A non-Olympic reason to head to London ASAP: Chanel has opened a pop-up beauty boutique and Sophy Robson is doing manicures! | Hollywood yohana

If you happen to be in London for the Olympics, we’re warning you ahead of time: your bank account is in danger of serious depletion. Chanel is the latest label to jump on the pop-up shop bandwagon, joining the likes of Opening Ceremony by descending upon Covent Garden. (It will also be the French fashion house’s first U.K. location dedicated only to beauty and fragrance.)
The sleek, two-storey shop, which is sparingly adorned with a mosaic of Chanel beauty products and a powder-pink interlocking Cs logo, features a makeover station and manicure salon on its main floor. Though dates and details have not yet been confirmed, Sophy Robson, the go-to manicurist for fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton and notables like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung, is rumoured to be one of the featured artists on hand. She’s dropped quite a few hints about the collaboration on Twitter and often incorporates the interlocking Cs into her nail art designs, so we’re prone to believe that whatever she has in store for Chanel customers will be worth booking a ticket to London.


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