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Renata Morales

The unique style of designer Renata Morales has earned her props from art-loving fashion circles, including Grammy-winning Canadian band Arcade Fire. Here, she shares her favourite shops and the story behind Denis Gagnon’s infamous eyewear.
You’ve moved from prêt-à-porter to designing exclusively for private clients?
“That’s what I enjoy doing. It’s more elaborate stuff, where all the work is really ornate. I’ve also done costumes for [Oscar-nominated film director] Denis Villeneuve’s short, Next Floor.”
How cool is it working with Arcade Fire?
“I work with them because we’re friends. It’s not costume-oriented, except those Tron suits they wore on SNL.”

How has your style evolved over the years?
“One main evolution for me is lightness. As decorative as my clothes may be, I like clothes that are so light you forget about them.”
What’s coming for fall?
“I’m working on a contrast between moss and metal—metal that looks light.”
Where do you shop?
“I’m very excited about Denis Gagnon’s new boutique in Old Montreal. We’ll be neighbours again.”
He told me his signature frames came from you.
“They used to be mine. He kept saying to me, ‘Those glasses look horrible on you.’ Finally, I called him up and said, ‘ok, Denis, you can have the glasses.’”

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