LG newcomer Caitlin Power debuts a strong futuristic-inspired collection | yohana

Caitlin Power Spring 2012
The future is here—and if this is what it looks like, sign me up. Calgary native Caitlin Power made everyone take notice with her first showing at LGFW. Boxy white leather tops and dresses, printed blue and black leather, and cutout dresses and pants kept simple silhouettes fresh and It-girl worthy. I made a mental note on a cropped sheer blouse with a longer back and an orange collar, also shown with blue detailing. The mixed fabrication, impeccable tailoring of the clothes, and spot-on styling confirmed that Power is a new designer that you should all keep tabs on.

Golnaz Ashtiani takes us on a Roman Holiday | yohana

Golnaz Ashtiani Spring 2012
Following the ‘60s trend seen on runways this season and earlier last week at Pink Tartan, TFI 2011 winner Golnaz Ashtiani’s showed a Roman Holiday–inspired collection for Spring 2012. White, pastel yellow, purple, and mint green provided a sophisticated colour palette worthy of Audrey Hepburn’s princess in hiding, Anya Smith. Ashtiani kept things modern with colour-blocking blouses and dresses, flowing silk with ruffles, and exaggerated shoulders on dresses and blazers. Intricate pleating also came into play and was layered under a sheer mint dress. Taking my imagination to a far-away place comand time, Ashtiani’s collection is certainly worthy of a runway princess.

Baby Steinberg’s vision was clear, but her execution faltered | yohana

Baby Steinberg Spring 2012
I have to commend designer Baby Steinberg on her unique portrayal of Spring 2012. It’s not often we see clothes made out of remnants of old fabrics and reprocessed materials. Her vision to create “something from nothing” is creative, however, when boundaries are pushed too far, there often comes a downside. Rather than looking like a runway collection, Steinberg’s execution felt like an episode of Project Runway, in which contestants are challenged to create clothing from scraps. Looks such as an unzipped skirt with a cropped fringe black and white top came off too sloppy, and a long black woven one-shoulder dress proved to be too difficult for a model to walk in. I cringed at times, just hoping these pieces wouldn’t rip apart at the seams, especially a stencil-cut top made of tissue paper. More like art pieces than couture, this collection is hardly practical, except for, maybe, the skin-tight knitted red mini dress with pink and white roses.

Did David Dixon deliver for Spring 2012? | yohana

David Dixon Spring 2012
Having an end-of-week time slot on the LG Fashion Week calendar is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because by this point, we’ve all honed our lenses to focus on important trends and notable details, but bad too, because the week’s shiny lustre has mostly worn off, and having seen a week’s worth of summer wares, we’re looking for newness to keep our sensory-overload interest alive. Did David Dixon deliver? Sort of. Staying true to his design sensibility, he showed a black, white, and lemon-curd yellow collection that was heavy on the springtime imagery—fluttery flower appliques, silver paisley lamé, and butterfly prints. While the stiff ‘50s cocktail dresses didn’t look particularly new, it was the seamed jersey dresses (the floor-length ones in particular) that looked most modern, and gave a defined body shape without veering into tricky body-con territory.

We’re charmed by the simple, just-out-of-bed style at Denis Gagnon | yohana

Keeping on trend with spring’s no-makeup natural aesthetic, the look at Denis Gagnon was intended to be as basic as possible. “He said to me, ‘I want [the models] to look like they just got out of bed,’” reported Eric Del Monaco, L’Oreal Paris’s official hair artist and colourist, about Gagnon’s direction for hair. “Because the clothes already have a lot of things going on, we didn’t want [the hair] to get mixed up.” The result was a so-simple-it-hurts style: Del Monaco applied a touch of Studio Line Architect Wax, roughed up the hair a little bit, and then pulled it all to one side in a loose folded half-bun with—quelle horreur!—the elastic showing.

