Designer DIY: Recreate Prada’s zany geometric-print heels for only $35! | Hollywood yohana

Prada Fall 2012 Shoe DIY

From the nutty geometric combos to the head-to-toe zig zag pantsuits, it’s safe to say that Prada’s Fall 2012 collection packed several visual punches. The details that began from the ground up (we’re talking about that beautiful rug) included chunky beading on jackets, pant hems, and shoes, not to mention the intricate prints that were worn top-to-toe. We chose what may be the most straightforward item of the bunch: a pair of leather-embellished platform shoes that were visually striking but, as it turns out, relatively simple to re-create. In four steps (and for just under $35!) you too can trace-cut-paste your way to geometric heaven.

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