Prada eyes meet Prada nails | Hollywood yohana

Without a doubt, one of the most inventive beauty looks from Milan was at Prada. Those eyes! called it a “tricolour layering effort on lids”—shades of deep blue, shimmering purple, electric orange, and greasy black all stacked together. Despite how exciting the Prada look is, it’s extremely editorial and not so much a “try this at home!” style. So rather than toning it down for the face, I took the vibrant makeup to my nails. After all, six colours in one manicure? Totally doable.

She speaks! Kate makes her first official speech in a dress just like her mom’s | Hollywood yohana
Well, Mondays are not that bad after all. Yesterday, we unabashed Kate lovers were gifted with not one but TWO new outfits, and a speech to boot. The first official speech since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, and the first time speaking publicly that we can recall since this pre-wedding interview, Kate took to the mic at Treehouse children’s hospice in Ipswich, England to share a few words of support as patron of the East Anglia Children’s Hospices. For the full two and a half minutes, check out the video below and tell us how you think she did. (She sounds curiously like Lady Mary Crawley, doesn’t she?)
And now to the dress, we’re loving the reports that Kate’s cobalt blue Reiss button down dress belongs to her mother, Carole Middleton, but alas, What Kate Wore is reporting that the two own the same dress. Twinsies! According to the Reiss website, Kate’s dress is from 2008, but doesn’t she make it look fresh as ever.

Kate Moss set to marry rock star fiancé tomorrow in the biggest wedding since the other Kate’s | Hollywood yohana

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’d have heard that Kate Moss is set to marry her rock star fiancé, Jamie Hince, tomorrow. In true Moss style, the wedding is sure to break the mould for celebrity weddings. It’s being described as a three-day extravaganza of music, A-list guests, and unparalleled celebrations—and that’s probably an understatement.
Nicknamed “Mosstock” by the tabloids, the wedding’s musical entertainment is to be provided by Snoop Dogg, Carl Barat, Beth Ditto, Iggy Pop, and Dame Shirley Bassey. As if that stage couldn’t get any more entertaining, it’s likely the supermodel herself will serve up some amateur karaoke.
It’s rumoured that close friend John Galliano will design the bride’s gown. As Moss is always one for a well-placed scandal, it’s more or less expected. Recently, the designer’s whereabouts have been unknown, but rumours have been circling that he’s been in New York working on the dress.
Guests are not permitted to bring cameras (or snap photos with their smart phones) as the wedding will be professionally documented by none other than Mario Testino. To top it all off, one of the shots will be featured on the cover of Vogue’s September issue. Mosstock sounds like the be-all-and-end-all to weddings everywhere, but the couple did sign a pre-nuptial agreement. That could appear to foreshadow a grim ending, but who would really be opposed to a second Moss wedding in the future?
Peter Moss, father of the bride: “Marriage won’t tame my Kate. She’ll still like a good party, as does Jamie, but she’s matured now.” [Telegraph AU]
Vogue Italia: “Moss and Hince’s wedding is an indie rock kid’s dream. They’re not man and wife yet, and we’re feeling hungover already.” [Vogue Italia]
Alice Temperley: “I am certain she will look absolutely stunning, unique, beautiful with a bit of a rock n’ roll twist. I would love to see her in something vintage looking, romantic and slightly bohemian. However, whatever she chooses, she will look fantastic and I am sure women will want to wear something similar to their weddings for years to come.” [Vogue UK]
Diane von Furstenberg: “I’m not big on wedding dresses. But I would give her a bottle of my new perfume—it’s divine.” [Vogue UK]
Sarah Nicole Prickett, contributor: “It’s the royal wedding for people who wear fedoras, not fascinators. I wouldn’t get up at 5 a.m. to watch it, but I might stay up, you know, in kind of a Moss-like way. Although if she wears a dress by John Galliano, I won’t feel so favourably inclined.”

