Sailor Moon, Betty Boop, Jem and more take on the Spring 2013 collections in Jerome LaMaar’s amazing illustrations | Hollywood yohana

Jerome Lamaar Fashion Cartoons

Fashion illustration has long made our hearts skip several beats and luckily the blogosphere is full of talented artists who love to take the latest runway looks and turn them into beautifully rendered imaginative hand sketches (giving our eyes a fashionable feast). But with the recent rise in this art form’s popularity, it can be difficult to find sketches that really stand out among the many. Which is why we’re loving the work of a Mr. Jerome LaMaar, whom we discovered this morning reinterprets classic cartoon characters in the coolest looks from the Spring 2013 collections.
Everyone’s favourite Sailor Moon girls don labels like Balmain, Céline, Prada, Givenchy and Dries Van Noten’s grunge couture; Betty Boop flirts it up in Alaia; Jem (of The Holograms) gets attention-grabbing Balenciaga and Daria trades her usual green jacket and brown pleated skirt for colourful Marni prints. And that’s just naming a few. Alexander Wang, Chloé and Roberto Cavalli all get mentions as well.
LaMaar joins the rising trend of fashion cartoons, which includes Barney’s recent Disney Christmas campaign (which saw iconic cartoon figures like Minnie Mouse, Cruella de Vil and Snow White getting fashion makeovers), South Park’s Muscle Man Marc (Cartman owned a tattooed toy Marc Jacobs doll) and The Simpsons fashion collaborations (Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista took the famous family shopping in Paris for Harper’s Bazaar and, more recently, the artist and illustrator AleXsandro Palombo turned famous fashion faces like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld into yellow-hued Simpsons characters).

People’s Choice Awards 2013: See who made our list of best dressed on the red carpet and vote for your favourite | Hollywood yohana

Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet

The People’s Choice Awards marked the beginning of awards season last night, giving us 2013′s first round of red carpet looks to feast our eyes on. With a more relaxed dress code than some of the upcoming awards shows, last night’s event allowed Hollywood’s bright young things to experiment with short silhouettes, bright hues, mixed prints and even designer names. To our pleasant surprise, up and coming Brit designers Peter Pilotto and Simone Rocha both made appearances on Emma Watson and Chloe Grace Moretz respectively. 15-year-old Moretz, who is fast becoming a style icon in her own right, brightened up the red carpet in neon yellow alongside Lea Michele who wore a sequined pink mini-dress by Elie Saab.
Amidst all the color, classic black and white also had its moment. Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence selected an elegant LBD by Valentino. Newly single Taylor Swift stuck with her signature drop-dead-gorgeous gowns, wearing a dramatic white Ralph Lauren dress.

Joe Fresh Spring 2013 look book | Hollywood yohana

Joe Fresh Spring 2013

Joe Fresh may have turned down the colour palette for its Spring 2013 collection but that’s not to say the collection was anything less than visually striking. Metallics, black and white prints infused with pops of yellow came together to create a sixties-inspired collection that was completely modern and ready for 2013.
Now that the rest of the collection for spring has been released, we’re excited to see these retro-inspired designs take form and be mixed in with what we’ve grown accustomed to from Joe Fresh—coloured sweaters, bright oxfords and bold pants.

Joe Fresh wasn’t alone on the Spring 2013 runways with his take on mod silhouettes, we saw designers like Marc Jacobs and fashion houses like Louis Vuitton embrace geometric prints and ‘60s silhouettes as well. These retro pieces have made their way off of the Joe Fresh runway and will take their place on store floors in the spring. Joe has taken the geometric print and created trippy black and white blouses and tossed in some bright colours to create a work-ready trouser.
As for Joe Mimran’s in store take on metallics for spring, there is a silver denim jacket and matching jeans that feels so wrong to want, but just so right. Wearing these pieces together would be like being an astronaut at a disco, which seems pretty perfect in our minds.
Keeping with never-ending trend of coloured denim, Joe Fresh has upped the hue and made pants so bright they are almost neon (but they aren’t because that’s so Spring 2012). And for those who aren’t prepared to jump head first into the metallics or the brights, Joe Fresh has updated its ever-classic oxfords and cardigans and added on trend colours like light pinks and green with cute details like a bow-backed chunky knit.

