Afternoon beauty fix: Dry office air? Here’s how to keep your skin hydrated| Hollywood yohana

 My skin looks and feels irritated, especially in my office where the air is so dry. Should I stop wearing makeup and apply moisturizer throughout the day?
Blame it on the fans in your dusty old office, the heater in your car, and the lack of moisture in the air—it’s winter and your skin is thirsty! Maintaining moisture levels can be a little more intensive at this time of year than in the summer, but it’s not impossible, nor do you have to stop wearing makeup. There are a few options to consider as add-ons to your regular morning routine. Smashbox Photo Finish hydrating foundation primer ($42, smashbox.) will provide your pores with plant extracts for sustenance throughout the day. (And as an added bonus, it keeps your makeup looking stellar!) Mineral water facial sprays are easy to toss in your purse and they’re the perfect solution to temporary dryness. Avène Thermal Spring Water ($12 at drug stores) has a baby-sized amount of silicone to alleviate dryness immediately and refresh the livelihood of your makeup along the way.

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