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Amy Winehouse-inspired couture collection has many feeling uneasy | Hollywood yohana

The inspiration for yesterday’s Jean Paul Gaultier couture show has many feeling a bit uneasy. Walking to a barbershop rendition of Rehab, the models were total Amy Winehouse doppelgangers, complete with beehives, lip piercings, and thickly winged eyeliner (not to mention exposed bra straps and cigarettes). Considering the news-making songstress died just over six months ago, it seems like a case of too much, too soon.
At the forefront of those who are decrying the show is Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, who just this morning tweeted: “We don’t support the Jean Paul Gaultier’s [sic] collection. It’s in bad taste.”
It is pretty clear Gaultier had only the purest of intentions—he told WWD he wanted to celebrate Winehouse because she was “truly a fashion icon.” We’re surprised the Gaultier camp didn’t think to make sure the collection was okay with her family—or at least give them a heads up first. As it stands, it’s disappointing that the beautiful clothes can’t be fully appreciated because of this poor timing.
WWD: “Unlike Alexander McQueen’s sober, soulful runway tribute to his friend Isabella Blow, this felt at best ill-advised: a young woman who died tragically less than a year ago the fodder for an oh-so-feisty fashion show.” [WWD]
Mr. Paparazzi: “Some thought the collection was a fitting tribute to the late star, while others thought it was done in incredibly bad taste (as was evident when hardly anyone clapped at the end of the show when Gaultier himself took to the runway).” [Mr. Paparazzi]
The Independent: “Monday marked the six month anniversary of Winehouse’s death and her father broke news of a forthcoming memorial concert only days ago. Gaultier’s tribute was well-intentioned, clearly, but gave rise to a palpable sense of unease.” [The Independent]

Caitlin Agnew, assistant editor/research: “Gaultier is a lightening rod for controversy and this collection is no exception. Heartfelt tribute or grab for attention? I’d say a little bit of both.”

All things sparkle-y at Delfina Delettrez and Swarovski | Hollywood yohana

PFW diary: All things sparkely at Delifina Delettrez and Swarovski
It wouldn’t be Paris fashion week without a few sparklers thrown into the mix.
First up: Delfina Delettrez. This jewellery designer is a fourth generation Fendi (yes, that Fendi) woman. She’s the daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi—the accessories director at this famous luxury house—and Bernard Delettrez, the French jeweler. (Clearly, this French darling has quite the sparkling lineage.) Family jewels aside, Delettrez has her own eponymous line of couture-worthy baubles (many are one-of-a-kind) that blends goth with modern. From sinister-looking skulls to whimsical creatures (a few seasons back there was a pig ring that caused a few snorts), these fantastical creations are a feast for the eyes. Her current collection was showcased on wigs that rival Marge Simpson’s signature towering ‘do. Paging, Nicki Minaj!
My second stop on the accessories train was Swarovski. This spring their theme is swing, sing, and shine. (I should have guessed from the invite I received: a record—remember those?) Led down a Candy Land–inspired hallway filled with balloons and dotted with small circular rugs the colour of Smarties, it’s clear I’ve entered the crystal palace. The collection combines modernity and vintage styling with a feminine flair: corsage-inspired crystal cuffs, pastel-hued satin ribbon accents, resin bangles covered in kisses, a graphic black and white “mod” collection and more.  The Daniel Swarovski Atelier pieces get the award for most awe-inspiring. From the decadent single glittering sleeve (this has Beyonce written all over it) to the Barbarella-esque crystal mesh minidress with removable jewel-encrusted neckpiece, these one-of-a-kind works of art definitely require a woman who can command a room. Walking back down the party-strewn hallway out onto the streets of Paris, I begin to believe that we all have that woman inside.

The top 7 must-have trends from Paris fashion week that you don’t have to wait until spring to wear | Hollywood yohana

