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Teri Polo
Who hasn't been charmed by snakeskin? The exotic print has become such a timeless and versatile neutral. And, yesterday morning, we witnessed for ourselves how the trend slithered it's way down to the feet of fashionistas!
We were invited to the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood to watch as manucurist Terri Silacci applied her incredible python pedicure creation on actress Teri Polo (left), who will star in the upcoming comedy series Man Up! on ABC.
"No animals are harmed in the process," Silacci made sure to point out. "This is naturally shedded snakeskin. It's santized." Now that we've gotten the disclaimer out of the way, let's talk how it works. Silacci meticulously trims the snakeskin to fit each toe nail, and applies it between an instant-drying gel base color and a chip-resisting clear sealant. The pedi takes about two hours, lasts up to two months and costs $300. The synthetic version is half that price. Visit Silacci'swebsite to book an appointment.
"This is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen," raved Teri, who counts pedicures as her favorite way to relax and pamper herself. "It's beautiful. It's unique. I am blown away just looking at my toes." We could not agree more!
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I have decided to start dressing my age. I'm not as casual. I try to cut down on wearing jeans. If I do wear jeans, I dress it up with heels or boots and fun, fabulous sweaters or asymmetrical shirts and textured shirts. My favorite store in the whole entire world isAll Saints . To me, their stuff is wearable art. I love All Saints so much that I dress my daughter in their clothes. She and I have matching outfits. It's so much fun!
ON DRESSING HER KIDS: Pink is my least favorite color, and it happens to be my 3 1/2-year-old daugher's favorite color, of course. She's a very headstrong young lady. But a lot of the time, she lets me pick out clothes for her. It's so great to dress her in something unusual, which is what I like. I mostly dress her grays, blacks, browns—earthy tones. My son is nine and he likes to look nice. It's very cute! He's very aware of how he looks. I like to dress him in things that aren't typical of what boys will wear. I like him to look nice and not to look sloppy.
SKY'S THE LIMIT: I love heels. I'm 5'7", which is a little taller-than-average, but I still feel short, so I love to wear heels. I feel like a duck in flats. I don't wear designer heels. I can't afford them and, honestly, I think it's a waste of money because you can get the same quality or better at All Saints. I like unusual designs. I don't like to wear what everyone else is wearing. I've ordered 10 pairs of shoes from All Saints in the past month! Their shoes are all quality. They last a really long time.
BEAUTY REGIMEN: As I age and get a little bit older, I cannot wear the same type of makeup anymore. I cannot wear the same bases because my skin doesn't absorb it properly. I find that the less makeup that I wear, the better for me. I usually don't wear makeup at all. But if I do have to wear makeup, I'll just wear a tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier or Dr. Loretta. Those two are really lightweight. They give a little bit of coverage and color for winter. As far as skincare, I use Fresh's Soy Cleanser. That's it! I don't put on moisturizer. The skin is made to replenish itself. Coating it just clogs your pores. I don't use any product besides a cleanser. I wash my face at night, so that my natural oils replenish my face. By the morning, my face is nice and soft. I just stick to that regimen and apply Fresh's fantastic Sugar Lip Glosses.

