Donatella rejects a shoot of real women wearing Versace for H&M. But who is the collection for? | Hollywood yohana

After a star studded-launch party and months of waiting, the Versace for H&M collection will finally be available to the fashion-hungry masses this weekend. We’ve seen the collection on campaign star Abbey Lee Kershaw and celebs like Blake Lively and Jessica Alba, but to see the clothes in print and on real women, the fast-fashion retailer’s target buyers, would have been refreshing.
New York Daily News planned to do a feature on real New Yorkers wearing pieces from the collection but it’s reported that the shoot was cancelled at the last minute. An H&M publicist explained to the Daily News that Donatella has to approve anyone who wears the collection for press and that she probably won’t approve of real women wearing the clothes. Apparently, the publicist was right. When the writer sent the publicist pictures of the three women to be approved, only one was deemed acceptable while the other two “didn’t fit Versace’s branding.”
The “normal” women were being considered for a feature on real people, not for a high-fashion editorial—H&M designer collaborations are meant to bring high-fashion to the masses. Lets thank god Donatella doesn’t approve our Facebook photos…

NY Daily News: “That might make sense if the clothes involved were from Versace’s full-priced designer collections, where a metallic brushed-leather biker jacket goes for $5,825 and a wool crepe cut-out dress fetches $2,425. But one reason designers work with H&M is to make their designs accessible—and affordable—to a less-exclusive crowd.”
Fashionista: “That’s why H&M collaborates with designers—to give ‘real girls’ the chance to wear Versace and Lanvin. Were Versace and H&M just doing their jobs or is there cause for outrage here?”
Huffington Post: “We would have welcomed the chance to see the collection modeled this way. We’d understand if the shoot were for Vogue, perhaps, or Harper’s Bazaar. But the Daily News, given its wide readership and lack of glamorous pretensions, had probably planned a low-key shoot. Did they really need a Natalia Vodianova or a Gisele?”
Caitlin Agnew, assistant editor: “Donatella’s obviously got a very specific look in mind and fortunately we can’t all be rail thin, orange-hued, and platinum-coiffed. A brash decision perhaps, but at the end of the day it’s hers to make. To quote the designer herself, ‘My house, my rules, my pleasure.‘”

Kanye West will be showing at Paris fashion week, with everyone from Riccardo Tisci to fashion students rumoured to be helping him | Hollywood yohana

It’s true! Kanye West will be showing his first Spring 2012 womenswear collection during Paris fashion week on October 1.  West’s show will directly follow Jean Paul Gaultier and Loewe (order of importance, we hope?). Rumours have been circulating for months over who is helping West with his collection. Aside from a sneaker collaboration with Louis Vuitton and attending more shows during past fashion weeks than top magazine editors, West has no design training or experience.
It was previously confirmed that West was receiving help from Central St Martins’ director Louise Wilson and Harper Bazaar Australia fashion editor Christine Centenera. Now it’s being reported that Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci is serving as West’s mentor but according to Fashionista’s  “own sources,” a bright London kid is doing the collection.
While we still don’t know for sure who exactly is helping West, let’s just hope that with all the help he’s apparently getting from major fashion players, his collection isn’t reminiscent of anything like his typically crazy onstage outbursts.

Fashionista: “We were getting more inclined to believe the rumors that a Kanye West fashion show was in fact taking place in Paris this month. One indicator has been the fact that he’s been totally absent from the New York shows.”
Harper’s Bazaar Australia: “The looks are being kept under lock and key but we’re already getting excited for the most talked-about show of the season which, if it’s anything like its designer, is sure to be larger than life.”
Elle UK: “‘What’s that jacket, Margiela?’ As of the first Saturday night in October, a number of models will be able to say, ‘Nope—it’s straight-up Kanye…’”

Michael White, managing editor: “I suppose the grown-up thing to do would be to reserve judgment until we’ve seen the clothes. But then, Kanye has demonstrated repeatedly that he knows not from grown-ups. So I’ll say this: Until Marc Jacobs or Jason Wu attempt to make a hip-hop album, please stay in your lane, Kanye.”

