Karl’s latest and greatest comments on Kate (divine silhouette), Posh (unpretentious) and Choupette (hates anything attached to her body) | Hollywood yohana

Karl Lagerfeld descended upon London for the launch of his Olympics-inspired collection (as well as a men’s and women’s collection) at Selfridges yesterday, showing up a fashionable two hours late to a fête in his honour. However, as is often the case with Lagerfeld, it was well worth the wait, given that the always-quotable designer soon started spouting off about everything from his Olympics-themed collection (it’s “opportunistic”) to the royals (Kate Middleton’s figure is “divine”). And, of course, no conversation with Kaiser Karl would be complete without mention of the “great beauty” Choupette, who we happened to have the great pleasure of speaking with earlier this month (not face-to-face in case you were wondering—she sent us her answers via her ever-present iPad).

He admitted to Grazia that Choupette’s skyrocket rise to fame might one day leave even his own popularity in the dust.
“She’s like a huge powderpuff with blue eyes. People are stunned by her! I’ve done stories about her with Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine with Laetitia Casta and for W Magazine. I think it’s fun. Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!”
When asked if he’d ever design for the kitten (whose eyes purportedly inspired his spring 2012 couture collection), he adamantly turned down the prospect.
“She hates anything attached to her body, not even her neck. Nothing! No, No. Her fur is so beautiful.”
As for Victoria Beckham, who recently tweeted images of herself in Coco Chanel’s apartment for a Lagerfeld-lensed shoot, the Chanel designer only had good things to say about her and her son Romeo, who came with her to the shoot.
“I’m a great admirer of hers. She’s a great example to tonnes of women; to have her four children, an incredible look and she’s clever. I know her from her days as a Spice Girl. Her designs are not bad at all, they’re good. She’s totally unpretentious. She brought one of her sons with her [on the shoot] and he was the sweetest boy, because often children of celebrities aren’t pleasant. This boy was perfection.”
He also had high praise for the royal set, saying the always-lovely Kate Middleton has yet to make a sartorial misstep.
“She knows pretty well what to wear and what to do. She has a divine silhouette so she can wear anything. She has a sense of what’s right for the moment because you can not dress like a mad woman in those situations.”
Another day, another set of memorable Karlisms.


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