Tom Pecheux’s metallic love affair at Doo.Ri | Hollywood yohana

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux’s love affair with metallics continues. At Doo Ri, he created a face that was “very nude,” he said. “We’re just playing with texture.” After matting out the T-zone, he used M.A.C. Metal X Cream Shadow in “Fusion Gold,” launching in the spring, all around the eyes, hitting the brow, extending it to the temples and onto the cheekbones. On cheeks, he used a matte peach colour “as a contour, not a blush—that would be too girly” and lips were treated to a “slightly beigey, peachy pink colour” called “Innocence Beware.” To keep his glowy goddess effect discreet, he left lashes bare. “And I promise, it’s not because I wanted to be lazy” he said. Manicurist Jin Soon Choi coated nails in one coat of Zoya’s “Helen,” a nude with a subtle shimmer.

Using products by a new eco line called 1976, Orlando Pita fashioned tight ponytails in the middle of the head with a side part, allowing for texture and flyaway bits. “It’s kind of representative of the collection; there’s some very structured parts and there’s some very fluid, flowy parts.”

Like art? Love design? Do it all night long and win big at this year’s Nuit Blanche || Hollywood yohana

What sounds more exciting to the culturally inclined, fashion-savvy Torontonian than staying up all night to roam the streets of downtown in the midst of annual art fest Scotiabank Nuit Blanche? Maybe try participating in the event yourself and winning a few things, too!
The annual Art of Fashion design competition offers emerging designers a chance to compete all night long (just like Lionel Richie…) for a sponsorship package, including a look-book photo shoot with help from the Plutino Group, Elite Models, and photographer Richard Bernardin, as well as year-long public relations services and management from KeeshanPR and Fashion Group International.
Showcased at the Pantages Hotel during Nuit Blanche on October 1, competitors will be required to create six outfits based on this year’s theme, choreology—which is the translation of dance into fashion and the relationship between the two. The competition is all about marketing your brand and getting exposure to launch a career in fashion design.
So, designers, you’ve got nothing to lose! To apply, head to; the deadline is August 22.

Getting hitched next year? Peruse the frilliest fantasy dresses from Spring 2013 Bridal Fashion Week | Hollywood yohana


 Whether you are getting hitched next year, or just want to peruse the fantasy styles, it’s Spring 2013 Bridal Fashion Week in New York. The team over at WeddingBells has all the latest news and galleries from the shows, from Vera Wang to Oscar de la Renta and more. 


Our top picks from Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, Vanessa Bruno, Emanuel Ungaro, Chloé, and Yves Saint Laurent | Hollywood yohana

With a thriving ready-to-wear brand, several collaboration projects on the go, four kids, a dashing hubby (publisher Alasdhair Willis) and an icon for a Dad (Sir Paul!) it’s little wonder we bow down to Stella McCartney. Who doesn’t want to be a Stella girl? She’s effortlessly chic but not perfectly turned out; she is a minimalist but has a playful side; she is confident and a great confidante. In the modeling world a Stella girl looks like Miranda Kerr, Natasha Poly, Natalia Vodianova, or Anja Rubik, fitting given that they all walked in McCartney’s Spring 2012 show. And what a show it was: crisp white jackets with mesh inserts, Baroque-inspired embellishment, a shockwave of royal blue, tunics with side slits (a big theme this week), casual pieces in a graphic wave motif reminiscent of silk pajamas, paisley (welcome back!), one-shouldered dresses, onyx-white clutches, sporty flatforms, and quilted shoulder bags tied in a bow.

