Amp Up Your Wardrobe With a Rock Band Tee | yohana

Lucy Hale, Fergie, Rumer Willis
TREND: Band t-shirts
WHO'S WEARING IT: Lucy Hale, Fergie and Rumer Willis
HOW TO WEAR IT: With summer music festivals in full swing, there's no better time to channel your inner Mick Jagger with the resurgence of band tees. Pick up on the rocker style by keeping the majority of your outfit casual. As all three celebs have shown, cutoff shorts are the bottom of choice to create an unfussy, edgy ensemble. But don't get too casual with your styling, lest you end up looking like asloppy mess just like Fergie. Lastly, make sure to stay away from heels, so the vibe doesn't verge on trampy—you're not going for a groupie girl look!

Blaze a Colorful Trail With a Tribal-Print Dress | yohana

Chloe Moretz, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton
TREND: Tribal-print dress
WHO'S WEARING IT: Chloe Moretz (Versace), Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton
HOW TO WEAR IT: Dresses are a quintessential summer staple, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to a floral frock to stay cool. Instead, edge up your style with this season's must-have tribal print. For an everyday approach, look to Paris and rock a knee-length frock. If you are daring, take a cue from Kim and sport the design from head-to-toe by wearing a maxi. And you can even full-on embrace the native look by choosing a design with fringes, like Chloe. Just remember, keep accessories to a minimum and stick to black or nude sandals when wearing the vivid pattern.

Twist Up Your Locks Into a Milkmaid Braid | yohana

Stephanie Pratt, Kirsten Dunst, Nicky Hilton
TREND: Milkmaid braids
WHO'S WEARING IT:  Stephanie Pratt Kirsten Dunst and Nicky Hilton
HOW TO WEAR IT: Braids are the must-have hairstyle for the summertime; and you're able to don them during the daytime and evening. In the afternoon, you can twist up your locks into a milkmaid braid like Nicky and Kirsten. By keeping your hair swept up, you'll be able to stay cool and stylish. If you are going for a dramatic look, emulate the heiress' mane and part your hair down the middle. You can take this look into the night, too, or you can let down your tresses like Stephanie. Don't worry about what to wear with this creation, because anything in your closet will match. Just remember to keep you makeup simple. By far, this will be your cheapest accessory during the season. Can't create the look? Then fake it! Simply buy a braided headband and in less than a minute you'll be rocking the hottest trend.

Frame Your Face With Round Sunnies | yohana

Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Whitney Port
TREND: Round Sunglasses
WHO'S WEARING IT: Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus and Whitney Port
HOW TO WEAR IT: Summer is all about having fun in the sun, but it is always important to stay protected from the harmful UV rays. So, enjoy your stylish sunny days with round sunglasses. This accessory is all about experimenting with fashion, just look at how Whitney fabulously covered her peepers with an orange pair. But you can always play it safe, simply channel your inner John Lennon by rocking the shades with a graphic top, like Miley. Or follow Kelly's lead and contrast dark sunnies with a bright color. And if you love anything with a retro feel, these frames will give off a vintage vibe with anything you wear!

Get Charmed by Serpent-Inspired Heels | yohana

Kim Kardashian, Mason Disick, Katie Cassidy, Katie Holmes
TREND: Snakeskin heels
WHO'S WEARING IT: Kim Kardashian (Christian Louboutin), Katie Cassidy (Jimmy Choo) and Katie Holmes
HOW TO WEAR IT: While we've shown some serious love for leopard print in the past year, this summer a new animal pattern is stealing the spotlight: snakeskin! The vast majority of you said you'd pass on wearing the exotic skin head-to-toe, so we thought we'd show you how celebs are easing into the trend with patterned pumps. The key to this look is to pair the shoe with solid colors, so as to not compete with the pattern. And while a neutral outfit like Kim and Katie Holmes' looks perfectly lovely, to really make the look sing of summer don't be afraid of punching up the color with a bright hue à la Katie Cassidy.

Pump Up Your LB(lue)D With Colorful Heels! | yohana

Blake Lively, Minka Kelly,  Erika Christensen
TREND: Little blue dresses and colored pumps
WHO'S WEARING IT: Blake Lively (Michael Kors dress; Christian Louboutin heels), Minka Kelly (Fendi dress) and Erika Christensen
HOW TO WEAR IT: There's been a lot of experimenting going on in the fashion community lately. Polka-dots and florals. Chambray shirts and metallic skirts. Now we bring you cobalt dresses and different colored heels. Conventional wisdom says that an LB(lue)D ought to be paired with silver, gold, nude or black pumps. But just think of how much more heads you'll turn with a purple, coral or hot pink shoe. Plus, bold color combinations is on trend this season. Just look here. We prefer the soft, sophisticated suede of Blake's and Minka's stilettos to Erika's glossy version because it balances the electric hue of the frock really nicely.

