Would You Wear it?summer turtlenecks | yohana

Sienna Miller, Adrienne Bailon, Zoe Saldana
We've seen stars rock full-on velvet during the summertime. And now, they have been spotted wearing another of one of winter's warm fashions—turtlenecks. Last weekend, Zoe Saldana spent the day with the royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, in Santa Barbara, Calif. for the Foundation Polo Challenge. We simply adored her flowy, floor-length, floral Chloé dress. However, we couldn't understand why she chose to keep her neck covered in the sunny California weather.
Oddly, Zoe isn't the only one who is guilty on sporting this look. Back in June, Adrienne Bailon and Sienna Miller wore turtlenecks on the same day!  While the Cheetah Girl, balanced her neon pink skirt with a revealing beige crop top. The white hue on Sienna's lace Ralph Lauren dress kept her ensemble seasonally appropriate. Although, all the gals used trendy elements to make the top portion of their outfits work, we would rather see the look during the chilly season.

Would You Wear It? Lauren Conrad's Ombré Nails | yohana

Lauren Conrad, Ombre Nails
It seems Lauren Conrad is up for anything these days. Maybe it has something to do with her recent breakup, but the former Hills star debuted two ballsy beauty moves in one night! At an HTC bash in Hollywood the blonde showed off not only baby blue tips, but also a gradated manicure from pale periwinkle to deep navy.

We've spotted celebs with ombré hair, and even tried a subtle version of the look ourselves. But ombré nails? We've got some ground rules to set if we're going to jump on this fad. As Lauren recommends, a smooth gradation of color is necessary—you don't want to look like you've been sampling polish swatches at Sephora! With the right combo of colors we could see ourselves rocking the cute pink version like the actress sported at a Maybelline event. We love how it complements her rose print dress!

Would You Wear It? One-Shoulder Jumpsuits | yohana

Ginnifer Goodwin, Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks
Jumpsuits are practically a staple in Tyra Banks and Beyoncé's wardrobe. But we were shocked the see that they have now become a one-shoulder wonder.
It was Ginnifer Goodwin who set off the craze at Maxim's Comic-Con kick-off soiree in San Diego, Calif. The fashionista successfully pulled off this daring piece, by picking a black-and-white design that flowed on the top.
A few days later in NYC, the songstress took this trend to a whole new level. Beyoncé kept her right arm covered and completely bared her other one in a Lanvin number. Not to mention, the strings coming out of the left side made it look like a DIY attempt!

And of course the jumpsuit-loving model joined in on the fun. This weekend at the Do Something awards, Ty Ty sported a similar version of Ginnifer's. Had her's not been so multi-colored we would have liked the look as well.
Although we loved the Something Borrowed's star ensemble from the get-go; the one-pieces that came after were a let-down.

Would You Wear It? Banded Ponytail | yohana

Olivia Wilde, Lady Gaga, Kat DeLuna
Childhood fashions always seem to make a comeback. Well, back in the '90s children went crazy over their multi-sectioned ponytails. Some of you, perhaps, may have rocked them withmulti-colored hair ties. Now, celebrities are bringing back this hair trend, but creating the pom-pom look with clear elastics.
Olivia Wilde was the first to try out the fad at the Cowboys & Aliens premiere in Berlin, Germany. We thought she made the old-school tresses look rather modern and chic, since she paired her cascading locks with an LBD by Gucci. Then, the daring gal Kat DeLuna followed in her footsteps at the Pepsi Co's Bronx Flavor Live in NYC.
Next up, Lady Gaga. As she posed for photos outside NYC for fans earlier this week, the Mother Monster wore the banded ponytail that channeled Madonna circa 1990. Although dressing like icons isn't something out of the ordinary for the blonde, other celebs wearing Gaga-approved fashions is very much so.

Would You Wear It? Cat-Inspired Shoes | yohana

Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parker
Flats may be the comfiest footwear for women, but one particular design that has caught the eyes of three fashionistas are the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats. Yes, those are cat shoes you are seeing! While one of the trendsetters wore them with baggy jeans out and about in NYC, another paired them with a red-hot Valentino mini as she sat front row at his spring 2012 presentation in Paris. And when we spotted the cat-loving musician sporting them in London, we weren't surprised one bit. She embraced her animal fetish even more by wearing a leopard-print beanie.