JoJo | yohana

WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a fuchsia silk blouse and red tiered silk skirt by Gabriela Cadena. I thought it would be a cool idea to combine the colors. I know that mixing different bold colors is on trend right now. I paired it off with a nude Louboutin. I wanted to be youthful.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: My style is feminine, but edgy.
NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK: Once I started getting little tattoos and stuff, I wanted to be a bit more edgy. That's the main reason why I decided to dye my hair jet black.
STYLE ICONS: I love Rihanna. She's very sexy. She takes a lot of risks, but she still looks like a beautiful woman.
ACCESSORIES ADDICT: Fendi is my absolute favorite brand right now. I really love their handbags and shoes.
FALL MUST-HAVES: I'm looking forward to slouchy sweaters, sweater dresses, tights and boots this fall.
BEAUTY ESSENTIAL: I love Giorgio Armani's primer.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui, David Meister
SUPPORTING THE CAUSE: I have been involved with Susan G. Komen for the Cure as one of the Pink Tie Guys for over a year and a half. I have a very good friend who had breast cancer and is a survivor. My mom has had several friends who've had it. Breast cancer is a disease that doesn't just affect women. I feel close to it.
PINK CARPET MAGIC: This is the first time the Los Angeles branch has done a big Designs for the Cure Gala. It will be a great night. We are going to raise awareness. We are going to raise funds. We're bringing the world of design, cancer survivors and celebrities together. I will dress five or six survivors in signature gowns from my fall and holiday collections that I did forBergdorf. Guests can bid on those gowns that night.
FASHION THERAPY: It's about you feeling good. I know people who have lost their hair, but they don't want to wear a wig. So, put on your makeup and great jewelry and go bald! If people are not comfortable with that, that's their problem. You're the one fighting the disease. Some people love to dress up and that makes them feel good. In that case, I say dress up and knock their socks off!
ON HIS GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Still having a strong business 13 years later! Fashion is not an easy business, especially with the economy being the way it is. We're really having the best year we have ever had.
DESIGN APPROACH: I don't design for a specific woman. I try to think in terms of dresses that will look great on a lot of women. It's about designs that have a sense of classicness and timelessness to it. You can pull out one of my dresses from the closet in three or four years and it still looks beautiful. That's what I always try to achieve.
HAUTE HOLIDAYS: We're seeing a lot of metallics, a lot of sequins and shine. Some people are very glitzy and others are more matte. There are different levels of what women are comfortable in. I always tell women to take something that they think they can't wear or won't look good in into a dressing room. A lot of the times, these women tend to put themselves in a box. They think they only look good in certain styles and colors. Sometimes, that's true. But other times, women just limit themselves too much. By trying something different, I always say, "Worst case scenario is it'll look horrible and you're going to have a good laugh, but you're in a dressing room by yourself. Best case scenario is you love it and realize that it can work, and you're able to expand your box a little."
EMMYS EXTRAVAGANZA: I've always been a fan of Jane Lynch. She's just the nicest, most down-to-earth, easiest person to collaborate with. She was open to almost anything. She kept changing, but I personally loved the simpleaubergine chiffon gown she wore on the red carpet, because it was a little softer and unexpected.
DREAM CELEBRITY CLIENT: I'm dying to dress Angelina Jolie! She wears black a lot and every once and awhile she throws in something that's off—and I think that's when she really has that "wow" moment. I would put her in a bright green or bright orange dress. It's all about simple shapes and strong color. That's all she needs.
To purchase a ticket for the Designs for the Cure Gala, click here. In addition to hosting the event, David Meister will donate a percentage of the sales from his website to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the month of October!

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Wicked Fit, Katie Boyd
The brash boss of Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club is a former beauty queen and the star of the Style Network's new show Wicked Fit. The Massachusetts native proves not all pageant girls are prim and proper—Katie brings a no-holds-barred approach to life, love and her very own pink and black gym. Read on to find out about her pageant past, being a "bigger" trainer and how she deals with dating cavemen.
MY MISS FIT GYM: I was about 18 when realized I wanted to be a personal trainer and 23 when I wanted to open my own gym, so this has been in the works for seven or eight years. At so many gyms across the country, they don't know your name—you're just a number, a monthly withdrawal out of a bank account. I wanted to have a place where women feel comfortable and part of something bigger than just a gym.
BODY GONE BAD: I competed in pageants my whole life and ran the gamut of doing unhealthy things to my body. The turning point was when I was getting up at 5 a.m. and running five miles and then weighing all my food. I wasn't fun anymore. I was doing everything to my body that was wrong, like taking fat burners and working out for four hours a day. I finally said, Life is too short to be in the gym 24/7. I took time off from working out before I went full-fledged into opening my own place.
HOLLYWOOD GLAM IN THE GYM: I really love Marilyn Monroe's glamour and style. The decor of the gym is inspired by her whole look and that era. There was onepicture of her lifting weights in 1952 that Philippe Halsman took—it's one of my favorites. She was in jeans and a bathing-suit top doing pec flys, and I thought, This chick is cool. No one lifted weights back then like that! She was totally ahead of her time. Her whole glam feel is an inspiration to the gym, but not her as a person. I feel really bad for her, the way she lived and how she passed away.
REALISTICALLY HEALTHY: I don't starve myself, ever. I eat pretty healthy, like salads every day, fruit and lean protein. Ten years of my life was no food or alcohol, just water, so I'm at that point in life where I want to make up for lost time. I try to eat every three hours, but I love a dirty martini, red wine, cheese and bread. I grew up in a Portuguese household, so that's all we ate: carbs, cheese and butter. I try to work out every day, but there are weeks where I don't work out because I'm so busy. Then I'll go on a kick where I'll try to do it for a month.
MOMMY DEAREST: I used to get upset when my mother would meddle in my business, but now I just walk away from her for five minutes. When I come back, she's totally forgotten why she's mad or what she's asking me about that's none of her business. It's like redirecting a child. It can be very annoying, but I love my mom. Who can you trust with your business better than your family?
DARING TO DATE: I used to be a serial monogamist. I was so focused on my business, and it was just comfortable and easy to have a boyfriend. After I broke up with my last boyfriend, I took a good year off from dating and just focused on the gym and getting it to where it is now. In the middle of filming, I met Matt. He's really cool, an amazing, great guy. He's a businessman, so he gets where I'm coming from, and I need someone like that. I cannot go out with someone who doesn't own a business or work a lot because I work so much. The man never understands. It's a hormone thing: "I'm a caveman. I'm going to club you over the head." I'm like, I will take my pet Tyrannosaurus rex and he will eat you. Screw you, you'll never club me. [My best friends and coworkers] Monique, Monica and I are all wear-the-pants-in-the-family type of gals, so we need a guy who's very strong.
CROWNS AND CATFIGHTS: We were at a teen pageant being held at a mansion, and we all had our crowns on. One girl got in a fistfight with another girl, and they both rolled down a hill—full fashion and crown! Each of their traveling companions picked them up by the scruffs of the necks, and then the next day, you never saw one of the girls again! There was a new girl who took over her title in, like, 24 hours, and we're like, "What the frick is going on here?"
PAGEANTRY'S FACEBOOK: There's these things in the pageant world called message boards where people just rip girls apart, so I'm pretty used to getting dragged through the mud. Sometimes it definitely hurts, but the girls I hang out with and I are the total opposite of that. We don't let people bother us. There is this really dark side of pageantry, and we want to expose the side where it's not like that. Pageants really are amazing if you use them for what they're worth, not just to get a crown or to have people tell you that you're beautiful. All the coaching and public speaking helped me to be who I am today, and the fundraising and community aspects are near and dear to my heart.
TRAINING MY WAY: People will say, "She's a trainer, but she's a bigger girl," but I'm actually proud of that. The people who talk like that about me are the reason  women and men in this country have anorexia and bulimia. I don't starve myself, so if you want to call me a bigger girl, go for it. Until you are perfect, don't talk smack.

