, it’s not really that unthinkable at all. Since launching the brand five years ago (and after years of style-propagation via his previous ventures, Club Monaco and Caban), Mimran has brought affordable chicness to the forefront of the Canadian fashion industry. South of the border was the natural next step, and since the brand’s U.S. launch late last summer, its bright and sunny hues have been infiltrating the pages of Teen Vogue, New York Magazine and the like. To boot, the brand has been making its mark on the arts community as well, sponsoring an event during Miami’s Art Basel, and the New Museum’s second triennial exhibit, The Ungovernables.

Fast forward to last Thursday, when the brand made its biggest slam dunk in the Big Apple: 14,000 square feet, two storeys, a glass-walled heritage building designated a landmark by the city of New York converted into its shiny flagship store. “When I first walked in, I was completely wowed,” said Mimran. “There was a ton to do, but I just fell in love with it. I thought it was an amazing place to have a flagship store.” After a 12-month renovation, the city’s finest, including Jessica Stam, Derek Blasberg, Fern Mallis and director Steven Sebring, came by to toast the open doors alongside the Canadians (Kimberley Newport-Mimran, the Weston family, former Fashion File host Adrian Mainella, and ahem, me.) The brand’s connection to the arts continued, with short films made by artists Ellen von Unwerth, Deborah Turbeville, Sue de Beer and others projecting throughout the store.
The coup of the night? Mayor Michael Bloomberg stopped by to speak at the event, professing that Mimran was the greatest Canadian import since Justin Bieber. Mayor made a lolzy!


Fancy hats and the future of art: Go inside last night’s Massive Party at the AGO! | Hollywood yohana

Art lovers and party enthusiasts alike flocked to the Art Gallery of Ontario last night for its eighth annual Massive Party fundraiser. Spread throughout many of the gallery’s floors, guests mingled among works of art from the AGO’s collection and special exhibits that played off the party’s theme of “LIGHT SOUND OBJECT PAST PRESENT FUTURE.” While this message was projected as part of a light show on the very-coveted third floor, it might not have resonated with all the guests. “I think the theme is high school?” one attendee said after getting pinned with a “2nd Place” ribbon by a team of mock cheerleaders dressed in blue and white. (Their cheer? “Second is the new first!”)
Guests who may have been dismayed by the long wait for an elevator ride to the third floor still had plenty to do underneath Frank Gehry’s spiral staircase. The must-do of the night was a tableau-style mock-Victorian photobooth filled with props that rivalled even the most over-the-top artistic ensembles. If last night was any proof, fancy headwear is certainly still in style!


Inside last night’s Picasso opening gala at the AGO: Nude models, bright couches and Kim Cattrall! | Hollywood yohana

Last night, the Art Gallery of Ontario was filled with some of the country’s grandest doyens and doyennes (Mulroney! Eaton! Weston!) for the official kick off to the gallery’s Picasso exhibit, which opens to the public next Tuesday, May 1. Infusing the Gehry-designed space with a bit of Barcelona-meets-Paris flavour, the room was decked out with brightly-hued bohemian essentials, which were certainly not limited to the nude models being sketched (in Pablo’s famed style, of course) in plain view. At the centre of it all? Kim Cattrall, looking as va-va-voom as ever in a printed tie-neck blouse, and slimmer-than-slim black pants. If only Samantha had been there to make an off colour nakie remark…


Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, and Tim Roth walk Prada’s Fall 2012 Menswear show. But who did it best? | Hollywood yohana


Miuccia Prada rounded up her men for Prada’s Fall 2012 menswear collection with a mouth-full of a title: Prada Presents: Il Palazzo. A Palace of Role Play.
In typical Prada fashion, there was plenty of pattern-on-pattern clashing, and ornate prints turned into football helmets—aboriginal headdresses upon closer inspection. This time, mixed into the model assortment were actors Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, Adrien Brody, and Tim Roth. (Who better to walk a collection based on role play?) Double-breasted suits and Hugh Hefner robes were the wears of choice, complete with a dangling pair of rose-coloured glasses (get it?).

The crew of actors was certainly a little motley—Roth next to Bell? Please!—but there were no complaints as all the men looked utterly dapper in their high-fashion fanfare.
So who do you think worked the runway best?


