Tommy Hilfiger under scrutiny for continuing to use a dangerous factory in Bangladesh | Hollywood yohana

Tommy Hilfiger is making not-so-positive headlines this month for continuing to use a dangerous manufacturing factory in Bangladesh—a factory that caught fire over a year ago, tragically killing 29 workers.
ABC News headed an investigation into unsafe workshops last month and asked Hilfiger himself if the American brand was still manufacturing at said factory. His response? “I can tell you that we no longer make clothes in those factories. We pulled out of all of those factories.”
Well, it turns out Hilfiger wasn’t telling the truth. Days later he admitted as much: “I did make a mistake in telling you that I would imagine we’d be pulling out of Bangladesh when in fact that wasn’t true.”
Tommy Hilfiger’s parent company, Phillip-Van Heusen, was quick to publicize that they will be pledging $1 million, which will help with “facilitating the creation of factory health and safety committees.”
Gap and Kohl’s—two other American companies that continue to operate out of the same faulty-wired Bangladeshi factory—claim to be following PVH’s lead in working to improve factory conditions. And given the recent Alexander Wang labour suit, it seems there’s no end to the dark world of garment manufacturing. We hope PVH is sincerely dedicated to revolutionizing factory conditions and that this is not just an attempt to recover a damaged image.
Fashionista: “Whether PVH was reluctant to pull out of the factories because they wanted to help improve or just wanted to keep producing their clothes cheaply, remains to be seen…” [Fashionista]
Huffington Post: “Despite the glamorous facade, labor controversies persist behind the closed doors of the American fashion industry.” [Huffington Post]
Caitlin Agnew, assistant editor/research: “While it seems like such large-scale and unnecessary workplace tragedies should by now be a thing of the past, I hope the steps these companies are taking will ensure accidents like this never happen again.”

Parents-To-Be Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Go Down Under | Hollywood yohana

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minillo

Just because newlyweds Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo are expecting a little bundle of joy soon that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Last night, the parents-to-be hit the town when they attended the opening of Marquee nightclub in Sydney, Australia.

And you bet the pregnant star was excited about her big evening out. The babe tweeted, "Mama's gettin ready and puttin her dancing shoes on! I'm so excited for the opening of @MarqueeSydney! This is gonna be FUN!!!"
Well, she certainly chose the right ensemble for the night! She opted for a white frock with a black jeweled racer-back neckline. Black Christian Louboutin pumps and a matching clutch were the perfect accessories. She finalized her ensemble with a teased up 'do and smoky eyes.
Her hubby didn't look too shabby either. Nick, who is rumored to be reuniting with 98 Degrees, opted for a head-to-toe black ensemble.
Whether they have a little boy or girl, we know one thing: The baby will be dressed to impress!

Rihanna’s hair colour seems to match her nail art on the Battleship red carpet | Hollywood yohana

Oh, Rihanna! We were starting to get worried about her, but this look from Wednesday’s Battleship photocall has alleviated all concern. The singer—who has a starring role in the board game-turned-film—looked positively glowing with luminous skin and bouncy, blown out curls. While she’s been rocking this blond hair for the last few weeks, we have to admit that the intentional toupee-like crown of dark brown roots are (pardon the pun) growing on us. With the heavy fringe, she almost looks like Nicole Richie, no?
But what good is a mention of Rihanna without discussing her nails? Filed in her signature stiletto style, they were covered in white lacquer with a sparkling, spiky French tip. We couldn’t help but compare the shape and colour contrast of her nails to that of her hair—there’s a definite twinsies thing going on! And if you want to join in, here’s how: try two coats of China Glaze “White on White” ($8, followed by a swipe of the gilded Ciaté Paint Pots in “Glametal” ($14,

Israel has become the first country to legally ban the use of underweight models | Hollywood yohana

It’s been a landmark year for the international modeling industry what with the CFDA’s new suggested age restrictions and the somewhat ridiculous banning of a bajillion British ads. But now, Israel has become the first country to legally regulate the weight of working models.
According to the bill passed Monday, models attending castings must now bring medical documentation from the past three months proving they have a BMI of at least 18.5—below which the World Health Organization deems you officially malnourished. As a point of reference, Kate Moss has a BMI of around 17 whereas Naomi Campbell’s is a totally shocking 6.5. Well, looks like those two can officially say goodbye to an Israeli ad campaign.
All ads produced for the Israeli market must also have a clear statement saying the photo has been altered to make the model appear skinnier. We can only imagine the happy dance the British Advertising Standards Authority is doing right now.
Of course, there are some critics who are saying the new law should be based on health, not on weight. According to them, some models are naturally very thin and would be unfairly excluded from work because of their normal size.
The new rules won’t apply to foreign publications sold in Israel, so we can’t expect to see any major international changes just yet. But this is a definite step in the right direction. Clearly, the loose industry guidelines set in the US and UK aren’t quite enough to set some of the more rebellious designers straight (hint hint: Marc Jacobs).