Things got even sweeter over at Vanessa Bruno; each attendee found une petite cadeau on their seat: L’Eau, the first perfumed mist by Vanessa Bruno for Biotherm. What was the prezzie over at Giambattista Valli? The front row star power: Margherita Missoni (girl crush alert!), Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, Lee Radziwill (icon alert!), and Jessica Biel just to name a few. Who runs the world? Girls. Here’s what every mover and shaker should be wearing next spring:
- The perfect white suit à la Stella McCartney – You’ll get the job, the house, the man. Trust.
- The flaming red gown with a plunging neckline from Emanuel Ungaro – Wallflowers need not apply.
- The feathery fringed skirt at Giambattista Valli – Smart, driven women always ruffle a few feathers.
- The sporty anorak with grommets at Vanessa Bruno – Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you’re not a team player.
- The ornate collarless toppers at Giambattista Valli – For those days when you need a little extra sparkle.
- The slouchy green trousers at Chloé – Casual should always mean camera-ready.
- The gold ankle-wrap shoes at Yves Saint Laurent – Towering over the competition is a must.

A carousel of confections at Louis Vuitton close out Paris Fashion Week | Hollywood yohana

With the rumour mill still churning about Marc Jacobs’ impending new home (or house, actually) at Christian Dior, the Louis Vuitton show was one of the hottest tickets in town. Starting promptly at 10 a.m., glam front-row guests like Olivia Wilde, Natalia Vodianova, and Delphine Arnault (daughter of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault) quickly took their seats as a giant round curtain went up to reveal the most magical sight: a whitewashed carousel packed with the show’s models atop moving horses. One by one they stepped off the carousel and walked the circular runway in gorgeous confections that looked like they came straight from Ladurée: organza-wrapped dresses, pastel-coloured laser-cut lace skirts, powdered crocodile bags, flower appliqués, diamond wishbone necklaces, mirrored woven metallic bags, and Mary Jane mules. As for that famous name who closed the show? Wearing a sequined and feathered minidress and tiara, Princess Kate (as in Moss) was the final fairy to grace this fashion fairytale.

Back in the Tuileries, PFW was winding down with its final show of the season: Elie Saab. Here, vibrant colour (emerald green, lapis blue) mingled with softer hues (white, peach), but the real standout pieces were the evening gowns. From diaphanous to matte sequins to backless, these floor-grazers cut a fine swath. As did model Karlie Kloss, who was last on the runway, signature walk in full effect. Only the outline of her silhouette was left as the runway lights dimmed one final time. Paris, je t’aime. See you next season.

Both sides to Natalia Vodianova’s “it’s better to be skinny than to be fat” comments | Hollywood yohana

“C’mon guys, you know it’s better to be skinny than to be fat.” Or so says Natalia Vodianova, who accidentally stuck her foot in her mouth with said comment over the weekend during a Vogue Festival panel discussion with fellow models Jourdan Dunn, Eva Herzigova and Lily Cole.
The sound bite has since been touted as the new “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” (Kate Moss famously said that years ago) despite the fact that Vodianova quickly clarified her comments by saying it was unhealthy to be obese.
To further clear things up, the Russian supermodel took to her Facebook page last night in a post titled “VOGUE FESTIVAL and WORLD ECONOMY S.” (IN HER HASTE SHE FORGOT TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK.) Vodianova apologized, saying the light atmosphere of the panel prompted her comments and that they had been taken out of context. She then went on to suggest that perhaps our perception of body image didn’t fall solely on the shoulders of the modelling industry but also on those of food industry/beauty industry/diet pill industry/book industry—essentially, everyone:
“…there are other industries that might be even more to blame like food industry that constantly reinventing ways of pushing food on us. Makes people stuff fridges with food, buying pills, millions of books on diets, shopping for the right clothes to hide those extra few pounds, beauty products. I guess some would say that’s what makes our economy go around. Yes, I choose to do more and eat less. Sorry world economy, I am a bad client!”

Body image is a complex issue that needs to be addressed on multiple levels.  But while we do believe her comments were sensationalized, whose comments aren’t in this day and age? It’s a good segue into the ongoing discussion about models’ rights, to be sure, but next time, Vodianova may want to tread just a touch more carefully.