Eddie Malter, official makeup artist of L’Oreal Paris, said Gagnon’s makeup direction was just as straightforward—in fact, his initial request was for no makeup at all: “I said, ‘Denis, we need to put something on the face!’ and so we recreated the natural base [with foundation], and did nothing on the brow, lashes, or eyes,” recounted Malter. But, there was indeed some colour—bright-red matte lips, care of Colour Riche Lipcolour “301.” The colour served as a perfect balance to the otherwise modest look. Malter explained: “Red is [Gagnon’s] colour, he loves red.”

Neo-Teenflo stylings at Judith & Charles | yohana

In its current incarnation as Judith & Charles, well-known Canadian contemporary brand Teenflo is looking good. Shown in presentation form, the Spring 2012 collection certainly got the eye-to-eye lookover, though it would have been nice to see the outfits in motion. I overheard more than one “I’d like to see the clothes move.”
The mostly neutral-hued collection used classic shapes—blazers, shift dresses, cardigans, boat-neck tops, and even a jumpsuit thrown in for good measure—to fill the mannequin-lined runway, and the murmurs from the crowd were pleased. This collection will certainly sell very well—the black semi-military-inspired jumpsuit was calling to me—but, as we’ve come to expect from this line, the items won’t exactly turn heads.

Micalla brings glitz, glamour, and Swarovski | yohana

Micalla Spring 2012

For her Spring 2012 jewellery collection show, Micalla designer Camilla Jorgensen brought on the glitz and glamour. The larger-than-life pieces sparkled with Swarovski crystals, which had obvious undertones of: “Look at me!” The oversized, chunky, and bedazzling pieces may not be your everyday jewellery, yet the models could have easily persuaded us otherwise. However, there was one notable concern—I had to constantly remind myself that these pieces were designed for spring, not for winter. A heavy necklace embellished with frost-like crystals seemed fit for a snow queen, and the lack of bright colours left me confused. These winterized pieces seemed better suited for women accessorizing for the Christmas holidays or a New Year’s bash.

How to Stand Out Minus the Sequins? | yohana

ASOS Talullah Tu Necklace
Why do we love sequins? Oh, let us count the ways! There's the way they catch the light and put all eyes on you, or there's the way they make you feel extra festive. We could go on, but we get that you'd rather pass on the glitz. After all, not everyone's style icon is Liberace. Here are our top three ways to shine minus the sequins with the help of wonder stylist, Emily Richardson.
The stylist's favorite way to stand out sans sequins? Metallic fabric! "A bronze or gold top will still catch the light and look festive, without screaming ‘Look at me!'" says Richardson.  "It's sort of like the downtown cool version of the sometimes fussy and overdone sequin." Not to mention, it can pair with any of your black separates for easy styling.
You can also up you holiday party game with standout accessories. "A statement necklace is my favorite way to spice up a basic silk shell," gushes Richardson. "It's also way more cost effective to get a new necklace to dress up items you already have in your closet, rather than purchasing an entire new outfit." We'll go ahead an addshoe clips to your list of must haves. The little rhinestone beauties can be attached to any shoe in your closet to make it feel more festive.
"My last secret to standing out at the holiday party is to wear a faux fur. It's so luxurious, especially in a print or color. Not only will you look chic, but you'll stay warm," gushes the stylist. Whether it's a coat inleopard print or with an amazing teal collar, you'll be racking up the compliments all night long!