Daily Mail: “Israel bans adverts featuring super skinny models in bid to crack down on eating disorders (so Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are out).” [Daily Mail]
Fashionista: “Since Israel only has about 300 professional models, and since the law only applies to photos and ads that will run locally in Israel, the new law is unlikely to affect many models’ careers. The hope, though, is that it does much more.” [Fashionista]
Paige Dzenis, associate online editor: “Another great step in keeping models healthy—but will the international fashion capitals (Paris, Milan, London…) follow suit?”

Slick hair, soft shadows and tarnished nails at Jeremy Laing | Hollywood yohana

Clean, simple and slightly androgynous was the idea for hair and makeup at Jeremy Laing. “It’s masculine, but with feminine tones to contrast the gender-bender look,” explained CoverGirl makeup pro Greg Wencel. Eyebrows were defined with a brow pencil, but the desired effect was for a full, soft brow—not a harsh or bold statement. Eyes were equally soft, with a light wash of CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast in “Beige Blaze” and a dusting of warm eyeshadow on top. In a very Downton Abbey sort of move, no mascara was applied—this further impressed the idea of a masculine, androgynous look.
The hair was slicked back in a style that Justin German, Pantene’s consulting stylist, described as extremely current: “Helmut Lang started this hair […] you don’t reference it back to another decade, it’s not ‘20s, it’s not ‘40s, it’s modern.” The trick to the look is the pulled panel in the back, which German’s team actually secured with a French twist. The top portion of hair was backcombed and secured-slash-styled up with a mix of wax and shine serum.
And then: the nails! Created by Leeanne Colley from Tips Nail Bar, the design used two custom China Glaze polish mixes. The base—a deep red—was a combination of “Liquid Leather” and “Drastic” that gave solid coverage with a bit of transparent sheen after one coat. Then, a gold mix of “Champagne Bubbles” and “Agro” was added on top, painted roughly from the moon and about halfway up the nail for a deconstructed and almost tarnished final look.
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Gucci takes on Guess for copyright infringement | Hollywood yohana

Let the battle of the G’s begin! After a three-year-long feud, Gucci faced off with Guess (who are currently celebrating 30 years in the biz) in federal court, claiming the their products infringe on Gucci’s trademarked designs.
Gucci first sued Guess way back in 2009, accusing the more affordable G-named brand of retailing items with similar trademarks such as Gucci’s noted green-and-red-striped design, a square G, script and the interlocking G’s in a diamond pattern.
On Gucci’s side, lawyer Louise Ederer argues that Guess had a “massive, complicated scheme” to knock them off claiming the brand profited off over $200 million in Gucci-like gear. The luxury label is seeking $124 million in damages.
On the opposing side, Guess’s attorney Daniel Petrocelli claims that because Gucci waited seven years before going ahead with the suit, their infringement claim cannot be accepted.
Petrocelli adds: “[Guess] has no reason to be like Gucci and it did not scheme to be like Gucci.” He also plays the self-depreciation card by pointing out “Gucci uses leather, Guess uses plastic.” Fair enough, but we can certainly see the similarities and understand why Gucci would want to protect its logo in an industry where brand recognition is everything.
Who knew the letter “G” could cause so much gabble! Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this G’spat plays out.
Fashionista: “It’s not the worst point to make—the quality of Gucci products should be on a totally different level from Guess […] This probably isn’t the way Guess wanted to ring in 30 years. [Fashionista]
Refinery29: “The outcome of the intellectual property case could reveal plenty more about how design teams — both mass and luxury — create their product… But we think we’ve settled on the easy verdict. Let’s just all recognize the logo is kinda cheesy, scrap it, and start over? Cookies for everyone!” [Refinery29]
Caitlan Moneta, fashion market editor: “In an age where brand recognition and designer loyalty is king, it’s no wonder Gucci is digging in their logoed heels.”

It’s all about the burgundy manicure for fall. Plus: How to do Ruffian’s red and gold foil nails! | Hollywood yohana

In the final days of Toronto Fashion Week, one thing was starting to become very apparent: deep red nails are going to be huge for fall. Chloé Comme Parris and Pink Tartan both used the same maroon Essie shade—“Wicked”—and similar colours had been popping up at international shows all season, including Ferragamo, Jenny Packham and Bill Blass. Rachel Roy leaned towards an aubergine-tinted red, while Yigal Azrouel dubbed his shade of choice “pinot noir.” At L.A.M.B., burgundy polish covered just the moon, leaving the rest of the nail bare. And where red appears, gold seems to follow: the Toronto shows for Jeremy Laing and Ruffian paired both colours on the same nail, whereas Marchesa alternated all-burgundy (Deborah Lippmann’s “Single Ladies”) and all-gold manicures down the runway.

