Mischa Barton launches a collection 5 years after she was a style icon | Hollywood yohana

Look out Kanye and Rihanna, there’s yet another celeb-turned–aspiring designer in town and it’s none other than…Mischa Barton? The O.C star has just launched an online store called Mischa’s Place.
What kind of collection could one expect from the newbie designer? The line, designed in collaboration with her mother, Nuala Barton, is defined as an “eclectic haven of style,” consisting mainly of embellished shirts starting from $55 to pricier pieces such as the “Mischa Signature” jacket (currently sold out) at $310 and a Michael Jackson tribute jacket for $288.
That’s not all folks—with a click of the mouse you can also scoop up Mischa Barton–branded cosmetics, from body butters to nail polishes galore.
This is an, uh…interesting venture for the actress who’s graced more worst-dressed than best-dressed lists in recent years. However, Barton is no stranger to the industry, having launched a headband collection in 2008 and a handbag line last year (now selling on Mischa’s Place). To prove her commitment to the clothing line, Barton announced plans to open a flagship store in London later this spring.
We’re sure Barton can only hope (or call June Ambrose to help her) to match fellow O.C. costar Rachel Bilson’s Shoemint success. Perhaps Marissa Cooper fans and celebrity-obsessed shoppers will help her get in the sartorial game this third time around.
Telegraph: “As Barton has struggled to kick her career into gear post The O.C , it looks like Mischa’s Place is her vehicle to secure her route to further fame and fortune.” [Telegraph]
The Insider: “What with the interest in her still going strong, and her looking indisputably better than she has in years, looks like Mischa’s here to stay — take that Rachel Bilson!” [The Insider]
Mary Dickie, managing editor: “It’s been a very long time since Mischa Barton’s heyday, and this collection of ruffled dresses, polyester mesh tops and scented candles is not likely to lift her out of B-movie obscurity.”


Miss Universe Canada pulls finalist after discovering she is transgendered | Hollywood yohana

Miss Universe Canada has disqualified a “real girl” on the grounds of…well…not being a “real girl.” In a circular, confusing and seriously offensive series of events, Miss Universe Canada pulled transgender finalist Jenna Talackova from the competition on the basis that she didn’t meet competition rules.
CTV is reporting that though the application states contestants must be between the ages of 18-27 and Canadian, it says nothing about cosmetic surgery. Not according to Miss Universe Canada’s national director, Denis Davila, who said that the rules state each contestant must be a “naturally born female” and that Talackova lied about that on her registration form.
Though beauty pageants have never been known for their progressive thinking (or even thinking for that matter), this seems especially antiquated; we’re in an age of Andrej Pejic acting as the new Cindy Crawford and Lea T starring in Givenchy campaigns. We will say though, that it’s somewhat heartening to consider how strongly the mainstream media has rallied around Talackova and her cause.
Jezebel: “According to the Vancouver Sun, Talackova doesn’t plan to release a statement until next week, most likely because she’s still processing how arbitrarily awful and prejudiced the world can be from one minute to the next.” [Jezebel]
Styleite: “The pageant concluded their statement with a rather unsatisfactory send-off: ‘We do, however, respect her goals [and] determination.’ Just not her identity, apparently.” [Styleite]
Rani Sheen, health and copy editor: “This kind of decision and the language used around it must be disappointing for Jenna Talackova, and for other transgendered people, and it also raises the question of what type of womanhood beauty pageants represent. “The Miss Universe Canada application indicates contestants must be Canadian citizens between the ages of 18 and 27 to compete. It says nothing about having undergone cosmetic surgery,” says CTV—if it did, it would probably be a very different-looking pageant indeed. It’s beside the point, but as if Miss Universe contestants represent any kind of ‘natural’ woman anyway!”

Take a Step in the Right Direction With Sseko Designs Sandals | Hollywood yohana

Sseeko Design Starboard Sandals

Shopping is a fun yet guilty pleasure for most women. So, to ease your remorse, we found these brands that give back to charity, including Karma Kompany, Lisa Blue and Threads of Change. Sseko Designs sandals, for instance, help out women in Uganda.
The shoes are handcrafted by ladies in Africa, to help them earn a monthly salary and save up for their university's tuition. Not only does the footwear provide a step towards a better future, but they are also a unique choice. First, you choose the size of your sole and then you get to pick the strap design you like. We loved Starboard version, because the blue-and-white stripes are totally on-trend with the summer nautical look. Plus, you can also alter the way you wear them to fit any ensemble. For under $50 you will be helping out a great cause, while strolling the streets in style.