Fashionista: “We’re not exactly shocked that her comments were exaggerated and sensationalized (that is what tabloids and the Internet do, hello), however we understand how the supermodel could find it unfair, considering the whole thing was probably more of a casual conversation, rather than a blanket statement.”
Jezebel: “…Yes, the fashion industry and media’s contributions to a culture of negative body image and feeling never good-enough — unless you buy, buy, buy! — deserve scrutiny. That still doesn’t mean it’s “better to be skinny than fat.”
The Cut: “In any case, she’s right to point out that many people in today’s thinness-obsessed developed world have a backwards perspective on the matter.”

Sarah Daniel, beauty editor: “If this quote was attributed to Dr. Oz or some other high-wattage health care advocate, we’d probably all be nodding our heads fiercely. (Though if skinny means emaciated then there’s no defending it). Everyone is fired up because a model said it, and because it’s unlikely Vodianova has that body purely because she chooses to ‘do more and eat less.’”

Betsey Johnson may be bankrupt, but she’s still kicking | Hollywood yohana

Betsey Johnson’s company sent the fashion world into a tizzy on Thursday, having filed for bankruptcy. But not to fret—the party is far from over for the legendarily perky designer. Despite having to close 63 freestanding stores, Johnson will stay on as creative director for the brand focusing on sportswear and her moderately priced line, among other projects.
Well, we wish we could say we didn’t see this coming, but the company was in deep water after a $48 million loan evasion that resulted in a bail out by Steve Madden (Steve Madden Ltd. owns intellectual property rights to the company). The Wall Street Journal explains that the brand’s luxe prices are simply not affordable to its younger demographic and could not compete with lower-priced retailers (H&M, Topshop) targeting the same customer base.
But hold back your tears, because here’s a bit of good news: a few flagship stores will remain open in Manhattan and a few other cities. Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom will continue to carry the collection. Johnson also plans to hold a runway show during Fashion Week in September to promote her more affordable frocks. “I love the moderate price range,” she told WWD. “It is in synch with all the girls who are buying my clothes.”
The 70-year-old will also be cartwheeling onto—what else—reality television. The show, Betsey + Lulu, is set to air this July and will star the designer and her daughter. She will also put her nose to work releasing two more fragrances to follow up last year’s release of Too Too.
This seems like only a minor setback for the resilient designer. With so many projects at hand, we’re sure her rock ‘n’ roll, eccentric aesthetic is sure to stick around.
You can expect store-closing sales to start happening after a company auction on May 8, and they will last through July.
Fashionista: “So while this is a setback for the brand, Betsey Johnson is very much still here. Thank goodness.” [Fashionista]
Huffington Post: “WWD now reports that Johnson still plans on staging a runway show this September. All together now: yay!” [Huffington Post]

Randi Bergman, online editor: “While this news is certainly sad, I can’t say I’m surprised. The label is indeed too pricey for what the market has become and special dresses don’t just come with one type of price tag anymore. I remember dreaming about wearing a Betsey Johnson dress to my prom, but my mom just wouldn’t bite”

A new study has found that a woman reaches her sartorial prime at age 35 | Hollywood yohana

Gone are the days of teenage style icons (okay, maybe not the eternally best-dressed Fanning sisters), when Britney Spears’ plaid miniskirts were the norm. A British study by retailer CC has found that a woman reaches her sartorial prime at age 35. Three out of four women felt their style improved after their 20s with one in three women saying they looked the best they ever had in their 30s.
What gives? Apparently it all comes down to self-confidence, wisdom and maturity. Empowered mid-30-year-olds know how to reference the latest trends with enough confidence to carry them off.
So naturally, we made a list of our personal style icons (think: Chloë Sevigny, Kate Lanphear, Vanessa Paradis, the list goes on) and found that—shocker—they’re all around 35.
And it doesn’t stop at 35. Arguably the best part of this whole study was that iconoplast Helen Mirren beat out Kate Middleton (another 30-year-old) as the celebrity woman most considered to be in her prime. She’s 66! We can’t say we’re surprised though—have you seen her in a bikini? She’s a total knockout.
It’s high time we recognize the style contributions of the mature set. The success of blogs like Advanced Style has shown that style doesn’t fade with age. We aspire to dress like those women. Just look at two of M.A.C’s most recent collections: Carine Roitfeld and Iris Apfel. Both mature ladies and both with closets we’d gladly dive into.