What Are Some Easy-to-Do Holiday Hairstyles? | yohana

Ashley Greene
For some women, the thought of doing your own hair for a big occasion might seem scary, but it's really not as difficult as you may think. For this particular coif quandry, we consulted the amazing Justin Surh, hairstylist extraordinaire at theMichaeljohn salon in Beverly Hills. According to Surh, all you DIY-ers need to remember is to play with side parts, volume, layerable pieces and an infinite amount of bobby pins.
Let's start off simple. Ashley Greene's straight hair at a New York City screening of Breaking Dawn—Part 1 was made more polished with an ultra-sleek side part.
The long, asymmetric style works best with minimalist dresses and in instances when you don't need to highlight a necklace. Once you've created your part with a rat tail comb, tuck it behind your ear, secure it with bobby pins and bring the rest of your tresses forward to that side. The point of this look is simplicity and shine. For the latter, useMeros Hair Foundation Jell ($16.95) for a light formula that smooths hair and gives it luster.
Another approach to that swept-away 'do is to turn it into a ponytail, like Taylor Swift did for the American Music Awards. But instead of using a regular ol' elastic band, take a piece of the pony, wrap it around the exposed cincher and bobby pin it for a pretty look. "This creates a 'pattern' with your hair and makes ponytails appear fancier and more dressed up than usual," said Surh.
Like Ashley, Taylor wore the hairstyle with a pair of gorgeous statement earrings and non-fussy neckline.
If you wanted to turn the look into an updo, simply take the ponytail and make a standard bun—with the help of bobby pins, of course! We like the idea of decorating the bun with asparkly pin or brooch. Just skip the earrings.
Now for the seemingly more complicated option: the voluminous updo, as seen on Rachel McAdams below.
Rachel McAdams
Kick of the process with volume. Take your rat tail comb and tease the top of your hair and the sides, and spritz with Sebastian Shaper Hairspray ($16 $14.39). Then, tie the top half of your hair into a pony tail. Use the rat tail end of the comb to add more volume by pushing hair up and forward. You can also comb your fingers through the top to create a messy wave, like Rachel's. After that, there are no rules, believe it or not, according to Surh.
It's just all about making the back bigger and better with layerable pieces. What do we mean by that exactly? Well, you can wrap the pony into a big bun then separate the bottom half into two pieces. Take one piece and turn into a knot and bobby pin it to the bigger bun and do the same with the other piece. Or, you can braid the upper ponytail and make that into a bun, and then do a cross-over effect with the remaining hair. It's all up to you. Let your imagination run wild! The crazier you are with the updo, the more festive your hair will turn out! Spritz Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Extra Hairspray ($15.99 $13.99) all over to hold your mad creation together all night long!

Beyoncé Goes Xmas Shopping in Animal-Print Leggings | yohana

With Christmas a mere three days away, people everywhere are hitting the crowded stores. Even mom-to-be Beyoncé joined in on the chaotic fun last night in NYC. Unlike many who put on their comfiest pair of sneakers to do some last-minute gift hunting, the "Crazy in Love" singer went shopping in platform booties.

She may not have sported comfy footwear, but she smartly opted for easy-to-wear clothes. Bey teamed a basic black button-down with animal-print leggings, which gave her outfit an interesting jungle-esque feel.

To keep warm, Bey topped off her ensemble with an edgy leather jacket, and finalized her look with a matching tote. Even though she's a little over six-months-pregnant (and looks like she's ready to pop) that isn't stopping Beyoncé from keeping true to her style—Jessica Alba you may have just met your baby bump style match!

Teens Snag Top Stylish Couple of 2011 | yohana

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, American Music Awards
We could have given the coveted award to the Beckhams or maybe even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, but we must be sipping youth serum, because we think Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber deserve to be named the Top Stylish Couple of 2011. Before you protest, just hear us out.

The teen dream team is obviously into fashion. Just check them out on the red carpet at the 2011 American Music Awards! The duo obviously called each other first to coordinate their outfits—with her in a champagne Giorgio Armani gown and him in a slick velvet tux. They look like the perfect Old Hollywood couple—talk about defying puberty! The lovebirds even took the fashionable theme so far that they had a vintage Rolls Royce pick them up from the event.
But this couple's beauty isn't only skin deep; they also love to volunteer together and adopted a rescue dog. We already knew they had solid gold style, but when we found out they have hearts of gold to match? Case closed! Jomez (or whatever their celebrity couple name is) is the clear winner us.