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Jennifer Tilly
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a Betsey Johnson dress with an Alaïa belt and Chanel purse. I just love it because it fits. I was rummaging my closet and couldn't find anything that fit. Then, I remembered that I got this for a costume and that the designers opened it up to put more material in it. I'm happy with it because it's like a Halloween costume and its very close to Halloween.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: My style is pretty eclectic. When I dress up, I like to have fun with the way that I dress. There are a lot of people that can do elegant and sleek better than me, so I just try to have fun with what I wear. However, I do stick to the classics and rotate them in. I don't follow trends because they change all the time.
ACCESSORIES LOVER: I love shoes and handbags, because it doesn't matter if you've gained weight or lost weight, they always look good on you! They always maintain their own shape. Clothes, are a little more difficult, but I like clothes, too. My go-to designers are definitely Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana.
FALL FAVORITES: I'm doing this thing where you wear skinny jeans and tuck them into your boots. I like to wear oversized three quarter-length jackets. I also love really long skirts that go all the way to the ground—sort of like how Rick Owens did the layered look. I like layering.
BROW BEAUTY TIP: A lot of times, girls forget eyebrows, and I think eyebrows are very important. It's easier to do brows with a brush. Pencils are harder. Just take a brush, and brush it over your eyebrows to continue the tip and make it skinny on the end. I use a product from Clé de Peau. They have an eyebrow shadow that's very good!

Alexa "A2" Hand | yohana

Alexa Hand
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a Camilla dress and Yves Saint Laurent bracelet. I have no idea who made my shoes—they're from Alexa's closet! She has the best clothes! My ring is from Alexa's closet. Everything I have on my face is MAC, except for myNars Casino bronzer.
MATCHING MAVEN: I matched everything. My clutch is emerald green. My makeup is emerald green. I have gold to match the gold. My ring and bracelet are gold. It's not good to wear all one color because that looks weird.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: My style is girlie. I like to shine all of the time. Usually, I have glitter all over my eyes, but Alexa hates it. She's like, "Don't wear glitter!" I like pink. I like everything to be short and I like superhigh heels.
Keep reading for more scoop on A2—and to find out which Jerseylicious star the cutie is related to!
FAVE DESIGNERS: I really like Betsey Johnson, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. I also like Juicy for their tracksuits.
SHOE FEVER: I like Christian Louboutin and YSL for shoes. I feel like you can wear a plain outfit, but as long as you have a nice shoe, it will pull together your whole look. My favorite shoe right now is by Christian Louboutin. It's called theKasha . It's a caged shoe heel. My dad bought them for me. On the show, Alexa told me that if I don't buy something myself, I don't actually own them. But my dad is not going to buy a size 6 shoe. He's like a 10.
ON REALIZING HER DREAM: Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a makeup artist! My grandma is a cosmetologist. She was always doing her makeup. She was having a heart attack one time doing her makeup and she wouldn't go in the ambulance until it was done!
GLAM INTRODUCTIONS: I started watching Alexa's YouTube videos and that's how I got in with her. One day, I sent Alexa an e-mail asking if we could set up an interview. She said, "Absolutely." I was so nervous when I walked in. I wore all black. Normally, I would never wear all black. That's just not my thing, but I walked in and I was very professional-looking. She said we had similar styles. I had on a chiffon top that was kind of see-through. I had on black cheetah leggings, but it was subdued. My heels that were from Jessica Simpson had studs all over them. She loved it! Then, I showed her all my makeup.
HER BEAUTY ICON: Alexa is my idol. She's the best makeup artist in the entire universe. Everything that I've learned was from Alexa. Her YouTube videos teach you a lot. She does it fast, but you can get a lot of tips. My favorite tip from her is probably the nose-pupil method for determining the arch for my eyebrows because I have no eyebrows. They're transparent! I learn so much from Alexa. I assist her with anything she needs help with—whether it's sweeping the floors and cleaning her brushes to mixing her foundations in the airbrush machine.