Would You Wear It? Liberty Rolls Hairstyle | yohana

Diane Kruger, Camilla Belle, Katy Perry
A month ago stars were copying pom-pom ponytails straight from the ‘90s, but now a new hairstyle is rolling out that takes its inspiration from even farther back in the fashion playbook. The ‘40s are the current decade du jour with Hollywood's hottest trendsetters trying out the era's rockabilly ‘do.
Since liberty rolls were made famous by the bombshells of yesteryear, we weren't surprised to see modern pin-up girl Katy Perry step out wearing a very literal interpretation of the retro style. Diane Kruger followed suit with a more feminine interpretation at a Miu Miu party, while Camilla Belle opted for a slightly messy, modern take at a LACMA event.
While we couldn't see ourselves following the pop princess' lead with intense rolls adorning our head, we might cop a softer style like Diane's by curling our hair and twisting up the front portions with bobby pins.

Would You Wear It? Garter Tights | yohana

Rihanna Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber
We know most of you would never sport garters as day wear (ahem Taylor Momsen!), but now there's a subtler, yet still very sexy way to play with the lingerie look. Selena Gomez wore the garter printed tights first for a romantic rendezvous with Justin Bieber in Paris. The teen sensation kept the rest of her ensemble relatively sweet with a skirt, pea coat and patterned scarf to balance the suggestive hosiery.
A few days later, Rihanna was spotted leaving a restaurant in London in a similar version of the scintillating stockings. Ri-ri wasn't shy about flaunting her sex appeal by pairing her Henry of Holland hose with a pair of barely-there American flag printed shorts and a fur vest.
Call us conservative, but we could only imagine ourselves wearing the provocative hosiery on a steamy date or for a girl's night out. While the look is undeniably hot, wearing a pair on the streets is just asking for the wrong kind of attention!

Show Off the Girls With a Look Borrowed From the Boy | yohana

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga, Stacy Keibler
TREND: Suit sans shirt
WHO'S WEARING IT: Stacy Keibler (Jay Godfrey) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Burberry) Lady Gaga (Viktor and Rolf) Blake Lively (Elie Saab)
HOW TO WEAR IT: The menswear trend is an easy way to look sophisticated, but if not pulled together correctly, it can make you appear frumpy and uninspired. Wearing a suit sans shirt will help remind people that you're all woman…even though you have no problem wearing the pants. Since you are going shirtless, less is more. You want to subtly show your assets, not broadcast the girls to the world. Rosie gave just the perfect amount of cleavage, enough to add a seductive appeal without looking like a trashy secretary. Also don't stop halfway with a bra like Gaga did. It kills the elegant look of a plunging neckline. Finally, since you're already making a statement with the bare cleavage, play everything else down with neutral shoes and simple accessories. With all this in mind...suit up, ladies!

The Glam Fairies Toast the Show's Sunday Premiere! | yohana

Glam Fairy, Alexa
The wait is almost over. The Style Network's brand-new show Glam Fairy premieres tomorrow at 8/7c. To celebrate, the Glam Fairy herself, Alexa Prisco, and her wing-eyed makeover team descended on Manhattan's ultra-swanky Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel to party like—or, at the very least, breathe the same air as—the Kardashians, who are staying at the hotspot while in town to film the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim.
Guests, which included fans, industry insiders and stars of Jerseylicious, got in the glammy spirit by sipping on delish specially-made, peach-flavored cocktails, sitting (and posing!) pretty on a giant sparkly pink compact and getting a smoky eye from one of several beauty stations.
"Walking in this room and seeing all of the things that are signature to my makeup artistry is really incredible!" said Alexa, who leads her primping posse in turning makeover dreams into a reality. Of course, change isn't easy, so expect to see pushback from fashion victims on top of conflicts between strong personalities within the beauty brigade—namely two queens: Jon Kutlu (Alexa's BFF and client liasion) and Glamo (the new stylist). Alexa adds: "At the end of the day, we transform people on different levels. We care about our clients. I'm so proud of what my business has become and the support I have."
Her support, or her "fairies," showed they were on the same page at the soiree by wearing retro-disco outfits.

Olivia Palermo | yohana

WHAT SHE WORE Olivia Palermo feted the British Fashion Awards in a plumed Matthew Williamson dress, Asprey jewelry, Topshop booties and a vintage bag.

WHY WE LOVE IT The girl knows how to accessorize! A bold blue clutch and eye-catching heels added drama to the star's standout design.