Ones to watch: We love Ivana Helsinki’s dreamy, luxe dresses | Hollywood yohana

If we lived in Baltic Europe, we would already be watching Paola Suhonen, the designer behind Finnish brand Ivana Helsinki. Suhonen’s clothes are captivating yet simple—she works mostly with cottons and wool fabrics, classic styles, fun prints—and each collection has a completely unique look.
Suhonen started the line 15 years ago, but says that it was building up for years before that. “My whole life has been one creative project,” she explains, and her inspirations are seemingly neverending. “Music is my great passion. I love Jack White, roadtrips, interesting people, good energy, my rescue dog Affe, old ‘70s films by Jörn Donner and Ingmar Bergman, great detective books…” she lists off. Seems like our kind of girl.

Her website shows 10 of these collections, and many more look-book style galleries that are styled to perfection—like the cheeky Leaving Circus, in which sad clowns looks incredibly chic. We are currently fawning over her Fall 2011 collection, called Velvet Lake, whose mosaic-style checkered knee-high boots, beehive hairdos, peacock-feather prints, and luxe winter-perfect dresses make us want to run away to the forests of Finland, taking only a photographer and maybe some hot chocolate.

Canada’s best dressed It girls share their unique style know-how in answer to your toughest how-to-wear questions | Hollywood yohana

Style Panel | Summer Prep

 FASHION’s got a brand new bag! Well, eight of them to be exact. Introducing Style Panel, our carefully selected group of Canada’s best dressed It girls who know a thing or two about how to put a knockout outfit together. (Want proof? Their blogs, Instagram and Twitter accounts provide plenty of evidence!)

Ready for (next) fall? The FDCC announces its Fall 2012 dates and location | Hollywood yohana

Although many of us are dreaming of the spring collections, the FDCC has confirmed, via, that the LGFW Fall 2012 shows will take place March 12 to 17. Once again, our favourite Canadian designers will show their latest collections in the tents at David Pecaut Square, the super-convenient downtown location that was introduced for Spring 2012. See you at the shows!

Trendspotting at Rochas, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Mugler, and more! | Hollywood yohana

Paris feels like the Amazing Race, what with a crammed show schedule, road detours, and invitations that go poof in the night. But what’s Paris without a little drama, oui?
The important thing is that strong themes are already emerging. One is the trend of opulence everyday—like a shimmery brocade skirt with a wool crewneck sweater, as we saw at Marco Zanini’s collection for Rochas. The same idea surfaced at Barbara Bui where a gold foil wrap was worn with navy pants. Don’t save your precious items for special occasions, designers seem to be saying. It’s the fashion equivalent of using your good silver with your everyday china. Do try this one at home.

Another emerging theme: Asia Major. Dries Van Noten photographed traditional kimono and dragon robes, and then used magnified portions of the prints on jackets and coats. Decorated dragons appear on dresses at Barbara Bui and Japanese warriors were cited as an influence at Mugler.
Also noticed and which may or may not explode into trends: Sheer skirts and dresses with wide opaque panels at Balenciaga and Mugler, and shoulders that are curved, winged, flapped and folded at Carven or were squared off at Balmain.

10 simple steps to creating your own Louis Vuitton-inspired removable lace collar | Hollywood yohana

The statement collar has become, for spring, what the necklace has been for years before. No longer just the functional counterpart to the button-down shirt, the collar (attached or removable) has taken centre stage this season—studded at Balmain, detached and printed at Carven and lacy at Preen. We love them, and the ultra-feminine look of Louis Vuitton’s lace numbers had us thinking DIY at first sight. Follow our simple steps to create your own version of the dream-like bib; all you need is a few inexpensive items and a bit of creativity!

Runway to Real Life: How to wear Miu Miu’s red eyeshadow | Hollywood yohana

At Miu Miu’s Spring 2012 show, the models’ faces were left mostly bare, save for a brazen swipe of red across each eye. Bright and severe, the look was a striking accompaniment to the collection’s fairly neutral palette. If you’re bold enough to try it, red is fabulous! So rather than tone down the colour to something more muted, I decided to use a bright, primary red, but soften it by adding both deeper and lighter colours around the edges.
Make no mistake, though, this is not a soft look. It takes a lot of chutzpah to pull off a red smoky eye. What makes it work is multidimensional colour and black eyeliner that defines the eye shape. It’s perfect for a night when you’re feeling daring and you want to paint the town red.