Jennifer Love Hewitt | yohana

Jennifer Love Hewitt
GIRL POWER: [Dress for Success] is such a wonderful cause. Anyone rehabilitating women and helping them feel powerful to go out in the work place, get a great job, feed their families and feel confident, beautiful and strong—I'm a big fan of that. Women taking over the world, as Beyoncé says, is a great thing.
MAKEOVER MAGIC: From the time you're a little girl, it's about dresses, hair and makeup. Being girly is the fun part of being a woman. When life unfortunately hands you situations that make you feel debilitated inside, if you can give the outside a little kick and glamour, it helps the whole package transform.
WHAT SHE'S STYIN': I'm wearing Hervé Léger. They're my fave. Particularly with what tonight's about, their dresses are the kind that I put on and I never even have to think about it. I know I'm going to feel good and everything's going to be in the right place. I'm going to have a great time in the night, and people talk about it and they think it's beautiful. That makes me feel good. They sort of transformed me in that way.
BEAUTY FAVE: I really like the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I love it—it's great stuff.
BANDAGE DRESS BEAUTY: They're comfy and warm, which is nice because it's a little chilly in L.A. tonight.
HOLLYWOOD HELPS: It's great when people spend time, especially in Hollywood, on something that's worthy, cause-oriented and for good, not just about all the silly stuff that Hollywood's about.

Tiffani Thiesen | yohana

Tiffani Thiesen, Style, Give and Get Fete
DRESS FOR SUCCESS SUPPORTER: Being a woman and feeling confident about yourself is very empowering, and it's important. As a woman, I know that when I put on something that makes me feel good, my confidence goes way up. You really can conquer the world, and that's what we're out there to try to do for these women.
SUPER WOMEN: Over 70 percent [of Dress for Success] moms are single mothers, and they have two to three kids. I know how hard it is with one kid, so I can't imagine doing it with two or three and doing it alone. I have the help of my husband and mother—there's no way I could do it myself, so I give them a lot of credit. Those are the superwomen of the world.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a Janey Lopati Vintage dress and Rachel Roy shoes.
GETTIN' READY: It takes hours. Long hours, and sometimes a half a glass of wine.

Sara Rue | yohana

Sara Rue, Style, Give and Get Fete
LOOKING GOOD: Unfortunately, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that's what Dress for Success helps women do. They get them looking and feeling good and in the door to that interview. When you're an employer and you're doing a thousand interviews, you have five seconds with these candidates, so you're looking for someone who's put together.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing Tadashi. My bracelet is lia sophia. Isn't this cool? It's a cobra.
ROCKIN' IN RED: I wanted to wear a red dress and this was a pretty cute one. I haven't worn red in a while.
STAYING RED CARPET READY: There's no quick fix, so if you're healthy from the inside out, that's the most important thing. Cheesy but true.
BEAUTY FAVES: I'm wearing L'Oreal [Infalliable] lipstick, and it's staying quite well.