Refinery 29: “We’re angling to keep improving all the way into nonagenarian senility and beyond. Check back to see what we’re wearing for Fall 2082. It’s gonna be hot.” [Refinery 29]

Styleite: “Score one for maturity!”[Styleite]

Sarah Daniel, beauty editor: Not sure I buy this study. Either you have style or you don’t, regardless of age or income. And I don’t see how confidence and maturity equal good decision-making; someone can be confident that their acrylic French manicure looks good, but that doesn’t make it stylish.”

Have hair envy after seeing how healthy Lindsay Lohan’s long red locks look? Here are 5 ways to make longer hair look its best | Hollywood yohana

Right on the heels of the announcement that she is indeed playing Liz Taylor in a made-for-TV biopic, Lindsay Lohan makes a red carpet appearance that actually doesn’t have us questioning the casting choice. In fact, the floor-length gown and bright-eyed smile is enough to almost make us forget her ongoing troubles. (Related: Mean Girls came out eight years ago today, how?!) The real star of Lohan’s look at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, however, is her hair. The cascading, loose curls are flawless and also prove that she really does look best as a redhead. Sure, some well-done extensions deserve a bit of credit—but their undetectable nature is another reason why Lohan looks so good. We’re not the only ones with hair envy, right?

From the Queen to Lady Gaga, Essie polish has adorned nails for more than 30 years. We meet the woman behind the brand | Hollywood yohana


Essie Weingarten steps off the elevator on the penthouse level of New York’s Mondrian SoHo hotel and is greeted by a wall covered floor to ceiling with framed photos of the most iconic nail polish shades she’s created over the past 30 years. “Oh my God, this is amazing!” she says, marvelling at the tributes to colours like “Mademoiselle,” “Wicked” and “Chinchilly” that her team has surprised her with as part of a dinner in her honour. As the founder of one of the most well-known brands in the category—seriously, walk into any nail bar, particularly in Manhattan, and you’ll see that her bottles dominate the shelves—Weingarten, originally from Queens, has much to celebrate. Not only did L’Oréal acquire her company in 2010, providing distribution of Essie to even more countries, but her colours are worn by everyone from the Queen (Her Majesty is fond of “Ballet Slippers”) to Lady Gaga (she paired “Merino Cool” with her infamous meat dress).
Weingarten’s love affair with polish began at an early age. “I always had ants in my pants,” she says. To get her to sit still and as a reward for good behaviour, her mother would take her to the beauty parlour—as they were called back in the day—and treat her to a manicure. She recalls that the colour selections were “not great.” In 1981, she decided to create her own polishes and told a chemist what she was after. “I said I was looking for something that would go on like silk, wear like iron and be shiny for a week—always look wet.” She developed 12 shades—three of which exist to this day: “Bordeaux,” “Blanc” and “Baby’s Breath”—and lugged hundreds of bottles to Las Vegas, leaving samples at all the hotel salons. “Within two weeks, every single hotel beauty salon called and placed an order,” she says. Soon the calls started coming in from all over the country; women who had visited Vegas and had their nails done wanted to know where they could get the lacquer that had been applied.
Today, Weingarten considers her brand ahead of the curve in terms of colour trends, claiming that both “Wicked,” a blackened red, and “Mink Muffs,” a mushroom taupe, paved the way for subsequent versions, such as Chanel’s “Vamp” and “Particulière.” Among the hits, though, there have been some troublemakers. In the ’80s, Weingarten named a purple-brown polish “Prune Face,” then discontinued it after Californians took it personally. “They thought we were talking about them,” she says. “It was way before Botox.” A firestorm of complaints rolled in again in 2004 over a pearlescent burgundy dubbed “After Sex.” It seemed Texans were none too pleased with the saucy appellation, so to appease them Weingarten sent them bottles with the shade renamed “After Six,” though the original name is still used. (On the flip side, those who took delight in the name pointed out that there should also be one called “Before Sex.”) Now she can call a polish “Size Matters” and no one will object. Spring 2012’s collection has a financial theme, but a positive one: “We just want you to get rid of all that recessionary caca,” she says. The names include “A Crewed Interest” and “To Buy or Not to Buy.”
As if there were any doubt, Weingarten has strong opinions about the maintenance of hands and feet. She gets a manicure every week (Fridays in the winter, Thursdays in the summer before she departs for the beach) and a pedicure every two weeks, which is non-negotiable no matter the season. “If I hear one more woman say, ‘Oh, it’s the winter, I don’t have to get a pedicure’! I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’” For Weingarten, not having colour on your fingers or toes is tantamount to public nudity. “If your nails are not done, you are not dressed, as far as I’m concerned.”

