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Woman with Wet Hair
Women and their hair have a deep history—just think of Cleopatra's signature banged bob or Marie Antoinette's towering wigs. Accordingly, mane myths have been circulating just as long. But which hair stories are just hype? We tapped stylist, Jason Townsend of Essensuals London to set the record straight.
We've all been told that if you pluck one gray hair, two will grow back. According to Townsend, it's time this old wives tale was put to bed. "Plucking out one gray will not produce two," says the savvy stylist. However, the downside of plucking your pretty little head is, "it will come back, and when its short, it will stick up and you will notice it more and so will everyone else." Eek! All we can say is thank God for hair dye.
Now who's heard the one that getting frequent trims makes your hair grow longer? Not so! "Growing your hair makes it longer, not cutting it," says Townsend. Then again, "If you don't care for you hair, it will dry out and then you will really need to have it cut!" Moral of the story: go in for a trim when your ends get damaged, but otherwise steer clear of the scissors for longer locks.
Lastly, we tackle the tale that sleeping with your hair in a bun or ponytail causes breakage. Turns out, "the tighter the style, the worse it is on your hair, and it will break it off." If you have to get your strands out of your face, Townsend recommends hitting the hay in a soft hair band.


How to Keep Denim Blue? | yohana

YMI Jeanswear Skinny Jeans
Believe it or not, it's really cheap and easy to get the color back in your favorite pair of blue jeans. Got ten bucks for dye and access to a washing machine? Great! Then you are all set.
As for your dye of choice, we're big fans of Dylon's "Jeans Blue." It's the perfect deep, rich shade. All you have to do is toss the dye and your worn out bottoms in the washing machine et voila! the jeans you love will be restored to their fabulous original state.
That said, if you have a trickier color or specific wash in mind, you might want to leave it to the professionals. For $50, Denim Revival will re-color your jeans to your exact specifications.
And once you have your denim back to the original hue, there are a couple things you can do to help keep the color. Experts recommend washing your jeans as little as possible, but this has a bit too much of an "ick" factor for us. Instead, turn your jeans inside out when you wash. Also, you want to dry clean when possible.


How to Properly Clean Dirty Pumps? | yohana

Rock and Republic Studded Shoe
We know the icky white residue you speak of and, girl, we hate it, too! But worry not, your poor suede pumps still stand a chance with the help of cobbler expert and owner of Shoe Rescue, Sandra Dale. And just because we empathize with true shoe love—remember when J.Lo dedicated an entire song to Louboutins?—we dug up the best shoe solutions for mud splotches and oil stains, too.
Once you find yourself with stained shoes, Dale's first step is to, "Get right on it! Don't throw them in the back of your closet, and don't let it sit!" For a suede shoe with salt grime your best bet is to, "Make a solution of one cup white vinegar and one cup water and rub the stain gently until it is gone," advises Dale.
If you accidentally have an oil spill—think anything from spilled salad dressing to stepping into a puddle slick with car oil—you'll need a key kitchen ingredient to treat the spot. For leather shoes, Dale says to, "Sprinkle cornstarch over the offending oil stain and rub the spot briskly. Repeat until the stain is demolished." As for your suede footwear, using a suede brush is your best bet, and for any canvas kicks, just toss 'em in the washing machine.
Now lets talk mud. It may sound paradoxical, but Dale tells me the first step is to set the shoes out in the sun and let the mud completely dry. I know you're thinking that'll just let the mud bake in, but it actually helps! Next, chip off the large chunks as best you can with a blunt knife. For the remaining dirty marks, use baby wipes to spot clean your leather kicks and use your trusty suede brush on suede shoes.
Now that you've got the know-how, get to saving those soles!