Hilary Duff | Hollywood yohana

Just days before Hilary Duff announced that she was pregnant with her first child, the star gave us a peek at her personal style during a party she hosted at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. The event celebrated Kendra Scott Jewelry's new Beverly Hills store, and benefited a charity close to Hil's heart, Blessings in a Backpack.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I am wearing a Yigal Azrouƫl dress, Christian Louboutins and Kendra Scott jewels.
BIG LOVE: I love all of Kendra Scott's stuff. She's a Texan and I'm a Texan, so I'm big into supporting her. It's just fun jewelry. I love that you can go into her store and mix colors and put stones in. Then, get sick of it a month later and go in and switch out the stones. It's just a really good concept. The jewelry is beautiful. What's not to love?
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Sometimes I feel like being girlie, and I'll wear something that's more whimsical, but mix it with cowboy boots or something just a little off. But I also wear dark pieces, like blazers and skinny jeans. I keep it pretty simple. I'm more of an accessorizer.
JEWELRY GIRL: I'm so small and I always wear big jewelry. I think it's a Texas thing. We think really big. I didn't start wearing colorful stuff before I discovered Kendra's jewelry. I have these yellow earrings from her that I really love and they're just fun. Being blonde, yellow is a good color to wear. I helped her design this multicolored bracelet I'm wearing. Tonight, we were supposed to wear a color that represented who we are. I chose multicolor, which is so funny because that's my personality. I like richer colors. Kendra also makes jewel tones that are more clear, but I'm more into the rustic, stronger ones.
Mike Comrie, Hilary Duff
ARM CANDY COUTURE: Mike [Comrie] and I never talk about what we're going to wear on the red carpet beforehand. Actually, that's a lie! We went to the Met Ball a few years ago, and it was definitely talked about for that! He has really good style, and I'm actually impressed all of the time. He got dressed all by himself tonight and he does such a good job! I tend to wear pretty simple stuff, so that makes it easy. If I have on some crazier outfit, I'd be a little concerned about what he was wearing. I will tell him, "You need to tone it down! It's all about me tonight!"
ON GIVING BACK: I've been involved with feeding people for a really long time. Ever since I was touring, I would ask people to bring canned goods to my concerts and we'd end up feeding like a million people with one tour. It was really shocking for me to hear the need out there for food and that so many school children are going hungry in America. They are our future. So we came up with Blessings in a Backpack. We stuff food in backpacks and kids take them home on Friday and have the food for the weekend so that they're back ready to learn on Monday. The program has really taken off and has had benefits outside of meeting kids that we didn't expect to happen.
CHEF HILARY: I eat pretty healthy, but when I cook, I tend not to be so healthy. I like to cook, but it doesn't happen very often, so I'll use butter because I want it to taste good. I snack pretty healthy though. I like to make Greek yogurt dip, so I'll chop up a bunch of herbs and use sea salt and make some kind of a dip and use veggies. I love apples. I put almond butter on apples. I'm into making these tostadas right now and they only have 100 calories in them. You can spread beans or whatever you want and spices and make it good. Beans are so good for you, so I'm trying to incorporate more beans into my diet.


Dakota Fanning Goes for the Gold in Vintage Halston Dress | Hollywood yohana

Dakota Fanning

Nothing like a little sibling rivarly to bring about a major fashion moment! Dakota Fanning finally did something about 13-year-old sis Elle constantly outshining her on the red carpet by stepping up her style game for the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City over the weekend.

The fair young lady (believe it or not, the veteran actress recently turned 18!) donned a gorgeous cream vintage Halston V-neck, sleeveless dress with swirly gold embroidery to the event.

Dakota followed the frock's lead and accented the number with gold accessories, included a Ferragamo box blutch, Fred Leighton jewels and Manolo Blahnik strappy heels.

The golden-haired girl let fabulous vintage find shine by wearing her locks down and rocking neutral makeup, which also allowed her beautiful baby blues to pop.
We bet everyone will think twice before calling Dakota "Elle Fanning's older sis" after this showstopping look!


Shop Our Father's Day Gift Guide | Hollywood yohana

Dearfoams Mocassin Slippers

As much as we all enjoy shopping for ourselves, when you're trying to decide what to buy someone else, it almost feels like work—especially when it's for Dad. To help you out, we found a couple of must-have items any father could appreciate.
We are especially fond of the Dearfoams' Boater Moc slippers. Every guy needs pair to put on after a hard day of work or a workout at the gym. Not only do they offer comfort, but they're stylish, too. Since they look like a regular pair of shoes, he can wear them around the house, then run an errand at the grocery store without anyone knowig the difference.


Gift Your Guy This Valentine's Day! | Hollywood yohana

Valentine's Gifts for Guys

Even though we must admit it's rather nice, Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about the ladies. Smart girls take the opportunity to show the guy in their life that they care by gifting them with something special. Shopping for dudes can often be a pain even when you know what they like, so we did the work for you by finding some of the coolest presents out there.
So put down that plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters you were about to buy your man (he wouldn't have liked it anyways!) and take a gander through our very thorough Valentine's Day gift guide for men. No matter what the man in your life is into, it is possible to find a gift he won't sheepishly ask for the receipt to. From the outdoorsy, eco-lover (a recycled wooden tie) to music men (personalized guitar picks), we surfed the web to find the most unique Valentine's Day gifts.


Awesomely Wacky Product: Heel-Print Sneakers! | Hollywood yohana

Be&D Big City Sneaker

Want to heels that are as comfy as sneakers? Well, don't we all?! Thanks, to Be & D your shoe dreams are coming true—sort of!
Let's explain: The brand's Big City sneakers aren't exactly high-heels, but they do have a silhouetted image of pumps on the canvas kicks. Talk about thinking outside the box! We could totally picture celebs like Rihanna and Nicky Minaj stepping foot in this footwear-fashion—couldn't you?!
If you want to snatch a pair of these quirky kicks, you don't have to settle for just one color either. In addition to the bight pink version, they have turquoise, gold, black and orange options available. Even though they aren't heels per se, we know these shoes will cause a fashionable riot anywhere you go!