Briella Calafiore | yohana

Glam Fairy
WHAT SHE'S WEARING: I'm wearing a very '70s go-go dress with black stockings and Fergie Footwear heels. My shoes are amazing! They benefit breast cancer awareness. They are hot pink, glittery and they match my hair and I'm really excited to be wearing them.
RAINBOW LOCKS: I saw a few celebrities do the tie-dye tips. I really liked it. I love pink and, then, I saw the turquoise with the pink. Lauren Conrad actually did it.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Sometimes I dress very Jersey tacky and, then, other days I dress really super-chic.
DOLLAR FINDS: I like expensive things, but I also really like cheap things. I love going to garage sales, thrift shops, consignment stores and the Salvation Army. I got these amazing pants for a dollar. Jessica [Romano] thinks they look like a diaper, but she's just jealous. They are high-waisted and baggy MC Hammer pants. They have houndstooth on them. I also got high-waisted Levis. They fit me like a friggin' glove—and they were a dollar!
SHOPPING GROUNDS: I'm obsessed with American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. American Apparel is definitely my favorite. I will wear anything form there.
STYLE ICONS: I think Kourtney Kardashian has the best style in the industry right now. I love that she's petite, but she will wear any trend even though she's short. I love her and I love her attitude. I love Mila Kunis, too. She's beautiful! I love how simple she is. She makes simple look fabulous. She's not gaudy. She's a natural beauty.
BRONZED BABE: My favorite bronzer is by Glamorous Cosmetics. It's this huge, big compact. It's matte. It doesn't have any sparkle in it. I hate shimmer faces. You get your money's worth because there's so much bronzer.
FAVE TRENDS: I really like nerd glasses. It's so cute. Throw on nerd glasses and it just spruces up your whole style. You look very hipster. I like high-waisted shorts with leggings underneath them or blazers over tank tops or American Apparel onesies. I'm really into that. I have a lot of summer clothes—more than I have winter clothes.
MAGIC WAND: I save my mascara wands. I'll rinse them off. I'll boil them in hot water to get all of the germs out. Specific mascara wands that I do like, I'll use them for other mascaras. I likeDiorShow's mascara wand. It doesn't separate the lashes, which is OK because I don't really need that, but it makes them look a lot thicker.
RED-HOT BEAUTY: I love the dark red lip. I love Marilyn Monroe, so I'm into that vintage look. I haven't done the red lip yet, but I usually do it in the winter. When you do a bold lip, you don't have to do much with everything else.

Jenna Ushkowitz | yohana

Jenna Ushkowitz, Style, Give and Get Fete
REPRESENTING THE LADIES: Especially in this time, it's really important to help women in employment and getting them prepared for the world. It's lovely what [Dress for Success] is doing. It's women empowerment!
MAKEOVER MAGIC: As much as it is feeling really good from the inside out, if you feel good on the outside, it helps your confidence. It boosts your whole persona, and that also helps with the way you carry yourself in getting jobs, making friends and being in the world.
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': Naven [dress], Giuseppe Zanoti shoes, Judith Leiber clutch and Vanessa Leu jewelry. Naven has been really amazing, and everything fits like a glove.
DOWNTOWN GIRL: I'm a New Yorker. I love little black dresses until the end of time—my whole closet is that! So I try to step out of the box when I choose my clothes now.
WINTER LUST: I'm really excited to wear my boots and jackets again.
BEAUTY FAVES: I love the Revlon eyeliner pen, but I think less is more. I do love a good Kiehl's moisturizer and a good cleanser—just a clean face.
INTERVIEW ADVICE: If you let fear conquer you, then you've already lost. So shake it off, go in and do your thing. Love yourself—they will see that.

Garcelle Beauvais | yohana

Garcelle Beauvois, Style, Give and Get Fete
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': Rachel Zoe dress, Sergio Rossi shoes and lia sophia jewelry.
FAVE DESIGNER: Right now it's a cross between Elizabeth and James—I love what they're doing—and Rachel Zoe's clothing, but I flux between everything. It doesn't have to be a high label. It can be anything from Zara to H&M to Dolce & Gabbana. It all works.
DRESS FOR SUCCESS SUPPORTER: I love what they do. It's awesome that they help women get back on their feet and supply them with not only clothing but confidence. They help them with beauty and everything that will make them feel good, and therefore they will go out in the world and be the best that they can be.
MAKEOVER MAGIC: As a mom, I'm always running around. If I just take a bath and sit in it for 15 minutes, it does wonders. Even though you think something like getting your nails done [is small], it's really important, especially to women who don't get a chance to have these things on a weekly or monthly basis.
BALANCING ACT: It really is tough. I was on set at 5 a.m., and I'm here now. Luckily the boys are with their dad, but when I am working those hours, they come to the set and have lunch with me. We hang out for a little while in between takes. It's important for them to see what I do, and then on the weekends I make up for it—I take them to the park and try to have quality time with them.
FINDING CONFIDENCE: Things always work out if you come from [a place of] love and have faith that things are going to work out. But also, confidence—sometimes you've got to fake it to make it. If you've got to walk in [to an interview], pretend you're happy and have energy and that you're ready for this, a little bit of confidence seeps in and it comes to you.
BEAUTY TIP: Don't leave the house without moisturizer!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler | yohana