And with any nail polish trend, the time to start emulating is now. (You know, so you can perfect the manicure by fall!) We chatted with Leeanne Colley from Tips Nail Bar about the nails at Ruffian, which she described as a “Canadian red” with gold to emulate the look of Mounties’ uniforms. All you need is some gold foil from your favourite craft store and a deep shade of red polish—the Ruffian colour is China Glaze in “Scarlet.” After letting the red dry, apply a clear top coat and wait until it’s tacky. Then dab a smaller-than-your-nail piece of gold foil on top—it will instantly stick to the polish and give your nails a perfectly gilded look.
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Ruffian at The ShOws Fall 2012. Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Nail Corner: We do Effie’s over-the-top caviar manicure from The Hunger Games! | Hollywood yohana

Aside from the excitement of the movie itself, obviously the best thing from The Hunger Games are the crazy manicures that Effie Trinket wears throughout. Unfortunately, only of a few are available to view close up (come on, Lions Gate Films, give fans a full gallery of nail art screen grabs!) but to our delight, one of the more intricate designs was shared by Elizabeth Banks—who of course, played the role of Effie. These Hunger Games nails include the soon-to-be-everywhere trend of caviar manicures—that is, manis with tiny beads that add playful texture—and thus, inspiration for this week’s Nail Corner was born!

The Vogue editor who put her 7-year-old daughter on an extreme diet has now scored a book deal | Hollywood yohana

It is no secret that childhood obesity is a growing issue with various solutions. Eating healthy and physical activity? Sure. Publicly humiliating a child and having them endure a rigorous calorie-counting diet? No go. The author of a controversial Vogue article has done just that and has now come under fire for chronicling her overweight seven-year-old-daughter’s questionable weight loss regime and landing a book deal out of it.
In the article, Dara-Lynn Weiss writes of the unsettling weight-loss measures she put her daughter Bea thought after a dietitian diagnosed her as “obese” at four-foot-four and 93 pounds. Depriving little Bea of her dinner after learning that she had eaten nearly 800 calories at a school event. And banning “Pizza Fridays” at school after were quick fixes.
But the story reaches another creepy level. Weiss admits, “I have not ingested any food […] without silently launching a complicated mental algorithm about how it will affect my weight.” She asks, “Who was I to teach a little girl how to maintain a healthy weight and body image?” We’re sure her critics would agree.
The memoir however, landed her a deal with Random House (the forthcoming book will be called The Heavy). The book’s publisher describes it as “an experience that epitomizes the modern parenting ‘damned if you do/damned if you don’t’ predicament.”
Weiss, who seems to talk more about her own weight issues than those of her daughter,  has us thinking if this could be a case of a parent trying to fulfill her goal through her child. Well, whatever it may be, slimmer and trimmer Bea graces Vogue having lost 16 pounds and given new dresses for her triumph (because reward systems always go over well), just in time for their mother-daughter photo shoot.
This story reads more like a recipe for a future eating disorder than a happier child. We question if publicly detailing such a sensitive issue is worth a book deal.
Jezebel: “[…] the worst Vogue article ever […] one of the most f—ed up, selfish women to ever grace the magazine’s pages.”

The Cut: “Years from now, when Bea is in therapy, she won’t have to waste those early sessions explaining herself because she’ll just be able to hand over that article and say, ‘SEE WHAT I HAD TO DEAL WITH?’”


Bernadette Morra, editor-in-chief: “It’s very easy to criticize how other people (especially our own parents) raise their children. However, this is a disturbing story on many levels, and it is clear that neither the mother nor daughter’s struggle is over. What I wonder is how Vogue feels about the author’s approach to the girl’s weight issues. Printing this story implies that they condone the mom’s words and actions. Or is it meant to be a cautionary tale? It’s hard to know, because sometimes editors run stories they know are going to create controversy, then sit back and wait for the drama to begin.”

We teach you how to recreate Céline’s colour blocked buttondown | Hollywood yohana

We’re total Phoebe Philo-philes at FASHION. We covet anything and everything Céline. This button-up has been on our wish lists since its pre-Fall 2011 debut. It ticks all the necessary boxes (collars and colour-blocking) and is just statement-worthy enough to make any outfit interesting. Since we’d rather not enter the eBay void of fighting for the last few versions of this shirt that may exist, we decided to create our own!