What Bags Give the Most Bang For My Buck? | yohana


We've got the bag for you. Please meet the "Mia" satchel from Liebeskind; it's like the Hermes Birkin and the Mulberry Bayswater had a very attractive child. And for $354, it's a fraction of the price with all the polish of its expensive cousins. We caught up with Julian Rellecke, owner and designer of the celeb-approved brand (the bags were recently seen on Audrina Patridge and Hailee Steinfeld) to get the inside scoop on how to get the quality and style of a designer purse without assaulting your bank account.
"The first reason a customer is attracted to a bag is because of the look," says Rellecke, so you want something that has the vibe of its pricey counterpoint, but still has it's own aesthetic. Just how, "Liebeskind has it's own brand personality," with it's casually luxurious feel, but still echoes shapes seen in classic designer bags.
The second, crucial factor is the materials. After all, you can't create a delicious meal with bad ingredients, right? Rellecke agrees, "One should be sure that the purse is made of the best leather, and the construction and accessories such as rivets or quilting are finished using the best products." Yes, this entails a little bit of research, but when it comes to finding the boyfriend bag – you know, the one by your side day in and day out – it's worth the time.
To get you started, here are a few bags that have the it-factor of a designer bag, without the price tag. If you're lusting over the bright blue Celine pouch seen under the arm of multiple tastemakers at New York Fashion Week, American Apparel makes a similar version, but in a rainbow of fun colors. Or take the PS1 purse by Proenza Schouler; the shoulder bag has achieved a celeb cult following, and you can get the feel with Madewell's Scholar satchel. See? You can have it all – designer style without the devastating price.



Are Panty Hose Passé? | yohana

Pippa Middleton
We hate to say it, but London's latest fashion favorite is kinda making the whole panty hose thing work. Grandma references aside, they're barely visible and make her legs look all shiny and flawless. Is it possible that Pippa Middleton is singlehandedly taking pantyhose from sin to in? We're giving it a solid maybe. And just in case you want to pull a Pippa, we've got the do's and don'ts on how to hose up the right way courtesy of fashion stylist Karen Raphael.
As Raphael points out, the handy weapon for our gams can easily be misused. Even the queen of pantyhose herself has made some stocking slipups. If you want to revive the stocking staple of yesteryear there is one cardinal rule to live by: "The moment darkness hits the sky, nude tights are allowed," coaches the stylist, "because in darkness they are barely noticeable." If you are a true tracker of Miss Middleton's tights, you'll notice the stunning brunette only hits the nylons after dark.
However, that does not mean once the sun goes down you're scott free. If you know you'll be exposed to flash photography that night, go ahead and forgo the hose. Chances are your stockings will be super visible on camera. As for other pointers, make sure your nylons of choice are as, "sheer and close to your skintone in color as possible." And lastly, never wear peep-toe shoes with your hose. We know it's become pretty much passable to wear black tights with open toes, but trust us the toe of a nude colored nylon is a dead giveaway to your stockings secret.
Now if you want the look of a flawless leg, but would rather leave the lunch lady hose at home, Raphael has some options for you too. If you only have a few blemishes on your legs, "Opt for body makeup instead of tights. This can efficiently cover up any scars, veins or flaws that make you feel uncomfortable." And if you need full leg coverage, look no further than Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs. This way you can still get flawless gams, even if you can't seem stomach nude stockings. We won't tell Pippa!

What Are Some Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas? | yohana

Oatmeal Breakfast
Giuliana Rancic is filling in for the StyleSpy today! For more of G's advice on everything from fitness to skincare, subscribe to her daily FabFitFun emails. And remember to catch brand-new episodes of Giuliana & Bill every Monday at 8/7c & 11/10c—only on Style!
I'm always too rushed for breakfast and then I go crazy at lunch because I'm starving. What's a good grab and go healthy breakfast?

I know you've heard it a million times, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day (sorry lunch and dinner, better luck next time!).
Although it can be hard to find the time for a healthy breakfast, there are just too many benefits to pass up. Studies have shown that skipping breakfast can cause a real decline in memory and concentration and that…what was I saying? Anyway, studies have also revealed that eating a healthy breakfast can actually help you lose weight by preventing overeating throughout the rest of the day.
Of course, if you're like me and juggling 42 things at once, whipping up a gourmet egg white veggie omelette in the morning just isn't practical or possible. Instead, I've compiled a list of fast, tasty and healthy breakfasts to keep you energized and satisfied all morning long.
D-Lights Turkey Sausage Muffin – If you love Egg McMuffins this one's for you. The frozen little breakfast sammie has all the taste with a fraction of the fat, and cooks quickly in your microwave.
Single Packets of Instant Oatmeal – Grab a mug, mix with water and throw it in the microwave for a quick, warm breakfast at the office. Sprinkle with almonds or walnuts to add a little protein.
Breakfast Wrap – Go savory and sweet by layering peanut butter and sliced bananas in a whole-wheat tortilla.
Single Servings of Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt – Stir in a few berries for fiber and a touch of sweetness.
Try Lunch – There's no reason why you have to go for a traditional breakfast choice. Half of a turkey sandwich with mustard, lettuce and tomato is a super satisfying balance of protein and healthy carbs.