Swing Into Summer With a Fringe-Hem Top | yohana

Selena Gomez, Karolina Kurkova, Kendall Jenner
TREND: Fringe-Hem Top
WHO'S WEARING IT: Selena Gomez, Karolina Kurkova and Kendall Jenner
HOW TO WEAR IT: The boho trend is dominant during the summer and fringe-hem tops have especially been making a mark this season. However, you don't have to go full-on hippie to rock the must-have piece. Kendall goes Cali casual by matching her white tee with denim cutoffs and flip flops. Karolina keeps her gray version sophisticated by pairing it with a white blazer and a chic bun. But if you love the earthy, carefree look then take a cue from Selena and don it with a comfy black maxi skirt. So in order to wear it different ways, you should purchase one that is a neutral color and doesn't have any graphic prints

Beat the Summer Heat in Hot Pink Shorts | yohana

Kelly Rowland, Kelly Ripa, Denise Richards
TREND: Hot pink shorts
WHO'S WEARING IT: Kelly Rowland, Kelly Ripa and Denise Richards (Alice + Olivia)
HOW TO WEAR IT: This summer, we've seen Tinseltown babes slip into coral-red bottom. Now, the ladies are all about the feminine hot pink hue. Embrace the weather-friendly trend during the daytime by putting on a pair of bright denim cutoffs. However, swap out the singer's black boots for pair of sandals. Notice how both Kelly's think alike; they matched their bright shorts with crisp white tops. But the host when one step ahead of her namesake, by wearing a sun covering fedora and sunnies to keep protected from the sun. Keep cool during the evening by getting a luxe satin version, like Denise. And even though we like the hot mama's pinstriped top, stick to a blouse with a solid color so that you don't overpower the vibrant bottoms.

Pamela Martin Duarte of Big Rich Texas | yohana

Big Rich Texas Pam, Hannah
Did you love last night's Big Rich Texas? We've got dish direct from Pam on the changes she encountered at Woodhaven upon her return from Spain!
The Zumba Switcheroo: I love Zumba; I think it's great fun. It was just a surprise to come back and expect yoga and have it be Zumba. So, it wasn't a problem with Zumba per se; it was a problem with Leslie and Bonnie changing the schedule. Now, [Zumba] is a regular at the club, but it's not during yoga time. I am just not a fan of unexpected surprises like those. That's why I was a little ticked off about it; I think Connie was a little taken aback by it, too, because she came in and expected yoga.
Dress Code: The club has the all-white rule, which—I don't know if it will stand anymore. I think that revealing clothes are not necessary at the club, because people are there to play sports and have lunch and a good time. People who sit around exposing themselves, like some of the other people on the show, might feel differently.
Bilingual Babe: I speak Spanish. Growing up in Texas, you learn it a little. After I met my husband it was really crucial that I speak Spanish; none of my in-laws spoke English. So, I had to learn to communicate. I took classes and picked it up pretty well.
Jet-Setting: We randomly go [to Spain]—we have a home there that affords us to go there as frequently as we would like. But we are there a couple of times a year, and we try to stay all summer.
Vacay Hobbies: We have a house in the Marbella, but my husband is from Madrid. When we are there, I like to watch kitesurfing. A lot of world-class professional kitesurfing goes on there. We live on the Mediterranean, so it's quite windy, where the Mediterranean connects with the Atlantic Ocean. And, of course, there's a lot of great art and great food.
Spanish Studies: Spain has been grand. I am glad I could share this with my daughter, watch her learn to speak Spanish and become fluent in Spanish. Also, watching her maneuver her way around Spain has been the biggest gift. She spent the summer last year in Barcelona studying Spanish cinematography and film. She was there without us and able to have a good time because of her fluency. It's been good to see that.

Worst DUI of 2011—Sorry, Katherine Heigl | yohana

Katherine Heigl
Last week, we showed you our very best dressed celebs on 2011—congrats, Olivia Wilde! Well, today, we are going to give you the scoop on the worst dressed stars of the year. Ready to hear our number one pick? Katherine Heigl in a cowgirl ensemble.
Now, hear us out. You are probably thinking Lady Gaga or Jessie J deserve this, um, award. But the reason she loses is because we know that the actress can dress better than this. Honestly, what was she thinking?

We don't understand the outfit one bit—and it wasn't even for a role or anything! The whole ensemble had way too many things going on—teased up hair, a white billowing sleeve button-down, a western belt, a fringe skirt and slouchy boots. But the worst part of all, the leopard-print tote bag she has doesn't even go with the western theme. Let's hope 2012 is a DUI-free year for the gal.