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Yourreebok Customized Sneakers

One does not need to qualify themselves as a “sportster” or “gym rat” to appreciate a pair of customized running shoes. Need further proof? Exhibit A: the rise to fame of the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge and exhibit B: Kristen Stewart’s dedication to wearing high tops to red carpet events. And for those who love going to the gym (hats off to you), shopping for new gear is always a highlight. Who doesn’t want to look stylish even if they’re only headed to the gym?
This is where Reebok’s newest platform, YourReebok, comes into play. The premise is simple: select a shoe that works for your work out preferences—whether it’s cross fit or jogging or walking—start with an all white shoe and design from there. Each Reebok shoe has different ways to customize them. There are 19 colours, 23 different areas of the shoes waiting to be changed and four different materials that can be used. You can even add words into the mix; go for your name or WHTVR (no seriously, we put WHTVR on our shoes). It’s safe to say no two shoes will ever be the same.

We haven’t decided if we’re going to step up our fitness game or just wear our sneakers as an every day staple but either way, we will be happy to tell anyone who asks where we got our shoes from that “they’re custom”.

Stylish workout wear: 14 gym-ready picks that may actually get you off your butt | Hollywood yohana

Asos Quilted Shorts

It can be more than difficult to find the motivation to get to the gym and keep up with your New Year’s resolutions. But it’s time to make this the year you follow through. To help, we’re making this year’s journey more stylish with 13 picks that may actually inspire you to get dressed for the gym. No need to sacrifice your fashion sense; these picks are sure to provide you with both function and sophistication.
First tip? Brighten up. And we love strong prints, vibrant colours, and sporty accessories for doing just that. From technicolour shorts to ombre running shoes, brands such as American Apparel, Nike, Lululemon, and adidas are finding ways to spice up our stylish workout clothes.

As seen on the runway at Marc Jacobs for Spring 2013, bold black and white stripes make a strong statement. We love the idea of adopting this trend for yoga jackets and gear. For running fanatics, the latest sneakers have adopted new technologies that allow for more natural movement, while being elegant enough to wear outside of the gym. We’ve opted for pastel tints for a fresh take on the traditional running shoe.

Health: A new school of thought says good fat isn’t a dietary demon | Hollywood yohana

Imagine a world where you got to the front of the coffee shop line and didn’t feel compelled to say the word “skinny” before the word “latte.” Or where, facing down the legions of yogurt options at the grocery store, your hand bypassed the zero per cent Greek yogurt, landing instead on the full-fat version. The idea that fat is bad for us has become so all-pervasive that it is now fixed firmly in our minds that full-fat dairy, bacon or even a hefty serving of avocado are flabby demons waiting to send chub to our waists and clog our arteries. But a growing school of thought is suggesting that actually, it isn’t fat that makes us fat.
The low-fat movement took off in the early 1980s, largely informed by the “Seven Countries” study begun in 1958 and published in 1980 by physiologist Dr. Ancel Keys (who popularized the Mediterranean diet and BMI as an indicator of body fat). It showed a strong link between dietary fat and heart disease, though Keys has since been accused of disregarding countries that didn’t fit the hypothesis, plus he only studied men. Other research followed, and in 1984 the National Institutes of Health recommended all Americans over the age of two reduce their dietary consumption of fat from 40 to 30 per cent of their total calories. Canada followed suit. This ushered in the era of margarine, skim milk and boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