Got Any Suggestions for Comfy Vacation Shoes? | yohana

Sigerson Morrison T-Strap Suede Sandal
You guessed it, the caged foot look is so out. We say keep the gladiators in the back of your closet and in a decade or so you can say they're retro! In the mean time, it sounds like you could use some help in the footwear department before you're stuck sightseeing in last season's shoes. We road tested some of our fave summer shoes to let you in on the most comfortable kicks out there–all for under $100!
Quick Comfort
This is for those moments when you need to slip something on your feet pronto! Whether you're discovering the spa or dashing to the beach, "comfort is essential, but that shouldn't mean sacrificing style," says Tracey Hunter, co-owner of the adorable FlipOut Sandals. As well as being deliciously comfy, we adore the interchangeable shoe jewelry. "You can change your look as many times as you'd like, going from day-to-night with just one shoe. All it takes is a simple twist!" says Hunter. We're particularly smitten with the lacquered rose adornment. Just think: one shoe, multiple options. Packing will be a cinch!
When you have a big day of monument hopping planned, you need a pair that will go the distance. In our experience, there's nothing better than a flat sandal to see you through the day sans blisters. In place of your aforementioned gladiators, invest in a classic t-strap. If you're feeling color happy, consider these red suede stompers by Sigerson Morrison. More of a minimalist gal? We dare you to find a thing in your suitcase that these Michael Kors sandals don't match!
Night Out
After you've traipsed around the city all day, you're probably in no mood to put on your stilettos to hit the town. However, we do suggest you up your style game just a little for the evening. Nothing says tourist, like flip-flops at a fancy restaurant! Here we suggest a compromise: the chic wedge. Your whole look will be elevated (quite literally!) and the larger base won't do such a number on your tootsies. We're quite taken with this cork number, which practically sings summer. Or if you're looking for something a little sleeker, look no farther than these trendy leopard sandals from Macy's.
Go get 'em you little jet-setter, you!

Tia & Tamera Kick Off Awards Season in Style! | yohana

Tia Mowry, Tamera Mowry-Housley
Our favorite Style-in' sisters, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Tia Mowry-Hardrict, are racking up quite the kudos lately!
Just yesterday, it was announced that Tia & Tamera is up for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Reality Series category, and earlier this month the telegenic twosome picked up a People's Choice Award nomination for Favorite TV CelebReality Star.
They dazzled like Hollywood royalty at the event. Tamera rocked an edgy yet ladylike Nina Ricci LBD with lace front and ruched skirt—and we applaud the usually demure beauty for trying something different for the new year—while Tia glammed it up in a silk-satin, draped-shoulder silver gown by Collette Dinnigan.
We'll be watching closely February 17 to see what these talented twins wear to the Image Awards (airing 8/7c on NBC). No matter what designers they choose, it's certain they'll look amazing.