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Style, Give and Get Fete
WHAT SHE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing The Row, Manolo [Blahnik heels] and a Lana Marks [bag]. My best friend works for The Row, so it's not hard. She brings over lots of fun choices and we just play.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I'm not one for showing too much—I like to leave a little to the imagine. But I like to play. I think it's fun to change up your look as much as possible, but hands down comfort is my common denominator.
BEAUTY FAVES: There's this St. Tropez [Skin] Illuminating cream that if you just put a little bit on your cheekbones and collarbone, it goes a long way. Even if you're not going to wear a lot of makeup, it adds a little glow, so I'm into that right now.
TOP TIP: Moisturize. That's the one thing I'm kind of obsessive about, and it's important.
WHY SHE'S SUPPORTING: The support that they give these women—and that they have it for the rest of their lives—is so important. That's ultimately what they need in the end. You give them the resources and the tools, but the support is what keeps you going.
MAKEOVER MAGIC: I'm sure it's intimidating to enter into the business world. I know even as an actor at an audition it's hard, so I can imagine [how it is for] somebody who feels less than even when they're not. The fact that we give them beautiful clothes and an opportunity to look their best  can give them that extra push into the work field that they need.

Wicked Fit's Monique Jones | yohana

Wicked Fit, Monique Jones
PAGEANT QUEEN: I was four when I started. Every parent thinks their child is beautiful, and mine saw an ad and were like, ‘Sign her up!' We didn't know anything about pageants other than Miss America. My mom dressed me in OshKosh B'Gosh overalls with little rosebuds on them. All the girls were in party dresses, so my mother ran into a store, bought a cute party dress real quick, came back, threw it on me and sent me into interview. We also had to do talent. Mine was twirling around incessantly to Lionel Richie's "Ballerina Girl." I didn't know what was going on, but I thought it was great—I'm on stage in a tutu! The crowning ceremony came, and I was the only one who got nothing. I walked right up to the director, pulled her by her skirt and said, ‘Excuse me, ma'am, I think you forgot my crown.' My mother was like, 'We're never doing this again! I can't put her through this!' My dad was like, ‘We'll be back, trust me.'
SECOND-IN-COMMAND: I was one of the first pageant girls Katie started training, before she was even at The Fitness Club for Women. She had trained a lot of men and at that point wanted to get into training pageant girls. I was probably a guinea pig, but it ended up working out in the end! When she opened up her gym, she was like, ‘Monique, you know everything that I know. You've been with me for this whole crazy process. Why don't you become a trainer?' At first I was like, really, I'm the girl who used to eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a Big Mac for lunch. But there's a million personal trainers in the world and very few who have that ability with pageant girls. When someone pushes you and is like, 'You need to do this because this is what you could be good at,' that's when you know somebody really means it. I can definitely do this and be a very important role within her gym—not to mention I can give her a break here and there!
WORKING GIRLS: Katie and I met on the pageant circuit. We get along so well—we're a dynamic duo. Especially with our pageant girls and the boot camps, we have the opportunity to talk about things that we're passionate about and guide these girls along this crazy journey. I learn a lot from Katie too—I get to actually experience personal training every single day as opposed to just opening a book and reading about it. The only thing is that Katie is such a neat freak with how everything needs to be. If something's not in an exact spot, I'm okay, whereas with Katie, everything has it's place. She has a great way of being a boss and because I've known her for so long, I know what I can get away with and what I can't. I know my boundaries.
CATTY CO-WORKERS: Monica and I basically agree to disagree. We're two completely different kinds of people. Monica is very business-oriented, and that's amazing. She's very book smart, where as I live it and do it. We had a lot of personal things that were effecting our business lives, so it was very important for us to get that out in the air to be able to focus on the gym and helping Katie. Are we ever going to be best friends? No. Would I trust her with more information than my bra size? No. But can we work together and be cordial and maybe friends? I'm putting it out there. At the end of the day, the common denominator between Monica and I is that we both care about Katie. We were borderline having to call in Dr. Drew Pinsky, but we didn't. At the end of the day, that's what was important.
TRAINING SOLA: I actually competed with Sola. My last year at Miss Mass was Sola's first year there. I didn't know who she was, and I remember when they called her in the top five I was like, 'Where did she come from?' These last couple of years, she's consistently been in the top five, and she's moved up in the ranks, so she's clearly doing something right. Sola's a good competitor, very intense. Much like me, she doesn't hold back or have a filter. When you have three people like that in one room, that's a little scary. But It's not that we wrote a book on pageants—we lived this, Sweetheart. She understands that. She's a tough one, that Sola.
HOME SWEET HOME: I was engaged to be married, and I was with my fiancé for five years. Things didn't work out. When I was with him, we split bills. When you don't have anybody to do that with, all of the sudden you're sitting there trying to make a dollar out of a nickel. My mom has always said, 'God forbid, you always have a bed here.' I love my mother to death. She's on a need to know basis and that woman needs to know. At 28 years old, I may be nine inches taller than her and half her age, but she's like, ‘This is my house. I am the queen of the castle. You are the princess. Just remember that.' I'm like, 'Okay!'
WORK FLIR: I just had my breakup. I'm very jaded and have my guard up with a lot of people. Markus is fun to flirt with. He's a pain in my ass, but he's cute, sweet and fun. You can't stop if anything happens, but for right now, it's just fun flirting.

