Did Kelly Osbourne really get a $250,000 manicure for the Emmys? | Hollywood yohana

Kelly Osbourne 250000 nail polish black diamonds Azature

If Kelly Osbourne had her way, she’d like you to believe that each of her nails were covered in $25,000 worth of nail polish at last night’s Emmys. Before the award show went live she tweeted a picture of Azature’s Black Diamond nail polish with the subtle caption, “About to get a $250k manicure w nail polish made w blk diamonds made by @azature so excited & honored but absolutely shitting myself to have that much money on my nails!”
However, given that the jewelry company only produced one bottle of its $250,000 nail polish—a bottle that contains a hefty 267 carats of black diamonds—there was some confusion about what was really on Kelly Osbourne’s nails. The image she Instagrammed matches the bottle of the (much) less expensive 1 carat version of Azature’s Black Diamond that is available for $25, but Kelly Osbourne was content to convince E! Fashion Police viewers she had the $250,000 version on her nails. She even paraded the polish for the mani cam—E!’s crafty way of capturing all the cute nail art from the night.
We reached out to Azature for confirmation and it turns out that the $250,000 bottle does indeed remain untapped—it will actually go on a bit of a store tour over the coming months so curious nail fanatics can see it for themselves before one lucky luxury shopper snaps it up. However, Kelly Osbourne is also just as lucky: Azature revealed that there’s a small sample of the 267 carat polish available for select celebrities to try. Can we get on that list, please?


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