Inside The Room Vancouver’s Mary Katrantzou fête: The city’s finest donning Magic Eye prints and designer hints of another possible collab | Hollywood yohana

Pattern princess Mary Katrantzou’s first-ever visit to Vancouver (“We’ve got fantastic weather, and I was expecting gloomy rain!” she enthused in an earlier interview) turned out a colourful crowd at The Room at the Bay last night. A noticeable number of party people sported kaleidoscopic looks from the designer’s new collection, which has gained equal notoriety for its elevation of everyday objects such as spoons and typewriters, as well as its trippy, engrossing patterns reminiscent of Magic Eye images from the ‘90s (a comparison Mary acknowledges with, “Yes, I heard that recently! I wasn’t sure what those magical eye drawings were.”)
The biggest head-turner at the soiree was the Bay’s own Bonnie Brooks, for whom the sea of party people parted like she was the Moses of fashion. She took it all very gracefully, posing for photographers in her green Katrantzou number. Mingling towards the edges of the crowd were other designers such as Jason Matlo and Dace Moore, while Shaw TV’s Mana Mansour swanned about.
After a few rounds of champagne and cutesy canapés, the crowd dissipated, but the designer is in town for a few days yet. She’ll be checking out Vancouver and Whistler until Sunday. And then? “We’re headed to L.A.! Actually, we’re possibly doing a collaboration that I can’t reveal yet… But we’re going for two days to explore that possibility.”
If you unfocus your eyes just the right amount and stare at this page, the name of Mary’s possible brand collaboration will emerge. Seriously. STARE HARDER. (Okay, fine, we’re kidding. Magic Eyes never worked for us anyway.)


Go inside the Variety Studio at Holt Renfrew and view snaps of Leighton Meester, Clive Owen, Emily Blunt, Ethan Hawke, and more! | Hollywood yohana


Despite the long list of megawatt celebs (Clive Owen! Leighton Meester! Emily Blunt!) that rolled through the Variety Studio at Holt Renfrew this week, the vibe was decidedly relaxed. We stopped by on Saturday to do a bit of celeb stalking and instead of the flurry of stress we thought we’d be met with, the celebs were easy breezy, spending a couple of minutes in front of the camera, and then schmoozing, playing the new Nintendo DS, drinking wine or tea, and accepting gift bags full of swag from Moroccan Oil and Canadian jewellery company Anzie.
While we were there, we spotted Rachel Weisz, alongside her Deep Blue Sea co-star Tom Hiddleston, looking breathtaking (we mean that literally) in a Giambattista Valli resort leopard dress, with a simple shape and sky-high black pumps. Leighton Meester, who was interviewed alongside scene-pros Allison Janney and Oliver Platt for their film The Oranges, was looking sweet in a Louis Vuitton resort 2012 pleated dress, a blazer by Nonoo, and pink and black Pierre Hardy wedges. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Olsen and Sarah Paulson sported matching prints.


5 minutes with Renata Morales | Hollywood yohana

Renata Morales

The unique style of designer Renata Morales has earned her props from art-loving fashion circles, including Grammy-winning Canadian band Arcade Fire. Here, she shares her favourite shops and the story behind Denis Gagnon’s infamous eyewear.
You’ve moved from prêt-à-porter to designing exclusively for private clients?
“That’s what I enjoy doing. It’s more elaborate stuff, where all the work is really ornate. I’ve also done costumes for [Oscar-nominated film director] Denis Villeneuve’s short, Next Floor.”
How cool is it working with Arcade Fire?
“I work with them because we’re friends. It’s not costume-oriented, except those Tron suits they wore on SNL.”

How has your style evolved over the years?
“One main evolution for me is lightness. As decorative as my clothes may be, I like clothes that are so light you forget about them.”
What’s coming for fall?
“I’m working on a contrast between moss and metal—metal that looks light.”
Where do you shop?
“I’m very excited about Denis Gagnon’s new boutique in Old Montreal. We’ll be neighbours again.”
He told me his signature frames came from you.
“They used to be mine. He kept saying to me, ‘Those glasses look horrible on you.’ Finally, I called him up and said, ‘ok, Denis, you can have the glasses.’”