In the decades since, the Western world has seen a well-documented rise in chronic illnesses. “We’ve done it. [We reduced our fat consumption] from 40 per cent to 30 per cent and look what’s happened to obesity, metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke prevalence,” said childhood obesity expert Dr. Robert Lustig in a 2009 presentation “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” which has nearly three million views on youTube. “They’ve all jacked way up as our total fat consumption as a per cent has gone down. It ain’t the fat, people.” So what is it? According to Lustig, professor of pediatrics in the division of endocrinology at University of California, San Francisco, it’s the carbohydrates that replaced the fat in the rejigged North American diet. This line of thinking is niche, but it isn’t new: in his seminal 2002 New York Times rant “What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” science writer Gary Taubes looked at the success of high-fat, low-carb diets like Atkins and Zone, and the “alternative hypothesis” that it’s carbohydrate, not fat, that causes obesity and shortens our lives.
“Short- and medium-chain saturated fats are sent directly to the liver and burned for energy. They’re not even stored in the body as fat.”
By now, most of us are aware that all fat is not created equal. “If you don’t have any fat, or you have the improper kind, like from hydrogenated oil, unhealthy cooking oils or a lot of processed food, that’s what your cell membrane structure becomes built from,” says B.C. registered dietitian Karlene Karst, author of the new book The Full-Fat Solution. “Long term, you can see this in the form of dry skin, brittle hair and nails, lack of energy, heart health issues, weight issues and inflammation.”
Monounsaturated fat (such as olive oil) and polyunsaturated fat in the form of omega-3 fatty acids (found in salmon, mackerel and tuna) have been praised for their brain- and heart-healthful properties. Omega-3s have been shown to increase satiety, thereby controlling appetite, and reduce inflammation, a factor in weight gain and many diseases. (The Western diet, rich in soy, corn and vegetable oils, furnishes us with more omega-6 than omega-3. Karst says the typical ratio is 20:1; it should be closer to 4:1.) And good fat helps the body use nutrients: one study showed that oily salad dressing boosted absorption of the carotenoids in the vegetables. “People should include a small amount of unsaturated fat as part of the healthy eating pattern that includes mostly lower fat foods,” says Sara O’Dacre, spokesperson for Health Canada. “Consuming a larger amount of fat is not recommended, as it tends to increase the total calories in the diet.”
Trans fats made by heating vegetable oils have been widely condemned for their artery-clogging ways—look for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” on labels. More controversially, some are questioning whether saturated fat—uniformly discouraged by Canada’s Food Guide and most dietitians—is as harmful as it’s understood to be. Cardiologist Dr. Beth Abramson, spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, writes in her new book Heart Health for Canadians: The Definitive Guide, “Since saturated fat can raise LDL cholesterol, reducing your intake is an important step in lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke.” This is a hot- button topic, since heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in Canada (incidentally, February is Heart Month). Saturated fat is a many-headed beast, encompassing “bad” long-chain saturated fatty acids (found in red meat and hydrogenated oils), “good” medium-chain ones (in coconut oil and palm oil) and “very good” short-chain ones (also in coconut oil, and butter). “We know short- and medium-chain saturated fats are sent directly to the liver and burned for energy,” says Karst. “They’re not even stored in the body as fat.” In 2010, analysis of 21 studies encompassing more than 347,000 people concluded there was “no significant evidence” that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease. In the new book The Great Cholesterol Myth, co-author and cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra writes: “I’ve come to believe that cholesterol is a minor player in the development of heart disease.” He says inflammation is a far greater risk factor and that lowering cholesterol has a limited benefit unless you’re a middle-aged man with a history of heart disease.
If you decide to add good fats to your diet, you’ll need to take something else out. “It’s not a free-for-all,” says Karst, who suggests using a tablespoon of coconut oil to cook with instead of canola oil. “With the Atkins diet, people were consuming massive amounts of cheddar cheese and bacon, and that’s not good for you. That’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking whole food: nuts, seeds, full-fat dairy, fish and green, leafy vegetables.” The other thing to consider reducing is sugar, in all its forms.
When the supermarket shelves were flooded with reduced-fat products in the 1980s, food scientists were faced with a challenge: how to make products palatable without the satisfying creaminess of fat. In many cases, the answer was sugar, or high-fructose corn syrup, which is metabolized into fat that the body stores.
The guilt associated with choosing fat-rich foods rather than ones anointed “low-fat” or “low-calorie” is a big mental hurdle. Fat contains nine calories per gram whereas carbohydrate and protein have four each. A breakfast of bacon and eggs is higher in fat and calories than, say, a honey oat bar sold by a prominent weight-loss brand (though at 20 grams of sugar, the bar is hardly a healthier option). But the simple math of “calories in, calories out” doesn’t address the way different nutrients go to work in your body. “The whole caloric concept is very passé,” Karst says. Instead, she emphasizes portion awareness and making sure every meal includes protein, good fat and fibre (as opposed to carbohydrate, so vegetables and whole grains qualify where white bread doesn’t). This way, she says, you’ll feel satiated long before you overeat. “If you’re eating the right foods in the day, real food, the body knows what to do with those nutrients.”

