Winnipeg: Pop-up Chip & Pepper | Hollywood yohana

Right: Pieces from the Chip & Pepper fall collection; Left: The Kenora pop-up store

Every woman has that go-to pair of jeans that makes her feel sexy. Mine are called (hilariously enough) “the walk of shame.” The only problem is, I’ve loved them so much that both knees have worn out and there are other glaring signs of: “WARNING! These jeans may give way at the most inopportune moment.”
As bad that sounds, I still love them and I’m having a hard time sending them to denim heaven. Thankfully, Chip & Pepper have opened up a temporary home (137 Main St. S., Kenora, Ontario, 807-467-2734) in a beautiful summer spot—Lake of the Woods.  If you live in Winnipeg, you’ve probably spent many a sunny days lounging on this lake, and if you haven’t, this is the perfect excuse.
The company, once famous for two cartoon bulldogs and fluorescent tie-dye, opened their first pop-up shop, also in Kenora, in late 2008, followed by others in Winnipeg and Los Angeles. The latest edition is open from June to September at Lake of the Woods, with a special collection of vintage inspired tees and sweats just for the shop. (If you don’t summer in Kenora, the line is also at chipandpepper.). And yes, they’ll also have jeans.

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