The top 5 things we hope Jason Wu’s Target collaboration includes | Hollywood yohana

Though Jason Wu’s upcoming collection for Target will arrive too soon for a launch in Canadian stores (the collection is set for February 5th of next year), we’re obviously considering a cross-border shopping trip. There’s sure to be many thrills to make our trip worthwhile, and here are our imaginary top 5.

1. An identical Mobama-on-inauguration-night ball gown: Can you just imagine the future fierceness of Middle America prom-goers come next year?
2. A peplum: If anyone can bring this skirt-appendage to the masses, it’s Jason Wu.
3. A nod to Canada: Wu was born in Taiwan and lives in New York, yet ask anyone around these parts and they’d swear up and down that he was a Canadian through and through. We’re hoping Wu celebrates his short-lived Vancouver existence with something naturally, wellnessy, or maple syrupy.
4. Nail polish: Wu’s done a few amazing collabs with CND, so here’s to another!
5. The dolls: If there is not at least one bullseye-wearing Fashion Royalty Collection doll, we’re going to be very upset.

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