Is it just a coincidence that Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively released separate yet very similar perfume ads this week? | Hollywood yohana

Maybe it’s all the Olympic fever in the air, or maybe it’s just all the perfume spritzing that’s made us dizzy, but we’re having a hard time distinguishing between the latest perfume ads for Blonde A (Blake Lively for Gucci Première) and Blonde B (Gwyneth Paltrow for Hugo Buss Nuit).
Both leggy blondes stalk through sleek interiors set against a sparkling city landscape at night, both do a lot of closed-eye spritzing and both are sporting almost identical retro-inspired waves. Oh, and the music…it’s pretty much the same.
While neither ad is a big departure for the starlets, who both flaunt their stunning figures in body-conscious dresses (gold for Lively, black for Paltrow), neither campaign disappoints either. If buying a fragrance is buying into an idea, then the notion of minimalist luxury and impeccably coiffed flaxen hair isn’t a bad one.

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