Score Rose Byrne's Nautical-Inspired Outfit for Less | Hollywood yohana

Rose Byrne
Shop Her Style Collage

We love seeing celebs wear full-length gowns and haute couture numbers. However, sometimes it's so refreshing when they are out and about sporting fashions that we could actually wear—and afford!
Case in point: Just last Tuesday, Rose Byrne attended the Young People's short film launch in Sydney, Australia, wearing four simple yet chic pieces. She was dressed in a brown blazer, black-and-white Breton striped top, blue skinny jeans and black pumps.

Even though she wore this ensemble to an A-list event, we can totally see people pulling off this outfit in the office or on the weekend. The best part about this look: All the pieces are basics, so they will be at the front of your

Would You Leave the House in Pajamas-Esque Ensembles? | Hollywood yohana

Diane Kruger; Salma Hayek; Tilda Swinton
No need to pinch yourself. You're not dreaming. These fashionistas are all, in fact, wearing pajamas-esque outfits. We are all for dressing comfortably, but looking like you just rolled out of bed—literally!—is taking it a bit too far.
Tilda Swinton was the first to step out in the trend this year. Back in January, she attended a sleepover Pomellato event in Beverly Hills wearing an ivory silk Lanvin two-piece that resembled luxe PJs. Then, earlier this month, Salma Hayek took the concept of cozy jet-set attire seriously when she touched down in LAX after a long flight draped in maroon micro-dot Stella McCartney jammies. Most recently, Diane Kruger was spotted in West Hollywood rocking an emerald green nightshirt with cropped leather skinnies and blush-colored pointy pumps.
If it weren't for Diane aka our girl crush making the trend somewhat wearable, we would've written off the look.
What do you think? Are you going to RSVP to the pajama party? Vote below! Then, click in to see Jessica Alba at a premiere back in 2009 wearing printed Dolce & Gabbana loungewear that would make Hugh Hefner proud!

Soar to Fashionable New Heights With Eagle Accessories | Hollywood yohana

Katie Holms, Emma Stone, Beyonce Knowles

TREND: Lanvin's eagle accessories
WHO'S WEARING IT: Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and Beyoncé
WHY WE LOVE IT: The accessories add an edgy feel to classic dresses.

HOW TO WEAR IT: The only rule of thumb to teaming a bold eagle with a simple frock? Don't pair it with a printed number, because that will distract from the stunning statement maker! That being said, the beauty of this trend is that it can be teamed with elegant pieces à la Emma Stone or a work day look, like Beyoncé's chic navy blue dress.

Kate Winslet Takes the Plunge at Titanic 3D London Premiere | Hollywood yohana

Kate Winslet

Consider. Our. World. Rocked! The elegant Kate Winslet attended the Titanic 3D premiere in London wearing a plunging black Jenny Packham gown that featured eye-popping details. Talk about dressing for the occasion!

The frock's structured short sleeves were encrusted with stunning Swarovski crystals. It also had a flattering waist accent. Diamond jewelry played up the glittering embellishments on the dress.
Kate made sure her look was classy by teaming the flashy designer number with a retro, wavy updo and red lip.

If only Jack could see her now. He would definitely fall in love with his strong-willed Rose her all over again!
But the star's outfits weren't always so stellar. Remember when she attended the 1998 Academy Awards looking like she just stepped foot off of the sinking ship? See below!

Amber Heard Oozes Old Hollywood Glam at the Opera | Hollywood yohana

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Scarlett Johansson, watch out! There's a new actress in Tinseltown who is dripping with Old Hollywood glam.
Oozing the kind of sex appeal that made Marilyn Monroe famous, Amber Heard attended the Metropolitan Opera Gala premiere of Jules Massenet's Manon in NYC last night wearing a slinky black YSL crisscross-back gown.

The blonde styled her locks into a pompadour updo, adding marcel-waved front pieces, for good measure. Bright, matte red lip and nails completed her retro beauty look. And while diamonds are a girl's best friend, Amber skipped the bling—she didn't need any to turn heads with those piercing green eyes, dangerous curves and flawless skin!

Jennifer Lopez Doubles Up on Neon Michael Kors Numbers | Hollywood yohana

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

When you've got the bod to pull off skin-tight neon, you might as well keep doing it. Right?

At least, that's what we assume Jennifer Lopez was thinking when she made a bold turn in Michael Kors twice in one week. After showing off her curves in a gorg pink frock (with a thigh-high slit, natch) on American Idol, the reality show judge then wowed in a chartreuse minidress during a stop in São Paulo, Brazil.
We're pretty obsessed with the fact that neon has not only made a huge comeback, but that it's not going anywhere. Case in point? Not only did J.Lo rock those dresses, she paired the yellow-green number with pointy hot pink Casadei pumps. It may seem like a risky move, but when paired together, neons can act like neutrals and complemement one another nicely.