Jessica Simpson gives birth. See what everyone’s saying about it | Hollywood yohana

What has seemed like the longest celebrity pregnancy in the history of the world is finally over. No more false alarms, Jessica Simpson has finally given birth to a…baby (and not a llama, as one Toronto boldface may have suggested). The fashion mogul and her fiancé, NFL star Eric Johnson, welcomed a baby girl and they’ve given her a somewhat normal name: Maxwell Drew Johnson (a tribute to the couple’s families: Maxwell is the maiden name of Johnson’s mother, and Drew is Simpson’s mother’s maiden name.)
Despite the long-running jokes about it being a never-ending pregnancy, Simpson proves that she is in fact human, giving birth in just under nine months to the 9 lbs., 13 ounces bundle.
Simpson, who remained in the public eye throughout (since her pregnancy announcement via Twitter last Halloween), released a statement on her website saying “This has been the greatest experience of our lives!! […] We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received.”
The mogul reportedly has said that she wanted to start clothing lines for kids and babies, and perhaps now she has her feature model! Hmm, could little Maxwell be giving Blue Ivy a run for her money?

Dan Levy: “Today Jessica Simpson gave birth to a bouncing two-year-old girl!”
Shinan Govani: “Jessica Simpson just gave birth to a llama”
Darth Vader (via Twitter, of course): “Jessica Simpson had her baby. Apparently, Kanye busted into the delivery room and said Beyonce had the best baby of all time.”
Rani Sheen, copy and health editor: “Jessica Simpson’s body has been the stuff of obsessive commentary for years—her weight gain, her mom jeans—and this pregnancy has been one long opportunity for everyone to point and make snide remarks. Of course, she doesn’t seem to mind being discussed and no doubt it’ll all turn into fodder for publicity for the inevitable baby/maternity line.

The cat-eye: We look to icons of different eras for inspiration—plus, tips for painting your own | Hollywood yohana

The cat-eye

The cat-eye is having a moment. Celia Ellenberg takes us through its many versions over the years and finds out how to execute them.
While spring tends to signal the arrival of all beauty things light and bright, the runways told a different story this season as designers embraced a certain graphic cosmetic accoutrement that’s seen an impressive evolution over the past few centuries. Behold, the rebirth of the cat-eye. Black-rimmed upper lash lines were the makeup look of choice at shows such as Ruffian and Dolce & Gabbana, and while the backstage miracle workers made it look easy, mastering the perfect flick on your own can be a different story. We’ve gathered eight eyeliner icons and asked Hourglass Cosmetics’ artistic director Gina Brooke and makeup artist Pati Dubroff to weigh in on whether the liquid pen is truly mightier than the kohl pencil when it comes to crafting the perfect winged liner. Because, according to Brooke, “if you use the right products, getting the look is not an issue.”

