Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013: Super fresh skin and ’60s hair at Pink Tartan (plus, some pink hair too!) | Hollywood yohana

Pink Tartan Charlotte Free Spring 2013 makeup backstage beauty

The inspiration:
Grace Lee, Maybelline New York’s lead makeup artist: “We did a statement lip last season, it was all about that oxblood red lip, so [Kim Newport-Mimran] wanted to do the opposite. They look über, über fresh. Nothing about this makeup is about strong features… it’s super sheer, super pretty, super fresh.”
Jorge Joao, Redken lead stylist: “It’s playful, something out of the ’60s—like how a little girl would want to push her hair out of the way. [The hair has] natural texture and an aggressive side sweep with the pin holding it into place.”
Top tips:
- The key to dewy skin is moisturizer—and lots of it! “It’s almost like she’s marinating in it!” said Grace Lee of just how much she applied to Charlotte Free, Maybelline New York’s international spokesmodel. Lee also used Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in place of foundation to add further glow and hydration.
- Don’t be afraid to blend two products to create the perfect hue: both the blush and lip colour for Pink Tartan Spring 2013 were custom mixes of pink and taupe shades.
- Cut down on styling time by using a product that serves double duty: Joao sprayed Redken Fabricate 03 Heat-Active Texturizer before setting the hair with a 1 inch curling iron.
- Barrettes are back for Spring 2013—but two extra-long bobby pins can also keep a side-part snugly in place.

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