Not content for you to simply pay attention to her smartly picked color palette, though, the Bronx native added an anklet, spiked silver bangle and full-finger Jacqueline Nerguizian ring for good measure. As if she needed those accessories for you to notice her! But we do love them (as well as her current obsession with chunky bracelets, as seen in both ensembles). Therefore: Well played, Jennifer!
Want to pull off this look yourself? You don't need Jen's crazy curves to pull it off—just her confidence!

Who Was Your Best Dressed at the Valentino Store Opening? | Hollywood yohana

Molly Sims, Kim Kardashian, Ellie Kemper, Minka Kelly, Nicky Hilton, Rose McGowan

When Valentino invites you to a party, you go—no questions asked. So, we weren't surprised to see a bevy of babes attend the label's store opening fête in Beverly Hills.
There was a mix of styles at the soiree. Molly Sims and Nicky Hilton opted for black numbers. While the mama-to-to-be went for a full-length lace dress that was teamed with turquoise earrings, the heiress/designer opted for a black leather mini and red clutch combo. Ellie Kemper went for the Italian fashion house's signature red hue, thanks to the ladylike short-sleeve bow-adorned sheath.

Also, on the more feminine side were celebs Minka Kelly and Kim Kardashian.The Roommate star looked pretty in a gold lace frock, which needed no accessories, besides a pair of black pumps. The Queen of reality TV didn't get suited up in a piece from the designer of the hour. However, her black-and-white Lela Rose number looked every bit stunning on Kimmie.
Lastly, Rose McGowan went for a bright pink one-shoulder dress with a trendy rosette detail. Her frock added a nice dose of color to the event—and is perfect pick for spring!

Mischa Barton launches a collection 5 years after she was a style icon | Hollywood yohana

Look out Kanye and Rihanna, there’s yet another celeb-turned–aspiring designer in town and it’s none other than…Mischa Barton? The O.C star has just launched an online store called Mischa’s Place.
What kind of collection could one expect from the newbie designer? The line, designed in collaboration with her mother, Nuala Barton, is defined as an “eclectic haven of style,” consisting mainly of embellished shirts starting from $55 to pricier pieces such as the “Mischa Signature” jacket (currently sold out) at $310 and a Michael Jackson tribute jacket for $288.
That’s not all folks—with a click of the mouse you can also scoop up Mischa Barton–branded cosmetics, from body butters to nail polishes galore.
This is an, uh…interesting venture for the actress who’s graced more worst-dressed than best-dressed lists in recent years. However, Barton is no stranger to the industry, having launched a headband collection in 2008 and a handbag line last year (now selling on Mischa’s Place). To prove her commitment to the clothing line, Barton announced plans to open a flagship store in London later this spring.
We’re sure Barton can only hope (or call June Ambrose to help her) to match fellow O.C. costar Rachel Bilson’s Shoemint success. Perhaps Marissa Cooper fans and celebrity-obsessed shoppers will help her get in the sartorial game this third time around.
Telegraph: “As Barton has struggled to kick her career into gear post The O.C , it looks like Mischa’s Place is her vehicle to secure her route to further fame and fortune.” [Telegraph]
The Insider: “What with the interest in her still going strong, and her looking indisputably better than she has in years, looks like Mischa’s here to stay — take that Rachel Bilson!” [The Insider]
Mary Dickie, managing editor: “It’s been a very long time since Mischa Barton’s heyday, and this collection of ruffled dresses, polyester mesh tops and scented candles is not likely to lift her out of B-movie obscurity.”

Miss Universe Canada pulls finalist after discovering she is transgendered | Hollywood yohana

Miss Universe Canada has disqualified a “real girl” on the grounds of…well…not being a “real girl.” In a circular, confusing and seriously offensive series of events, Miss Universe Canada pulled transgender finalist Jenna Talackova from the competition on the basis that she didn’t meet competition rules.
CTV is reporting that though the application states contestants must be between the ages of 18-27 and Canadian, it says nothing about cosmetic surgery. Not according to Miss Universe Canada’s national director, Denis Davila, who said that the rules state each contestant must be a “naturally born female” and that Talackova lied about that on her registration form.
Though beauty pageants have never been known for their progressive thinking (or even thinking for that matter), this seems especially antiquated; we’re in an age of Andrej Pejic acting as the new Cindy Crawford and Lea T starring in Givenchy campaigns. We will say though, that it’s somewhat heartening to consider how strongly the mainstream media has rallied around Talackova and her cause.
Jezebel: “According to the Vancouver Sun, Talackova doesn’t plan to release a statement until next week, most likely because she’s still processing how arbitrarily awful and prejudiced the world can be from one minute to the next.” [Jezebel]
Styleite: “The pageant concluded their statement with a rather unsatisfactory send-off: ‘We do, however, respect her goals [and] determination.’ Just not her identity, apparently.” [Styleite]
Rani Sheen, health and copy editor: “This kind of decision and the language used around it must be disappointing for Jenna Talackova, and for other transgendered people, and it also raises the question of what type of womanhood beauty pageants represent. “The Miss Universe Canada application indicates contestants must be Canadian citizens between the ages of 18 and 27 to compete. It says nothing about having undergone cosmetic surgery,” says CTV—if it did, it would probably be a very different-looking pageant indeed. It’s beside the point, but as if Miss Universe contestants represent any kind of ‘natural’ woman anyway!”