Get a load of Dress Up, the Melbourne-based line that has us hooked! | Hollywood yohana

Well, hellooooo down under! We’re loving Dress Up, the Melbourne-based label designed by Stephanie Downey. Dress Up started in 2006 after Downey completed a Bachelor of Arts Fashion from Melbourne’s famous design school RMIT, and has been gaining fans ever since. Recently, the label was a finalist in the 2011 L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Design Awards, and Downey and her simple-but-chic wears and subtle stylings have been getting attention outside the far-away continent.
While we may have seen Downey’s shapes before—think pleated trousers, crew necks, button downs—she puts a unique stamp on each piece, making them unforgettable. Cue the floral pyjama pants, the square-cut arm holes, the tangerine colour blocks. It’s hard to imaging that these designs could ever go out of style.

How to do the almost-fluorescent-pink eyes, lips and cheeks from Viktor & Rolf Spring 2012 | Hollywood yohana

The ultra-girly “modern doll” look in Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2012 collection was an unabashed celebration of sweetness and fun. Even better, the bright hues used throughout the collection were echoed in the beauty with fluttering fuchsia lashes and berry-stained lips. To make this look more appropriate for a day not spent on the runway, I created a slightly subdued but equally adorable and fanciful face. The eyes, cheeks and lips all used the same palette of bright, confectionary-appropriate pinks but without the theatrical embellishments of paper cateye cutouts and almost-neon lashes. That being said, it was impossible to resist the allure of a pair of bright pink falsies—which I added as a bonus at the end. Consider this: start the night off with the more subdued look, then pop on some pink lashes as you head out the door to a fabulous party.

Stars Sizzle in Animal Print at the MTV Movie Awards | Hollywood yohana

Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Collins

TREND: Animal-print dresses
WHO'S WEARING IT: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Dolce & Gabbana), Reese Witherspoon (Zac Posen) and Lily Collins (Dolce & Gabbana)
HOW TO WEAR IT: Pardon the pun, but we've got a soft spot for animal print—and, it seems, so do quite a few of the stars who attended last night's MTV Movie Awards. The exotic pattern is already so eye-catching that it's important to take into account the color and cut of the dress. Rosie and Lily's feline frocks are more on the conservative side, which allowed them to play a little bit more with their accessories. Rosie rocked tricolored Sergio Rossi patent wedges to complement the safari hues of her sheath, while Lily added splashes of gold with Alexis Bittar jewelry, Judith Leiber clutch and the button details of her Christian Louboutin booties. Reese's bustier body-hugger, on the other hand, highlighted both her cleavage and gams and featured emerald and brown tones, so she stuck to a simple gold cuff and leg-lengthening nude Jimmy Choo peep-toes.

Who Broke the Bank? Hayden Panettiere or Amber Valletta? | Hollywood yohana

Hayden Panettiere, Amber Valletta

Not only did these babes star in Raising Helen together, they both know how to work it in a hard-to-pull-off orange dress. What's even more impressive is that they made extremely-pointed shoulders look totally wearable.
Early last year, Amber Valletta wore her thigh-high RM by Roland Mouret dress to the The Spy Next Door premiere in L.A. She toned down the bright frock with taupe Aldo pumps and a gray Hervé Léger by Max Azria clutch.
Just this past April, Hayden Panettiere stepped out in a very similar look for the L.A. premiere of Scream 4. The petite blondie sported her Zac Posen with black Brian Atwood pumps and gunmetal Judith Leiber clutch purse.
Both beauties wore their hair up away from their faces to keep the sharp shoulder details the main attraction.
These actresses achieved a similar look from head-to-toe, but which one spent more for her citrus design?

Lea Seydoux Sets the Red Carpet Ablaze With Fiery Prada Heels! | Hollywood yohana

Lea Seydoux

Well, if anyone was ever going to steal our attention away from the beautiful and ultra-fashionable Diane Kruger, it would definitely have to be because of their shoes!
French actress Lea Seydoux, the face of the Prada resort 2012 campaign, shared the red carpet with costar Diane at the premiere of Les Adieux à la Reine during Berlin Film Festival last night—and her heels were literally blazing!

The strappy wedges featured a sweet rose adornment on the front and a bold fire detail on the back. Wow! Our eyes lit up when we got a glimpse of the Hot Rod-inspired kicks under Lea's modest scarlet 3/4-sleeved custom gown.