Beauty Fix: Why you should try a violet lipstick in 2013, your best bet for brow-filling and more answers to your beauty questions | Hollywood yohana

Beauty Fix New Year New Colour

Every week we take on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more and provide all the answers. This week—our first Beauty Fix of 2013—we’re all about amping up the colour and changing up your look for the new year. We suggest the best new tool for filling in your eyebrows, offer two ways to try this season’s violet lip colour and discuss whether you should switch up your cleanser in the winter months. 

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions: 4 essential steps to staying on healthy track all year round | Hollywood yohana

How to keep your New Year's Resolutions

It’s less than two weeks into 2013 and we bet many of you have already wavered on your New Year’s Resolutions. We get it. They’re hard, they usually offer no immediate gratification and they’re just not fun. Health-related resolutions mostly lead to drastic short-term changes (like spending January drinking only maple water or working out eight times a week) that leave you burnt out and resenting anything that vaguely promises to be good for you until next December rolls around. But baby changes can make a really big difference when they’re followed for the whole year. Here are a few mini resolutions that are making my life a bit healthier in 2013.

Who had the best hair and makeup at the People’s Choice Awards: Kaley Cuoco or Taylor Swift? | Hollywood yohana

Kaley Cuoco Taylor Swift People's Choice Awards hair makeup

Something interesting happened on the People’s Choice Awards red carpet last night. Taylor Swift said “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” to her traditional beauty look while Kaley Cuoco went a little bit country with Carrie Underwood-inspired hair and makeup. Both stars graced the People’s Choice Awards stage many times throughout the night—Swift took home the award for Favourite Country Artist and Cuoco hosted the show—but when it came to beauty, we think Taylor Swift definitely comes out on top.
Kaley Cuoco’s red carpet hair is mainly where she looses points. The over-teased pouf turns her blonde beach waves into a Miss America mess. If she had just left the hair at her crown to do its own thing instead of tucking it into a half-updo (no one likes a half-updo!) it would be an A+ style. Especially with that sparkly barrette—hair accessories always make a red carpet more interesting. (And the thing is, Cuoco did let her hair down later in the night and it looked great. If only she’d walked the red carpet with that hairstyle!)
As for makeup, Kaley Cuoco went for a simple black cat-eye paired with petal-pink lipstick and blush. Very classic, very flattering. But we’re still hoping that she’ll soon pull a Demi Lovato and let her eyebrows grow in.
Meanwhile, Taylor Swift ditched her usual cat-eye, silver glitter and red lips for a sultry, bronze eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer and a neutral satin lip. While jewellery doesn’t count as makeup, we have to say: the drop earrings make Swift’s blue eyes stand out and look positively icy. However, Taylor Swift could have done something a bit different with her hair (loose curls pulled back, we’ve seen this before!) but the simple twisted updo complements her dress. Overall, it’s a great look for Swift—and, more importantly, one that says “Harry, who?”

Get fit! Your ultimate guide to workout routines and exercise programs | Hollywood yohana