Shop Good Night, Day for knits that are far from the granny-on-acid variety | Hollywood yohana

The low down: If you must knit-pick, pick Tara-Lynn Morrison, a.k.a. Good Night, Day. The Hamilton designer has been making lovely mellow sweaters, scarves, hats and headbands for five years now, selling them first on Etsy and at craft fairs, and now through Big Cartel and small boutiques. You might remember her work as Yarn Over Movement, or from sites like Miss Moss, Fieldguided and Refinery29. Bonus trivia: one of her models, Stephanie, used to intern right here at FASHIONmagazine.com.

The price range: $55–$148
The goods: I don’t make things myself. I don’t have time to make things myself, and I don’t have money to waste on things that look like I made them myself. That’s why I so appreciate a hand-knit thing that doesn’t look like it was made by your granny on acid, but is instead cut in a clean, contemporary way, like this ember-red Uruguayan wool tank for $88, or a $55 slouchy merino toque (love you, Marc Jacobs 1994 grunge collection). Besides, all the wools are conscientiously sourced and naturally dyed. You can hardly go wrong.
The shipping: Morrison says shipments take longer due to super-demand at Christmas, but it’s not Christmas now. Is it? Tell me if it is. Most of her in-stock items are ready-knit and ship out the same day you order them; if something isn’t ready, she’ll knit and ship within three business days. Costs rarely exceed $10 for a smaller package (headbands, tanks) and $15 for a larger one (multiple items or long-ass scarves).

5 minutes with Alisha Schick | Hollywood yohana


This year, one of Edmonton’s local treasures celebrates the 10th anniversary of her ready-to-wear label, Suka Clothing (sukaclothing.ca). Alisha Schick is known for balancing feminine silhouettes with edgy geometric details, and her Spring 2012 show at Western Canada Fashion Week included an array of cool cosmic microprints. Here, the designer and fashion design instructor (she teaches at Edmonton’s MC College) talks secret fashion weapons and childhood fads.
What is your secret design weapon?
“My sketchbook is my most important tool. I sketch a full figure for key pieces and looks, and then elaborate. There is always a strong story behind each collection.”
How has teaching affected your work?
“Being an instructor has challenged my design beliefs and refined my skills and abilities as a designer. I learn as much from my students as they do from me.”
In a perfect world, how would we all be dressed?
“Some of the most beautiful silhouettes and styles [are from the] 1920s and 1950s—any look from those eras would be heaven. It was a time when the focus was on quality design.”
When did fashion become a focus for you?
“In Grade 5, I was the kid who had the asymmetrical haircut and a Beethoven-inspired blouse with a ruffled ascot.”


5 minutes with Heather Marks | Hollywood yohana

Q&A: 5 minutes with Heather Marks

Fresh off her Spring 2012 exclusive for Givenchy in Paris, jetsetting New York–based supermodel Heather Marks (a Calgary native) took a few moments to chat with us backstage at Edmonton’s Fashion with Compassion breast cancer fundraiser and fashion show. Despite insider access to fashion for nearly a decade, this 23-year-old beauty with rockstar style still has an appreciation for the simpler things in life.
Where do you shop when you’re back in Alberta?
“I always stop by Aritzia and I like going to Gravitypope on 17th Avenue [in Calgary] for shoes. Holt Renfrew is also a favourite.”
What’s your favourite accessory at the moment?
“I got a new Chanel bag that I’m currently obsessing over. It’s not your classic shape. It’s a little bit more round, a little bit more funky.”
Which beauty products do you never leave home without?
“Mascara—I’m usually a Maybelline mascara girl—and an eyelash curler.”
You tweeted a photo of a gifted Givenchy bad from the Spring 2012 show. What was it like to walk for Riccardo Tisci?
“It was great. It was such a beautiful collection. Riccardo Tisci is a genius, and it was so nice to go [to Paris] for just one show—super easy, one look, fly out.”
What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date?
“Dinner and a movie, something super simple. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a date night—or a home-cooked meal. That would be good, to find a guy who cooks.”