Get to Know Glam Fairy Fashion Extraordinaire Glamo | yohana

WHAT HE'S STYLIN': I'm wearing a mixture. I have on a little John Richmond. My shoes are by Cesare Paciotti. I'm also wearing Surface to Air. My ring is Lia Sophia.
DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Tonight, I wanted texture. Of course, jewel tones are in. So, I chose these ruby-red merlot John Richmond corduroy pants, which I thought were amazeballs for fall and winter. The embossed texture on my Cesare Paciotti shoes were major, and it plays in with the texture from the corduroys. The mustard vest that I have on from Surface to Air added that pop of color. It was a great contrast to the corduroy slacks.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Getting dressed is always the highlight of my day. If I get to do it more than once, then honey, I'm like tri-winning. Each day, I can pick a different character to be. I dress how I feel. It's always great!
VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE: I love Naomi Campbell. I mimic her to death. I love Tom Ford! Tom Ford was the man who made me fall in love with fashion circa 1998 when he was at Gucci. Of course, I love Michael Kors. He embodies a whole movement of fabness, an air of chic and luxury. Perry Ellis is great if you want a clean, crisp look. I'm pretty much a preppy boy. When I act out with my fashion, you know that I'm really inspired by the style of European men. But when I am going for an Americana feel, then it's definitely like a Ralph Lauren or a Perry Ellis.
MAKEUP MAVEN: I'm not going to lie: I wear makeup. I will put on a mug, honey! I love YSL. I do get into MAC. When it comes down to cleaning and moisturizing my face, I use a fabulousSPF 15 Bobbi Brown moisturizer. I also wash my face with Noxzema. Yes, I'm 30-years-old and I still wash my face with Noxzema, but it works!
FAVE FASHION MOMENT: My favorite thing to happen in fashion is the circling back of the '80s movement, because I'm an '80s baby. Of course, back then, I didn't understand it. My mother was such a glamorous girl. I would watch her put on her makeup, her leather skirts and her blouses and blazers with the tricked-out shoulders. To see all of that come back around and understand it now, having a trained eye, I'm in love with it!