Kara Janx | yohana

Kara Janx
mystyle caught up with the Project Runway All Stars contestant to find out what it was like competing on TV one more time and who she would kill to get her clothes on.
ALL STARS: My initial reaction was, "I can't believe I'm doing this again." But you can't pass up an incredible opportunity. This time it was more intense. Expectations were higher because you were competing at a whole different caliber. You don't have a chance to stop and reflect, so you don't deal with the stress—you just do it. It was a lot of fun.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. You'll hardly find me in a dress. I don't know if you'd call it downtown cool or lazy, but it's easy dressing. I always say that the dresses I design are my alter-ego—it's the girl that I should have been or want to be.
CUT-OUT COUTURE: My Spring/Summer '12 line is very girly, but unique with edgier prints and cut-outs. I try to do a lot of cut-outs where you are exposed but not [really], because it's in good taste and subtle. The silhouettes are very simple and chic.
WISE WORDS: The best advice is always the same: Be true to yourself. You have to reflect on your work and see if you are speaking directly from your point of view.
SIDEWALK INSPIRATION: I take inspiration from girls on the street in New York City. I'll be standing in a restaurant window watching a woman—which is so bizarre—but a woman's sense of style is what inspires me.
WEDDING BELLS: Brides called me and said, "I really love this dress. Can you do it for a bridal party?" It happened so much that it would be stupid if I didn't translate this into bridal. A lot of brides experiment with outfits for their rehearsal dinners and showers because they can express themselves more outside of their wedding gown.
GIRL CRUSH: Rachel Bilson is divine. I love her sensibility. She's got great taste, and Alexa Chung does, too. They're girls that are very progressive and fashion-forward. I love Taylor Swift. I would die if she wore one of my gowns. I think she's representative of the modern day girl. It's exhilarating to see girls so young with so much confidence.
TREND FORECAST: It's going to be very lady-like, but still warrior and layered. I see a lot of longer dresses and tights. Layering is the next thing.
SHAPE SHIFTER: Kimono wrap dresses and high-waisted skirts with tucked in shirts look great on a pear shape body. For a boxier shape, I would do separates like jeans and a belt with a shirt and blazer.


Kate Beckinsale Proves Beige Isn't Boring in Jenny Packham | yohana

Kate Beckinsale
Some things are so nice that you have to wear them twice. Case in point: Kate Beckinsale.
After showing off her fab curves in a nude Roberto Cavalli fishtail gown for the Golden Globes, the 38-year-old actress went for a double dose of beige when she attended the Los Angeles premiere of Underworld: Awakening in a sequined Jenny Packham dress.

Reflective panels on the floaty frock's cowlneck gave a rock-and-roll vibe to the otherwise girly overlay. The brunette beauty smartly accessorized the embellished number with gold Amrapali Jewelry bracelets and diamond earrings. Flowing locks, pink lips, rosy cheeks and a bronzed smoky eye finished off her look that can only be described as golden goddess.
If you've ever thought that beige was boring, we have a feeling Kate just changed your mind.

Blake Lively Gives a Lesson in Tights-and-Minidress Combo | yohana

Blake Lively
The dark tights-and-minidress combo is an elusive look that can either look chic or disastrous. Tights can play down, play up or ruin an ensemble, and we only have to do a scrutinous inspection of Blake Lively's recent style to determine how to rock tights with dresses as well as see how they should never be worn.
We'll move from worst to best. In September, Blake wore a black-and-white Versace minidress for the H&M fashion show, pairing the sultry frock with sheer black tights. The dress had some potential on its own despite the fact it seemed a size too small for her, but the tights utterly killed it. The added tights gives her a suffocated look, and she would have been better off ditching the unnecessary layer.

This week to the Haywire screening in NYC, she sparkled in a bold Dolce & Gabbana number. This was an improvement from her previous look. This dress fitted her better, and the short flared skirt showcased the tights in just the right way. Our only complaint with this megawatt outfit? That the tights were ribbed. She should have gone with solid ones, since they woudn't have competed with the contrasting fabrics on her dress.
Finally at the MoMA film benefit in November, she nailed it. She wore a very fashion-forward tweed frock by Chanel with a feathered peplum top. She finished off her runway look with metallic bracelets, black Louboutin booties and of course, dark tights. Here, they helped to pull her look together with an avant garde flair.

Buckle Down with Winter’s Hottest Coat | yohana

 Ashley Tisdale, Pippa Middleton, Nicky Hilton
TREND: Buckled jackets
WHO'S WEARING IT: Nicky Hilton (Yoana Baraschi), Ashley Tisdale (Wink) and Pippa Middleton (Fay)
HOW TO WEAR IT: A close cousin of the toggle coat, the buckle jacket takes the traditional closure up a notch. The detail adds a rugged, yet fashionable punch to an otherwise ordinary coat. Our favorite part about the outerwear is its sheer versatility. The only real style rule you should keep in mind is to coordinate the color of your coat to the rest of your ensemble. Pippa wisely kept her outfit in a green and brown palette, and Nicky knew to stick to blacks and grays. Steer clear of piling on one too many colors in the same hue like Ashley, whose mishmash of browns is visually off-putting.