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Ts? Kate Bosworth bangles? Rachel Bilson heels? BeachMint finally enters Canada! | Hollywood yohana

We’ve all had rough shopping days and wished someone would just pick out pieces that work for us. Social commerce site BeachMint is kind of like the personal shopper you never had, and now the popular U.S. shopping site will finally ship to Canada starting December 26. Once you log on to any of BeachMint’s sites and complete the style quiz that helps determine your own personal style, you’re able to browse a selection of items that cater to you. BeachMint’s group of three sites include celebrity It girl–curated products, including charm necklaces and chunky boho bangles chosen by Kate Bosworth for jewelmint, slouchy and striped T-shirts designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at stylemint, and on-trend leopard-print wedge booties designed by Rachel Bilson, with the help of her stylist and Steve Madden, at recently launched shoemint. Stress free shopping where we don’t have to filter through duds? Sign us up.
*Winner will select 1 (one) item from each site, total 3 (three) included in prize.


Tory Burch is the latest to invade Yorkdale with the brand’s first Canadian boutique opening in May | Hollywood yohana

It’s been a few months since Occupy Yorkdale Mall (minus the protesters and plus the influx of amazing foreign retailers) went down, but it seems that the moving just wont quit. Today, Tory Burch announced that it will be the latest U.S. retailer to set up shop at the centre, set to open its doors in early May.
The 2,500-square-foot boutique will exhibit the brand’s signature luxe handbags, eyewear, and jewellery, as well as small leather goods. Overly excited? Don’t worry about it. For those who lose track of time amidst the orange lacquer, special seating nooks with bookshelves and iPads will be available for you to recharge. Time to start saving for a new pair of ballet flats.


Get the look: 10 coral picks à la Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley and Diane Kruger at Cannes (all under $100!) | Hollywood yohana

Juicy peaches and vibrant corals have been making appearances everywhere, from the runway of Calvin Klein to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Diane Kruger and Jessica Chastain both wore Calvin Klein creations in saturated pops of coral pink, while Shailene Woodley opted for a creamy apricot dress by the same designer. From subdued tones to bright hits of colour, we have a selection of picks under $100 to help you inject a bit of the bright hue into your wardrobe!


Tia Sings the Praises of Celebrity Moms Who Stay Stylin'! | Hollywood yohana

Nicole Richie, Tia Mowry 
Now that Tia Mowry-Hardrict has Cree to look after, she's been embracing her inner Bohemian like never before. "You can't have things that are squeezing you too tight and have buttons all over because you are carrying around a baby," she told myStyle. "That's why I like the comfortable, Bohemian way of dressing." And that explains why she loves boho goddess (and mother of two) Nicole Richie.
"I love that chic, casusal vibe she has," she raved. "She even wears her hair messy with really cute headbands. As a mom, you don't have time to do your hair all the time."

Her fashion advice for all of the moms out there? "It's very important to invest in go-to pieces that you can wear every day and that goes great with everything," she explained. "I have these Hermès bracelets that I love. They go well with all of my outfits. I never have to really take them off."
Click through the gallery below to see other celebrity mommies whose styles Tia loves. No surprise here: Heidi Klum did not make the cut. "Heidi Klum is a hit or miss for me," she confessed. "Sometimes, I'm like, 'What the hell are you doing?' " We often think the same thing, Tia!


Adrienne Bailon | Hollywood yohana

Empire Girls Adrienne 
We caught up with the star of Style's upcoming reality show Empire Girls to get the scoop on her personal style.

FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I love trends. I like trying new things, so I switch up my style a lot. My fashion is definitely a reflection of my personality. It depends on whatever I am feeling that day. If I am feeling a little more Lower East Side, I might throw a beanie on my head with a dress to set off the look. My look has got to be interesting. I also like things that are feminine because I am Latina, and I love things that are glamorous that have an edge to it.
JOINED AT THE WRIST: I have three bracelets that I wear every single day. I literally bathe and do everything in them. One is my Cartier Love bracelet, which actually can't come off because of the way it is screwed together. The other is a tennis bracelet, which I bought for myself for my 25th birthday. I said, You are buying yourself a tennis bracelet at 25. That is a big deal! And this is my rosary. Those are my personal pieces that I don't take off.
FAVORITE COLOR: I love red, but white is probably my favorite color. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to wear white while filming our show because it is not camera friendly. I love white. I can't wait to go to an all-white Hampton's party. I look forward to things like that. I love white.
STYLE ICONS: I love Jennifer Lopez's style. I love the times when she is able to bring in those New York elements into her wardrobe. I love Nicole Richie. She's my beachy hair inspiration. I love her hair. I love that's it's just effortless chic. I love watching her on Fashion Star.
DESIGNER SHOUT-OUT: Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen. My Alexanders!
SIGNATURE BEAUTY LOOK: I am known for my Bonnie Besos red lip moment. Something that I do when I can't think of anything else is mascara, lashes and red lip. I am obsessed with Ruby Woo by MAC and their Cherry liner.
SUMMER TRENDS: I'm so looking forward to color for this summer. Clearly, I'm into colorblocking still. But I love, love, love colorful things. I love the fact that colorful makeup is coming into style, where you do a pop of lip—and it can be something funny or something playful like a baby pink.
BEST FASHION ADVICE SHE'S RECEIVED: I was insecure about how skinny my legs were growing up. I have chicken legs and I remember one time when June Ambrose styled me for the American Music Awards. I didn't want to wear a dress. She told me that my legs were made for the runway. And it just made me realize that something you think is God-awful on you could be stunning to someone else. So, at this point, I own it.
GO-TO SUMMER OUTFITS: The thing that is great for the day and looks super carefree—like you didn't even try—is a great, little Daisy Duke. That and a little white tank always works for the summertime. Just make sure to put a high heel on. Let the muscles work! Then, accessorize with a really flashy bag and a lot of chains.


Julissa Bermudez | Hollywood yohana

Empire Girls Julissa 
We caught up with the star of Style's upcoming reality show Empire Girls to get the scoop on her personal style.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I like to say my style goes with my mood. I definitely dress according to how I am feeling that day or for an event. I try not to be so contrived. I love to mix trends with classics. I feel like I always have to give my look a touch of a classic, because I don't want to look back and cringe at a photo because of a trend overload.
STYLE ICONS: I love Victoria Beckham's style. Rihanna has a pretty cool style. What makes Rihanna's style so great is that no matter what she wears, she just owns it and pulls it off so effortlessly. Is it cliché to say Kate Moss? Because I think she's got great style, too.
BEAUTY TIP: To get rid of all those dead ends, I like to do an avocado mask on my hair. I make the mask with olive oil and honey, which is actually good for frizzy hair.
FAVORITE DESIGNER: Oh my God. That's a hard one. I would say classic Chanel.
TRENDS, TRENDS, TRENDS!: I love all of the inspiration that went down for Spring 2012 on the Prada runways. Amazing! I loved all that retro, beautiful, flowy pastels and big floral prints. I love Dolce. Ah, just everything this spring, summer, I'm all about—even the athletic looks. When Alexander Wang put out that athletic collection, I thought it was amazing. I just like wear fashion is going.
GO-TO SUMMER OUTFIT: If I'm in a rush, instead of your little black dress, I love my little white dress.
BEST FASHION ADVICE EVER: When in doubt, wear red. And when wearing red, make it Valentino. I'm kidding.
Make sure you catch Julissa on Empire Girls when it premieres Sunday, June 3, at 9/8c—only on Style!


We Wore What?! Tia & Tamera Look Back at Fashion Beginnings | Hollywood yohana

Tamera Mowry, Tia Mowry 
In the coming weeks, we're going to spotlight Tia and Tamera's individual styles, which are clearly like night and day. Of course, it didn't start off like that. We asked the girls to reflect on their fashions when they first started out in the business. Read on for that. Then, visit their red carpet evolution galleries to see how far they've come!
Tia: When my sister and I were younger, we felt we had to dress alike because we were twins. When you're younger, you automatically think you have to have the same style. We're twins! We thought we had to walk and talk alike. As twins, our clothes were definitely cutesy. We were wearing the Blossom hats with the little flowers on them. To say that I had a form of expression with my style back then wouldn't be true. I don't think it developed at all at that age. I wore whatever was comfortable. Personally, I was a Nike girl. I was always in windbreakers and Nike sneakers. I really wasn't into style. I just started getting into style.
Tamera: I didn't mind Tia and I dressing alike. I really embraced the fact that we were twins. However, when we were in high school, I really fought to be my own person. We stopped dressing alike when we were 14-years-old.


