Make Outfits Pop with Neon Accessories | Hollywood yohana

Elle Fanning

Every week, myStyle staffers, readers and industry VIPs offer their fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. This week, celeb stylist Sam Saboura gives you his tips on wearing neon without looking like an '80s cartoon!
Neon works best when you have one pop of the bright hue in your look. Accessories are always the easiest and most inexpensive way to bring in the trend without a huge commitment to your style—or your pocketbook! Neon cuffs, pumps and clutches play well with neutrals like black, nude, navy and gray. Just make sure when you pair neon and black you avoid looking like an '80s flashback by using black accents sparingly, or go unexpected but very modern and fresh by opting for nude pieces instead.
Want to go even simpler? Try neon nails! Playful nail colors are having a moment right now, so paint on a pop of highlighter pink, yellow or green, and just go for it! —Sam Saboura

Steal Jerseylicious' Gigi's Top Hair and Makeup Tips! | Hollywood yohana

Gigi Liscio

Gigi Liscio is the sweetheart of Jerseylicious, and the Gatsby gal knows a thing or two about hair and makeup. This week, she's giving you her best tips to make your strands shine and your face pop!
SLICK CHICK: The slicked back look is really big right now. When I do that look, I like to pull my hair back off my face and use a nice eyeliner to make my eyes stand out.
CUT IT OUT: I try to get my hair cut at least every eight weeks. My hair took forever to grow, but then I started getting a tiny bit trimmed more often, and my hair grew so much! It sounds like the opposite of what you should do, but in reality, if you have dead ends, your hair breaks and then it keeps splitting. You should go every six to eight weeks for a trim.
TOP HAIR RULE: A conditioning treatment at least once a week is a must!
TONE IT DOWN: If I don't have time to do my color, I'll throw a nice toner like Goldwell over my head. It's really easy to do!
MAKEUP JUNKIE: I like MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon. Even though it looks really pink, it's not as bright when you actually put it on. It gives your cheeks a little pop without being too much. I use Clinique foundation because it's hypoallergenic, and my skin is really sensitive. It gives nice coverage and blends well, but you only need to use a little bit.
BRONZED BABE: This time of year, I look really pale! So, I add a little bronzer just where I need it to so that I don't look like a pale monster. Nars Bronzing Powder in Casino is a nice shade.