Style Panel: 4 ways (even a gown!) to put a definitively dressed up spin on denim | Hollywood yohana

We’ve all heard of the Canadian tuxedo: the denim-on-denim blazer/vest/button-down/pants combo that is apparently so intrinsic to our homeland’s stylistic DNA that it bears its name in title. It’s a ludicrous look, but it speaks to the fact that denim, at least in part, is indeed hard to live without. To play homage to our national adoration, we asked our Style Panelists how to amp up the typically casual fabric. As usual, we got several unique and equally awesome answers: from Amy Flying a Kite’s Amy Nelson in a pretty pink vintage sweater worn overtop loose jeans to A Fashion Love Affair’s Cara McLeay’s full on gown treatment; you’ll discover, if you haven’t already, that the denim possibilities are endless.

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