Alexander McQueen and Kenzo duke it out in the battle of who’s video will get you high first | Hollywood yohana

Apparently both Alexander McQueen’s and Kenzo’s creative teams have blowing our minds on their agendas today. In their latest videos, McQueen’s for fall and Kenzo’s for pre-fall, the brands’ latest collections are presented in equally frenetic videos.
McQueen’s, directed by David Sims, stars Suvi Koponen (who is also the print campaign’s star) as some sort of intergalactic being traveling through the net/space/a video game/your solarized subconscious as she takes her visor sunglasses on and off.

On the flip side, Kenzo’s vid, directed by Quentin Jones, slices and dices its model into puzzle pieces that dance around the locker room and hop to and fro with a hula hoop. It kind of reminds us of what Winona Ryder‘s videos were turned into by Ben Stiller’s television dweebs in Reality Bites, but without the insult.

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