Take a Step in the Right Direction With Sseko Designs Sandals | Hollywood yohana

Sseeko Design Starboard Sandals

Shopping is a fun yet guilty pleasure for most women. So, to ease your remorse, we found these brands that give back to charity, including Karma Kompany, Lisa Blue and Threads of Change. Sseko Designs sandals, for instance, help out women in Uganda.
The shoes are handcrafted by ladies in Africa, to help them earn a monthly salary and save up for their university's tuition. Not only does the footwear provide a step towards a better future, but they are also a unique choice. First, you choose the size of your sole and then you get to pick the strap design you like. We loved Starboard version, because the blue-and-white stripes are totally on-trend with the summer nautical look. Plus, you can also alter the way you wear them to fit any ensemble. For under $50 you will be helping out a great cause, while strolling the streets in style.

Hilary Duff | Hollywood yohana

Just days before Hilary Duff announced that she was pregnant with her first child, the star gave us a peek at her personal style during a party she hosted at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. The event celebrated Kendra Scott Jewelry's new Beverly Hills store, and benefited a charity close to Hil's heart, Blessings in a Backpack.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I am wearing a Yigal Azrouël dress, Christian Louboutins and Kendra Scott jewels.
BIG LOVE: I love all of Kendra Scott's stuff. She's a Texan and I'm a Texan, so I'm big into supporting her. It's just fun jewelry. I love that you can go into her store and mix colors and put stones in. Then, get sick of it a month later and go in and switch out the stones. It's just a really good concept. The jewelry is beautiful. What's not to love?
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Sometimes I feel like being girlie, and I'll wear something that's more whimsical, but mix it with cowboy boots or something just a little off. But I also wear dark pieces, like blazers and skinny jeans. I keep it pretty simple. I'm more of an accessorizer.
JEWELRY GIRL: I'm so small and I always wear big jewelry. I think it's a Texas thing. We think really big. I didn't start wearing colorful stuff before I discovered Kendra's jewelry. I have these yellow earrings from her that I really love and they're just fun. Being blonde, yellow is a good color to wear. I helped her design this multicolored bracelet I'm wearing. Tonight, we were supposed to wear a color that represented who we are. I chose multicolor, which is so funny because that's my personality. I like richer colors. Kendra also makes jewel tones that are more clear, but I'm more into the rustic, stronger ones.
Mike Comrie, Hilary Duff
ARM CANDY COUTURE: Mike [Comrie] and I never talk about what we're going to wear on the red carpet beforehand. Actually, that's a lie! We went to the Met Ball a few years ago, and it was definitely talked about for that! He has really good style, and I'm actually impressed all of the time. He got dressed all by himself tonight and he does such a good job! I tend to wear pretty simple stuff, so that makes it easy. If I have on some crazier outfit, I'd be a little concerned about what he was wearing. I will tell him, "You need to tone it down! It's all about me tonight!"
ON GIVING BACK: I've been involved with feeding people for a really long time. Ever since I was touring, I would ask people to bring canned goods to my concerts and we'd end up feeding like a million people with one tour. It was really shocking for me to hear the need out there for food and that so many school children are going hungry in America. They are our future. So we came up with Blessings in a Backpack. We stuff food in backpacks and kids take them home on Friday and have the food for the weekend so that they're back ready to learn on Monday. The program has really taken off and has had benefits outside of meeting kids that we didn't expect to happen.
CHEF HILARY: I eat pretty healthy, but when I cook, I tend not to be so healthy. I like to cook, but it doesn't happen very often, so I'll use butter because I want it to taste good. I snack pretty healthy though. I like to make Greek yogurt dip, so I'll chop up a bunch of herbs and use sea salt and make some kind of a dip and use veggies. I love apples. I put almond butter on apples. I'm into making these tostadas right now and they only have 100 calories in them. You can spread beans or whatever you want and spices and make it good. Beans are so good for you, so I'm trying to incorporate more beans into my diet.