Adrienne Bailon Has a Fingertip Fetish! | Hollywood yohana

Empire Girls Adrienne 
Empire Girl's Adrienne Bailon is poised to make her (beauty) mark on the world. She recently launched her new nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish. Us lacquer lovers, for one, can't wait to have fun with all the colors, which includes a rich gold, bright pink and glittery purple.
"I'm sooooo excited about this new venture and have been having SO much fun experimenting with different colors to see what will make the final collection!" the fashionable, pint-sized singer wrote on her blog. "Can't wait to share more of this experience with all of you!"
Make sure you tune into her new Style reality show Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne Sunday nights at 9/8c, starting June 3, to see how it all goes down!

Giuliana's "Chicago Gusband" Eric Gives His Side of the Story! | Hollywood yohana

Eric Himel 
On tonight's Giuliana and Bill, G's Chicago gusband (gay husband) Eric Himel butted heads with her actual hubby Bill over RPM Italian's staff uniforms—among other things! Read on to get the stylist's take on everything from the infamous fashion faceoff to making peace with Bill.
Giuliana calls you her "Chicago gusband." Describe the dynamic of your friendship with Giuliana.
I LOVE that term. I am very honored and take the title very seriously! For better or for worse; in Jimmy Choos or Manolos. I've known Giuliana for two years. We met during a Bright Pink photo shoot, which I styled. She had just had a miscarriage, which no one knew about yet. I just remember how professional she was and how she went out of her way to make sure everyone felt comfortable. I love that she gets me and accepts me and my quirkiness—and that she is always up for shopping! I really love her work ethic and that she is a total multi-taker and people pleaser, which I appreciate and can relate to!
Why did you and Bill get into it during the fashion faceoff? Did any of his remarks sting or was it all fun?I actually think Bill and I are more alike than he would ever admit! We are both very strong-minded men that think we know what's right. Yes, there was one comment that really irked me. It was when he asked me what I do and where and for how long! I was agasp! I felt like we were always having a stare-off competition! Ugh! But I love him like an annoying older brother who is a goody-two shoes!

It's clear you prefer fashion over function. Do you still stand by your styling choices in retrospect?
TOTES! (That's "totally" in G and my speak.) Bill and the Melmans were being way too practical. I obviously respect the Melmans immensely, as they know what they are doing, but I was approaching it from someone who would be coming to the restaurant. The beauty of styling is that you can actually create a feeling or vibe. Dressing the servers, hostess and bartenders sexier would have actually changed the customers' experience in a positive way! But I still LOVE RPM. It's a beautiful space with amazing food! I love that they went with my suggestion of a vest!
Have you had a chance to see the staff uniforms that they went with? What do you think about the outfits?
I have! I think we reached a compromise, but I stand by my suggestions. I am a stylist after all and a darn good one!
Why did you want to style Bill for the opening? You ended up not having to. What would you have put him in?
Listen, I am the first to admit when something is good. When Bill came to the door and I saw him dressed for the party, I wanted to lick him! That's the true test if someone is dressed perfectly! He was that perfect combination of manly and sexy and stylish without being too metrosexual (a word I never took to). Why mess with perfection?!

How did you feel about Bill shooting down a lot of the dresses that you pulled for Giuliana for the opening?
I thought he must've been on crack—or a misogynist. G looks good in a paper bag. He was being a tad bit critical. She looked AMAZEBALLS in all of them. Bill can stick to buildings (or whatever he does) and I'll stick to fashion.
Giuliana looked ah-mazing in the dress she ended up wearing! Who made it? What did you love about it?
It is by Halston Heritage from one of my favorite Chicago boutiques, Sofia. I love that it was long, but not dressy. I love that it was diaphanous and sexy without being "hoochie." And I love that it was navy and not black or a bright color. The unexpected is always good in fashion.
You gifted Bill with cufflinks. What's your relationship like with him now? Do you two have a bromance?
A little bribe goes a long way! No, I am kidding! I guess, in my little way, it was a peace offering. I was extending an olive branch! My relationship is great with Bill. We have a mutual respect, although I don't think he would use that word! As for a bromance, absolutely not! He is not my type. Too girlie!