Get Frizz-Free Locks With a Brazilian Blowout | yohana

Brazillian Blowout BeforeBrazillian Blowout After
Curly. Frizzy. Damaged. Dry. Colored. Most likely, any gal will say they have at least one of these types of hair. Personally, I'd check mark four out of the five included. So when the hype about the Brazilian blowout started, I initially thought it would be the answer to my frizz-free prayers. But I was hesitant to try it because even though I wanted smooth hair, I still wanted it to look like it was my hair.
After months of debating, I decided it was time to take the plunge. So I booked my appointment with Liz Devin at the Andy Lecompte Salon located in West Hollywood, which uses a vegan product, Cadiveu. In fact, Liz is the hair stylists who transformed Nicole Richie's curly locks into manageable tresses that had the babe rating, raving and blogging about it!
Brazillian Blowout
When I came into the urban-meets-art gallery salon, Liz and I had a consultation to discuss my mane troubles before staring the treatment. Afterward, they washed my hair. As I sat in the chair, Liz blasted fans so that both of us would stay cool while she applied the treatment and sealed it with a 450 degree flat iron. After that, they rinsed my hair so that all the excess product in my tresses would be removed. Liz started blow drying my hair—without a brush or products—and it actually co-operated and there weren't any severe fly-aways or anything! Voilà, it was instant improvements!Brazillian Blowout
Afterward, she styled my locks and after 90 minutes at the salon I left with gorgeous and glossy tresses (cue in Herbal Essences commercial). Although spending an hour and a half at a salon may seem like a task, it's a mere sacrifice to having three to four months of manageable locks.
Like any hair change, it is always hard to tell if your mane will stay the same after you leave the salon and use your amateur styling techniques at home. So to test out my tresses, I let it air dry my hair and I was beyond myself. Not only did my locks keep its natural structure, but my frizz tamed down at least 90 percent without having to break out the flat iron or leave-in conditioner.
Then when I tired to straighten my locks, it took me a total of 10 minutes, which it usually would have taken me 45 minutes to get a decent (still frizzy) 'do. This process has truly made me a believer; you bet I'll be saving up to get the treatment redone in the next three month. Prices vary by salon. At the Andy Lecompte salon, it starts at $350.
But if you are still skeptical or want to learn more about the process, we chatted up Liz who gave us tips on how to prep your mane to what products to use!
Brazillian Blowout Salon
• Brazilian vs. Keratin: They are all a keratin treatment on some level. Brazilian straighteners change the structure of your hair. You have to leave them in for a few days and can't get any bends or creases in your hair. With the Brazilian blowout or treatment, you can wash your hair the same day, put it in a ponytail, braid, curl it and it won't have any effect on the treatment.
• Prep Time: When you are going to get a treatment. You should go with your hair air dried and in its natural state. No product, no brushes, no blow dryer—just as natural as it can be. This is so that the stylists can tell what your hair looks like. Everybody's hair is different there is no one size fits all and it's hard to say this is going to work for everyone. This treatment definitely works for the majority of people, but it works differently for everybody.
• Hit the Dye: If someone is getting highlights, they should get their highlights done first. Highlights take pigments out of your hair, so it's obviously going to take pigments off the treatment. If they are going darker or depositing color, they should do it after because this seals you hair making it really, really shiny. It'll look more reflective, brighter and you'll get that glossy finish. And if you need to cut your hair, do it after the treatment.
• Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Washing your hair is a catch 22 because it takes out the product. However, your hair will absorb more oil than before, so you will need to wash it more often. If you used to wash you hair every three to four days, you are going to need to wash it every other day. But styling you hair now will only take like 10 minutes, so you won't mind. That being said, people with thicker, coarser hair won't have that problem.
• Maintenance, Baby!: To keep up the treatment invest in good shampoo and conditioner. Go to a beauty supply and talk to them and find a quality product. It's worth the money to keep your investment. The product you need has to be sulfate-free. For people with thick hair, I'd suggest the Brazilian Blowout retail brand. But for some, at the beginning, that can be to heavy. I'd suggest Oribe, which has a silver line, or Rahua, an all-organic shampoo.
• Styling Solutions: You have to work backwards; you do the exact opposite of everything you did before. You don't need the same products, like moose and leave-in conditioners. Some people think there hair is too straight or flat after getting this, but they are styling there hair that way. To get volume, flip your head upside down and put the blow-dryer on the root to get a lift on the crown. If you want to just wash and wear, without any styling: brush it, lift you head upside down, scrunch it to give it a little lift at the root and you are good to go. The best brush to use when straightening it would be a paddle brush, and then use a round bush to give you waves at the end.

Style Bar Beverly Hills Offers Recessionistas the VIP Treatment | yohana

Style Bar
Recessionistas, rejoice! Anti-salons are a very big trend in the beauty world. That means luxury services at affordable prices. Another goal of these establishments is to get clients in and out in an hour, which is even more perfect because, as we all know, time is money! The parlors are so far removed from the traditional idea of a salon that their owners came up with a new label, "bar." Well, that brings new meaning to the term "happy hour!"
've already introduced you to Drybar. Now meet Style Bar Beverly Hills, where hair, makeup and mani/pedi are an incredible $33 each. But that's not all. They've upped the ante by training their technicians to simultaneously do all of the services on clients. You read that right! Four services. Done at once. In under an hour. For under $100. You know I had to see that for myself!
Sisters Ramona Molayem and Sharona Rahimian started the business under a year ago to address the effect the deteriorating economy had on their packed social calendars. "We wanted a simple, cost-effective place where people can go get everything done under one roof—and as quickly as possible. It's hard to go from one location to the next with L.A. traffic," Molayem said of Style Bar, an intimate space with an old Hollywood glam black-and-white décor complete with lavish chandeliers.
It was interesting (and quite flattering!) to witness a trio of well-choreographed professionals work on me. Hair stylist Denis Eisagholian kicked everything off. He was several minutes into prepping my updo when makeup artist Hermine Asatryan started to apply my makeup. "We all know how to handle the situation without bumping into each other," explained Eisagholian. "If the lashes or liner is being done, I know not to shake the hair." Nail technician Wendy Thau joined in the last half of the hour to do my mani. (I didn't need a pedi at the time.)
All in all, I was pleased with the outcome. It was like receiving the V.I.P. treatment minus the overpriced bill. My hair and makeup were flawless. My only gripe was that I felt my manicure was a bit rushed. I had bright orange polish on my left palm that was only removed after I pointed it out—to one of the owners! And the mani was chip-free only for that night. Unless you're crunched for time, it's probably best to stick with your trusted nail parlor.