Dakota Fanning Goes for the Gold in Vintage Halston Dress | Hollywood yohana

Dakota Fanning

Nothing like a little sibling rivarly to bring about a major fashion moment! Dakota Fanning finally did something about 13-year-old sis Elle constantly outshining her on the red carpet by stepping up her style game for the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City over the weekend.

The fair young lady (believe it or not, the veteran actress recently turned 18!) donned a gorgeous cream vintage Halston V-neck, sleeveless dress with swirly gold embroidery to the event.

Dakota followed the frock's lead and accented the number with gold accessories, included a Ferragamo box blutch, Fred Leighton jewels and Manolo Blahnik strappy heels.

The golden-haired girl let fabulous vintage find shine by wearing her locks down and rocking neutral makeup, which also allowed her beautiful baby blues to pop.
We bet everyone will think twice before calling Dakota "Elle Fanning's older sis" after this showstopping look!

Shop Our Father's Day Gift Guide | Hollywood yohana

Dearfoams Mocassin Slippers

As much as we all enjoy shopping for ourselves, when you're trying to decide what to buy someone else, it almost feels like work—especially when it's for Dad. To help you out, we found a couple of must-have items any father could appreciate.
We are especially fond of the Dearfoams' Boater Moc slippers. Every guy needs pair to put on after a hard day of work or a workout at the gym. Not only do they offer comfort, but they're stylish, too. Since they look like a regular pair of shoes, he can wear them around the house, then run an errand at the grocery store without anyone knowig the difference.

Gift Your Guy This Valentine's Day! | Hollywood yohana

Valentine's Gifts for Guys

Even though we must admit it's rather nice, Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about the ladies. Smart girls take the opportunity to show the guy in their life that they care by gifting them with something special. Shopping for dudes can often be a pain even when you know what they like, so we did the work for you by finding some of the coolest presents out there.
So put down that plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters you were about to buy your man (he wouldn't have liked it anyways!) and take a gander through our very thorough Valentine's Day gift guide for men. No matter what the man in your life is into, it is possible to find a gift he won't sheepishly ask for the receipt to. From the outdoorsy, eco-lover (a recycled wooden tie) to music men (personalized guitar picks), we surfed the web to find the most unique Valentine's Day gifts.

Awesomely Wacky Product: Heel-Print Sneakers! | Hollywood yohana

Be&D Big City Sneaker

Want to heels that are as comfy as sneakers? Well, don't we all?! Thanks, to Be & D your shoe dreams are coming true—sort of!
Let's explain: The brand's Big City sneakers aren't exactly high-heels, but they do have a silhouetted image of pumps on the canvas kicks. Talk about thinking outside the box! We could totally picture celebs like Rihanna and Nicky Minaj stepping foot in this footwear-fashion—couldn't you?!
If you want to snatch a pair of these quirky kicks, you don't have to settle for just one color either. In addition to the bight pink version, they have turquoise, gold, black and orange options available. Even though they aren't heels per se, we know these shoes will cause a fashionable riot anywhere you go!

Giuliana Goes Masculine for Crush George Clooney's Premiere | Hollywood yohana

Giuliana Rancic

In case you haven't noticed, Bill isn't the only one who wears the pants in the Rancic household. Giuliana is notorious for her masculine looks. "My friends always make fun of me! They say I dress like such a dude when I am not on TV," G reiterated to myStyle when we last caught up with her. "On E! News, I'll wear flirty dresses, but in my personal life, I look like I ride a motorcycle!"

In fact, Giuliana is such a fan of tough-looking pieces that she did not show up to the Los Angeles premiere of crush George Clooney's movie The Descendants wearing a va-va-voom dress, hoping to catch the leading man's eye. No. The ombré-haired beauty rocked a black big shoulder leather jacket, sparkly-and-sheer black top, dark skinny jeans, black caged ankle boots and black cocktail ring.
"I usually do a lot of black leather pants, black high boots and a black leather jacket; I'll even do a pantsuit," G told us. Want to channel the Italian babe's edgy style? She suggests accessorizing with a great ring, keeping your makeup really girlie and rocking gorgeous hair worn down to balance out the more manly parts of your ensemble.

Celebrities Love Isabel Marant’s Navajo Print | Hollywood yohana

Hillary Duff, Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole

TREND: Isabel Marant's Navajo-print pieces
WHO'S WEARING IT: Miranda Kerr, Hilary Duff and Cheryl Cole
WHY WE LOVE IT: It's one part eclectic, on part chic!

HOW TO WEAR IT: Team the Navajo-printed pieces with colors that are part of the pattern. For example: Hilary paired her frock with an orange blazer, since the dress had traces of the hue. Plus, since the item is already so busy, stick to wearing it with classic pieces à la Miranda. A chic blazer and ankle booties will be the perfect companions, whether you choose to get a pair of trousers or a top.

