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HM Spring 2013

With less than a week to go before we can get our paws on the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration, the Swedish mega-brand has given us another reason to drool, and this time it’s the Spring 2013 collection. The latest from the brand is a western inspired extremely embellished (and affordable as always) collection of mini skirts, leather jackets, and baseball caps.

Taking some serious inspiration from the Spring 2013 runways, there are references to the Wild Wild West, as we saw at Derek Lam as well as fruity pineapple accents like we saw on the Moschino Cheap & Chic runway. But we’ll never complain about be able to afford a designer inspired piece and that’s what makes H&M so perfect for the mandatory wardrobe update when spring hits.
The has has given tried and tested pieces like the leather mini and pencil skirt a whole new life by adding embellished leather accents and long tassels to step up the basics’ game. Entire monochromatic looks in red and black fit in perfectly for spring (case in point: we saw one colour looks day after day during fashion month), and turquoise stone bolo ties make us excited to embrace our inner cowgirl as soon as the snow melts away.


Gap Holiday Campaign 2012: Michael J. Fox, Aubrey Plaza, Rufus Wainwright and others showcase that love comes in every shade (of cozy knits) | Hollywood yohana

Gap Holiday Campaign 2012

It isn’t a true holiday season until you’re bundled in cozy knit mittens, toques and layered sweaters. Or at least, that’s what the latest Gap holiday campaign 2012 proves to us. In keeping with the tradition of having A+ holiday ads (remember the year of Love Train?) the American company has taken portraits of celebrities in colourful knitted goods.
The campaign is titled “Love Comes in Every Shade” and aims to show a-typical relationships and the many forms of love ranging from puppy love, best friend love and even regular ole romantic love. From rapper Nas in a puffy vest with his dad showing off fatherly love to Rufus Wainwright in khakis alongside his husband Jörn Weisbrodt being the example of wedded bliss.

Other celebrities included are Michael J. Fox and wife Tracy Pollan, The Atomics, and British actor Jack Huston (with his cute dog!). The holiday collection features two-tone leather gloves, bright pants are colour blocked with classic V-neck sweaters, and fitted boyfriend shirts—all playing into Gap’s classic prep school vibe.
While the holidays may technically be over a month away, the Gap holiday campaign 2012 has us convinced it’s time to hop aboard the holiday train and we won’t be getting off until 2013.


Christopher Kane to leave Versus. Could it be for Balenciaga? | Hollywood yohana

Christopher Kane to leave Versus

Just weeks after news broke that Nicholas Ghesquière was leaving Balenciaga, Christopher Kane is doing the same with his role at Versus.
While busy designing his namesake line, Christopher Kane has been working at the helm of Versus, alongside Donatella Versace for the past six years. Today, the label announced a mutual separation agreement. Versus plans to slow down the production of its seasonal collections and focus more on the digital aspect of the brand, with Donatella Versace designing the label with help from young designers and stylists.
About his departure from Versus, Kane said, “the time has come to dedicate all my focus to the future of the Christopher Kane label.” Or could he mean Balenciaga?

On Saturday, reports were circulating that he had accepted the newly vacant position at the French house, however a spokesperson for Kane was quick to dispel them today by saying, “Rumors surrounding Christopher Kane’s appointment as creative director of Balenciaga are unfounded.”
We know that the team at Balenciaga has a shortlist of designers they’re looking at to take over the role (although they wouldn’t name any names), but Kane seems to be the one that continues to come up in the rumour mill. With Ghesquière’s last day at Balenciaga on November 30, and Kane just announcing his departure from Versus, it seems like more than just a coincidence to us.
At last report, Balenciaga is set to announce a successor to Ghesquière “as soon as we’re ready.” For now we’ll just have to wait impatiently and see what happens next.


Grey Cup-inspired MEN’S FASHION shoot: We prep for the football festivities the most fashionable way we know how | Hollywood yohana

Grey Cup-Inspired Fashion Shoot

There have been 99 years of touchdowns, tackles, and blitzes in the Canadian Football league, and this Sunday will make it 100. The 100-year anniversary of the Grey Cup will be heading to Toronto to host the final game of the CFL’s season and hometown team, the Toronto Argonauts, will be facing the Calgary Stampeders. While the two cities mayors may be placing bets on the winning team, we’re thinking about what to wear when watching.

Watching football may often include jerseys, face paint, and pom poms, but for our game day themed shoot for Fall issue of Men’s FASHION we were more intrigued by varsity jackets, heavy flannels, and chunky knits. Pieces that are a nod to athleticism that don’t literally say, ‘I’m watching a sporting event’. We saw designers like DSquared updating the varsity jacket and giving it a more fitted silhouette and athletic inspired bomber jackets from Jil Sander that updates a classic wardrobe staple.
If you’re a football fanatic who can’t wait until Sunday or a casual on looker from the sidelines (aka the food table at the viewing party), there’s a way to tackle the athletic trends without looking like a linebacker. A fashion touchdown, if you will.