Your ultimate guide to workout routines and exercise programs

It’s safe to say that one of the most common new year’s resolutions is the promise to make this year most healthier than the last. Be it a goal to lose weight, to add a bigger focus on fitness in your life or to just continue the with the workout program you started long ago, we’re here to help you get fit.
If you’re seeking a customized workout but a personal trainer seems out of reach, why not try one of our celebrity-approved workout programs? From Rihanna’s toned abs to Blake Lively’s super-fit bod, we share the fitness routines developed by their personal trainers. Or if you’re more of a fitness class devotee, we share the best gym classes, boot camps and boutique workouts from across Canada. Whatever your fitness goals are, we have you covered.
Try Rihanna’s workout routine »
Ever wonder what Rihanna’s workout routine is like? We interviewed her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, to get the scoop. While non-stop concert tours and high-powered performances certainly help, Rihanna uses Pasternak’s signature 5 Factor workout plan to stay toned. And now you can too: we share the five phase workout program he developed for Rihanna as well as other celebrity-approved healthy lifestyle tips.
Get a body like Blake Lively »
Blake Lively’s personal trainer Bobby Strom, has quite the plan of attack when it comes to her workout program—it includes everything from circuit training to stability work. We break it down for you into four easy exercises that you can do at home or at the gym. Some added incentive: This fitness routine was developed when Blake Lively was filming Green Lantern, making it a superhero-worthy workout.
High-impact fitness classes »
From the superhuman workout that is CrossFit to mixed martial arts, these classes are best suited for those who are well-seasoned at working out. Why not use the new year to take your workout program to the next level?
Workouts that tone and tighten »
If your exercise goals revolve around toning, sculpting and tightening your muscles, these new fitness methods and classes are for you. We explore stand up paddleboarding, circus-inspired aerial silks skills workshops, the ballet-style workout and more. Best of all? No running shoes required.
Fun ways to exercise »
Is there a better motivator for getting fit than having fun? The reason you were in such good shape as a kid wasn’t because you were exercising all day long—it was because you were running around all day and playing. We’ve found fitness classes that sound so fun, you won’t even notice how many calories you’re burning. Whether you’re swinging on a trapeze, breaking it down to booty bass tunes or learning the art of swordplay à la Game of Thrones, it’s time to bring play back into your everyday adult life.
Best workouts on your schedule »
Sometimes between work, social events, and all the other things you do, hitting the gym just isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to forsake fitness! The at-home workout routine is definitely at an all-time high—but the downside to this is that the ranges of DVDs available can be just as intimidating as a testosterone-infused weight room. Which is why we’re here to help: we list the best ways to get a little exercise in at home, including webisodes, workout video games and something you can do with your iPhone.

Gap acquires Intermix: Is this a match made in retail heaven? | Hollywood yohana

Gap Acquires Intermix
Gap Inc. is buying multi-store luxury boutique Intermix to the tune of $130 million, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The two companies have been in talks for at least a month; with Intermix looking to expand it’s reach and Gap looking for an opening in the luxury market.
The pairing will likely be beneficial for both companies. Gap will be upping its fashion credibility by investing in a highly fashionable store. Intermix will have a major retailer behind it, with the resources and expertise to potentially grow worldwide. Word is that Gap plans to expand Intermix overseas as well as doubling the store count. Intermix currently has one store in Canada (located at 130 Bloor St. West in Toronto), but we’re hoping that this partnership could lead to more stores across Canada.Gap Inc. is buying multi-store luxury boutique Intermix to the tune of $130 million, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The two companies have been in talks for at least a month; with Intermix looking to expand it’s reach and Gap looking for an opening in the luxury market.
The pairing will likely be beneficial for both companies. Gap will be upping its fashion credibility by investing in a highly fashionable store. Intermix will have a major retailer behind it, with the resources and expertise to potentially grow worldwide. Word is that Gap plans to expand Intermix overseas as well as doubling the store count. Intermix currently has one store in Canada (located at 130 Bloor St. West in Toronto), but we’re hoping that this partnership could lead to more stores across Canada.

Inside the Design Exchange gala: 30 photos of Toronto’s creative elite soaking up the latest and greatest art party | Hollywood yohana

Design Exchange Gala

Toronto’s creative elite was treated to a veritable feast for the eyes at last Friday’s annual Design Exchange gala, this year revamped and restyled under the theme of “Intersection.” Surely meant to rival the glittering reputation held by the Power Plant’s annual Power Ball gala for being the art party of the year, the event succeeded in being everything it wanted to be—part art exhibit, part auction, party VIP hobnob and part knockout bash—complete with guest of honour Douglas Coupland posing for pictures, making speeches and even imitating a Canada goose.
Various phases of the night stretched across parts of the DX I didn’t even know existed. Case in point: a pop up mystery dinner put on by Matty Matheson of Parts + Labour catering, which took place in a dimly lit library overlooking King Street. There was trout roe, but where were the books?

And the air of mystery raged on, with curious pieces made from Ikea products being auctioned off to those with the deepest pockets. Worthy of Wonderland, pieces included a toppling pile of dinner plates by artist Bruno Billio, an all Seeing Eye cabinet by Zeidler Partnership Architects and chandelier made of light bulbs that too were bright to psychically stare at by designer Phillip Sparks.

By night’s end, the crowd of 1,200 danced underneath a larger-than-life newspaper installation created by multi-medium artist, Niall McCLelland and musician/artist Alex Durlak paid homage to the space’s first incarnation—the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange. If the piece was meant to reference our shaky economic standings as of late, the moneyed crowd of doyennes would surely not have noticed.