Which Actress Got Caged Up in a Cobalt Gown? | Hollywood yohana

One way to get attention: Show off your lady assets. Apparently, this was the motto the American Reunion actress took to heart when she attended the flick's after party. Granted, she did keep the girls a wee bit covered, thanks to the straps on the bodice. And she was also on-trend by sporting a caged number. However, the overall look read a little too desperate for our liking. If you want to cause a media fashion frenzy (in a good way) and look classy, perhaps take some lessons from Angeline Jolie's right leg? One thing is for sure: We hope you and this gown never reunite!

Alexa Talks Puppies and Kiddies with Boyfriend Danny | Hollywood yohana

Alexa Prisco

Alexa Prisco is the queen Glam Fairy, which means she has a lot to say about her fellow Jerseylicious divas. In this episode recap, she dishes on her puppy party for Rue and her future with boyfriend Danny.
RUE TO THE RESCUE: I got Rue about five yaers ago when I had given up on men. All I wanted was someone to be there with me when I'm sad, to make me laugh and to snuggle with, but I didn't want another useless man. Rue has been my best friend—he's like my son.
PUPPY PARTY: I don't care what people consider "normal behavior" in society, because throwing a birthday party for Rue was the most natural thing in the world to me. He's a rescue who didn't come from the best home, so to give him this one day where he can feel extra special and loved will hopefully help him forget that he was once treated poorly. He deserves the world!

TEAM DANNY: Danny is everything you would look for in different friends, all wrapped up in one. He's my best friend and boyfriend. When I had given up hope and became perfectly happy with not making dating a priority ever again, that's when I met Danny. I hate to say it, but it's true: It happens when you least expect it.
KID CONFESSION: I love Danny, and I don't want to lose him, but having kids and slowing down is not my reality currently. I was worried about his reaction because I was afraid that if I stuck to my guns, I would lose him.
CATHY KNOWS BEST: I completely agreed with everything Cathy said to me during the Glam Pups photo shoot. My "wall," so to speak, is admittely a little thicker than most. I am so used to being let down that I don't allow myself to get excited about things, because I don't want to get hurt.
GETTING REAL: I felt so relieved after my conversation with Danny at our apartment. I felt like he just wanted me for me, and talking about the future didn't turn out to be so bad. But I am scared about the thoughts I have had since I have met him about marriage and kids, because they are so foreign to me!
MARRIAGE MATERIAL: I always knew this in my heart, but saying out loud that I might want to marry him one day was very relieving and almost therapeutic. I am so afraid of losing who I am that I am missing out on all of these wonderful feelings, but Danny has made me realize that there is nothing I have to change about myself.

Hello, Yellow! Citrine Jewelry Sparkles for Spring | Hollywood yohana

Naomi Campbell, Leslie Bibb, Evangeline Lily

TREND: Citrine earrings
WHO'S WEARING IT: Leslie Bibb (Neil Lane), Naomi Campbell (de Grisogono), Evangeline Lilly (Amber Christina)
HOW TO WEAR IT: Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but too much bling can be overpowering. For a more subdued yet just as glamorous look, try citrine earrings. Yellow is one of the biggest trends in jewelry for spring and the color does wonders for brightening a face. Another bonus? The quartz is wallet-friendly!
Just make sure to keep your hair pulled back to show off your golden sparkle.

Naomi Campbell Is the Queen of the Jungle in Green Leopard Print | Hollywood yohana

Naomi Campbell

Does Naomi Cambell ever age? If this photo from the party for Dolce & Gabbana is any evidence, than we say nay! We swear the supermodel looks exactly the same as when she dominated the catwalks in the ‘80s.

The glamazon kept the colored leopard trend alive in a chiffon dress designed by her close friends, Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana. Kate Hudson wore the same print in a maxi-dress when she was baby bumping back in May, but there's something about Naomi's swingy trapeze version that gives off a youthful feminine vibe we love.
The British beauty accessorized with black cut-out Alaia sandals and a simple gold watch. A super straight blunt bang cut completed Naomi's fresh summer look.

Hello, Yellow! Shop Reese Witherspoon's Sunny Look for Less | Hollywood yohana

Reese Witherspoon
Shop Her Style Collage

Even after having two kids, Reese Witherspoon never once resorted to mom jeans. The stylish star consistently looks cute in short yet age-appropriate dresses and skirts—on the red carpet and when she's running errands.
Reese turned heads in a yellow Louis Vuitton sheath at the This Means War premiere in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She made sure to accentuate her toned, little figure with a skinny black patent belt and matching ankle-strap platforms.