Who wore it best? View our top 12 picks from the Oscars red carpet and vote for your favourite | Hollywood yohana

Some of the top Fall runway trends made their way deep into red carpet territory tonight, as the A-listers put on Hollywood’s biggest and best parade. From the rich reds on Emma Stone and Natalie Portman seen this season on the runway at Michael Kors, to the crisp whites on Gwyneth Paltrow, Rooney Mara, and Octavia Spencer seen at Raf Simons‘ last Jil Sander collection (not to mention everywhere at the Golden Globes), to the peplums spotted on Michelle Williams, Tina Fey, and just about every runway from New York to Milan, it seems that everyone is drinking the same Kool-Aid. But who did it best? We’re loving Gwyneth, Michelle, Jessica, Rooney, and Angelina (her right leg gets a special shout-out), but who makes your cut? Check out our top 12 picks and vote for your favourite after the jump!

36 shots of mixed prints continuing their reign outside the last (official) day of shows | Hollywood yohana

As the official Worldwide MasterCard Fashion Week came to a close on Friday, the fashion folk were busy taking in the unseasonable sun rays outside the tents wearing, you guessed it, mixed prints. While the same impressive Navajo and striped combos continued their reign, our favourite was the above mix of floral platforms and galaxy-printed tights. Bravo, whoever you are! Check out today’s snap-age, and stay tuned for more from today and tomorrow’s action via the shOws.

Brows and bangs: 2 Fall beauty trends from Milan to try today (and we tell you how!) | Hollywood yohana

As Milan Fashion Week comes to a close, the beauty buzz has zeroed in on two distinct trends: brows and bangs. While it started catching editors’ eyes earlier in the season, the repeat appearance of barely-there brows at Gucci, Versace, and Prada and heavy fringe on Milan models and Hollywood stars alike have ensured both a top spot in the growing roster of Fall trends. And best of all, brows and bangs are easy to achieve on your own: a few extra minutes during your next salon visit is all it takes!

Runway to Real Life: No gold leaf required for this easy take on Fendi’s Spring 2012 look! | Hollywood yohana

Smart Italian women—scientists and mathematicians, to be exact—were Fendi’s Spring 2012 muses. Models appeared with bouffant, slightly disheveled faux bobs meant to remind us of eccentric scientists. (Einstein, hello!) Their eyes were slightly obscured by frameless shades resembling lab glasses. Behind the shades, the models’ eyes were gilded with gold or silver leaf, which makeup artist Peter Phillips had applied generously to create a raw texture while echoing the shape of the glasses.
By swapping out the gold or silver leaf for a more wearable product, you can adjust this look for real life. And it’s perfect for summer music festivals on bright, sunny days. Do like Fendi’s models did and top the look with your favourite sunglasses—then remove them at night to keep shining long after the sun goes down.

Style Snaps Trend: 26 sport-ready shots of brightly-hued sneakers, nylon backpacks, tracksuits and more! | Hollywood yohana

By now, you must all have seen the stunning imagery that has invaded our site via the street style photographer/illustrator/boy genius that is Lewis Mirrett. And since we know y’all love said imagery so much, we’ve decided to bring you more of it, each and every week! Beginning today, Lewis will be capturing the best looks from the streets. Whether it’s a barrage of sport-ready looks, like today’s gallery, or a stylish curation of other top trends for spring, you’ll be treated to the best, coming each Monday.

Palm Springs-meets-paisley: Check out the full Trina Turk for Banana Republic collection! | Hollywood yohana

 “Cocktails beside the pool” was the creative direction behind the first-ever Trina Turk for Banana Republic collaboration, and since patio season is here, we were happy to hear it.  The capsule collection features classic Trina Turk paisley prints in fun colours like turquoise, lemon, lime and au courant orange.  The collaboration—which includes cute enamel accessories, dresses, shorts and swimwear—stays true to the Palm Springs esthetic that runs through Turk’s namesake line, while also staying true to the Banana Republic price point.  The most expensive item costs $185, roughly half a pair of Trina Turk pants.  More money for mojitos and cute sunglasses; we like.