CNTM Episode 2: You have the right to remain stylishly silent | Hollywood yohana

Nikita's winning shot 

In this episode, we bone up on fashion law, see the girls play stylist and go on a trip to the AGO.
Awwww: The girls return to the penthouse to find Tiffany’s note, adorned with a single tear.
Anvil: They really made a point of showing what time the girls went to bed (3:00 a.m.) and when they planned to get up (10:30 a.m.), so of course Nolé arrives at, that’s right, 6:10 a.m. Ridiculous bonus: He’s dressed as a duty officer, and has come to “arrest” the girls.
Best bit of pantomime: The models arrive at a courthouse and Jay whips around, in high court drag, and informs them they’ve all “violated section J [of course!] 212 of the fashion code.” As we all know, section J212 states that “it is a Top Model’s supreme duty to look fffabulous at all times.” Oh my god.
Of course that means it’s makeover day! Widely recognized as one of the best episodes of any Top Model season. The girls are given looks inspired by style icons like Debbie Harry, Linda Evangelista and Agyness Deyn. “Sentenced!” Jay says. Indeed.
Best use of screeching car sounds: Nikita’s reveal. She looks like she’s going to puke upon seeing her Bettie-Page inspired blunt bangs. What she fails to realize is that she’ll now be a rockabilly icon. Jill doesn’t help things by delivering an oh so sincere, “You look great.”
The biggest change: Rebeccah seems really game for her Agyness Deyn cut, which I love because as my mom always says, “Hair grows.”
Seriously, get over it: Nikita continues to cry and complain about her hair. All night. The girls put a bowl on her head at one point, which is hilarious.
Best teenager moment: All the girls yelling at Ebonie to get off the phone.
Way to twist the knife: The contestants arrive at H&M for a “dressing yourself” challenge and Jay marvels at their makeovers. “Some tears? Some pain?” he asks in a way that is so “You cried right? I know you cried.” Amazing.
We want: to run around H&M trying on clothes right at the rack. (Those change room lines are a nightmare.)
Headslap: “Architect of style” and today’s guest judge June Ambrose announces, with no hint of irony, “The style Nazi’s here.” I swear to you I’ve never heard a fashion person talk like this. Though the looks on Jay’s and June’s faces upon seeing the outfits the girls came up with I am quite familiar with.
The winner: Rebeccah
The best use of a faux cryptic text message: “Modeling is a balancing act. Can you climb to the top & work your new look?” Gymnastics? Rock climbing? What could it be?
Finally: Male models, shirtless (do they come any other way?) and lolling on ladders at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Best insider-ish thrill: Seeing all those runway looks on Canadian TV. Marni! Dries! Hooray!
Most comfortable in runway gear: Despite her whining, Nikita and her angular bangs look amazing with the super sharp Dolce & Gabbana shoulders. Maryam also looks fantastic and apparently gives “exotic poses.”
Most awkward: It’s a tie between Tara, who looks like she’s being eaten by that Marni, and Jill, who keeps making Nolé laugh with her facial expressions, which is perhaps not what we’re going for here.
Most existential judging question: Yasmin to Rebeccah re: her Twiggy impression, “Can you do you?”
Most unfortunate use of a great makeover: Linsay may have Linda Evangelista’s hair, but Linda would never forget to look at the camera.
Most upsetting blockage of Belgian design: Maryam doesn’t notice when the male model walks in front of the Dries.
And the Oscar goes to: Jeanne Beker does an “actress” face and then whips out an impression of Heather’s Minnie Mouse voice. Beker, you are on!
Photo of the week: Nikita (hopefully this came with the stipulation that she stop complaining about her hair)

Miley’s gone blonde and Taylor’s now brunette! Which new dye job do you like best? | Hollywood yohana

In breaking hair colour news, two pop sensations with a love for country have given their locks a serious colour overhaul over the past couple days.
Recently engaged Miley Cyrus tweeted a phone-snapped pic of her new blonde tresses, along with the message “Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo” (we have no idea what that could possibly mean). The Hannah Montana star also shed a few inches, giving her locks a fresh departure from the long, auburn style she’d been wearing over the past year.
The real surprise is Taylor Swift, though: the country singer has been as associated with her shimmering blonde curls as she is with her famously candid songs, so new Cover Girl campaign images of the country star as a brunette (well, dirty blonde but still verging on brunette territory) are pretty shocking. Though the behind-the-scenes video seems to show Swift with lighter hair (leading us to believe that her hair may have been darkened in the images post-production), we’ll have to wait until she takes to the red carpet to see how dark she really went. Either way, it’s another step away from her “country cutie” look and a sign that she’s continuing on her sleeker image makeover.