Fashion peeps never play by the rules. Just because the calendar says fall doesn’t mean you can’t get a jumpstart on your spring wardrobe. Here’s your shopping short list. Game on!
1. Fringe, fringe, and more fringe. Barbara Bui showed shaggy cropped jackets with row upon row of the swingy stuff.
2. Midnight blue. No, it’s not navy, people. It’s midnight blue and it looks fabulous paired with black à Nina Ricci.
3. Lace effect cutouts. Whether you choose lace or leather (like Balmain’s tough n’ tender take on the mini) this romantic accent has leapt out of the costume history books and onto spring’s hottest finds.
4. Mixing brights and prints. Carven painted a pretty chic picture for spring with its candy coloured explosion of graphic lines, florals and more.
5. An impeccably tailored jacket. Dries did magenta, Rochas opted for sky blue with a subtle sheen and Carven went for the wow-factor in white. However you choose to wear yours, it will be a great investment for seasons to come.
6. Something sheer. Ok, so you’re not going to prance around town wearing a see-through skirt (although you really ought to consider it based on the extreme gorgeousness of Nina Ricci’s ethereal ballet skirts) but you can work this trend into your wardrobe without getting arrested. Look for peek-a-boo panels on tops and dresses that still leave lots to the imagination!
7. Bright trousers. Take your cues from Balenciaga who showed a fiery pair of high-waisted trousers fit for any modern day fashion goddess.

Selena Gomez is leaving the kiddie shows behind and moving on to more adult pursuits | Hollywood yohana

Selena Gomez

On her new album, When the Sun Goes Down, Selena Gomez sings about self-acceptance (“Who Says”), infatuation (“Whiplash,” which Britney Spears co-wrote) and taming a misbehaving guy (“That’s More Like It,” co-written by Katy Perry). Yet when asked which track reveals the most about her, Gomez ditches the hearts and flowers and goes right for the jugular. “‘Bang Bang Bang’ is probably the most personal,” she says, referring to a snarky kiss-off anthem directed toward an ex, in which she coos put-downs like, “My new boy used to be a model…he looks way better than you” and “When I’m out having fun, you’re gonna be the one that’s broken.”
OK, so it’s not “You Oughta Know,” but for a sweet, self-described nervous girl from Grand Prairie, Texas, who came up through the Disney Channel School of Stardom as a regular on the series Wizards of Waverly Place and in TV movies like Princess Protection Program, it seems downright edgy. Is that what she intended? “A little bit,” says Gomez, laughing off the suggestion that she’s tapping into her inner Alanis. “This album’s a lot more personal. I had a little bit more control over it, which is nice.” For the cover image, Gomez serves up full ’20s screen siren in pearls and marabou. “I always do the same long dresses and flowy hair,” says the singer, who turned 19 in July, “so I wanted to do something different.”
Playing with her image is but one part of Gomez’s grand plan to navigate the perilous road between child and adult stardom, where for every Jodie Foster triumph there are a dozen Lindsay Lohan flame-outs. “I think Shia LaBeouf has made a really good transition,” says Gomez. “He came from the Disney Channel and he’s doing really well.” A major step in her evolution was saying goodbye to Wizards in May after four seasons. “On the last morning, I cried before I even put my makeup on,” she says. “But I wasn’t depressed. It was a good feeling.”

Marc Jacobs was at last night’s Louis Vuitton Milan store opening | Hollywood yohana

Milan’s Via Monte Napoleone, the most infamous shopping street on the planet, was virtually shut down last night as Louis Vuitton opened its brand-spanking-new digs. Fashion Week groupies were out in droves, hoping to catch a glimpse of cult designer Marc Jacobs, in town to fete the opening of “Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion,” an exhibit I can’t wait to run to this week! Braving the crowds, I elbowed my way into the four-storey shop―designed like an elegant home―just in time to glimpse Anna Dello Russo pose for the paps in full-on Vuitton Fall ’11 (officer’s cap, jodhpurs, and all) as Katie Grand (the stylist who has collaborated with designer Marc Jacobs since 2003) flew away in her limo into the night. Wonder what this means, if anything, for the future of Jacobs at Vuitton? Things that make you go “hmm.”

A black for all seasons at Sid Neigum | Hollywood yohana

Let’s forget about brights, colours, and patterns for a moment—it’s not on Sid Neigum’s spring agenda. Just like his LG debut for Fall 2011, the Edmonton-born and New York–based designer stuck to his strengths on Wednesday, making yet another strong statement collection with black pieces (a select few with a hint of dark teal polka dots and burnt orange), as well as exaggerated black felt eyebrows and overstated chunky—yet barely walkable—opened toed heels.

Simple shirt dresses and sack dresses were indications of his leg-bearing proclivities, but the clear winner of the show was an oversized, asymmetrical gunmetal blazer paired with simple black leather shorts.