Christopher Kane is popular, Rodarte will show at Cooper-Hewitt and was Milan for bimbos? | Hollywood yohana

Photo by Streetpeeper

So it’s safe to say that Christopher Kane’s crocodile tees for Topshop sold pretty well.
Rodarte will show an exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum early next year. “Quicktake: Rodarte” is the second in a global series of textile exhibits featuring fresh-faced designers and will run from January 29 until March 14.
Photographer Mario Testino has Gisele Bündchen in his hands. The supermodel has said that he has a way with her and “It’s hard to say no to him.” Even upon refusal of certain poses, Gisele said, “and the next thing I know, we’re doing some picture with my butt sticking out.”
The Financial Times has dubbed the designs shown at Milan Fashion Week as ideal for “bimbos,” and likely inspired by Prime Minister Berlusconi’s sex scandal. The chairman of Italy’s national chamber of fashion, Mario Boselli, along with designers and Italy’s fashion elite, was offended by the comments: “I believe that this fashion week was dominated by balance and great elegance, certainly nothing vulgar and uselessly provocative.”

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