To balance the heat that oozed from her sizzlin' footwear, she iced out her right hand with a clutch and cuff that were both encrusted with diamond-and-ruby gemstones.
A sexy Veronica Lake-esque hairstyle completed the striking beauty's head-to-toe scarlet Prada ensemble.
Ah, what we wouldn't give to be a designer's muse!

Penelope Cruz Dazzles in Pink Dolce & Gabbana | Hollywood yohana

Penelope Cruz

It's hard to go wrong in Dolce & Gabbana, and everyone knows the one thing they do best, after leopard print of course, is fun, lacy numbers. Though the To Rome With Love premiere was teeming with stars, sultry SpaniardPenelope Cruz stole the spotlight from everyone when she arrived in a light pink D&G lace gown. A lot of the lace confections we've seen from D&G on the carpet lately have been less than stellar, so we were particularly excited when we saw how nicely Penelope pulled this off.

The strapless corset look accentuned her elegant shoulders and was played up nicely by her intricate updo. The detailed lace pattern gave her a nice feminine vibe, and the soft, nude hues were the perfect spring complement to her sun-kissed skin.
Since she was wearing a strapless, she smartly did minimal accessorizing. She simply opted for silver Chopard drop earrings and a matching Roger Vivier clutch. Kohl-rimmed eyes and natural lips completed her stunning look. Not that Penelope ever disappoints on the red carpets, but this is the best we've seen her this year!

Transition to Spring in Fun Printed Tights | Hollywood yohana

Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristin Chenoweth

TREND: Printed tights
WHO'S WEARING IT: Khloe Kardashian (Yves Saint Laurent), Kourtney Kardashian and Kristin Chenoweth
HOW TO WEAR IT: Tights used to get a bad rap—after all, you're stuck wearing them in the winter when it's cold, and really, how warm do they keep you when you're battling snowy elements anyway? That's why we love the newest patterned pairs that have cropped up, because as Khloe, Kourtney and Kristin prove, they're used more as an accessory than another layer. Khloe wore her heart hose best, pairing them perfectly with a flirty LBD and quirky black pumps. Kourtney's was almost perfect with the button-down and maroon skirt, but the suspenders and nude pumps competed a little too much with the houndstooth print. While we think you can take a risk like Kourt did if you keep it just a bit simpler, stay away from a combo like Kristin's white lace dress and pink heels. There's just too much going on, and you want your legs to be the main focus!

Vote Your Best Dressed at the White House Correspondents' Dinner! | Hollywood yohana

Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, Dakota Fanning, Charlize Theron, Rashida Jones

Last night, a bevy of celebs were dressed to impress when they attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Preggers Reese Witherspoon looked like an Old Hollywood siren, thanks to a black Monique Lhuillier dress with an asymmetrical neckline. The blonde then smartly brightened up the dark frock with aqua Irene Neuwirth jewels.Charlize Theron also followed in Reese's footsteps by opting for a classic number. Her black and nude Emilio Pucci lace dress looked like pure perfection on the Snow White and the Huntsman star

On the other hand, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis weren't afraid to rock vivid colors. While The Help actress went for a red one-shoulder gown, Kerry looked like the epitome of spring in her coral Calvin Klein dress.
Like them, Rashida Jones made sure she was noticed by rocking a very on-trend teal polka dot peplum confection by Tory Burch. Meanwhile, Dakota Fanning kept it safe this time around by rocking a baby blue Prada gown that was embellished to the max!

Set Your Crystal Clear Sights on Lucite Sunnies! | Hollywood yohana

Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart

TREND: Lucite sunglasses
WHO'S WEARING IT: Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Kristen Stewart
WHY WE LOVE IT: These sunnies are a fun—and perfect for the summer!
HOW TO WEAR IT: Whether your frames are fully transparent or gave a slight tint, like Jessica's light blue ones, they will match with anything you wear. However, the sunnies are quite modern! So for those who are faint of heart, we recommend teaming them with classic pieces, like a white button-down and skinny jeans!